Inside Aryan Brotherhood (Documentary)

the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is one of the most violent hate groups in America if someone disrespects you you have to destroy them period this white supremacist gang operates a criminal network from behind their prison bars you know I really supposed to do this but if you disrespect us we're gonna pay you back now they reveal that drug smuggling secrets what we do is we'll liquefy them at that vet Amin and we'll bring it over the border liquefied there plans to assassinate a policeman just coughed cold-blooded murder and one high-ranking general is intent to ignite a bloody gang war so he can take control of the Aryan brother of Texas I'm gonna get it or I'm gonna die trying to get it Texas has one of the fastest-growing prison populations in the country the number of inmates has tripled in size in the past 20 years inside prison walls some of the most violent inmates belong to the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas what started behind bars has now spread with nearly 5,000 members running a criminal syndicate both in and outside of prison the ABT is called combines the violence of a prison gang the power and money of organized crime and Nazi ideology making them a threat to their own members and to outsiders alike since its creation in the 1980s abt members have committed murders and kidnappings attempted bombings and gain control of part of Texas's multi-million dollar methamphetamine trade the Stiles unit in Beaumont Texas houses one of the most notorious abt inmates in the Texas prison system Bobby Adams a founding member of the ABT is currently serving life in prison for armed robbery Adams and a group of white inmates founded the ABT to protect themselves from the other racially divided gangs in Texas prisons in 85-86 Texas was the most violent prison system in the United States you know and more stabbings per per capita per inmate than anywhere else it was pretty bad it was you know it was there was stabbings on the REC yard when was in population Cal Hall's you know it was just that you know lot of it was Rachel my idea was we couldn't organize the Mexicans we can't organize the blacks but we could organize the wives the apt is governed by a Council of five generals collectively known as the wheel each of these generals controls a region in the gangs primary territories Texas and New Mexico it's set up on a military-type deal but it's really three things for the membership the spiritual part overs at the Brotherhood financial part of us for making money and and Phil it would come together to counter any type of problems you know because it's outnumbered by non-white gangs in prison the ABT operates on pure terror they believe the more ruthless the violence the stronger the message if you mess with us we're gonna get you right the ABT laws in new prospects with the promise of protection recruits our school to believe in Nazism and the superiority of whites tattoos of swastikas and SS lightning bolts indicate their allegiance gang members must earn the right to wear these bolts by committing acts of violence for the group this a/b team members agreed to speak as long as he can hide his identity the cuts on his face from what he refers to was an accident the night before he has been an abt member for over 10 years and believes he's defending his heritage our race is being bred out of existence right now in Texas we're now the minority it's the breeding out of who we are you know we're warriors I've been a warrior in my whole life I'll be a warrior till the day I die abt is vicious there's a vicious part of it that is murders and they're gonna get their respect come whatever it takes they're gonna get their respect you know so you better step live the ABT demands total loyalty and has a code of allegiance a blood code blood in and Vlad out a BT first started the blood in blood out was you had to kill somebody to get in it was straight murder at one time it affects the penitentiary there was a murder at least one murder every week each new member must prove himself to the Brotherhood by committing acts of violence I know that every one of my brothers is dad I know that beyond a shadow of a doubt you know I know that they had to do something they had the prospect and prospect is hard it's hard cuz any any any brothers to just walk up here and say hey go up that tote over there you're gonna go have to look that black guy you're gonna have to you have no choice there's not a no maybe you go do it right now the rising level of violence associated with the ABT has captured the attention of the anti-defamation league watchdog group that monitors white supremacists and other hate groups abt violence is literal overkill you know inmates who've been stabbed 70 times people whose bodies have been dragged around in full view of either the yard or security cameras you know where other people can see killings that are meant to make a broader point than just getting rid of the victim anti-defamation league is attract racist prison gangs for for quite some time and one of the reasons we've been spending more time on this is because increasingly these groups are present not only in the prisons but on the streets and so they're causing more problems than before and so we've been devoting more time to them than before racist prison gangs combined the criminal know-how of organized crime with the ideologically motivated convictions of a hate group you see some crossover for example between racist prison gangs and other types of white supremacists you do see the presence of hate crimes among their criminal activities but the ABT have unusual priorities for a white supremacist organization they will work with black and Mexican gangs if it means turning a profit they're organized crime aspect comes first an ideology comes second the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas for example they're even explicit about this in their official documents that the business comes first they will make a strategic alliance with for example Mexican gang for some particular reason like control of the drug trade in a prison or some mutual benefit about making money you know hating somebody don't make me a dime I