Inside Colombia’s Temple of Lucifer

-We’re about to start
my initiation ritual, into the “Luciferian” religion. -I saw him, an angel, he was
enormous, with seven wings. I’m organizing an army
of Lucifer’s children. What would be the ultimate
goal of this army? To confront them. -Who, you wonder? -The grand whore. -The grand whore,
you mean Catholic church? We bring this man
before you. LUCIFER’S TEMPLE Hi, I’m Andrés Páramo. We’re really close to what is
called the Luciferian Temple, Seeds of Light,
led by a guy called Victor Damian Rozo. Hello friends from Latin America,
I’m Victor Damian Rozo Villareal. Founder of the Association,
Luciferian Temple, Seeds of Light. We came here to
interview him and to do a satanic
initiation ritual. And to also see what
people think about this and what their opinions are
regarding this phenomenon. Until now he hasn’t
revealed himself. Some girls that entered that place
came out mentally insane. The way they adore Lucifer by sacrificing innocent animals, killing them in such a cruel way
so they can drink their blood and idolizing Lucifer’s image. We’re carrying out
some legal proceedings, not because of the
religion they practice but because they don’t have the
legal requirements to construct their building. They’re going to be fined $64 million pesos.
He has to pay it if not they’ll demolish the place. Even the police have visited but they didn’t find
anyone in there. The devil for us is
a negative thing, a symbol of all bad
things like, no values We haven’t done anything here
because we haven’t found anything but we will keep our
doors closed if we do. The people we interviewed
at Quimbaya square all had the same opinion about
Victor Damian and his temple. They all rejected the idea and
were afraid of it so they kept the emergence of this Luciferian
religion at a cautious distance. A different story emerged
when we traveled to his farm. Alberto Trujillo, a neighbor who
worked for him doing many things, took us on a ride, recounting a kinder, more humane
side of Lucifer’s son. -Yes, I’m his driver. He’ll ask me to go and buy
materials for him since he’s sick. -Yeah, and do you
live close to him? Our properties are
close to each other. -Yeah, and what do you
think about the temple? Nothing, everyone has the
right to do their own thing. -Even if it’s Satanic? -Yes. -And if he’s the devil,
he’s just as bad. Yes or no? -Yes. He’s evil so we have to
take care of ourselves. -Well, what about Damian? -What do you think about him?
-No, he’s very professional. -Very professional. -Hail Mary, for sure. -He just built that temple
about a year ago. -And nothing has happened? No, nothing has happened. -Nobody has gone there? No, no. -And don’t you find
that a bit weird? A temple where nothing happens? Some people say that they
use it to film horror movies. So they made that space
to film horror movies. about vampires. The ranch has two houses,
two swimming pools, a couple of German Shepherds, and finally, in the distance, the construction of a building
with inverted crosses. From the outside, the temple
looks deserted, abandoned and totally private. And for being a church, it
doesn’t really feel welcoming. -Victor or Hector? -Victor is more of an alias. But my real name is
Hector Londoño Villegas. Victor Damián Rozo
is more of a personality. -So, Hector, please tell us
what this space is about? On this side we have
a shield, “Satanas Rae”, with an inverted cross
on the shield, which represents the rebellion,
a worldwide rejection of religion, of Christianity. And why do you
reject Catholicism? Because of their history and
what they have done to us. Because of what they represent,
this huge scam that they’ve embroiled
us in for thousands of years. This is a Luciferian shield. It represents good and evil. And what is the evil part? Evil for us does not exist.
Got it? What’s important to us
is your character and behavior. If you do good things than
you’re going to have a good life. It all depends on your behavior. As followers of Lucifer, we
do not believe in evil as something that’s imposed on us. If you do this, you’re bad. That having sex with your
neighbor’s wife is bad. No. We don’t believe in that. To make a pact with the devil is to change your doctrine, change your religion. To make a pact with the devil
is nothing else but to embrace him and
accept him. I wanted to deliver
this message and grab the people’s
attention in a certain way. My goal here on Earth is
to gather souls for him. So I had to send a message
since people know him like this. So, I had to do something
like a marketing campaign. Hello friends from Latin America.
I am Victor Damian Rozo Villareal. Lucifer’s representative
here on earth. And, founder of Lucifer’s
Temple, Seeds of Light. The only Luciferian
temple in the world. Don’t let yourself be fooled! Don’t you let them take
your money anymore. Don’t let them scam you.
If they do, you’re gullible. Don’t be fooled! This is Victor Damian Rozo,
the founder of the Luciferian Temple,
Seeds of Light. -Tell me, where are you from? -I come from a very
spiritual family. From witch doctors and sorcerers. My mother was
a renown spiritist. My grandfather too, he healed
and cursed as he wished. I stared studying this
when I was in school. I remember I used to get my
books and a Ouija board, and I would go study. I would go to the bathroom and I began playing with
the Ouija board there. I explored new things.
And as I got older I started to work as a spiritist.
As a sorcerer. Like what your mom did? Exactly. But, it was a side job because before this,
I used to do random jobs. I use to be a normal person,
working in shoe warehouses, selling clothes.
-All day? -All day. But when was the moment where
you decided to work for Lucifer, and nothing else? In a dream, I saw him, he
was an enormous angel, and he told me that he
had big plans for me. He told me, you are
the chosen one. Got it. I chose you to gather
my children. We have to
organize the army of the children of Lucifer. What would that
army’s goal be? We would confront them. Who, you wonder?
The great whore. The great whore?
The Catholic church? Yes, the Catholic church. I’m here on earth, sent by
my father, Lucifer. I was sent by him,
to gather souls. To gather souls, devoted
followers for Lucifer. For our amazing God,
I am the chosen one. -We’re in front of
La Crónica building, one of the most important and
established newspapers in this region. In there, Oliver Gomez
is waiting for us. A journalist that has been following Lucifer’s son
very closely. Among other things, he has
reported that this guy hasn’t traveled around the world, but has actually photoshopped
