Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

so good afternoon ladies and gentlemen if I could please ask everyone to take a seats we're about ready to begin the afternoon session I would say soft power isn't necessarily changing but the interest in stock power is growing we really wanted to get a better understanding what was cultural diplomacy what is cultural diplomacy and how is it developing basic thing is that the country should know each other because sometimes there's a suspicion because people don't know each other over 80% of the participants are coming from outside of Germany so I think in this international context at this important time to address a topic except our because some very quick changes practically every day changes around so we have to to work with the soft power every day that's also just such a historic moment I think to be in this the space of this building that has lived through so many different layers of German history it's perfect place because this is the center of Europe and the district capital of Germany the bulk of the participants who are here are also in some way shape or form multipliers and they will go back home and actually influence also based on what they've learned yet they're just beginning their careers so no matter what walk of life they go in they have a chance to make a difference leave a feedback on both sides is very positive in the sense the senior leaders want to know what are the questions the young leaders are asking and the young leaders of course can benefit significantly from the experience with the others you're saying about young people of children of the digital age use that be you foreign policy I would say soft power isn't necessarily changing but the interest in soft power is growing the sensitivity to soft power is growing the world is beginning to realize we can't run relationships just it's anymore if you don't speak if you don't compromise if we don't negotiate what is the alternative you'll fight so the private sector is beginning to realize actually in a quicker way than the public sector that soft power can also be very beneficial to doing business abroad I have more hope especially using vehicles such as sports as culture diplomacy music as cultural diplomacy I've seen a very exciting examples where you can bring individuals together even if they're warm you

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