Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 Documentary | Bangladesh freedom.

our battle is more full of names than
yours our men more perfect in the use of arms our armor all as strong our cause
the best then reason wills our hearts should be as good
my name is Kabir Bedi and though I have been quoting Shakespeare those lines do
epitomize the call to war for a nation dedicated to peace unfortunately war
sometimes a sad necessity when war defines victory of good over evil of
right over wrong then much glory is attached to the act of winning and
defeating one’s enemies it’s with such thoughts that I welcome you to our
series on the wars that India had to fight to safeguard her borders and
sovereignty today we begin with the first in a series of shows on the tales
of war and the Indian soldier of guns and glory on 16th December 1971 at around 4:30
p.m. Indian Standard Time leftenant general Ameer Abdullah Khan
Niazi Marsh roar administrator and commander of the Eastern Command
Pakistan attached his signature to a one-page document a minute later leftenant general judge
Gesell Arora General Officer Commanding in chief of the India and Bangladesh
forces in the Eastern theatre countersigned the instrument of
surrender 1500 kilometers away Prime Minister Indira Gandhi announced in
Parliament Kaka is now the free capital of a free country the applause was
deafening and prolonged in one swift war India achieved its biggest military and
diplomatic victory ever Pakistan stood dismembered and she’ll Milly ated with
the signing of that instrument of surrender Bangladesh became a reality
Pakistan lost what was then called East Pakistan and with it almost 20% of its
land mass and more than 60% of its population
but how did this war between India and Pakistan come about just six years since
the last war and how did it end in just 13 days and why did India take such
great risk of international censure and send in his troops to invade East
Pakistan by the end of April 1971 violence and
genocide in East Pakistan had driven an estimated 10 million refugees into India the situation was proving an immense
strain on the fledgling Indian economy and all indications anticipated that
millions of others were ready to cross over in Islamabad the military dictator
General Yahya Khan refused to acknowledge that East Pakistani citizens
were fleeing to India by the millions I can arrange a lot of influx of refugees
into Pakistan if you like to come with me this Pakistan I’ll show you how
they’re coming from India but they are not coming him nor are my refuse going
back to them despite India’s own difficulties these
Pakistanis were accommodated in refugee camps and provided with food and shelter meanwhile in East Pakistan the local
population was up in arms against that military and the administration they
were being brutally subjugated by the Pakistani army Indira Gandhi was aware
that events were hurtling towards a situation when India might have to
intervene more directly and more forcefully I don’t think we can shut our
eyes to the situation in a neighboring state I think and I personally think
that most of the world believes this so they may not be willing to say it out
openly that Pakistan as it existed can never be the same again ever since its
creation in 1947 Pakistan has been plagued by the imbalance of its two
parts more than 1500 kilometers of Indian soil separated West and East
Pakistan both far shared a common religion but were divided by distance
culture language and economics West Pakistan was many times larger in size
and had the nation’s capital but East Pakistan accounted for 75% of the
population West Pakistan monopolized the civil services the Armed Forces and the
diplomatic corps East Pakistan accounted for 75% of all
exports and foreign earnings yet only received 30 percent of all imports and
investments West Pakistan was the ruler and East Pakistan the producer of goods
in the twenty three and a half years of its Union West Pakistan treated East
Pakistan as its colony then in nineteen seventy Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on the
first near free elections in almost two decades the elections were held in
December 1970 and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who was from East Pakistan and his Awami
League got a clear majority with 167 out of 313 seats in Pakistan’s national
parliament and an overwhelming 298 out of 310 seats in the provincial assembly by every measure chef Mujibur Rahman had
earned the right to become the next prime minister of Pakistan and form its
government the military hunter headed by General Yahya Khan loath to see this
happen they prefer the West Pakistani leader
zalfie Carr Ali Bhutto / Mujib on the first of March 1971 after
attempts to find a compromise failed General Yahya Khan announced an
indefinite postponement to the opening of Parliament in retaliation strike the
next day iet’s followed and some Bengali units of the Pakistani army mutiny on
March 25th the martial law administrator of East Pakistan
leftenant general tikka Khan received orders from Rawalpindi West Pakistan to
sort things out the same night Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was arrested and sent off
to a secret location and the Pakistani army began a large-scale and brutal
crackdown targeting of ami league leaders and the bengali intelligence
here the refugees started coming in and government of india was a tough with his
refugees mr. Gandhi then took a citizen decision that we must help the freedom
fighters and help the people of Bangladesh and that is how we got
involved India began to provide political diplomatic and moral support
to the Mukti behind the guerrilla force that began covert operations against the