himself into these pictures. So let’s hear what he has to say. I found out about him from a
report that I wrote about a person that has no legs. -Why do you do this? Because it’s easier for me to receive
what I need from the devil than with God. And I hope
that Mr. Damian helps me. What tangible things has
Lucifer given to you, what do you have now? Right now, I have some money saved,
a car, and my health. He has given me what I dreamed
of, and I have more dreams that he’s going to help
come true for me. But then he told
me that it was a lie. It was a scam, he received
money to do that. And that guy ended up
scamming him as well. Journalistically speaking, what do you
think was the most serious thing? His false advertising. You can’t play with people’s
hopes and dreams. We seen his videos on the internet,
I think he’s deleted them all but fortunately we downloaded one of them
and we uploaded it to our platform. We saw a powerful, rich man
telling people that they could get all these material things Just
as he did with the handicapped man, the man with no legs, who’s asks
for help in southern part of the city. This was all a lie. So
lying to people and playing with their dreams is the
worst thing about Damian Rozo, or whatever his name is. He’s
destroying people’s dreams. Hello, friends from a Latin America.
This is Victor Damian Rozo. The founder of the Luciferian Temple,
Seeds of Light. Your temple. The benefits are
clear and obvious. You’ll leave your
sadness behind. Rebel against the regime and
start worshipping Satan, the true god, Lucifer. Are you tired of looking for God
and answers that you can’t find? Contact me, from
anywhere in the world. I’ll tell you how you can
be a true believer and make a pact with Lucifer. My name is Victor Damian Rozo
Villarreal. Dare to do it! Let yourself be surprised. As night fell, we came back to
Victor Damian’s farmhouse to see him in action. To see how
far or close we were to the possible manifestation
of this serious religion. We are about to start my
initiation ritual into the Luciferian religion. Victor Damian is anxiously awaiting,
but I think I’m more anxious. There are some of his followers.
He’s wearing a red tunic the rest of them are
wearing black tunics. and they’re about to dress me
up to convert me into a believer. We’ll see what
happens tonight. We’re gathered here,
once again to venerate the name
of our father, Lucifer. We need a lot of discipline
and consistency. In the name of our father, Lucifer,
the God we worship, please, let’s “hit a home run”
as they colloquially say. King of Earth. Planetary King.
Before you, Lucifer, is this man. Open up his eyes. He’s here before
you, God of freedom. God of love, God of the universe. Oh, Lucifer. We present this man
before you. Praying for you. I curse the presence of that false
God they taught us to adore. I curse the presence of that
God that I used to follow. Your revenge is my revenge.
Your power is my power. Your light is my light.
Your goodness is my goodness. You taught me the true
meaning of goodness. Your gave me freedom,
you gave me power. Your gave me a
true reason to live. For eternity, our eternal celestial
father, we stand before you, Lucifer. My soul evokes your presence. Our souls are longing for
the end of times. The day when we will
finally fight at your side. The day of the final battle,
when we will be victorious. Glory to you, Father Lucifer. Repeat after me:
-Before you. -Before you. -Powerful God of freedom.
-Powerful God of freedom. -Powerful Lucifer.
-Powerful Lucifer. -God of the Universe.
-God of the Universe. -God of freedom.
-God of freedom. -God of love.
-God of love. -God of power.
-God of power. -God of richness.
-God of richness. -I come before you.
-I come before you. -Here we are.
-Here we are. -In your temple.
-In your temple. -Looking for.
-Looking for. -The path.
-The path. -That leads me.
-That leads me. -To you.
-To you. -It is for you to judge, not me. The Luciferian ceremony
has come to an end. One of the thousand ceremonies that
have taken place here at the Luciferian Temple,
Seeds of Light. How did feel me
throughout the ritual? You were very relaxed, very
calm and curious. What about what we did in the temple,
like making me go down on my knees What was that for exactly? That was an invocation
to our father, Lucifer. But it all depends on him,
he knows if you really want it. I feel that you really don’t want to
be a Luciferian. That’s what I believe. I think that your
beliefs are different. I don’t know what your
beliefs are, but I respect them. But I don’t think you’re really
interested in being a Luciferian. Now it depends on him,
if he decides to accept you. The ceremony has come
to an end. It was intense. It seems now that Lucifer is going to
decide if I’ll be a part of his reign. We’ll see tomorrow how I feel. -We are back in Montenegro Quindío,
the day after the ceremony. We were left with some doubts
yesterday. Everything went too fast. I’d like to know how
this place usually works. Victor Damián is really charming. I
found him fascinating during the interview. He’s very kind, recieved us openly
and he put on a good show. The ceremony was incredible,
but there were some details that disappointed me a little bit. His cellphone kept ringing
throughout the ceremony. He paid his followers.
We have an audio recording where he told them he’ll give them a
certain amount of money for their time. -How much for you? $10 pesos? -$11 pesos.
-$11 pesos? -Fine, $11 pesos. -May God bless you, my son. That man has $50 pesos for each
one of you. Arrange it with him. Guys, please head out fast.
Hurry up! Hurry up! Oh! This is what I love
the most about parties. These are the tunics that
the believers used. Today we found them in the swimming
pool, in a very visible place. We also found the cross
thrown over there. The cross they used to purify me
yesterday is now laying here at the entrance. All the things that we found
the next day after the ceremony make me doubt the faith that
Lucifer’s son has in his father. However, that doesn’t take away
from his charisma when speaking about the subject, or the grandiosity of
the ceremony he conducted. There’s no doubt that this guy
knows how to put on a show. What’s the purpose of forgiveness,
if they keep cheating on people? If they keep subjugating them? If
they keep taking people to churches so they can take away the
little money they have. While they continue to get richer and
richer, and the people get poorer. Don’t close your eyes
during the day, and say, “It must be nighttime since
I only see darkness.” No! Dare to join us, and
you will be surprised.

