Information Management Career Advising Session – January 11, 2018

Ok everybody hi welcome to answer Paula’s question we are going to be recording it and I will be posting it on the career advising page and many people don’t even know we have a career advising page But it is the link I my signature line if I email you back And it’s also at the end of this presentation which I will put up as well on our career advising site So today I came short on our career advisor. I’m also a graduate of the program and I Was really active in Asus, which is what was called at the time? I was active in it for a long time It was really interested in computer programming and things and with the information management degree of coming upon us right now as well their information certificates and alumni Coming to me as the great advisor asking more and more about what they’re qualified for how do they look for a job? What kind of dovetails do they look at we thought we have this first session that’s specifically for information management So this is our first time. We’ll continue to do more of these And so the process for today is that I’m going to speak to you for about 20 minutes or so and then there’s some three quicken Recruiters that are going to coming in and around 5:30, and they’re going to talk to you about what kind of skills they look for And what kind of jobs they offer there, so it’ll give you an idea of current employers If you’re not local in the area Quicken Loans Rock Financial all of those are under the same person which is Dan Gilbert And they’re a huge employer in this area They started out doing mortgages But really I went to them a few years ago and said you know what you’re really doing is data management And that’s what we do and so I just introduced our school to them and they’ve been recruiting actively through our school They attend our career fair ever since and so we’ve developed a really nice relationship We took the NTS a student group on a tour of their facility where we got to see software that they had developed in-house to manage the process of more Edge’s and seeing whether people qualify and all of that and so I hope to do that again because I think that was really Informational and with more and more information management students, I think it’d be beneficial to do it again So that’s a little bit of how about kind of where we are right now with the program. I am camera Shy so you don’t eat. You aren’t seeing us right now, but when they get here. We’ll turn the camera on so I’m going to go through this a little bit, but I wonder if the people that are online Might want to just kind of indicate to me What kind of information management you think you might be most interested in this is not written in stone? You can change you can evolve, but I’m interested to see what your you’re interested in and while you’re typing Maybe the strings that are in an eliminator in house here could indicate Verbally in what areas you might be interested in if you don’t know yet, that’s okay if you’re interested in everything That’s okay, but I’m just trying to kind of gauge your interest Deborah Dorsey, and I’m interested in Now is’s and user experience Okay, okay great. No. I’m impatient with the liniment listening dynamic Okay, yeah I mean I totally get that and he just Most people don’t notice about means and so my emphasis when I’ve been doing a lot of Career advising things, but I started out as a market researcher So I was doing something it was doing data analytics before it’s called data analytics And I was really spending a lot of time in the library to do my work And I thought you know I’d be more efficient at this if I knew how the library was put together And that’s how I came to get my MLAs So I’m very fond of information visualization of data analytics I do most I work mostly in our home world now But I am one of the few people in our field that really is interested in big data with respect to archives Because I think it’s a fantastic time, and I don’t know you’ve seen the announcement But it was announcement just last night that there’s a huge grant that just came out to Digitize all the information we know about slave ship Entries so we can and then attracting those people so we can help African-americans track their family heritage, and I get goosebumps thinking about this because this is big data analysis As I put in my facebook post about it used to be for the utmost good, so this is really thrilling I literally do have goosebumps that we are able to do this so What you and this is you know? I’m just contemplating like the data visualization You can do is we get more and more through the analysis of the data once it gets in there, and I mean It’s just really exciting So there’s a lot out here in the world right now that we can do that we have never been able to do before and I’m also involved in the National Digital stewardship, Alliance And a few years ago. We had an engineer from Google saying we are now at the second level of Information of the information Economy so at first we were just gathering now revenue. We can analyze and mass This information and so that’s why our field is so exciting right now in information management because we’re able to do this Visualization of huge amounts of data in ways we never could some people can comprehend it. We’re able to crunch big data and do analyses In both in the historic world and a new content right now with you know gathering tweets from the library Congress and analyzing political trends To you know me and making smart competitive business decisions, so there’s a lot out there So what I thought today is I wanted to just go over All that there is out there No, I actually can’t go through all that because there’s two minor But I