Pakistani yami-bakura troops to the east pakistan army mutinies and deserted in
large numbers to join the moxa by me Indira Gandhi – a general manager to
prepare for war while she launched a diplomatic campaign to create awareness
about the situation in East Pakistan during the summer of 1971 mrs. Gandhi
toward world capitals telling the international community to intervene in
Pakistan to end its continuing atrocities but America and his Western
allies remained aloof and the Soviet bloc which backed India did not have
much influence over Pakistan in 1971 when the monsoons hit East
Pakistan all plans for offensive action on the ground were halted the rivers of
Bengal were in spate and at places they were flowing five to six kilometers wide
every drain rivulet and field was overflowing but still the preparations
for battle continued at breakneck speed on both sides because war had become
inevitable so we moved 30,000 tons our scores to Tripura alone so we have built
up the infrastructure and the logistics during the monsoon so when the walls did
start we did not look back against there a few artillery pieces you can say
around Tripura they were more than eighteen more than 80 big artillery
cannons deployed by the Indian Army all along the border of Tripura on December
3rd 1971 at 5:45 p.m. Pakistan launch pre-emptive air strikes on forward
Indian air bases Srinagar Avanti poor Bert Hancock who
thoroughly Jodhpur Ambala and Agra India and Pakistan were once again at war an
incredible third time in less than 25 years in a radio broadcast shortly
before midnight Prime Minister Indira Gandhi addressed the nation taking advantage of the full moon on the
night of December 3rd 1971 a second wave of Pakistan Air Force came bombing and
strafing the Indian airfields both these attempts were so clumsy that not one
Indian aircraft was lost on the ground the Indian Air Force retaliated fiercely
while the Pakistani planes were still on their way back Canberra bombers from
Agra took off to bomb Pakistani targets the IAF attack Chander I sure got
sargodha Marie Mianwali misrule near Karachi resolve Allah in Rawalpindi and
Chang yamaga in Lahore the IAF relentlessly mounted an ever increasing
number of sorties over both West and East Pakistan by the time the war was
nearing its end the IAF was flying 500 sorties a day the highest number of air
attacks since the Second World War hunters had been brought in in 56 57
they were also available to us gnats were available to us and more
importantly make 21 which had come in 60 to 61 62 were now fully operational and
we had a very large number of mig-21 in 1971 the GNAT fighters of the Indian Air
Force found for themselves a permanent spot in the glorious annals of air
warfare and the most memorable of all Nats was
flown by flying officer near brigitte singh sethu of the number 18 flying
bullets portland flying from Srinagar December the 14th
say horn single-handedly took on six Pakistani f-86 sabres with exceptional bravery he engaged them
all single-handedly and scored hits on two of them the nation’s highest
gallantry award the param Vir Chakra was posthumously awarded to flying off
herself sickle the war fish early began on 3rd December 1971 when Pakistan
carried out its preemptive strikes against India
but even if Pakistan had not struck war would have broken out the next day Prime
Minister Indira Gandhi had already given the nod the general manic Shah to
commence operations on the 4th but Pakistan came for itself the tag of
aggressor war was inevitable both countries had been preparing for months
while their army stood eyeball to eyeball in the western sector there were
constant skirmishes that escalated into all-out battles in the East Village
grief would lay on the highway that went to Jay saw an important and strategic
town in East Pakistan in mid-november 1971 to stop the
atrocities of the East Pakistan Army in the region the 14 Punjab battalion moved
to occupy the village they were supported by air artillery and a tank
squadron with 14 pt-76 tanks to evict the Indians East Pakistan 107 infantry
brigade launched a massive attack on the night of November 21st Indian advanced
positions heard the tanks coming through the winter fog and reported the exact
locations to command central for the entire night the battle raged between
the East Pakistani Brigade which was much much larger in numbers in the sole
Indian battalion around 8:30 in the morning when the Sun
broke through the mist 11 destroyed and three abandoned Pakistani tanks became
visible one of the reasons that the war in the east was short and sweet for
India was that the Pakistani army was very low in morale when they went into
battle there were many reasons for the low fighting spirit of the Pakistani
army but one of them certainly was the Battle of Geary point East Pakistan was
one of the most difficult terrains in which to wage a war there was a river
stream another to cross every few kilometers
India’s near obsolete pt-76 amphibious tanks proved very useful as the Indian
army began the invasion of East Pakistan on the 4th of December 1971 crossing wet
soggy terrains the wide deck of the pt-76 could accommodate a 12 man squad
and a platoon could be crammed aboard if the crossing was uncontested but let’s
shift focus to the western sector once again on the night of 4th December when
in the cloak of darkness fifty nine Pakistani tanks approached boundary
pillar six three eight in Rajasthan boundary pillar 638 marked the
international border between India and West Pakistan close to a small hamlet
called long avala in the thar desert on the night of 4th 5th December a forward
patrol at the border heard noises of a major movement Obama in Langa Walla
there was only a single company that 23 punjab Regiment under the command of