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  • We traveled to a temple dedicated to worshiping Lucifer to be initiated in a ceremony of satanist purification.

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  • God im really sorry i watched this video. I was curious after my friend mention it in whatsapp. Please forgive me!!!!

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  • Worshipping a fallen angel that despises your very existence…this is beyond foolish. Your better off worshipping moloch. But most of all throwing aside your redemption for the original sin is extraordinarily foolish and ensures your damnation for all eternity. Perhaps the arch angel Michael will give you wisdom into the substandard power of the devil.

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  • NOS PODEMOS TOMAR EN SERIO EL DISCURSO DE LOS ABORTISTAS?Supuestamente somos hombres que sentimos y razonamos y es lo que nos diferencia de los animales y los robots. Pero si hacemos un primer plano salta a la vista que la mayoría de las elecciones son emociónales, en pos del ego en contra de las razones del espíritu, pero luego para dormir tranquilos le pasamos una mano de “barniz del razonamiento” a la “racional” elección, que en realidad son falacias y eufemismo: es decir soy un hipócrita. Elijo la comodidad del ego aquí y ahora, me salgo con la mía infantilmente, y me auto convenzo que es mi opinión pero, cero objetivad y cero imparcialidad. Pero nadie puede sobornar su conciencia. En el juicio te delatara. Quien es el que se atreve a tomar una decisión en contra de la comodidad del ego porque el estricto análisis racional así lo determina y tomo el camino mas difícil: tener ese bebe?