just pulled some job titles for the presentation today to remind you that Job hunting is difficult in this field because there’s some different types of titles that titles that they may not be May not know what they’re looking for and the skills we have are what they’re looking for and so sometimes we have to sell that And that’s one reason we came up with the separate information management degree Because then it lets people better understand the skills that you’re coming out of that degree with So you might see user experience manager the short of it is often, UX you might see chief information in Operations, that’s CIO you might see HCI which is human-computer interaction so you know there’s all of these different Terminologies that you can use and so one of the nice things about some of the job sites now if you can search on skills Rather than just titles and that’s really a good Big gift to us on both ends the MLIS and and the masters and information management because we have so many Technology skills that are marketable in very different ways now We’re not tied to a place anymore, so keep that in mind when you’re searching that That may be searching on the skills you want to use Might be more useful than job title because the judge how am I not in any way really? Capture what you can do for an organization oh? I’m sorry. I forgot to talk about what people are interested in online I’m interesting data and links to database design okay, and user experience and digitization apart So You know that you’re going to be looking for hard skills and so some of the Technology classes that you have taken you’re going to take and you will continuously take to keep up on the field will be for Specific hard skills. Do you know? SQL Okay, can you build a database right? Can you tweak the information presentation in HTML or XML so they will want to know that? So that is really important, and we’ve had lots of faculty meetings here discussing. Can we train you in every possible? technology skill there might be an enemy jet listing and we know the answer to that is no so What our goal is is to educate you on enough technology? that an employer will say Hey, they’re trainable We are never and no employer thinks they’re gonna get somebody for every single skill that they list in our job postings and in this Field it’s just too much, but they can say oh well She doesn’t know this, but she knows this so she’ll she’ll come along quickly so everything in your job application Materials really needs to reflect. I’m trainable and technology, right And so you really want to make sure expressing everything you’ve been exposed to now you don’t have to oversell yourself You can certainly say basic skills in their media skills in advanced comes in Okay, much, like you would a foreign language, but you really want to make sure you’re expressing to them how much you’ve been exposed Okay The other thing is it’s not enough to say hey I’ve been introduced to this you’ve got to make sure that you have some hard Projects that you can represent there’s gotta be some links and the faculty is really good about giving you hands-on Projects you might sometimes have to find a place to deposit it so that you can create a link But some of our faculty and we talked about this have created those options for you so you want to make sure you’ve got links and key pending links of projects whether it’s for class projects or you do a community project on the side, just so you get more expertise or Even if it’s for work with with permit their permission so you want to make sure that you’re keeping a list of projects together That proves your point that you can apply what you’re learning in the class So here’s an e-portfolio for an alum of our program who found a job before she graduated Right which is our goal? And so Lauren was really proactive she went to meetups she met people and she got a job from there This is a she’s beat hands for those and this is heard Her e-portfolio she did for employment Okay, so she’s got Basically a card for every single project with a little bit of visual to show what she did and she is a user experience architect Okay, she also when she was here. She was also a lab tech GSA And we worked with her and she also We worked on some things she actually did some really innovative eportfolios played with different software that I’ve never seen anyone used for an e-portfolio to try to make sure she was showing off her skills as a creative and Productive user experience person so she wasn’t afraid to use I’m trying to think what’s the software? That’s not like that’s a PowerPoint equivalent, but it’s completely different. I can’t think of anything with it So she actually did something in there where people say they get dizzy on it sometimes. I can’t think of anyone. We’ve now done it So she tried it in there too to see and then you would go to their proc each of her projects so she really tried And experimented with things to see what would be innovative when you’re looking for an information management job it may not traditionally May not be reflective of your skills it might fall kind of flat So if you’re looking for something creative if you’re looking for something that shows you can program You might want to put your skills to work in your e-portfolio, and I plan to do? Ad portfolio training session at the end of this semester We’re still playing with different software or plan to put some things together so that People can use that as a template and move forward and then develop their own Prezi Thank You Christine, that’s what she did it in she did one in Prezi Now the other thing you want to be aware of that really sells you strongly is your soft skills Soft skills are really your interpersonal skills So how do you