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Arti! You… Are you drunk? Where are your values? Hear me loud and clear, Mom. I’m a girl of the 21st century. I cannot stay in shackles. I want freedom, and you must support me. When we both are gone, what will you do? Whose support will you live with? I have Javed. I will stay with him! You have tarnished our reputation enough. Stop it now! I will do what I want. I don’t care what people think. I never cared before
neither will I care now. -All hail Goddess Lakshmi!
-Hail! Wow! This veneration was so good. But why isn’t Arti
here for the veneration? Arti? Actually, I sent her to bring offerings. I see. I wonder where she is. We couldn’t delay starting this so we did. She will be here soon. When your food goes bad no matter how much you cover it it still stinks. We’re family. There are no secrets between us. I know it all. Since she has tasted blood she is bound to go for a hunt. The passion among young
folk cannot be eradicated. There is still time. If you don’t put her on a leash she’ll go berserk. Look, there’s a veneration in the house and your daughter is missing. Madhu, why are you so bothered about Arti? Her parents are here to worry about her. You should worry about your own children. It is because of your lack
of judgment that I have to worry now. Unfortunately, I too am family. And so I am worried. You all don’t care. You have no worries about
your name being tarnished. Your daughter left her
husband’s home and came back and you said nothing. She’s living here and crossing her limits and you said nothing. But we have a habit of
living with good reputation. Arti’s misconduct
affects our children too. That is why I’m saying this. Madhu! Do you realize whom you’re talking about? She’s my niece. She’s going through troubled times. We should be supporting
her while you say all this! You must not speak like that again,
do you understand? I raise 2 lakhs. I raise 2 lakhs too. Raise. I raise 2 lakhs. Raise. Fold. Fold. Fold. Show. Three aces. I’m out of luck! I must say, you always win. It is also true that it’s not just difficult to defeat you it’s impossible. What is this! Mom keeps calling me all the time. What is her problem? Arti, don’t worry. There is one thing though. You are being so lucky because you have someone lucky near you. Javed, one should learn
how to take credit, from you. Listen, can you give me another cigarette? I need to leave after that. I think you’re drunk. Let me drop you. Come on. -Bye, guys!
-Bye. -Happy Diwali!
-Happy Diwali to you too. You remember, right? We have a business meeting with Mrs.
Singhania tomorrow. She’s extremely wealthy
but she’s equally strict. She won’t accept being late. Ma’am, you’ll have to be on time tomorrow. Okay, sir. I’ll be ready on time. -Goodnight.
-Goodnight. Is this the time to come home? How much more do you want to humiliate me! What happened, Mom? What happened, you ask? Don’t you know that today is Diwali and we conduct Goddess
Lakshmi’s veneration? The daughter of the house
was missing the entire time. Wow! Get up and pray. Come on. Leave, Mom. Please! Get up! Pray to the Goddess. Arti! You… Are you drunk? How could you stoop so low? Where are your values? Yes, I have family values.
I have retained your honor. I wore the kurti you gave me. Please, don’t talk like an illiterate,
backward woman. -Please!
-Really? So I’m the illiterate one?
And what does that make you? You got drunk on the night of Diwali with a cheap man from another community! Community? You married me to a man you
thought was nice and from the community. What happened then? Your daughter is not at his house,
but yours because they had the
same mind-set as you do. Don’t wear this, don’t wear that!
Don’t do this! Gosh! Hear me loud and clear, Mom. I’m a girl from the 21st century. I cannot stay in shackles. I will do what I want
and you can do what you want! You’ve made life a living hell! To have your ways,
you left your home and came here. Your in-laws weren’t the problem,
neither was your husband. You’re the problem. Only you! Fine! I’m sorry, Mom! Move away! Last night, I felt like someone
was trying to kill me. Who could it be? This is all because
of alcohol and smoking. You’re imagining things. Look, you still have time.
Mend your ways or you’ll regret. Look at yourself. You have changed so much. The influence of your friends
can clearly reflect on you. Those people are so cheap! This is all your fault. You give her so much money. She would stay over at Neetu’s
or go out with her friends. Look what happened now. Mom, did you forget?
I need 25,000 for the gym. Sorry, I forgot, son. Give me that. Keep giving him money! He’s your son after all.