don't care if it's a little green man from Mars if he wants to do some business and he treats me with respect I'm gonna treat him with fair you know the actual amount of profit linked abt drug trafficking is unknown but last year alone nearly 150 million dollars worth of meth was seized in Texas and as the ABT makes money it also attracts new recruits a bt is got a hundred and twenty units in this system now and they've been recruiting people from state jails and county jails and anybody I mean no just picking up anybody in everybody you know but as the organization grows it becomes harder to maintain order the rich pickings can tempt a B team members to overthrow their current leaders and take control for themselves and one ABT general has decided to do exactly that I'm not scared I don't feel this is the end of a chapter in the beginning of a new chapter and next revenge breeds revenge as a policeman becomes a target and the AVT goes to war in Albuquerque New Mexico 340 kilometers west of the Texas border the city's regional correctional facility houses one of the commanding generals of the abt James Thompson this is the first time he has spoken on camera but Thompson has a warning for anyone who would betray his own trust you know I really supposed to do this but the other generals you know they're behind me but you know if you disrespect us we're gonna pay you back sometimes can get pretty messy Thompson is plotting to destroy the current abt leadership and take sole control of the gang when I set out to do something I'm not gonna let it stop me it's like you know a wolf even though he's a predator if he gets trapped hits you off his own foot to release herself you know if I really want something bad enough I'm gonna get it or I'm gonna die trying to get it convicted of multiple crimes including theft burglary assault and dealing drugs Thompson spent nearly a quarter of his life behind bars he joined the all-white Aryan Brotherhood 11 years ago when he first went into prison when you go to prison in Texas there's a lot of things that go on inside when somebody comes over and tries to steal from me and I try to do something about it and then I get clicked on by 10 or 11 guys I want somebody there that's gonna be able to back me up some of the guys the represented abt were the more strong more dominant white folks in prison and I'm a natural leader so those are the people I was attracted to within the Brotherhood Thompson quickly rose through the ranks you gotta prove yourself you know it's long long standing fight for what I believe in it's a matter of life and death in here that's what people don't realize Thompson thinks of himself as a warrior preparing for battle clashes are common between rival gangs but Thompson has now turned to fighting within his own organization he in his fellow generals want complete control of the ABT and its money they went formed their own wheel and just created a big ol mess you know it's like a bunch of sharks in a feeding frenzy they're out for herself you know and they're out there they have no attention to nobody according to Thompson the old leadership is taking the ABT in the wrong direction by betraying their brothers in order to turn a profit Thompson's vision for the future of the ABT is to make more money by keeping its members out of prison on the streets projecting the image that the ABT is a legitimate organization Thompson plans his takeover of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas from the isolation of his segregated cellblock even though he's locked up he uses a network of ABT members on the street to conduct gang business the federal government has even accused him of allegedly approving a murder from inside his cell inmates have a right to communicate with the outside but the prison monitors all his messages if his communications are linked to any illegal activity he can be prosecuted but there are ways to get around these measures mammals under extreme scrutiny know we just don't write stuff out and plain black around we use a lot of metaphors and stuff like that it's just a lingo that we have do we understand each other and Thompson has devised other ways of getting past the prison scrutiny just in messages with people that are getting out you know not all the CEOs are know there's dirty cops inside there so I mean you know we send letters out to them we can know messages out their own things like that Thompson passed his orders along to his captain's on the outside through these coded messages this is the makeshift headquarters of the gang in a Texas Panhandle town this is how Thompson reaches the outside world from inside his cell due to the ABT's military-like structure any communication from Thompson is treated as law by his subordinates now say my shield the senior captain known as lucky reports directly to Thompson and the other abt generals they follow the order period whether you think it's right or wrong and don't matter you follow the order you do what you do when you're told and how you're told lucky lost his leg in a gunfight he joined the gang after his arrest for drugs and aggravated herself I've been pretty mean in my life here the confidential informant the heavy my crunching knocked his ear off the fight was over put his ear in my pocket later that night when they arrested me for aggravated assault and booked me into jail the lady's ear on the counter I'm a part of a family that has some hard hard man in it lucky and his city captain Pina Rab team members who have earned the right to display gang signs and tattoos pleeeease in the deuce so which is maybe the only thing that I have as far as anything significant as far as ABT is my life date which is to 7:07 the life day marks the day peanut was finally accepted into the gang yes the day I become a brother this is the date it started for me as a whole it's my life date then I got baby T on that huh and swastika with a five-point crown on it representing the five-point wheel and then my stomach it says 100% honky and then my pants believe me some of the meanest men in the world are in Brotherhood of Texas back in the Albuquerque regional Correctional Center Thompson has chained to the wall while he uses the phone a correctional officer listens