45 thoughts on “Inside the Bandidos: Exclusive look inside the ‘Brotherhood’

  • The Bandidos are all over my home town. Every Saturday about 20 of em sit in the bar on 1st Street. Scariest thing about em is the amount of parking spots they take up.

  • Biggest criminal organizations is the government..and they do it legally behind paper and red tape and a shit load of lawyers that tye regular joe shmoe cant afford even if he had a Jeannie in a lamp kiss my ass uncle sam always taking

  • The Bandidos, Hells Angels, and any other 1%er "clubs" are well known for being criminal organizations. Anyone who speaks the truth will readily admit that their main source of income is gained by illegal activities, primarily drug distribution and sales. They perform civic high profile activities and fool the community, but behind closed doors they are laughing. They are admittedly a threat only to other 1%er clubs and otherwise leave the average "citizen" alone. That is good, but to go so far as to say they are not primarily a criminal organization is an outright lie.

  • Respect, like your stile, writing from my ma’s e-mail. 👍 not seen a lot of your colours in London though, Greetings Kent Jorgen Blomqvist,former Kent Jorgen Tripalo. A terrible criminal I am the world say, keep it up,ride to live live to ride,I’m fading due to pig harrassment

  • By their own definition that would make the San Antonio police and feds criminal syndicates as well. There are police & agents who engage in murder, drug dealing, theft, witness intimidation, and all other forms of crime and violence and cover up hence the blue code of silence. The hypocrisy is so blatant it’s disgusting. That’s the problem with the gestapo law enforcement community in the US. “Do as I say not as I do”. Because they feel they are above the law.

  • We can all agree there are GOOD cops, and BAD cops,….good bikers and bad??? Its the individual not the entire organization.

  • I was at Venice Beach in March of 1993 on vacation from the Netherlands. Never heard of the Banditos ? We were standing in line waiting to buy some food. This guy steps in front of us , has BANDITOS on the top rocker. I tap him on the shoulder and told him to get behind us. He looks at me and my 8 year son for about 3 or 4 seconds , gets out of line and in behind us. I believe it was the next day on the news in our Hotel tv, that The Banditos were in a shootout with a Rival MC …at Venice Beach…I thought to myself , Holy Shit…….. True story

  • Cant judge a book by it cover when you meet some of them you well think twice these guy are cool i have never seen these guy do bad thing

  • They need to lock these guys up and throw away the key I mean people like this should not be allowed on the streets these motorcycle games are clear and present danger the security of the nation it's people like this cannot who they hurt how many people they hurt they care about none of that stuff I should be locked away in a cage somewhere with no keys

  • One of the funnest days ever was drinking some beer with some of these guys I was welcome because I was myself, plane and simple

  • Back in the 80s i was a big supporter of the Banditos, going to benefits at Tiffany billards on San pedro road or at Stacys, and the west ave. bar, some of my neighbors were prospects, i lived on Mariposa and Santa paula back then. Missing those good old days, LA Hights was the shit back in the day, and if you dont know i mean San Antonio, west ave. and IH 10. always till i die will support the Banditos, NW chapter

  • well, a biker group either is or isn't a criminal organization. let the evidence do the talking
    One thing about actual criminal bike gangs is they don't hurt innocent people, they are not streets punks. They try conduct themselves professionally.

  • cops hate bikers because they have numbers and they are scared of them, because they could actually take them on! so they want to get rid of them! i met a couple bandidos in a blockbuster once, there was 8 of them in there all wearing their cuts! guess what, all were super cool and respectful and even said excuse me sir when wanting to walk by me! shit i said oh sir no problem excuse me! he was super polite and friendly! yeah bikers can lead pretty normal lifes too! they are just like you and i, but they want to belong to something greater than themselves! just like i wanted to when i joined the military! its the same concept for bikers, and most are vets! they want that same brotherhood they had when they were in the military and live by those codes! there are codes that your average citizen will never understand unless you have been in the military, especially if you deployed to war with your brothers! its something your average joe smoe just doesn't get!

  • let me say this, if police put as much effort into real gangs like ms13, bloods, crips etc. as they do against MC's we probably wouldnt have a gang or drug problem! majority of violent crimes and drug deals involve more ruthless and evil gangs like these, not MC's! if they put as much effort into prosecuting illegal aliens that commit crimes, we would have less illegals! they have more rights than anyone in this country! they can pretty much get away with anything cause you cant really identify who they are or where they live. they dont have ID's and most dont have regular home addresses! all they have to do is flee to a sanctuary city or get back to their own country! the real problem we have in this country is immigration, and crimes committed by illegals! by the way majority of the most ruthless gang in America (MS13) are illegal aliens!

  • At a bandidos funeral in 1981 with the casket on the back of a flatbed on the Southside of San Antonio , talk about respect props for those guy's.

  • I live in El Paso. Bandidos are good. There are cops murdering more people than any outlaw group I know of. My wife is related to one that was shot and survived when the president was murdered at Mulligans.

  • I fought the law and the law won get it the law always wins you can't have a disruptive element living in an ordered society

  • I live in Austin TX Area in Kyle and im 46 yrs old.  Three times the Bandidos have well saved me. Once I was 17 and i was walking home after my fried got too drunk to drive and she left with some guys we did not know. I was walking alone and it was 3 AM or so and dark as hell.  A 250 man pulled up in a red truck asked if I needed help and i said no because he was creepy and i could feel he was bad guy. He would not stop following me and was right beside me as I walked.  I was starting to realize how scared i was and how he was about to grab me and who knows what.  He got out of his truck and grabbed my arm and dragged me towards his truck.  i was screaming and crying and no one heard me.  all of a sudden I heard motorcycles coming and a lot of them.  the guy heard too and tried to get me in truck i was fighting hard but at the time i was 100 lbs.  He was jerking me around by my hair hard. the motorcycles pulled up and he said I got this this she is fine im taking her home and I screamed no i don't know him hes dragging me.  They immediately got off their bikes all at one time and I think about 30-40 of them total and they grabbed him up and started beating him up and knocked him out fast.  they got his keys and threw them in the woods and his wallet.  They were very nice to me and drove me to the gas station.  Later about a year later i saw the one who i rode with to the store and his wife and kids at HEB in san marcos and i bought him a 12 pack of beer and started crying realizing what they had saved me from and his wife cried and his two daughters when they heard.  All I can say is Thank you so much to those men who rode up and saved me .  they will always be my heros

  • I worked in Grapevine Texas at Opryland , from out of state. Company sent us from Las Vegas, Nevada. We would go to a place called Willhoyts in Grapevine for some beers and music. Some Banditos came in and sat at the bar next to my friend and I. Conversation started and they were some of the coolest people that I ever met. Bought us a couple of beers, and welcomed us to Texas. There were business people, construction workers, cowboys, and bikers. Everyone was cool and had a good time. The Banditos were good hearted guys and had a great time just shooting the breeze. Texans are the most friendly people that I ever meant!! I worked all over the U.S. Hands down, Love Texas.

  • I will never understand – Why any of the men within a MC look down on the women – Why do they treat women as property and why do the women go along with it? The men would kill anyone who mishandled their mom – so why should it be any different for their partner? OK – MC'r'S – whats up? Would it be ok for some man to ruff up your daughter? your Mom? Your grandma? I don't get it. Never in a million years would I allow some pussy ass – to treat me like that.

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