with people do you treat your co-workers with respect how do you deal with clients? How do you approach a project those things are important and those are the kinds of things? They’re going to interview you on as well. You could look great on paper But you could come in and be All ego, and not listen to anyone else and you’re not gonna be a good team member I always say when you close your ears you stop learning So you really want to make sure that you are in your job application materials proving to them you’ll be a good team member Everything we do these days is collaborative, so just like I tell my students I know you hate group projects, but life is a group project It’s the same thing so you want to show off group projects. You’ve done and want to talk about ways you Moderated or mediated in the workplace or in student group projects you want to make sure they know that you are treating you will treat people with respect and Collaboratively you will develop the best final product So no one person can know everything these all these pressures are too complex And so you really want to make sure you’re showing off to them. How you can help the team So I’m big on voluntary student projects I certainly want you all to get paid for all the work you do if we can but I will tell you I myself volunteered 40 hours of my time to come up with an inventory of Something and then got an eighth year full-time job from it was it worth it for me to volunteer for a you know Fortune ten company and do that when they probably could have afford to pay me yeah, it was worth it Okay, so I do encourage you that if you don’t have the exact expertise you want When you’re graduate or before you graduate volunteer Somewhere to do something and you can be innovative So you know maybe a small community group you know needs a great database to track their volunteers or their donors Do that then it is work you can put into your portfolio Okay Can be something that’s your sideline passion like that. Maybe you’re a community activist and you want to help Anything like that and great make a great web presence for a small organization, and you know that helps abuse kids Whatever it is, but it shows a community commitment it shows altruism it shows that you can be creative and a go-getter to go and Pursue doing this project, so it could be a small project, but it still is something to build on so Nine times out of ten if someone comes to me and is having trouble finding a job It’s because they don’t have enough hands on and therefore haven’t networked enough in the community So people don’t know if they can apply what they learn in the classroom So it goes hand in hand and I know sometimes people have been frustrated with us about that But I had a colleague at the Library of Congress say to me well We don’t send nurses into a hospital never in having done that dealt with a patient they do student nursing It’s the same thing we have to do something hands-on to prove that we can do what we say you’ve learned in the classroom I’ve got some quotes to some professionals that I’ve spoken to as well, and then I’m going to be asleep read this out to you But this texana mist and I just kind of bolded What was important said that understanding? how data is stored how databases and search engine works is really important right data modelling all of that and when we first started teaching searching Many years ago we would teach oh look We’ve spent a lot of time in how search engines work now with Google they hide those algorithms And you don’t exactly know everything that they do but understanding it as best you can searching help pages looking at articles that have delved into this from an Academic research standpoint, it’s really important to understand that so that you can design the best interfaces you can Understand how to get the data most effectively to those that need it And then I also quote from Lauren you you saw her eat portfolio earlier She’s a youth experience architect, and I highlighted that she said all the hard skills she used ladder up to answering Does the organization? Make sense and will someone know how to use this Okay And then for soft skills she mentioned that you have to have a good rapport with your teammates And you have to actively listen to that right And Then Derek is also a graduate of our program, and he said again. He was really focused on Soft skills so what is your process in going through? And he said big data And and those analytics are really big for what he does and he does work for a consulting plan that creates Websites for companies and so that’s and he’s he’s had two strong positions and that wanting it over now isn’t rollout And that’s what he is take away. He’s been from his job experience So I’ve got some networking sites here I’m obviously not going to go through everything But I really wanted to make sure that we talked about them and that you looked at them, I know I spoke to all the faculty that are involved in teaching I am classes, and they helped us meet with the National List so think about that You know ACM is really big a system if you want to work as information management in libraries code for life. It’s really good There’s meetups and that’s where Lauren got her job is working with each great need of my new axe So there are there in Ann Arbor? They’re not really location So that’s a good way to network and meet people and if you’re in just getting into the program now start with the student groups Here they do projects they take tours, they network They meet people and we’ve had many student groups have gone national to present at conferences and that’s a great thing to put on your resume and Jodi gave me some hints to that these are some information sources that she turns to like