major Chan pari when major Chan pari was informed of the movement of heavy armor
in his direction he sent urgent messages to his battalion headquarters for
reinforcements and supported but in the meantime he positioned his men to stop
the advancing Pakistanis at any cost at 4:30 a.m. on December the 5th began the
famous battle of longaville ah what a single company of the Indian Army held
back the West Pakistan Army with its Chinese built t59 tanks of the 22nd
cavalry and a squadron of US bell–the Sherman tanks behind the tanks came
Pakistan’s 20th frontier force battalion within the first few minutes the Indian
Army scored a direct hit on one t59 tank under Pakistan Army Jeep carrying a
senior officer the Pakistani advance paused regroup
then began to move forward again major chunk or his men fought with valor and
against immense odds and kept the West Pakistan Army from overrunning longer
ala tank after tank was stopped in his tracks because of the bravery of the men
of 23 Punjab as soon as day broke hunters of the iaf
flying in pairs from Jessamine joined the battle the first pair took care of six bucks on
e tanks in the meantime ground troops and our Tillery units began arriving
reinforcing major chunk buries brave men the Pakistani army panicked and
abandoning all war discipline and their own battle plan began to run
helter-skelter to avoid being floated by midday of 5th December the Battle of
long Guevara was all but over the remaining Pakistani forces limped
back across the border with only eight of their battle tanks in functioning
order spread across the desert battleground of loba wala lay the 51
other tanks they had come with in the hope of attacking jessimae four months before the war broke out
West Pakistan had been secretly sending reinforcements to East Pakistan using
commercial Pakistan International Airways flights that proved our Colombo
entire divisions of the Pakistan Army was sent on these commercial flights
heavy equipment was transported by ship but then something strange happened in
November Indian listening posts along the coast picked up chatter from the
submarine pns Ghazi as it was laying mines in the Bay of Bengal in the war of 1971 Pakistan lost half
its Navy 1/4 which Air Force and 1/3 of its army and I quote these figures from
Pakistani sources my name is Kabir Bedi and I welcome you to our second episode
of guns & Glory where we continue with the war of 1971 considered the most
glorious war fought by India when war was declared between the two
countries Vienna’s Ghazi the most advanced
submarine in the Pakistani Navy was stealthily laying mines at the entrance
to Vishakapatnam Baba in the late evening of 3rd December
picking up the propeller noise of two indian patrol boats the gauzy fled the
scene only to return after midnight to meet its doom when it felt the coast was
clear when pianist Ghazi returned in a haste to complete the task she probably
went over the mines that she had earlier laid herself to simultaneous explosions
were heard from the shore and Bienes Ghazi sank to the seabed with all hands
on deck the Ghazi became the first stable casualty of the war without a
shot being fired at her after Ghazi sank they could not supplement from best
because we had inflicted enough damage to their feet in vest unlike all
previous wars since independence this one in 1971 saw naval guns boom in anger
on both sides of the subcontinent and the indian navy came out very decisively
on top the most daring attack carried out by
the Indian Navy was executed on the 4th of December 1971 when three Indian
gunboats sped towards karachi harbor each carrying four sticks missiles on
board Pakistan’s naval headquarters was based
at the historic and strategic port of Karachi and it was here that almost
their entire fleet was concentrated Karachi was Pakistan’s main port for
foreign trade and a blockade of the harbor during the war had to be avoided
at any cost so Karachi was very well guarded both at
sea as well as from the air with two airfields in close proximity that was
the main support base for Bangladesh that mean all kinds of food items
military equipment supplies is to go from Karachi to Chittagong
the plan to strike Karachi had been plotted in detail and well in advance it
was already night when war was declared on the 3rd and the Indian attack took
place on the 4th three missile boats were towed to a point south of Karachi
harbor from where they were to launch their attack from that point on
communications were to be in Russian that the Indian spoke confused Pakistani
eavesdroppers IANA snippet – delegate and ionosphere
were the three missile boats that devastated Karachi Harbor and broke the
morale of the Pakistani Navy beyond repair
the orders were at once we are 60 miles south of Karachi at that time the
missile boats will enter that zone and carry out the attack operation Trident began on the afternoon
of 4th December when three missile boats named the killer squadron began their
northward run towards Karachi halfway to the target an oiler – Porsha waited to
refuel the three missile boats a fourth missile boat – video followed at a safe
distance and was to be used in case of a Pakistani counter-attack 70 miles south
of Karachi Harbor the first target was located Pakistani destroy Khyber was on
patrol duty but did not detect the low lying missile boats bearing down on
Karachi at 20 to 45 hours Pakistan time the first missile fired by the Indian
Navy’s niggath struck Vienna’s Khyber the moment we long locked on I press the
button and Messiah took off and the side – it was about I think at that time
about 17.5 to 18 nautical mile away from us the missile went and render suddenly
there was a big flash right ahead of us that means the missile had hit fiber