to every word of his conversation with lucky hello what's going on [Applause] yes sir Thompson wants to make sure lucky is staying in contact with the other generals thumper and hawk all right I'll get ahold and for you he's trying to talk about some paperwork that relates to their takeover without the guard understanding why have you got this struggle real dog within the next day or so okay I kind of been lagging behind a little bit however as soon as possible all right brother much later I'll talk to you later lucky not only carries out Thompson's verbal orders he also oversees gang correspondence receiving up to 80 letters a week from Thompson and other abt officers in prison that's how we have to communicate I mean so many other so in prison and especially therefore rank right now they're all in prison letters and phone calls from the gang leaders in prison are passed on by captain's like lucky who send them on to members across the state and I'm just told you know a lot of the stuff that's going on now is coming to an end so we can move on to the next stage the next stage means that Thompson is ready to make his move against the existing leadership of the ABT while a Brotherhood member on the inside reveals the secrets of the gangs deadly meth trade the ABT on the outside declares war on the police and Thompson could soon be joining them as his release day comes closer the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is one of the most violent white supremacist gangs in the US but in the world of high-stakes drug trafficking they're white supremacist beliefs often come second to their desire to make money the highest percentage of their income is from methamphetamine because of its centralized location Houston is a major distribution hub for the meth train which also makes it the center of power and profit for the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas millions of dollars in drugs and drug money flow through the region each year in the Harris County Jail near Houston Chevy parnell is serving time for robbery Parnell has been in the Brotherhood for 15 years yeah I'm in for life and Walton in it means a shed blood for the family shed load from organization I'm in the enforcer branch it's more less the police arm of the organization Parnell is loyal to the existing leadership he's trying to stop James Thompson's bit to take over the gang Aryan Brotherhood of Texas split and we're trying to get them rose they split back in line so we're in wareness of wartime bloody there's been several murders like Thompson Parnell is segregated from the prison population I'm gonna take you to the high-value target because I have been an affiliated with the Brotherhood for so long so they they segregate me in order to keep me from hurting anybody else we're gonna keep me from being hurt myself parnell like thompson orchestrates his business from his cell as prison officials monitors communications with the outside he could be prosecuted for any illegal business he conducts so he uses code to evade the guards and relies on members on the outside to keep the lines of communication open I see them phones over there they got a phone that rolls around each each sale and call it a cell phone and they use three-way call to whoever I need to call and I have a sergeant at arms and several foot soldiers under me the Brotherhood is getting rich by muscling in on the methamphetamine trade in Texas and Parnell is right in the thick of it my expertise is I I cook methamphetamine here in Texas and they're importing it by the tunnel we do a lot of business with the matching cartels what we do is we'll liquefy the methamphetamine and we'll bring it over the border liquefied because it doesn't smell as much when it's liquefied and we don't have too much problems with the cartels because either we're doing business with them or we do it under the radar according to Parnell the gang traffic's met through a large network that includes outlaw motorcycle clubs and other white supremacist gang they often finance the transactions by robbing banks a lot of times we'll have the bulk shipments come across a pound of methamphetamine goes for about $35,000 and we'll have several hundred pounds come across we'll have to get with the upper members in order to secure that much money or we'll have to it what's called hit a lick will hit a bank to secure that much funds in order to pay or we get it on more or less a layaway basis they'll give it to us and allow us to pay it off in installments as we sell it then we paid the money back slowly methamphetamine is a manufactured drug that acts like speed it's extremely addictive excessive use causes paranoia and can feel violent and outrageous crimes this video shot from a hidden camera inside a stolen car shows a man high on meth as he evades police the drug is dangerous and for the ABT extremely profitable that causes huge problems for law enforcement the town of Corpus Christi is a major stop on the ABT's meth trafficking route from Mexico to their distribution hub in Houston on the streets of Corpus Christi sergeant Paul Lisowski works on tip he received about a dangerous Aryan Brotherhood leader who just got out of prison his nickname is spider he's known to deal and meth or ice we've been trying to apprehend him with the lights before you shine the light at high see that one right there number 10 nothing unfortunately that mama has been particular and not not telling you [Applause] let's go check out the the mobile home parks all right man I'll meet you out there I believe you have several felonies actually just got out of jail in fact for I believe us for a position of control go in and see what we find there's some bad dealers to live back here there's also some some some AMT and it's kind of their little they like to call you know compound or stronghold everybody knows everybody in this mobile home park and the person that we were talking about earlier also lives out here the thing is is that pretty much if he ever gets in trouble or if he ever gets to be wanted he can move from one of these mobile home park you know mobile home to mobile home and we could never find him so it's really it's kind of difficult trying to get in here and kind of catch him