first Monday forming data and beautiful So those are also sources that you could take a look at And these are just some links that I pulled together to think about so think about federal government jobs for our alt spring break We had one of our students who did design And did focus groups on a new site for the National Archives There was a new department created And they gave him an office he interviewed every department head at Nara to ask what they would want to see in it Then he did a huge report He did all this in a week, and they would call him for up to a year afterward and ask him for advice So it was really good he now just got a job in naval intelligence So you know think about there’s a lot of federal government jobs involved, and I am as well I’m a big fan of indeed make sure you have a great LinkedIn profile I have A blog post about that on our blogs list on our sis ideas blog about how to create a great, LinkedIn And so you can find a lot of jobs that way through that and then I have quickens career site as well So they are here, so I’m going to start the camera cuz I’m camera shy and so they have an entourage I guess So just so you know we’ve got about ten people online and then we’ve got a few students here I mean we’re recording and we’re going to put it up on our career advising page so that people can keep hitting it So we do have lots of distance students, so they’ll keep recycling this so I appreciate you guys coming in today to share with us Some of your advice before I switch it over to them. Do you guys have any questions? Oh? Ben dr. Miller is online and she said a lot of this is taught in 48 and 74 68 Okay, so I don’t see anybody typing, so I’m going to take mine down. Do you have anything you want to show or? Should I just? Perfect all right, so I’ll introduce Us as a whole from a broad-brush standpoint, and these are these are the experts over here So they’re they’re the ones you want to direct any industry questions to but I’m here more from an overall quickenloans perspective My name is buddy. I am the university of relationship manager that manages basically the half of the state that we’re on So my job is to go to different schools I’m Conchata Vectra external engagement Sponsorships anything that that really that touches at school. That’s my job But I also represent Quicken Loans and a family of companies It’s 120 companies most of them are based in downtown Detroit with that though we recruit for 14 minute so those 14 companies some of them you may have heard of Quicken Loans title source bedrock Zenith were the third largest provider of football helmets in the entire country Fathead which is a very common one that most people have heard of Some smaller ones maybe that you didn’t even realize that We owned like Jack casino Greektown casino, we owned we own them as well, so we do some recruiting for them as well we Are big on the internship side of things as well as the full-time side? For example interns we bring in a thousand interns every side and that in turn doesn’t have to be junior senior status We’ve taken high school seniors all the way to PhD level we can find something sort of for everybody in between as well so with that being said we’ll wait till the presentation comes up but No problem, I’m a fast talker So with that being said though Full time wise we have roughly I would say 350 open positions posted right now when I say 350 open positions. Those are unique specific positions We hire much more than that on a regular basis new positions popping up at all times From IT wise we are the number one company to work for in technology by computer world magazine So we just didn’t give ourself that title We went to computer world magazine. They ranked us, so we’ve actually ranked number one for the past five years in a row It’s because we have a very unique culture within our IT area Colorful walls people flying by on scooters tossing footballs As well as a unique thing cupola time bullet time every Monday for half a day you need to do Essentially whatever you want as long as it’s gonna help progress yourself In the industry in your career and your education you can study Work on a unique project you can build a robot I’ve seen people create new businesses and the business has actually become a flourishing business underneath the Quicken Loans family of companies That’s within rocket fiber, which you ever heard of rocket fiber or Google Fiber. We’re in the fiber optic internet, but yeah, so Three was there that people here are from the user experience team And yeah, so we work on we have a user experience team within our IT group We work on a lot of different products that people use to get mortgages or interactive us in certain ways communication tools So and today really quickly kind of what we’ll talk through is kind of what we do a little bit about us We’ll talk a little bit about UX at a high level We’ll talk about some of the different job opportunities within the UX field and then some like the skills and traits I think that we look for in UX people, and then you know you’ll kind of see throughout the industry So our team is made up we have us user experience designers We have user experience specialists and user experience analyst Those are the main roles we have on our current team My my role is the UX designer I’ve been kind of working as industries. It’s like hey, it’s 2003 I started out as a fine art major and Didn’t know what to do with that so and I kind of like the internet a lot So I started counting designing websites and learning on my own. I’ve done a little bit of web development work a little bit like some digital photography stuff and Kind of worked my way into being like an in-house product design person before my entire, Cologne I’ve