Information About Entitlement | Quicken Loans and the Department of VA

♪ [Music playing] ♪ Yo, Don, is there a simpler way for a person who’s not part of the mortgage industry or doesn’t work at the V.A. to understand how to figure out what their entitlement is? Like, can I go to the e benefits site– [[00:0021]] [incomprehensible 00:00:21] And then you can also call the, uh, regional loan center. So if you go to our um, to our website, the and, um, uh, you go to, uh, the links up at the top, um, it’ll show you, uh, the regional loan centers. You can call one of those regional loan centers and they would be happy to help and walk you through that process. It’s what we do all day and every day. ♪ [Music playing] ♪

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