if he doesn't want us to there is no sign of the suspect for law enforcement trying to break the ABT meth trade is a constant battle drug crime is ripping apart Texas communities even the ABT itself is not in you rampant drug use is a major source of friction within the gang and causes problems in the ranks but Thompson wants to eradicate Matthews from the ABT entirely if you're using drugs I can't trust you so that's that's basically why I'm against this senior captain lucky enforces the no drug policy on the outside with the black people it's crack with banished people it's heroin with whites it was methamphetamine but vol it's ever done was put us in prison not right done more than most man but I'm done and like I say from the top down to me at least it's very clear that we're done with dope zero-tolerance on the dope that's done anybody holding rank and maybe tea is not to be on drugs I'll take the rain Thompson's no tolerance dance on drug use is designed to help control profits and his own gang members the ABT only admits the most ruthless and violent white inmates into the gang murderers like jason trooper hankins who once round the Dallas region has maybe T general today he's serving a 10-year sentence for murder thirty-five-year-old trooper has been behind bars for over a quarter of his life early 18 when he joined the ABT he is unpredictable and dangerous in the penitentiary when I went down it was uh there was a lot of racial violence everybody down in the mid 90s was getting down with games there was some good old old-school er dudes that taught me you know schooled me as a young recruit Hankins learned how the ABT maintains power through terror if you crossed the gang they will kill you in a violent public way inside prison and on the street people's fear ABT retribution one of the worst offenses against the Brotherhood is informing and it's punishable by death but if you snitch if your informant I mean your automatic got a hex on your back I hit on you when August the first 2006 trooper and two other gang members turned on associate they believed had broken the gangs most sacred rule they feared he was giving police details of gang crimes so the ABT murdered him the godless sedated betta took to one location and then took to another location wrapped up in a chain-link fence with cinder blocks take him to a pond where he was put into the water and his stabbed and throat down the throat with a knife about that long that's not a strong dallas police detective John Palmer worked this murder investigation and gathered the evidence that led to Hankins conviction they're trying to use terror to frighten people they want to make sure whoever they're dealing with believes that they will carry out any threats they issue detective Palmer and the Dallas Police have been struggling to contain a rise in abt violence I think we can limit them we can be vigilant we may slow them down but I don't think we're ever stopped but as police pressure the gang the ABT fights back on the night of December the 18th 2004 sheriff's deputies in Cloudcroft New Mexico responded to a domestic disturbance call when the deputies arrived they confronted an a/b team member who had just murdered his pregnant girlfriend the ABT member shot one of the deputies while the deputy searched for his partner the ABT member opened fire again the second deputy wounded the ABT member after putting him in handcuffs shot him dead with a bullet to the chest the killing outraged the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas and they demanded revenge from within prison Thompson allegedly composed the coded letter approving the killing of the sheriff's deputy an abt meeting was assembled to plan the murder undercover federal agents posing as abt members infiltrated the gang and set up a hidden camera New Mexico abt leaders had no idea they were being recorded there's no the FBI arrested the gang members before they could carry out their plan they charged to abt gang members with conspiracy to kill a law enforcement officer both men received ten years in prison although James Thompson was accused of writing the letter approving the killing his trial ended in a hung jury and he was acquitted of all charges the FBI foiled this plot and the ABT has proved they would go after anyone including the police now a rival white prison gang threatens the ABT and Thompson steals a tactic from his rivals it's gone off and steers the ABT in a new direction the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is a prison gang whose power extends far beyond prison walls inside the prisons the ABT recruits the most violent white men with the promise of making money and belonging to her brother you got a handle your business you have no choice you have to represent it gives you something that makes you not want to be a bitch per se you know what I mean it gives you a reason to fight over and above anything else because now I'm representing the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas you know and I've got brothers that depend on me recruits and a blind faith commitment promising unquestioning loyalty to the Brotherhood for life recruit to lining up to join the ABT in alarming numbers watchdog groups like the anti-defamation league monitor racist activity and are working to understand the growth of racist prison gangs because the gangs guard membership information exact numbers cannot be known but it's believed that one in every 10 inmates in the u.s. is affiliated with a racist prison gang several things are fueling the growth success breeds success in some respects so if these gangs are perceived as respected in the prisons they can attract more recruits the fact that these gangs basically deal in meth makes them very attractive to parts of the country where meth is increasingly becoming the drug of choice and so they can cook and sell and distribute meth they get more followers that way as well people kind of want to get in on the action but the ABT doesn't accept everyone those who don't make it often join Texas a second largest white prison gang the Aryan circle whose violence rivals that of the ABT but unlike the ABT which puts profit over ideology the Aryan Circle claims to promote white pride and