been a cricket in for five years now before that I was working at a company called cengage learning It does like elearning tools of like library databases web, so I worked in house with their development teams making those kind of Like applications that students use right and like public libraries or the classroom and stuff like that My background is in design and advertising business, so My role now is more about Continuing to advocate for the team and figuring out what the right direction for the team is Making sure that we’re supporting the right stuff But yeah, I still keep pretty close to some of the designs I started as a psychologist And That’s where I started with understanding humans, and how they react and interact with a human computer interaction Is Absolutely so from there obviously get into that world you are Language which is nice and so I Stayed in the education space a long time have Wide variety of things everything from the digital space like I’m in right now with Two physical space design to Kindle things rate robotics so the beauty of The industry is that you can kind of go in between the thing that you’re working on doesn’t always matter What matters is that interaction between the two right, so I’ve been able to do quite a few different things my career working on a wide variety So I think our team is right like our goal a lot of times We’re keeping our end users right we’re thinking about our clients are using using interacting with us So I think that’s what makes I think our role and product design and user experience a little bit different than a traditional design our development team so A lot of those things that we designed for our end users today are things like we do responsive websites mobile apps We do some internal of software stuff as well We do have a variety of experience you know We have quite a few people at our table a wide variety of roles and I’m collectively. We’ve worked on we have numbers. I’m here just to give you an idea like 95 pieces of software To where you’re 63 websites We’ve done a lot of different things the point of it is to say that we’ve worked in the software We’ve worked in gaming with websites mobile apps Like I said songs it worked on physical space and the Collective knowledge that we have has really span across multiple industries So obviously at quicken we’re in the financial space, but we’ve worked in manufacturing and engineering We’ve worked in marketing and market research Advertising some of us have been in healthcare and medicine Obviously finance some of us have some military and legal Backgrounds I know somebody on our team or technically the police department Obviously computers and IT when you get a company that actually on computers and Then entertainment arts ecommerce so the point of it is the skill sets that we’re looking for are similar skill sets to a wide variety of industries out there and that When you choose to move into something like user experience you’re going to gain insight that can translate Across that time and space, and it’s a skill that can develop. Not just in depth but you know horizontally that you can really move between things and allow for a lot more career personal growth if That should interest you if you’re anything like me. I really like what I do, and I enjoy doing that a long time, but I Get bored. I’d like to move it between things and try new things and being in such a flexible Type role will allow you to do that Or you don’t always have to be looking for for the next level up. There’s always something else to learn going Can I ask a question? What or associations profess associations are you involved with any of you yeah, so you accent in general is pretty? It’s like it’s pretty in its infancy in terms of like professional development Right so so if you think about like medicine. There’s like 10,000 professional associations right business like that’s not even that’s like such a broad term between 20,000 categories right ux Specifically has really I mean you can trace back UX for a very long time But it really has only been founded as an industry it’s 20 years for about 20 to 30 years right so you have to imagine with that that the professional development opportunities are still small although they do exist so things like uxpa which is Association we do it get heavily involved with like HCI There’s some service design associations There’s also some CX which is the customer experience? which is a little bit broader than just interface design, and there are some associations within there, so there’s exp a there are opportunities although, I would have to say that you’re going to get more from local meetups and Getting involved in in your own area, then you might Go into an Alabama conference a year and the reason that is is when you go to those big comments because these Industries so wide, but you’re gonna get a lot of noise that you might not actually Yeah, it’s just not going to apply to what you’re doing great. Where is when you go locally I mean you’re gonna get a lot more What this area is looking for rain so clearly a lot of motive around right so you go to a local meetup? Applications if now if you’re somebody that wants to Get outside of that and those other things might be helpful when you forward, but I would definitely start with the smaller meetups Just get more meet You know eventually those things are great to go to It might depend to on the area That interests you the most I think I pulled together some different like Job opportunities or titles that you might see you’re onto so we have things like user research You know usability analysts, we have information architects interaction designers visual designer, UX designer so you might find that once you have an area of