Independence Day (5/5) Movie CLIP – Russell Becomes a Hero (1996) HD

Pilot, you armed?! Armed and ready sir, I’m packaged! Who is that guy? Put’em on speaker! Pilot, identify yourself. It’s me! Russell Case sir! I told you I wouldn’t let you down! Just keep those guys off me for a few more seconds will you?! Okay, Echo niner, Echo 7. Take flanking positions I want you to look after this guy okay!? Alright boys, let’s give Mr. Case some cover! Gentlemen! Let’s plow the road! (Pilots fire their 20mm M61 Vulcan’s at Alien Attackers, destroying a couple.) We’ll draw’em off and it’ll be all yours! Whoa! Look Out! Coming Through! I’ve got tow Eagle 20! Fox 2! (Russell presses the missile launch button, only to find that the AIM-120 AMRAAM is jammed and the console beeps.) Eagle 20! Fox 2! (Console keeps beeping) It’s jammed! It won’t fire! Damn it! (Russell looks down at a picture of his children while the console beeps) Do me a favor. Tell my children. I love them very much. Alright you alien assholes! In the words of my generation! UP YOOOOOOUUUUUURRRRRSSSS!!! Dad! What’s he doing? Come on babe! Come on baby! Come on! Good luck buddy. (The City Destroyer’s main weapon begins to charge as Russell’s plane approaches it.) HA! HA! HA! HA! HELLO BOYS! I’M BAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!! (Russell’s plane crashes into the weapon and the entire ship begins to blow up)

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