sent out an emergency transmission saying it had been attacked by enemy
aircraft at 20 to 49 hours the second missile fired by iana still get struck
fiber when the second side went off it hit the target right in the center and
it broke it into two pieces like this right it went off like this after a row
the one single echo it became one – echoes and within minutes the Pakistani
warship had dropped off the radar as it entered its grave in the Arabian Sea
a few minutes after the strike on fiber the second missile boat I in a snippet
saw target in its range and launched a missile when this missile struck its
target merchant ship Venus Challenger 26 miles south of Karachi a huge explosion
took place on board the ship broke into two and sank within eight minutes it was later established that this
merchant vessel was being used to bring huge amounts of us ammunition from
Saigon in South Vietnam the second missile fired by iana snippet struck the
Pakistani destroyer being a shajahan tripling it beyond the dare ship called
a little bit battled a star called Shah Jahan but she was damaged right and not
sunk the third missile boat was fast approaching Karachi about 30 miles from
the harbor it saw the minesweeper pianist mo Hafiz in range and fired a
missile at it at 23:05 Pakistan time the Indian sticks missile struck mo Hafiz
and destroyed it the minesweeper didn’t even get time to send out a distress
signal detecting no other floating targets the
Indian missile boats now sped on towards Karachi 14 miles out at sea I in a
snippet for the first time in history fired a ship to ship missile at the
shore target at one minute to midnight the Styx missile hit a giant oil tank at
Karachi port the fire that spread was so devastating it soon engulfed other tanks
in the area and then there was a huge explosion that lit up the entire sky I remember there was a big huge fire off
Karachi as if the Sun had risen there it was so much of fire was there as Karachi
burned the Indian Navy broke radio silence who transmitted just one word on
God the code word to tell naval headquarters that operation Trident had
been carried out successfully on the night of 8 December 1971 the
Indian Navy hit Karachi once again this time were just one missile boat
accompanied by two frigates many ships of the Pakistan Navy as well as merchant
ships of various nationalities who are huddled in the harbor afraid to venture
out to sea at 11:00 p.m. Pakistan time 12 miles out at sea I&S finish fired her
entire load of four sticks missiles at Karachi the first whistle hit one of the few
surviving big oil tanks in the harbor the second missile hit the British
merchant vessel harmattan while the third hit the Panamanian registered Gulf
Star the fourth and final Styx missile fired by inez vinash hit the Pakistan
Navy’s oil tanker bns taka by this time Karachi was again in turmoil and panic
as the fires began to spread oil tanks in the harbor began to blow up one after
another in a chain reaction of fireballs in the meantime the Indian Air Force had
also joined the party and started bombing targets in and around Karachi
in their panic and confusion the defenders of Karachi fired on a Greek
vessel Zoe sinking it in Karachi Harbor the
Pakistan was so stunned with this attack that all their warships they are to take
shelter in the Karachi Harbor while the Indian Navy scored very heavily against
the enemy there was one glimmer of hope for the
Pakistani Navy their newly acquired deathly class submarine pns hanger
sank frigate I&S kukri the only warship ever lost by the Indian Navy 18 officers
and 176 sailors went down with the kukri survivors recounted how a calm and
composed captain Eman Bala in the highest traditions of the Navy decided
to go down with the ship sitting on his captain’s chair on the bridge for his
gallantry captain mullah was posthumously awarded the Maha Vir Chakra while the Indian Navy was winning
laurels for itself the land war raged on both fronts in the West Pakistan had
hoped for quick gains with their pre-emptive air strikes and their
dependence on US and Chinese built tanks to smash through Indian defences but
their entire offensive got bogged down due to heroic Indian soldiering and bad
Pakistani leadership in the eastern sector the strategies they adopted was
the opposite while India went in for a quick invasion the Pakistani army dug
itself into well fortified towns it was Pakistan that officially began
the war but once its sword of the tables have turned it desperately wanted the
international community to intervene to force India to the negotiating table so
India needed quick and decisive results commanders of the Indian Army were given
15 days to take Dhaka we did not capture Chittagong North Kuna but went straight
for daca bypassing all the towns so that was our plan the task became easier because mukti
behind fighters and the Indian trainers and advisors had been constantly
chipping away at the Pakistani army in East Pakistan the border security force
the BSF played a major role in the 1971 indo-pakistan up to the final mopping up
operations after victory during the first beginning of the war we were
engaging our enemies that is the Pakistan Army in Bangladesh with small
arms like rifles Elam gives small twinge mortars we call it or three-inch mortars
like that the Border Security Force was engaged first in independent operations
then under direct army command from October 1971 onwards the BSF were
ordered to dominate the border and established bridgeheads from where the
Indian offensive would be launched when the time came right in front of a Cobra
in Tripura the Pakistan Army had deployed in a medium artillery cannon
and they were shelling on our Tala town so my aim was to neutralize that cannon
