ING Home Loans – David Pearce – Upgrader

My name’s David I’m a Project Manager and I work for a large
retail company. My beautiful wife Melissa
and I have three young boys ages six, seven and ten. The boys are very energetic, very sporty, very excited. They keep us on our toes
every day of the week. Our eldest son is getting
close to high school age so we decided that we wanted
to move to an area where there was a
number of schools that we had options
to send our boys to. I’m a Project Manager
by trade So naturally we did
a lot of homework to understand what
options were out there with different
banks and providers. What was great with ING
was the fact that I had all the information
in front of me to make the decisions
on my own. A very easy process. It was pretty quick too. I went on to the website
submitted an application and within half a day a Home Loans Specialist by the name of Tim got in contact with us. Tim was awesome
he was really helpful and went out of his
way to help us get though the application
process as quickly as possible. Within a few
days we were able to put a
deposit on a house My advice would
be to definitely do your homework, understand the market, and then explore the option
with ING. ING for us worked out
really well.

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