You have money for him, not me. All the restrictions are only for me. I am forced to ask for loans
from others even for my business. I am your daughter,
after all, that’s why you don’t trust me. Daughters have a different
place in every family. Daughters are considered
the honor of the family and the same was the
case in Vandana’s family. In this new episode of Crime Alert,
we have brought to you a shocking incident from Patna, Bihar. Arti lived in a small
town with modern mind-sets. She loved freedom. But for her family,
her free spirited thinking became a matter of concern. Friends, we have all kinds
of people living around us. Some of them are normal like you and I. But there are some that
are very difficult to understand. And Arti was one of them. Arti wanted to live like
a free bird and do what she wanted. She didn’t want to be stopped. Arti, who left her in-laws’
place and came back home was causing humiliation to her parents. The taunts from the
society changed the Mittals. This was affecting
even their relationships. Let us see what more troubles
Mittal family is about to face. What crime the fight between
two generations was about to lead to! Here, enjoy the hot samosas. -Thank you, dear.
-Have some. Wow! The samosas are so good. Delicious! They’re too good. I always tell her that we should have
kitty parties right here because you can’t find
such food anywhere else. Yes, that’s right. Have some more. Where are your kids? Oh yes! Your son goes
to the local gym, right? My son Bunty goes with him too. Your son is so nice, I tell you! Oh yes! Arti is not at home again today? By the way, Vandana please don’t mind but Arti is moving too fast,
don’t you think? Don’t mind me saying this
but I saw her smoking a cigarette with some guy at the
intersection just yesterday. Vandana, all I want to say is that in our family drinking and hanging out with men is forbidden. Well, whatever you may say,
I feel bad for Vandana. A young daughter is like
a burden on the parents. Moreover if she is divorced…Arti is not at home again today?Arti is moving too fast.I saw her smoking
a cigarette with some guy at the intersection just yesterday.I feel bad for Vandana.A young daughter is
like a burden on the parents. Moreover if she is divorced… What are you thinking? I was thinking, we should try to explain to Arti again not to get a divorce. What do you mean? I’m tired of listening
to the taunts people make moreover her bad habits… I think I should talk
to Suraj and Arti again and try to unite them. -She might change.
-That’s what you think but that’s not what she thinks. The day she left her house,
she filed for divorce. She might not talk to me during the day but she sure talks to her lawyer. She wants to dig her own grave.
What can we do about it? I’m so worried about her. And the life she is leading… We all are only going to get
humiliated from it, nothing else. There is just one way now. Call the priest and have
him find a husband for Arti. Tell him that any guy would be fine. Divorcee, widower, just anyone! When Arti gets divorced,
we’ll immediately have her married or your daughter will have
the entire family humiliated. Not even one piece is stitched properly. This is what you call good work? You were in such a rush
while taking the advance. How do you explain this? This is garbage! Nothing is made right. You know what?
I want my advance back right now. You cannot do that, ma’am. You cannot just reject it. I assure you, we’ll fix this for you. But this is not the way. So are you going to teach us the way to run our business? You gave us faltered products and now you want to teach
us how to run our business? Return our entire advance right now.
Immediately! Look, we’re really very sorry. -Please give us another chance.
-Please. Look, we reinvested the entire advance. And yet if you want it back we’ll give it, but we just need time. We won’t give you any time.
I want money right now! Do you understand? They won’t cave. Security! Take them and don’t leave them until they give our money back. Did you hear me? Put them in the room. Take them. You worked at a government hospital and after you retired,
you got a job at a private hospital. How much more will
you have to work for money? We have exactly how much we need. Then why do you have to struggle so much? Tell me something. I am responsible for
managing the household. So let me handle it. I will do it. Just go tomorrow to Dr. Sharma and quit. Ask him to hire someone else. And if you can’t tell him,
I will manage it. I will go tell him. Oh! How is this possible? The money we saved was in fixed deposits. Who cashed it all in? Who do you expect? The one who was a joint account holder. She didn’t even inform
us before cashing it in. Dear God! This girl will ruin our lives. We had saved this
money for Sohan’s wedding and his wife’s jewelry. And she took all the money. How will we get all this money back? The girl’s family is getting
restless for the wedding and… This girl has just made my life miserable! Did you cash in the fixed deposit? Was it your money? Then how could you cash it in? Whatever you want to do,
do it with your own money not your parents’ hard-earned money. Had it not been an urgent payment I’d have not even touched that money. I needed to make an urgent payment. And had I asked for money,
would you have given it? No, right? When the client pays us,
I will pay you back with interest. You can convince someone else. Do you think I don’t know
what payment you needed to make? Payments for your alcohol
and cigarettes, right? You just spent all the
money with that guy, right? I don’t care.
I want all the money by tomorrow. That was not even your money. It was for Sohan’s wife’s jewelry -and his upcoming business.