so for that I took the permission from my head cotton and also from the army I
along with the 15 Mukti paninis we attacked that cannon and then we
destroyed it and there was one Pakistan Army soldier was killed and truth you
were injured and they fled away and ultimately we got the gun and we
recovered it from the 3rd of December onwards the
Indian Army began its swoop into East Pakistan through multiple trust points from the east through Tripura fork or
hammered through the outer crust of Pakistani defense and moved into the
heartland of East Pakistan an improvised force named kilo force struck in a
southern direction their objective was to take Chittagong from the south an
amphibious thrust went for Cox’s Bazar to cut off an escape route for the
Pakistani army through Burma the eighth Mountain Division was tasked with taking
silat – call came in from West Bengal through Jessore and : 33 Corps came in
from the Northwest through the notch bore and wrongful the Indian Army
strategy was to bypass other fortified towns and take control of the heart of
East Pakistan Tata the war was going in India’s favor when Soviet intelligence
reported that a British naval group led by the aircraft carrier Eagle had moved
closer to Indian territorial waters earlier Indian intelligence had
intercepted an American message indicating that the u.s. 7th fleet was
steaming into the war zone India did not panic in 1970 it had signed a treaty
with the Soviet Union now Delhi quietly sent a message to
Moscow to activate the secret provision of the Indo Soviet security treaty by
which Russia was bound to defend India in case of any external aggression in an
interview to a Russian TV program after his retirement
Admiral kruglikov who commanded the Pacific Fleet from 1970 to 1975 so that
mosque were ordered Russian ships to prevent American and British ships from
getting close to Indian military objects when the war began India’s only aircraft
carrier the refitted Second World War vintage Ina’s vikranth was undergoing
maintenance it was quickly repaired and pushed into active duty based out of the
Andamans the ionosphere grant task force made up of the aircraft carrier and
three frigates was deployed in the Bay of Bengal the directive was to establish
a zone of command so there was no outside interference to the war in East
Pakistan from the 7th of December onwards –
Vikrant the Indian Navy’s sole aircraft carrier joined the war by attacking the
coastal targets of Chittagong cocks bazaar and Baruchel the task force
captured about 40 foreign and Pakistani ships which were taking reinforcements
and supplies to the Pakistani army in the East alarmingly on 15 December it
was reported that the American aircraft carrier USS Enterprise leading a nuclear
Task Force had entered the bay the 7th fleet crossed Malacca Strait on 14th of
December and on 15 December she was already there and hang on for the entire
night between the 15th and 16th of December – Vikram and its three
accompanying frigates patrol the area south of Chittagong waiting to intercept
the far superior US naval force at the last minute the USS Enterprise changed
course America seemed to have decided it did not want to join the conflict but
unknown to all a Soviet nuclear submarine had entered the Bay of Bengal
and was stealthily keeping a watch on what the Americans were up to we had a
secret treaty with Russians that they would come and help us in case of such
crisis so their submarine fleet was already operating in baby mode in large
number and the Russians gave some indication that we are already their
friend that is the time the Americans there their gun diplomacy failed and
they went back from there on 11th December a para battalion was
airdrop at Tangail near Tata in daylight the unit was flown in by waves of IAF
transport aircraft in full view of those on the ground
the Indians were mobbed by the local population who went wild with jubilation next day further reinforcements and
supplies were flown in the Paris had cut off the rear line of Pakistan army units
along the gemalto Mayman Seng axis by the 14th of December the Indian Army
troops on the outskirts of Dhaka the IAF dominated the skies and the indian navy
control the seas but many containments and fortified towns across east pakistan
the pakistani armies had dug themselves in solidly their aim was to drag the war
on and on so something dramatic had to be done some singular signal had resent
that would break the camel’s back the pakistani army in the eastern sector
was about 100,000 strong and they had ammunition and supplies to carry on the
war for many more days but early on the 14th of December the mukthi behind me
relayed intelligence about an important meeting scheduled in the Governor’s
House that very morning for mig-21s from the number 28 squadron from Goha T were
tasked with attacking the governor’s house this information was kept strictly
on on the basis of need to know so these pilots got airborne from there and since
adequate maps were not available of that area the exact position of the
governor’s house was located from a tourist map the governor was so
traumatized that he resigned right then and there and rushed to the
Intercontinental Hotel to seek shelter under the UN flag from that moment on
the Pakistani Civil Administration in the East seized to exist on 14th December itself General Miyagi
sent word to Pakistan’s American friends that as Eastern army was ready to
surrender but Washington sat on that message for 19 hours before passing on
the message to the Indians why they did that is for them to answer but the fact
is that on 16 December 1971 the guns finally fell silent the Indian army had
forced the surrender of 93 thousand Pakistanis given birth to the new nation
of Bangladesh and walked away with glory you