separatism as its top values Gregg Freeman the leader of the Aryan circle has been imprisoned for 15 years serving time for a murder he committed when he was 16 we believe in a separatism we have the right to an identity that we shouldn't be shameful it should be guilty for being white we believe in the preservation of our our heritage our culture our traditions and we want to make sure they stay Freeman joined the Aryan circle after entering prison when people come to prison as soon as they come here the racial lines are drawn there there is no I'm not gonna acknowledge my race if you're black you're immediately going to the black side of the unit you're sicker get yourself sitting it's a natural segregation in the world you don't have to because you can you can duck and dodge and do your own thing right here you're forced to deal with it he was attracted to the Aryan circles white separatist beliefs over the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas who will work with other races if it means making money it's almost like a crime to have an identity if you're white and in a free world it's really simple matter that as a race our numbers are dwindling we're gonna be extinct before too long not my lifetime make me not my grandson but it's coming unlike the male-dominated ABT the aryan circle sells itself not as a brotherhood there's a family that includes female members cheryl buchanan also known as wicked is one of four board members of the aryan circle she oversees all Texas area circle members in the free world wicked keeps the gang secret paperwork and controls the flow of communication from leaders in prison to soldiers on the outside I just have a lot of letters there from the federal penitentiary there from the Texas prison system there from the free world there from the out-of-state fiance Brett Gregory is also a member we are the probably the most organized white crew both inside and outside the penitentiary we are individuals with white separatist ideas and values we are for the betterment and procreation of the white race and for family both wicked and Gregory have done their own time in prison I got busted with heroin cocaine and methamphetamine Gregory was 18 when he was incarcerated he credits prison with forging his white supremacist beliefs you know you go to the penitentiary and you pick a side and that is the side that you were stuck with and a lot of whites you know they they don't they don't have really a choice you know you have to you know represent yourself and or it's gonna be bad wicked and Brett are passing their white supremacist ideals to their children they've even named their dog after one of their heroes he's really gentle the couple of claim they are now working to change the violent and criminal image of the Aryan Circle we believe in being a positive productive members of society he knows sticking with our race and teaching people to live healthy lives outside the walls though the Aryan Circle professes to no longer being a criminal organization deputy Mike Squires is skeptical I really don't buy it because you know hey if AC wants to get out of the game of being a criminal group hey I'm all for it but do I really think that's gonna happen either way the mainstream message of the Aryan circle is only fueling its growth in membership and Thompson of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is looking to copy that success now his faction of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is trying to distance itself through the brutal history of the gang the savage and sometimes random killing the wholesale trafficking and abuse of methamphetamine Thompson claims he wants to take over the gang to push the ABT away from illicit drug trafficking and into the mainstream after making a lot long commitment to the Brotherhood quitting wasn't an option so the only option I had was say you know go to the top and change it instead of pushing drugs they'll sell abt merchandise I have projects that I'm gonna push into it which is a clothing line jewelry the legitimate businesses just as best we can manufacturing t-shirt selling prints it's a way to keep the money flowing in without being bothered by the police I can venture out into roofing plumbing anything that a bros got a talent at doing I can build a business surroundings he can own that business and a certain amount of time and then he can pay adieu to the corporation the ABT captain known as Pina is the new mortal gang member in the process of learning how to be a crane operator and in a strictly legitimate I mean I don't do drugs no more I'm clean I own my own house I've only been out about nine months and I've already bought my own house bought my own car I mean got a good job the next move in Thompson's power struggle is to stage a very corporate style coop they trademarked the name and symbol of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas the white supremacist hate gang has become a brand if and when the ABT ever goes fully legitimate it will still be an all-white closed society but the ABT has always been driven more by money than by principle who invented the telephone who invented the automobile who invented the airplane who invented the computer and invent electricity all the major inventions of the world who created them where they come from come from a white person and law enforcement welcomes the new public face of the AVT there's increased watching their activities there's increased prosecution they basically put themselves in a position where law enforcement has the ability to strike a final blow for Thompson that still seems a long way off two days after the taping of this interview you get some very good news facing twenty years on a charge of witness tampering through a letter sent from jail he receives 18 months in prison with time already served James Thompson may be free in as little as one year you have no more restraint all the remains to be seen is in what direction his ambition is life well I think the only way they can stop me is keeping me in here because I think once I'm on the outside and I can move around and do what I need to do and work and and put things in place I don't believe there's no stopping I believe that with all my heart you