-You’re talking nonsense. I told you, when the client
pays me I’ll pay you back with interest. I don’t have that kind of money right now. You’re cribbing for
such a small sum of money. You’re having your ways
and even arguing about it. Is this how you speak to your mother? I’ve been fighting with the world for you. You left your in-laws’
house and are now living here. Do you realize how
people are humiliating us? Is this all because me? Is this my fault? Did I ask dad to get me married? Did dad take my consent? No, right? I wanted a life of freedom. I’d have stayed there
if I had the freedom. But enough is enough! I want freedom, and you must support me. You don’t know how to
talk to or respect your elders. Drill this into your head. Nobody will support you here. I’ll go to the bank tomorrow
and have your name removed from the FD. And you! If you want to live here you must follow our rules. And if you want to have your way,
you may leave. Go! You shouldn’t have hit her. How could you hit your young daughter? Because of her needs,
Arti became so irresponsible that she did not realize
that her parents’ trust would be shattered by this move. Kids are the support systems
for parents when they get old but there are some kids who
take whatever is left of the parents and make them helpless, as Arti did. We have to see how Arti’s
betrayal affects the Mittals. How will they face the trauma
of their daughter’s betrayal? The 7th of the next
month is an auspicious date. According to the horoscopes of the couple and based on the positions
of the planets and constellations such an auspicious day
is not for another year. So it will be best to choose this time. But we won’t have enough
time for the wedding. She’s right. We also need to have invitation
cards printed for our guests. -There is so much work to…
-Brother-in-law, don’t worry. I’m here. I’ll manage everything. I’ll have the cards printed today itself. Would you like me to do that for you too? Neetu… Come with us tomorrow to the jeweler. I need to get some jewelry made for you. We have very little time after all. Arti! Oh, Javed! Hi! Ma’am… We are looking for a decent
and virtuous family for our daughter where she can be happy. Considering the situation here,
I don’t think that’s possible. Please allow us to leave. What are you doing, Arti? Where are you taking my jewelry? Mom, I need this jewelry. I need a loan! I’ve got a huge order but
no bank is granting me a loan since our company is fairly new. How can they grant a loan then? So I’ll mortgage this jewelry for a loan. When I’m paid, I’ll give it back to you. Have you lost your mind! This is ancestral jewelry.
And Sohan has equal right on it. How dare you even touch it! It’s just for two months, Mom. I promise,
when I get paid, I’ll give it to you. Anyway, it’s just lying
around in the house. If it’s in the bank, I’ll get a loan and the order will be complete too. Enough! Enough of this nonsense! You come up with some new issue every day. Listen, you have humiliated us enough. Stop it now! Please stop this drama. We’re looking for a husband for you. We’ll get you married and send you away. Then you can do whatever
you want over there. Not here! Enough! Stop it! You’ll get me married without my consent? I told you,
I don’t want to get married again. -I don’t want to do it.
-Dear… You say that now. But imagine… When we both are gone, what will you do? Whose support will you live with? I have Javed. There is no expectation or
demand in our formal relationship. He loves me a lot. I will stay with him. You don’t have to
be so concerned about me. Shameless! You’re saying whatever
is coming into your head! Have you traded away your honor? What do you want? Do you want us to never
be able to save face again? Can’t you watch us live in peace? The little honor we have left…
You want to destroy that too? Give it! You have slapped on one cheek. Are you happy? No, right? Slap on the other cheek too but my decision will not change. So tell me. Why did you have to
meet at such a late hour? Javed. I tried to steal from the house but mom caught me. We cannot take up this order now. We can’t? What do you mean? Have you lost your mind? Such a huge order from a foreign company! We’re lucky we got it. Look, once the work starts,
there’s no stopping our success. But where do we get so much money from? Despite the advance payment,
we won’t have enough, Javed. -There is one way.
-What? Betting. I mean the matches are going on. We can make money from betting. I know someone. Yes, hello, Mr. Akhtar. What is the rate now? You know what? Invest 10 lakhs. If this team wins, we’ll get five times. -50 lakhs!
-Yes. Javed! Only you understand me. -Are you Alok Mittal?
-Yes, who are you? Your daughter lost money in betting. Give us our money. If she lost money, go to her. Why me? Did you hear that? What are you waiting for? Beat him! Beat him! Sister, why don’t you talk to Arti? Brother-in-law had to
get beaten up because of her. How will we face the society? Often sons are the ones who wreak havoc and here,
the daughter has ruined our lives. Control her, please, before it’s too late. Brother, she doesn’t want to listen. She does as she pleases. She doesn’t care about
her own honor or her family’s. She has left us humiliated in the society. And now the time has
come that because of Arti goons are calling us and threatening us. They say that they’ll
kill the entire family. Tell me, Brother. What do I do now? Arti… I cannot stay away from you. I just feel like loving you all day long.What is happening?Yuck! I am disgusted by you! What do you want! Ma’am… Look, it’s not what you think. Enough! You’ve said enough. Now I will speak. Because of you… Only because of you,
my daughter is turning evil. How dare you come to my house! And don’t you dare come
between me and my daughter. Get out of my house. Out! All this time, you were doing
your misdeeds outside the house. And now, you have lost all honor. You were inside the house with
a stranger of a different religion! You have turned the house into a brothel! Disgusting! Alcohol and cigarettes were
not enough so you started betting? Because of that,
so many people beat up your father. It’s not even been
two weeks since he returned and this is what you
have started to do now. Can’t you watch us live in peace? Do you want us to die? With every passing day,
you’re getting worse. This was all that was left for me to see. -Have you traded your honor!
