Indian Foreign Ministry hosts dinner for diplomats in New Delhi

all right now the Indian Foreign Ministry hosted a dinner for all heads of missions last night the Foreign Minister s Jaishankar presided over the dinner he also spoke about the country's foreign policy and had informal chats with many envoys now s Jaishankar highlighted that noodle is in fact have ready to share global responsibilities and be part of shaping global outcomes on various issues ranging from climate change to maritime security he also said that India will be working towards the act east and neighborhood first policy that the minister also said that India was of course keen on partnerships across the world now speaking to beyond the Venezuelan envoy to India has said that jeznkez gesture was highly valued the core Amato Godoy Calderon has said that the minister approached every table and spoke to them meanwhile Pakistan was also interestingly invited for the dinner no isolation here mark stands deputy High Commissioner said hey there Shah was present in place of Pakistan's envoy marine Aloha who's yet to take charge but the amount of course comes amid tensions between India and Pakistan in the aftermath of the pull Varma attack however India has said to Pakistan the talks can happen only if Pakistan of course at against terror groups all right now protests continue in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi protesters have gathered for a consecutive third straight day outside of the Georgian Parliament it is said to be a peaceful protest today after furious crowds clash with the police on Thursday the protesters had tried to break into the country's parliament building and this comes after they were sparked at the appearance of the Russian lawmaker Sergey gaff Renault the police were forced to fire rubber bullets and also tear gas to disperse the demonstrators the hundreds were injured in the clashes that followed and our next report brings you the complete story thousands of angry protesters stopped Georgia's legislature in Tbilisi over controversial wizard by Russian lawmaker the crowd repeatedly searched to try and break into the building of the city's Main Avenue but the police frustrated their attempts the riot police forced to fire rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the demonstrators who had tried to storm the building at least 70 were injured in the clashes that into the protest was sparked by the appearance of Russian legislator Sergei gavrilova as a part of an assembly of legislators from Orthodox Christian countries covering off support for independence of the break of a Georgian regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia have slope anger in Georgia this happens because government has invited Russian independence of our regions but you see in the [Applause] Russia and Georgia have fought over the two breakaway regions for decades of Kazi and South Ossetia were occupied by Russia in 2008 Moscow recognizes them as independent states and Russian troops have remained there since Russian influence in Georgia remains a politically sensitive issue Georgian prime minister Molotov of thoughts he blamed the opposition leaders for triggering the violent protests Gustavo Lee's grams is a happy smear , hattori-kun fairly protests a comma if any stress to assume a political matter Lima Dagestan constitute our troops they want us to do positive read on at Gilley's kunda to go for Adobe's organism us mad to meet and sakata's Parliament's a damn tail massage jhagadu a bomb with the pediatr shakeela robbery solid estrus policy olives shared a cash economy terrible marriage gotsta this puerile Mattawa chigan terrible mole in a big comic role truly a Somalian react CEA's the millet rewash most horribly a structurally political leader abyss mere organ is a bridge Allah the opposition on the other hand accuses the ruling Georgian dream party of not being firm enough in confronting Moscow the Kremlin condemned the protests calling them anti-russian provocation Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that the matter was of great concern what happened in Georgie I yesterday was nothing but a row so phobic provocation and of course we can't be anything but concern about the fact that there was an address at the monsters in in relation to Russian citizens because let's not forget that Georgia is a country where a large number of Russian tourists visit there for its official release the Federation Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Carson also commented on the issue saying that Moscow was outraged by the action he accused the opposition in giorgia of propagating anti-russia sentiments Bureau report beyond world is one

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  • Literally i cried when i had watched abhinandan when he was drinking tea like he is thirsty since many yrs and our govt instead of providing tea to airforce wasting money here

  • Mitrooo dont worry i will waste money Like this lets our jawans die for food but i will make Fantastic tea for Abhi shraap Nandan In PMO afterall my tea is famous in Gujarat

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