interest within UX it might make more sense to look to target that right so like if you’re into visual design you might look to something like AIGA right that might be a network for you to join You know information architects you’re gonna. Have a lot of like people that are more like content strategy And so there’s there’s a variety, I think it’s since UX is so broad Once you find an area of interest to focus on But so those are some in different titles As a practice and a way of thinking That can be applied in multiple different ways and these roles really apply them very specific Of Professional associations that would energy and there’s a lot of you Xers that go to a lot of conferences that aren’t you like Specific be going knowing that they want to apply the practice to that to their content so And obviously depending on your area of interest to we we kind of there’s some different skills that go along with each one of those Sometimes we call it out right There’s some more that might long lean on the visual design side we have things like page layout interface design some graphic design in magenta some production work Something that were more about the user experience we have you know skills like find abilities search engine optimization Information architecture site mapping wire faring things like that That’s where our strengths would definitely be yeah Yeah ok cool, and yeah, so well in that that could go so we also have some other things that are like usability testing accessibility project management And then we have some like coding specific things right so people that have actually like CSS HTML and JavaScript knowledge like those things come in handy too, but But yes information architecture site mapping organization that type that stuff is really really important. I think with like information architecture and If you don’t mind me I can I just I don’t know everything that’s cut taught in every class But I know that like we teach Python, and we teach HTML and a Cui’s XML a lot because we’re German data structure We’re doing a lot we have information visualization classes I Mentioned project management obviously database construction has been big with us for since the beginning about 2000 years back So you know so I mean that’s kind of what we’re looking at for skills we do do some wire framing We have an information architecture class, so I’m just you know just to kind of Blend blend in what you’re looking for so you know we you know looking job postings We’re looking at like padieu band. You know certainly other things including I mean we do see us us SQL or that so you know, what kinds of I mean I know you’re looking you look for hard skills But no one’s gonna come in and note and have exactly every single thing you want so how do you deal with that? Well most of a lot of my stuff you’re mentioning we actually don’t even do But dealing with Staffing up the team with we do with that Looking into training programs to for us and girly Like online stuff, then we can be skills with pairing on the team to make sure that we’re sharing skills And you elbow the other thing that may be unique I think no, no this is doubly true on our team I don’t know about other, UX teams, but you’re definitely not gonna do only one sale There is there’s a lot of collaboration. There’s a lot of communication. There’s a lot of like this might be your core Responsibilities, but at some point you’re going to get stuck doing a Conversation that you know That role is really a translator, right? Messy confusing information. How do I translate that? And being able to communicate with people like us who ultimately have to bring those insights to life Is really really important, so that’s a soft skill? I think you mentioned that if you can you might not have all every part skill on the list, but you can Tell me that you Understand what it is to maybe practice you actually you Understand what it is when you’re bringing those data visualizations to life to make them usable and understandable and that you can have constructive conversations leverage that information is huge Can be really important Yes, right, I mean, it’s not enough to hear that narrative. You’ve got to prove it for sure Yeah, I feel like when we talk with you know Potential feel it we’re gonna work with our team and stuff we ask how and why a lot? Right like we’re interested in the process we want to hear more about Your methods, and how you got to that point. It’s so for us. It’s always not just like heck Let’s go that means a lot. It’s about What did it take to get you there right because that’s something that we do That’s something that we do when we when we’re working on Products and keeping our end-users in mind you’re right a big thing for us is empathizing that user right you want to look through You know put our our feet and that user shoes and learn from what their experience is so that’s really important for us Obviously the best way to storytellers Being able to do that Actually went to you asked about professional associations, I went to a conference last year That talked about I’m sort of penetrating the space that were in and how to get a you know career Area, and they did talk about how do you tell your? Experience or what you want to do or how do you sell your skills best story write stories not the nice Right being able to do that in a setting I mean we usually talk about it how to sell yourself as a branding? You know creating a brand for yourself, but we hadn’t thought about it as a story so it’s interesting how these stories resume Yeah And I think to having being able to share that story right shares like your variety of experience And I think that’s why we got introduced that things will be games like we all come from very different