    Pero también en cuanto a lo de “seres sintientes” es generosa es calificación para un humano (abortistas) porque mas alla de sus altisonantes falacias sobre porque si pueden abortar, succionar un bebe con una manguerita, o irlo picando con una aguja de tejer, en un vientre, que se retuerce de dolor gritando sin que nadie lo vea ni lo oiga, es un acto de una maldad inaudita, insufrible, insoportable para cualquier ser sintiente con alma en el pecho. Porque no siente eso? Y no lloran por eso?. Pero ojo, haciendo me MORIA recuerdo un vedet que si bien dice que no tiene nada de malo abortar luego de hacerlo reconoce que llora como una cocodrila bipolar. Sino tiene vida porque llora? El pez por la boca muere. Llora porque es un acto sinestro perse, horripilante, funesto, deplorable, y por sobre todo lastimoso y para todos amdre hijo humanidad. Que hasta hace perder el alma y el que la pierde luego quieren que todos la pierdan como el, entonces que hace? Apología al delito es decir al aborto. Llenados la boca de mentiras que se auto convence que esta todo ok. Pero ojo, si llora cuando los diputados le dieron la media sanción porque “snif snif… la pobre mujer snif snif… que se arriesga a abortar en clínicas clandestinas snif snif donde le hacen comprar la aguja de tejer para matar su bebe, porque son muy pobres snif snif ” Siniestro! Hipócritas! tu conciencia te delatara en el juicio, estas haciendo teatro para manipular, ¿porque no tener la misma sensibilidad del dolor en el cuerpo del bebe pero también en el corazón por ser rechazado por su madre?. Cuando la biblia dice “no hiervas al cabrito en la leche de su madre” esta diciendo “no seas sádico, no ves que eso es demasiado maligno, egoísta e insensible, no pueden captarlo? Son seres humanos racionales y sintientes, seguro…? O son agentes del mal? Sondas del diablo, que muy en serio nos tomamos para escuchar sus planteamientos que irradian oscuridad: matar un bb lo mas débil y desprotegido de la sociedad. Yahve te reprenda satán. Porque querer destruir la gran obra de Dios y nada mas que es LA VIDA. ARREPENTIOS PECADORES QUE NADIE QUIERE SU DESTRUCCION. PERO TIC TAC TIC TAC. Razonen de verdad sean imparciales en su juicio, y sientan compasión significa sentir con, y desistirán de matar y tendrás ese hermoso bebe para gloria de Dios pues los mandatos fueron: “creceos y multiplicaos”. Y “No mataras”. Si a la vida, no a la legalización del aborto, que es un asesinato intrauterino. Si te dejaron nacer tienes que dejar nacer: nobleza obliga. Arrepentíos.



    El hombre esta diseñado para agruparse para el progreso de la sociedad y la humanidad en general, por eso se gano el titulo de “animal social” o “animal político”, desde para cazar un mamut hacer un puente o una trasnacional, debe asociarse, si fuera individualista no hubiera progreso, esto inevitablemente va generar roces y conflictos que deben ser regulado según la razón porque si somos incoherentes luego eso recaería sobro uno caóticamente. El bien, la justicia, la verdad, el amor, la solidaridad, el respeto, el cooperativismo, y hasta el perdón (todos valores bíblicos) son fundamentales para el avance, (Jesús solo era alguien que usaba bien el cerebro) Ya vemos como países ricos no progresan debido a la corrupción de sus políticos animales. El robo, el asesinato, el egoísmo, el oportunismo, las avivadas, (todos los antivalores satánicos) son nocivos para la humanidad, como un tumor cancerígeno en un cuerpo. Por esto son penados por la ley y a la fuerza “extirpados.

    Los principio judeocristiano predicados por la biblia garantizan el avance, son luz = amor = creación. “El mal es la elección por la nada” dijo el inspirado filosofo. Los antivalores, el coas, la ley de la selva, la confusión, la mentira, nos impiden el avance y hacen la vida insoportable.

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    Y olvídense la inquisición y su mala prensa, que hay lago pero que eso: las brujerías, pactos con el diabl maligno destructor, que destruyen secretamente todo lo que se llama civilización como bestias bárbaras!!! mientras a la vista formalmente disfrutan como señores finos y educados de todos los beneficios que aun están en pie producto de que hayamos elegido regirnos por la razón, que es luz, que es Dios y Jesús. Yahve te reprenda satán por ser tan tramposo y destructor. Y seas cada dia mas atado en el infierno, tu tus secuaces con la luz de Cristo!!!. El debe hacer su sucio trabajo pero como un tonto atolondrado exagera lo que inhabilita su propio accionar.

    Animales políticos como permitir que en medio como Youtube se enseñe como matar a sus enemigos por medio de la magia negra! Coherencia señores! Se lo pedimos en el nombre de Jesús, que es luz, que es razón.