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  • What this RETARD said about all inventions came from white people is dumb as fuck, does he not know that US history is bullshit propoganda. The USA Stole many inventions, land , and ideas and claimed it as there own. You have to do your own research to know the truth.

  • I think indeed this was in depth insight of a paradigm of a white supremacist. I'm amazed by this documentary I would say

  • Depending on where you’re locked up, you have to segregate yourself from other races, you have no choice. Also, we are taught in school from the time we’re children all about the contributions that whites have supposedly made throughout history from the Romans and Greeks, all the way up through today. In the U.S., whites run everything, so it’s not hard to imagine why these Country Boys would believe that whites have a superior intellect to some other races. They are mistaken, but we’re all mistaken about a lot of things.

  • Iv only met one ab member and he was a known pathological liar. So it was obvious he wasn’t apart. That being said. It’s a good sign I only hear about the ones that are locked up.

  • One day, in the day room l seen one ABT member kill 3 dudes with a fkn pencil…that's right a fkn pencil.

  • "Wicked oversees the secret paperwork of the organization"…….proceeds to show said paperwork to the camera 😂

  • I like it when the guy trying to take over checks in with his generals about the "struggle writ" and his general says he's been lagging behind on it, meanwhile "the general" was just shooting pool with his bro. Lol. What a well oiled machine! They're not taking over shit.

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  • Respect comes from leading a decent life and being a good person. These creatures aren't human they're retarded. Living in a concrete box under 23 hour lockdown looking at their toilet wow what a wonderful existence. Lifestyles of the rich and famous makes me laugh my ass off. Enjoy your fabulous lives dirtbag warriors must be great fun picking up the soap in the shower.

  • They do all these nazi symbols but I can bet my life that 99% of them have not even read Mein Kampf, they don't even realize that in a national socialist state they would be left behind, a national socialist state has no place for people who do robberies and other criminal stuff… How can you even take these guys serious?

  • I love how the fact that slavery auctions were closed on Jewish holidays because nobody would show up, is lost on everyone in the comment section. You all have the IQ of a cucumber.

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