backgrounds with Very different skills and some of them overlap And we have to pick those other skills up from other people and something that someone learned in advertising point we might be able to like Combine with my experience and library databases things like that right. I think that’s that’s really important when it comes from the collaboration working in groups and the into Experiences not every other would love to hear that About yeah, you know that that piece, but we do We definitely like to hear the breadth and depth of what you’re interested in and so a lot of times I know in my past I would get feedback immensely. Well. You didn’t really do that and You know you can’t really say that you did that and I’m like no every weekend I’m doing this thing yeah, and like I know what I’m talking about right Carlino Don’t be afraid One thing I wanted to mention too is I know you mentioned that You know you bring in about a thousand interns in this summer, but you’re some interns year-round so for those of you that don’t have Full-time jobs already and are used. Maybe fractionally employed You know it might be a good time For you to look at working with them in the fall or working with them in the winter as well so our internship program outside of the summer I was in the summer right, but we’re we’re Looking in the fall in the winter way more Because the Michigan’s Michigan State’s the other schools there. They’re in session. We can’t have those students, so it’s a lot more feasible The Wayne State students for the Oakland students because you guys are just on the road yeah With that being said as well it is a it is a full-time job It is paid so and we’re able to work with your schedule. I say full time. We’re looking for at least 30 plus It’s a great way to get experience while you’re going to school Unfortunately I Wanted to mention to is Jennifer Gustafson So so she runs our information management Practicums so she might be in contact with you to talk about that because that’s a four credit option they have so they could get more hands-on experience so Yeah, do you ever have Virtual interns or virtual Dollars do they need to physically be in yours for the turn ship space I’m going to say it has to pretty much always be on site 99.99% the time okay, just because the internship program with us is an experience as well You know we don’t want to just have an intern just to put them to work. We want them to see the culture the environment The other things that we’re doing around town. We have a heavy investment in not only Detroit, but also Cleveland in Phoenix, Arizona So we want to show them the investment in the culture that that’s over half the internship Yeah absolutely absolutely you know and then even if we want to look at the summer for the for the virtual students We how was at Wayne State over the summer? So we do have the opportunity and we do pay for relocation things like that okay? If you want to take the time to come here and make it an investment as I have seen where the report Goes to the culture Slightly risky I Mean the internship is not risky though, I mean you know that they get the experience and build their resume Thing I want to ask to is a few years ago I’m faculty advisor for the NDS a student group, which is the National Digital stewardship, Alliance? Which is really about preservation of digital content lean forward? and we took a tour of the Quicken offices I was working with Lindy Chacon and It was really great to see some of the software you guys have developed on your own to manage your Mortgages and all that and all the big screens and stuff so maybe it’s time for us to do another student trip Facility okay, so that would be great so maybe arrange that in the spring Absolutely absolutely it’s no crime at all Did you have anything else that you want Is there anything else about skills you want to share that you like I mean I know you guys have a real diverse diverse skill set so it’s hard to nail that down one of the things in a faculty and I mentioned this earlier But I don’t think you guys were here was that we know we can’t train The students and graduate on that every single tool. You might use especially for some proprietary things that you design yourself So, but we want to make sure students can express to a potential employer that they’re trainable on all technology right so is there something you look for that indicates that or is that mostly in their story that they share I Think the story is a huge part of it. I would say when you’re looking for jobs. You’re looking in the UX industry know that Right off to you And especially in this area if you’re a local, it’s very new Yeah, I mean Be honest about what you know? If you have an experienced person doing the hiring they will know That you’re making it up Yeah, are you over somewhere yeah? And a lot of times locally especially you will get an experienced hiring manager in UX not inexperienced in hiring but yes in the industry and They might Inadvertently put you into role Yeah, you don’t want that either so I would say just be honest If you’re showing like I it’s nice to see somebody that’s learning already on their own You’re learning you’re going to continue to learn what I give you more resources So that’s good if you just put us on your resume, and you can’t do it Can’t tell the story anybody haven’t done any research. They not even good. Well. We’re not That doesn’t indicate trade right one of my classes I had some web punk some of our folks from web publishing at the library system here And they do a lot of you know what you do, too And and so I had them talk about how they got those what skills was together And yes, they went through the formal education But they also would say hey that program is