Inside Space Shuttle Discovery: An Interior Tour by United Space Alliance Employees

my name is Charles Bell and we are on the mid-deck of discovery well this room we're in right now is about the size of a small bedroom once this packed for flights you probably have 35 to 40% of the room that you see right now a bear in mind that although we're confined to the floor space they have the entire volume to work well the galley would go up against this wall just have another Locker next to it in this picture you can see the galley normally we carry two space suits and they're normally stowed in the airlock which is back in that way we would only use this airlock when we're performing a mission such as Hubble servicing normally with dock with Space Station we use the airlock on Space Station flight deck of discovery Ovie 103 commander seat pilot seat forward flight station and back here is a flight station right back here I started let's say I was out here TDY and second flight that's when I first started working on as this one but over the years I've worked on all of them it's been used but it's a national treasure what you're looking at now is the payload Bay of Discovery we're currently preparing it for a trip to Washington DC where it'd be permanently displayed mid bodies 60 feet long 15 feet wide we have three fuel cells cost between twelve point three million dollars each so we handled him pretty gently but for the last 15 20 years no issues at all of fuel cells I think we worked all the kinks out of it we could go another 20 years if they let us

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  • Cool machine, we should honestly build a few more now that the originals are worn out. It's damn humiliating to be dependent on the Russians for putting astronauts into space.

  • Obama didn't cancel the shuttle program, it had been planed to be dumped since day 1 as it was far too expensive. It was decided that it was to be kept in service until the ISS was 'complete'.

  • You can't buy your way out of debt. Your pal Obama doubled the national deficit in his first four years. Both Bush and Obama played an instrumental role in the collapse of our space program/country.

  • Since the space shuttle travel outside the atmosphere, are the landing gear compartments pressurised to prevent them from being exposed to vacuum? How is it done to equalise the pressure differences?

  • after the neoclowns and draft dodger bushs disastrous two illegal wars that cost TRILLIONS of dollars, there wasnt enough money or american spirit to continue…they broke america, talk about unpatriotic….

  • ares 5 rocket, but they nedd more money and years at least 10-15yrs .Space schutlle is great in some way but to much exspensive, yes they can retrive schutlle and rocket boosters but for usa in this decade its imposiblle beacuse world economic crisis and war in afghanistan.

  • i gave you the answer and i again repeat:
    The shuttle Airframe is rated for 100+ space flights.
    but total the number of all Shuttle flights and average it amongst the individual shuttles and you will see that the shuttles didnt reach their optimal flight time ratings.


  • i explained it already yet you insist on asking the same question i answered. instead of being humble you over react like a kid having been hurt somewhere with my answer
    ITS your fault kid.

    you just cant seem to accept my answer. thats all, block me as i said, i dont really care. i can still post on this video. its not the end of my world if you do

  • lastly, i am an AEROSPACE ENNTHUSIAST, though not a NASA employee, i communicate with NASA employees on a periodic basis, meaning all the info i provided you are valid since i procured them from VALID NASA employees. That is to rebut your point that im not a good source of info. why not research what i mentioned about airframe lifetimes of the space shuttle.

    instead, you turn it to a flame war.

  • number one: your questions are easily answered by a real university student or even an ordinary intellectual, you insist on making yourself look so bad. IF MY ANSWERS HIT YOUR PRIDE, SWALLOW IT.

    Number two: no matter what explanation, all you focus on is who i am instead of meditating on my response to you. BLOCK ME, I DONT CARE, but PEOPLE will see how you answered.

    Number three: you only demonstrated your blind arrogance by merely responding in the manner you did.

  • university students arent supposed to act so condescending, as if with an inherent superiority complex.

    second, the way you think is so way below university level, so you deserved it. you simply want a personal flame war, i take that "do you work for nasa" quip of yours with a grain of salt.

    Everyone who owns a car knows, Time itself cant weaken a vehicle structurally, but usage will wear down and stress up a vehicle.
    Specially a "university student"

    i didnt claim to be anyone. you did.

  • a 30 year old car driven only once every two months would feel like a 12 year old car.

    do you even Understand structural wear on a vehicle continuously used compared to a vehicle RARELY used?

    please, get a student loan and study.

  • no it wasnt. the shuttle was designed to endure a life expectancy of 100 flights each.
    upon retirement, the shuttles averaged only 50 flights.

  • Bottom line:

    American crews cannot fly an American spacecraft anymore.
    Whether or not that changes in the future, the United States looks incredibly weak right now.

  • I wish you guys could keep flying for 20 more years. Thanks for making the country proud. We need the shuttle.

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