Inside Freedom Founders

– Freedom Founders, to me, is more than just a master mind, it is a community of like minded people and, I would say, friends. – [Man] Dentistry is something I have been passionate about in my life. And I’d kind of found myself in a position where I wasn’t as
excited as I’d once been. – I came because I was scared that even though I worked really hard, I still wasn’t on track. – I knew I was going to
retire relatively soon. I just didn’t have a
game plan for after that. – [Man] I was skeptical
of the stock market, and I was unhappy with
the dental industry. – Freedom Founders is an
interesting organization, to me, because everybody’s trying to become, not trying to get. – It helps you to get rid of the things that you don’t want in your life and grasp things that you do. – It’s a place to learn how
to invest in real estate and you’re certainly
going to get that here. But it’s so much more. – Freedom Founders is a facilitator, it brings people together. It’s a community. – There is so much more that I could get by just being in the same room. And that first meeting,
it was just life changing. – [Man] The biggest
strength is the authenticity that I find here, in the relationships that are made. – Freedom Founders is
going to give you the tools to create your own action plan. Nobody’s gonna live your life for you, but if they can show you how
it could be lived better, that’s all you can ask for. – It’s not easy, but it’s education, it’s community, and it’s possibility. – I think they do a great job at clarifying my path, to get to freedom. – [Man] They give you an opportunity to taste a lot of different ways, that you can use real estate to pursue your other goals. – The deals that you make are the deals you decide to make, and they’re not sales that
are done by Freedom Founders. – You have access to deal flow where the management, and all the toilets, tenants,
and trash and everything else is handled by somebody else, so that you can focus on your practice, you can focus on the engine that brought you here in the first place. – Security comes because
you’ve got an individual that’s running the deal that you can trust. – I drove around their
properties with them, they were happy to do that. I’ve met their families, I’ve met their business partners. – [Man] When you look
at each one you realize, “Oh, that’s actually very
similar to what I was doing, but it’s actually better.” – For any of the couples
that are considering this, if there’s anyway possible that you can go to these meetings, as a couple, so you can experience it together, I highly recommend it. – So Freedom Founders has
helped me in my practice, in my business life, as well as my investment life. – I’m super excited about
being able to transfer this knowledge to the next generation, ’cause I think it’ll have an impact for more than one generation.

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