really Interesting just because we don’t have a class And it doesn’t mean I can’t lock myself away for a weekend with you know CSS for dummies And you know I mean and learn it and come up with a project so that you know I can work on it, so so I You know this is continuous professional development In this field and so you’re going to have to be able to show that initiative So I think that would probably be something that would be encouraging for you as an employer right to see that they They just dug in and learn something Smart and that’s right so when you’re taking the time to learn a skill like that You know you’re really investing your time and make sure that you’re investing your time in the right things Yeah, so I really enjoy most I think that using words and phrases like such as it’s going to be really important in this scenario For example you can talk very intelligently But conceptually about what you’re trying to accomplish right and so for example if I’m saying I like to I like to do a lot of prototype testing to get feedback to Put it in front of users sometimes I might use something like envision such as it doesn’t mean I can’t learn the ten other things right right But I used to be intelligently about one thing And you go oh, yeah, I know that program, and then they might ask, Oh have you ever used? Norville, and I’ll say no, but it isn’t that similar yes, it is okay? Yeah, we can probably do that right. I’m in it just say that I know how to do already I worry yeah, I’m saying as I understand conceptually where your purpose is and I So before you go and like get a laundry list of these skills and invest a lot of time potential money in learning Make sure that you know you’re learning the right things at the right time that are going to be useful to Moving forward that being said you should have enough Breadth of skills in your toolbox right tools a new toolbox to be able to actually say This is what these things are for I know how to do that and I can continue to do more of that if you like I look less for Knowledge of tools Because like the design tools where criminals used one But do you think You get it yeah, you can learn And if you can’t and you but you can tell the amusing story And you just like for whatever reason like the wire framing thing is just not your thing Like me personally in my day today, I spend more time At a whiteboard wall working with a fellow team member that I do in Photoshop, right? Because that’s just you more. Ice that’s how we work. That’s how we get stuff done. That’s how we communicate and visualize things times what I might need to go away and Help do something else with this skill that I have B I think it is it’s much different now. I think with this emergence of this This industry like I remember looking for my like second job in like 2003 and I remember I was just like every job in Metro Detroit was like gotta have automotive must know flash To the thing so I guess I won’t ever have a job you know and she has changed and interviewing candidates over the years and like you know looking at a design portfolio and like I don’t just want to see Your final final project of course of course, that’s your final project, but I want to see how does it start? Yeah Like where did break down why I like that’s what I want to know more about that right because those skills are gonna Help you do well in this industry versus just like I can create a final show.we Because Yeah And that’s what our alumni were telling us and their quotes – yeah I Do feel like that translates to other? I’m not just within where we are. I mean there are plenty of other rules that are That would value you being able to communicate effectively and their thought process And how you came to the conclusions that you can do over the final skill set that You came to the table with because that skills that means absolutely nothing if you can’t communicate What you’ve done and share and get other people to understand and beautiful so the better you are at I guess explaining it a little teaching right right move it up and Then the better Well this has been really really helpful do we have any other questions online? So my name is tired words I started out here in end of September on my quicken loans and I was part of the University like recruiting intern. I am now transitioning into like the relations Role the same thing that buddy does so I’m here with him. Just kind of getting the pathos and just kind of learn Like he was a volunteer made himself the obvious choice because there wasn’t once again a thousand around now sing them mm You can’t make yourself the audience choice, but when there’s 300 yeah lot easier, so uh, so yes He made himself the obvious choice for a full-time role Okay, so I mean this is super helpful I don’t see any other questions right now But do you guys have any problem with less posting this to our website just for your advice Okay, because we do we have students literally all over the world now, and so there are different time zones And so they’ll view it at their leisure, and then if you have any questions you can send them my way yeah Yeah, and I’m sure some of our faculty Teaching I am and I’ll get in touch with you about it taking students over for work Oh, you might as well have my contact. Yeah. Yeah, okay great I’ve got some over there so I want to thank you so much for joining and Hopefully I’ll see you again For this students and alumni then I Just wanted to Make sure you know that I’m available obviously you do mock interviews cover letters and resumes with you So please check out our career advising page the link is here and It does have a lot of information in there for you, and I’m going to build out more

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