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  • Lying Indian bastards, the US 7th Fleet was sent to make sure the Indians did not invade West Pakistan when it became clear that the Indians had no such intention it was withdrawn. if any Soviet submarines had dared to approach the US fleet with torpedo ranch it would have ended up rusting on the ocean bed along with the bones of its crew.

  • West Pakistani Lt Col. Mansoorul Haq, GSO-I, Division, he is quoted as saying that, "A Bengali, who was alleged to be a Mukti Bahini or Awami Leaguer, was being sent to Bangladesh—a code name for death without trial, without detailed investigations & without any written order by any authorised authority. Indiscriminate killing & looting could only serve the cause of the enemies of Pakistan. In the harshness, we lost the support of the silent majority of the people of East Pakistan. The Comilla Cantonment massacre (on 27th/28th of March, 1971) under the orders of CO 53 Field Regiment, Lt. Gen. Yakub Malik, in which 17 Bengali Officers & 915 men were just slain by a flick of one Officer’s fingers should suffice as an example. There was a general feeling of hatred against Bengalis amongst the soldiers & officers, including Generals. There were verbal instructions to eliminate Hindus. In Salda Nadi area about 500 persons were killed. When the army moved to clear the rural areas & small towns, it moved in a ruthless manner, destroying, burning & killing. The rebels while retreating carried out reprisals against non-Bengalis" (The Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report). Pakistani Lt. Col. S.S.H. Bokhari, CO of 29 Cavalry, he is quoted as saying that, “in Rangpur Cantonment two officers & 30 men were disposed of without trial. It may have happened in other stations as well” (The Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report). Pakistani Maj. Gen. Rao Barman Ali was the Adviser to the Governor of East Pakistan, he is quoted as saying that, "Harrowing tales of rape, loot, arson, harassment & of insulting & degrading behaviour were narrated in general terms" (The Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report). Pakistani Brigadier Mian Taskeenuddin, he is quoted as saying that, "Many junior & other officers took the law into their own hands to deal with the so called miscreants. There have been cases of interrogation of miscreants which were far more severe in character than normal & in some cases blatantly in front of the public. The discipline of the Pakistani army as was generally understood had broken down. In a command area between September & October miscreants were killed by firing squads" (The Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report). Pakistani Lt. Col. Aziz Ahmed Khan, Commanding Officer 8 Baluch, CO 86 Mujahid Battalion, he is quoted as saying that "Brigadier Arbbab also told me to destroy all houses in Joydepur. To a great extent I executed this order. General Niazi visited my unit at Thakargaon & Bogra. He asked us how many Hindus we had killed. In May, there was an order in writing to kill Hindus. This order was from Brigadier Abdullah Malik of 23 Brigade" (The Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report). Pakistani Brigadier Iqbalur Rehman Shariff, he alleged in his statement that during his visit to formations in East Pakistan General Gul Hassan used to ask the soldiers “how many Bengalis have you shot ?” (The Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report). A Pakistani reporter, Anthony Mascarenhas had written an article titled “Genocide”, he wrote “I saw Hindus, hunted from village to village & door to door, shot off-hand after a cursory ‘short-arm inspection’ showed they were uncircumcised. I have heard the screams of men bludgeoned to death in the compound of the Circuit House (civil administrative headquarters) in Comilla. I have seen truckloads of other human targets & those who had the humanity to try to help them hauled off ‘for disposal’ under the cover of darkness & curfew.” Another Pakistani Major General Khadim Hussain Raja quoted some shameful words by Lt. Gen. A.A.K Niazi in his book, A Stranger in My Own Country: "One day, Niazi used abusive language & in the presence of some Bengali officers, he said in Urdu: ‘Main iss haramzadi qom ki nasal badal doonga (I will change the race of the Bengalis)".