-Don’t shout. What else could I have done?
I asked for the money. But did you give it to me? So I had to bet. Had your darling son Sohan asked for it you would have given it right away. Don’t even mention his name. You want to ruin his life. Because of you, his fiancée left him. And now, he isn’t getting
any marriage proposals because nobody wants
to be associated with us. People are taunting us all day because of your behavior. To hell with you and
your ridiculous society. I will do what I want. I don’t care what people think. I never cared before
neither will I care now. She has crossed all limits. I must do something about her. Arti! You’re back early. Can’t I come early? Wow! You’re not drunk today. What do you mean? You question me when I drink. You’re questioning
me even when I’m not drunk. What do you mean? No, that is not what I meant. Actually, I was waiting for you. Waiting for me? Why? Just like that. I thought that it has been so many days since we ate together. Come on, let us eat together. You know, I have made your
favorite cabbage dish for you. Did I ask you to make it? Dear… Don’t eat it if you don’t want to. But don’t be angry. I have an idea.
Would you like some coffee? I’ll make your favorite coffee,
without milk. What is going on, Mom?
You seem awfully happy today. What are you saying, dear? I’m your mother. I’m bound to show some love. Fine. I’m going to my room. Bring the coffee there. Okay. Arti! Arti! Arti, come here. Arti! Is anyone here? Help! Ma’am! Ma’am, what happened? Who did this to you? Untie me first. -Arti!
-Ma’am. Open this. -Arti!
-Ma’am. Arti! Arti! Arti! Ma’am! Ma’am! Someone killed Arti. Ma’am! Arti! Arti! Arti! Can you tell us who those people were? There were two men. I heard a scream from her room so I came in. Before I could comprehend,
someone attacked me and I fainted. And they killed Arti! Yes, tell me. Such a huge incident happened but there are no signs of forced entry. There is no proof of forced entry. Strange! They killed the daughter
and left the mother alive. Listen, I’ll tell you what. Check the CCTV footage in this area. Okay, sir. Yes, ma’am. Continue. When I woke up, I saw that some stranger had tied me to the chair. I couldn’t do anything. When my housemaid came home,
she untied me. Okay. So you are saying that
you didn’t see the attackers. Yes, Inspector. As I told you before before I could see or comprehend someone attacked me and I fainted. So if what you are saying is true shall I show you the truth we saw? Constable! Brother, why are you here? Why have you arrested him? The CCTV camera near your house has unveiled the truth. At 12:30 am last night,
the man who came to your house was none other than your own brother Amar. Is there something you would like to say? Will you tell us the truth? Vandana? Vandana, speak the truth. Tell us the truth, Vandana! Come in quickly. Where had you been? Uncle, you? Yes, dear. I am here to meet you. Arti! Sister. -Come on, tie me up.
-Sure. Yes, I am guilty! But I wasn’t wrong. My daughter wanted to humiliate us. What else could I have done,
Inspector? Tell me! The taunts that people gave us every day the humiliation in the society and even my husband thought that I spoiled my daughter with my love. I was so stressed! I didn’t know how to explain to my daughter. I tried very hard sometimes with love,
sometimes by reprimanding her or even beating her. But I don’t know why my daughter didn’t want to listen to her mother. I gave up. I gave up. A mother killed her daughter. We don’t often hear that. Because kids feel the
safest when with their mother but Arti’s death was caused by her mother. Arti’s mind-set, opinions and decisions
were against her family because of Arti’s behavior
and wrong company. Her family,
especially her mother Vandana Mittal began to lose face. It got to an extent that
because of their own daughter the Mittals couldn’t
live in peace because of which Vandana Mittal had her
brother kill her own daughter. Had Vandana Mittal stayed patient and not taken this step
under the pressure of society she and her brother Amar
wouldn’t be behind bars today. A happy family would have
been saved from being destroyed. On that note,
I am Girish Jain and I bid you farewell. I will see you again to alert
you with another such crime story. Until then, be alert, be safe. Crime Alert. A voice against crime.

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