    Políticos solo le pedimos hagan su trabajo bien, esto no ni exopolitica, ni geopolítica, esto estrictamente política; su campo, reasegurar el progreso de la sociedad. Supuestamente ustedes genios de la ingeniería social. Actúen como tales! Miren como esta Venezuela por sus muchas brujerías. Igual Cuba y Haití. Vamos a dejar expandir eso? Y a no dudar paganismo= brujerías lo dicen ellos mismos. Atención!. Solo deben cotejar bien la información mas básica para ver que prohibir las brujerías y el satanismo abierto es lo primero que deben hacer, bendiciones innumerables les esperan, gánensela jugándose por Dios y Jesús. Pero háganlo porque es su deber y nada mas. Dios lo bendiga. Alabado sea Dios y Cristorey… Muy pronto!!!

    “Yo ansió ser testigo acusador con brujos y hechiceros”. Malaquias 3:5

    “Contra Jacob no hay maldición, contra Israel no valen maleficios” Números 22:22

    “Mas los perro estarán afuera fuera, (Donde habrá rechinar de dientes) Y LOS HECHICEROS, y los disolutos, y los homicidas, Y LOS IDÓLATRAS, Y CUALQUIERA QUE AMA Y HACE MENTIRA”. Apocalipsis 22:15

    SHALOM Israel.

    Un consejo: la mas alta santidad posible. Dios los bendiga.


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  • My name is Jim from Australia. I would like to know how much Victor Damian Rozo is entitled to $$ from the Columbian government regarding religious entitlements? Also from his congregation! As an Aussie, I think he's a bloody idiot and he acts like one too. I reckon if he was professional about being a satanist or a lucifer lover he should be more scarier. I think he should have some fire, cross burnings, sacrifices. He made his religion or cult look like a joke, crikey, Victor Damo get with the program. You got to look powerful, nasty just like a crocodile, I think instead of demonized, you were analyzed. Sorry mate that's the cold hard truth. I don't even know why I was on this site. Catch ya later.

  • Satanists are thee most stupid, retarded , mentally deficient, ignorant people ever. They claim to serve the very being who HATES them with a passion and is eternally condemned as a result.
    There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING COOL about claiming to be a follower or a worshipper of Satan. You are a sad ass FOOL!

  • Yeah I am not going in. Armour of god or not. I tend to not dabble in things which I know are evil, as far as churches go or religions.

  • It's saddest that in my country the people find the wrong side in all aspects Colombia have a Lot of beautifull things

  • Satanism is something evil, i don't want offend nothing but is an agressive way to challenge people who love nearby and believe in God

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  • They are just a group of fools and scammer casue lord Jesus the truth and the light further more Jesus is the one who died for us sinners not Lucifer not sure this guy got read the holy bible or not and no religion will pay the people to do this kind of thing and they even disrespect they stupid religion relics by throwing it on to the floor wtf.

  • Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil; May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; And do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.'

  • LUCIFER is sooooo smart and catch all of us on the ASS , if we are not surrender to our REAL SELF – HIGHER SELF
    activate your LIGHT BODY MERKABA and open your HEART
    everything lays in our HEART and we dont need LUCIFER a outer SOURCE
    take care about the TRICKS of LUCIFER
    i love you i forgive you i thanks to you SORRY

  • See it's not hard to know why Satan haven't teach this guy a lesson cause hes a fool doing the devil work for him but doesn't he knows that even Satan when the Lord of Lords and King of Kings tell Satan what to do even him listen to God so littler understanding there only one God and hes Holy …please God made Lucifer just that hes ego got to him and had to be cast out from heaven …the day that the Satan has a real encounter with this guy hes gonna run to Jesus fast as Rabbits have sex …may God have mercy on your soul

  • The technology comes from the fallen angels and demons that inhabit people.What is enlightenment?Where the serpent coils up your spine and opens up your third eye.You are now,a demon possessed corpse,with demons controlling the body/brain.Witches are taking out people`s souls and demons control the masses.See these videos by Win Worley,The Fragmented soul,Loosing spirits of God,his mass deliverance videos.See the video Routing demons by John EChardt.Read the book of Acrs,King James bible,See the video The book of ENoch.See Trey Smith`s video on the Nephilim.See the video The Testament of Solomon.See the video The Genesis 6 Conspiracy.

  • JESUS is my God. My Beloved Father. Without Him, i'm in this blessed world. Without him also, i don't know what does LOVE and PEACE means. Without Him, i'm nothing. Jesus is my TRUE IDOL♥️….For my beloved Islam friends, dont following Lucifer. Because y'all have Muhammad❤He is your true God

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