  • Bengaliyo ki shaklen height colour bura lagta tha
    Woh alag baat hai jab larne ka waqt aya tu unho ne mar mar kar bharkaz nikal diya

  • I've heard a story, that goes like this. apparently in the equivalent of today's G7 meeting, everyone but USSR supported West Pakistan's actions against East Pakistan. One wonders, if this story is true, then what would have happened if Brejnev also agreed.

  • This is dripping of India propaganda….India only won because they outnumbered the Pakistanis on nearly every battlefield and India had better aircraft and tanks too

  • The war was begun by Bangladesh by the declaration of our father of nation Bangobondu sheikh Mujib over the expolitaion by the pakistan since 1947 to 1971. and India later join the war to help our fighters and we got independence. we lost 3 million people by the war and 200K women was raped . so there is no way to called it indo – pakistan war. thank you.

  • 93,000 Coward-Darpook, Genocidal Pakistan Army/ Air-Force/ Navy Surrendered Unconditionally at the feet of joint Bangladesh Mukti Bahini + Indian Forces at a Public Surrender ceremony on 16 December 1971 in front of millions of civilians at Dhaka Ramna Race Course ground (Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's historic 7th March speech site).
    1971 Bangladesh Liberation Struggle showed that hijra Pakistan Army/ Air-Force/ Navy morale would not stand more than a couple of hard blows at the right time and place.

  • Indira Gandhi is Indira Gandhi, after all Scorpio zodiac signs are just like that. Whatever difficult times come Scorpio is always undefeated ultimately. Proud and thankful to God that I am a Scorpio zodiac too. We rock

  • Alan Moore , forget the Indian propaganda, it may be there may not be there. I am happy to see how much strong Indira Gandhi was, after all her zodiac sign was Scorpio. In fact we Scorpios are just like that ever fighting never giving up.

  • The level of war crime Pakistan army did in Bangladesh is much brutal than what America and Israel are doing in several countries.

  • Mukti Bahani and Indian Army did a great Job!! Its a decisive victory for the independance of Bangladesh!!

  • what? idiot, nonsense you don't know the history and uploaded a video? the war was East vs West Pakistan not Ind-pak 👿👿👿👿👿👿

  • Lies ,, only interview from indian militiary , lets hear from pakistanis too
    Blady indians only brags on social media and movies bt are the most cowards and backstabbers in the world

  • Everytime just brags ,blady indians cant do shit , can do only in movies cowards ,blady sister daughter rapists, country with most number of rapes ,90 percent being relatives .. blady hungry animals

  • in 1971 Bangladesh war with Pakistan.not india war with pakistan…..
    india some helps Bangladesh that's it……..
    funny😂very funny😂😂😂😂

  • This video was made with an Indian view.And the bengladhesi brothers will have some issues with it i know…as i understand there was muteny in east pak army and they joined the bengladhesi liberation movement. But wont be able to win against pak of any country India could not just go on to a war with pak with out cause..the cause was genocide just like ww2 as a neighboring country india cant just sit down watch its and let the reffuges india asked un and vitto countries to step in and do anything to stop it..but nobody did india decided to step in and supported the bengladhesi peoples ..created an armed and trained mukthi jodha…gave them weapons ..sitll cant fight a warfront with tanks and air crafts so india go on a war with pak.. blocked air. Sea and land.. allowing no supply chain for pak troops in dhakka.. surrounded the capital and they surrender.. Bengladesh was free but war between india and pak was not over ..pak boycott un .. India alone declared cease fire..

  • Some pak fools think there are allies with us ..fools listen to will Never be allies with u or india all they ever want their superiority..they gave u weapons and all to have a fight with india to make us and Russia neutral .think about what will happen if india Russia pak china became frnds us does not wants tha

  • lmao the americans spent 19 hours to convince east pakistan not to surrender, perfect opportunity for america to build more american bases there and have more power in that region, shifty indivuals lol

  • You are right, Ayub did not do justice to Easterns, but atleast dont make history a joke by making Pakistani army with less spirits.. Though I agree that India did well.

  • mujib is a motherchod although i am bangladeshi.her mother was a hindu women ,,for this he is a hindus bloody brother and their broker.we independent from pakistan but he dependent with indian motherchod.fuck india and their bloody jharoj mujib and her family.banchod mujib ,mother fucking mujib,.for this divided from pakistan,we face too many problem ,such that the dogs indian do not give the river water,they killed every day our brothers in border.out side see that we are free but reality that we are dependent in rendia.our natural face to many problem for minus river water.before 1971 year,all the river was fullfilled water but only 2 or 3 river are filled by water but often 700 river water now minus ,if today we and pakistan unity then we independent khasmir.and also fuck india although every day pakistan fuck indian soilders and killed all this dogs.motherchod mujib ,dogs mujib ,those people were good persons who were doing killed mujib motherchod.i am happy for killed him,i am also hapy if anyone killed mujib banchod family and will be become very very very very …………………………………………………………………happy if the great and powerful pakistan destroy india and killed only indian charal malayon.chudi mujib ,rendia murdabad,pakistan and all muslim jindabad

  • if india supported freedom fighters in bangladesh then now she should not be crying against kashmiri freedom fighters supported by PAKISTAN. Now bare the consequences jonies

  • Thanks for real new shows…
    I saluted for that Indian army and Bengali Mukti bahini…..
    No more say……
    Jay Bangla…..

  • Proud to be Bengali.
    We are proud to have our brother INDIA..

  • Allah put Yahya khan in hell .. 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇮🇷🇮🇶🇩🇿🇦🇫🇮🇱🇱🇾🇲🇻🇲🇻🇲🇷🇲🇦🇵🇸

  • Bangladesh will crush Pakistan any time.
    We have the best army and we have the best economy..
    Pakistan can suck America..
    Afghanistan we are with you. Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩♥️♥️

  • ভালো হইছে। আমার তৈরী করা ভিডিও গুলি দেখার আমন্ত্রণ।

  • This is dripping of India propaganda….India only won because they outnumbered the Pakistanis on nearly every battlefield and India had better aircraft and tanks too

  • This war is a waste of time many bangali still live here they know pakistan will never give them nationality .

  • Present day bangladeshis are leaning towards Pak instead of India, just because of religion. better present youth talk to old people

  • I always saw my grandfather picture of when he was a soldier whenever I went to his house, so one day I asked him whether he had ever fought a war or not, he said he had, but I didn't bother after that, then many years after I asked him again(cause I had no other topic to talk to him about) then he said it was in 1971,and he said that it was while he was stationed in J&K the war happened and he moved down south to Punjab to fight the war, I was so surprised and proud for him..

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