International Peace Day (September 21st, 2016)

yeah yeah Oh peace means acceptance that positive whenever walk respect harmony respect for me peace means love love and unity I am talking about genuine peace the kind of peace that makes life on Earth worth living leave the kind that enables men and nations to grow and a hope and build a better life for their children is on their estimates this equals good that the shock aids from a person Elizabeth will come up with you son Axl confuse over my pieces freedom happiness fame stability it brings out all these things pieces family but peace for all men and women not merely peace in our time peace in all time to me salsa people sadistic pseudo hostility shows we declare both pieces when you when you're with your family pieces when there is no war these represents love for all love for all people love for all animals love for the planet that we all share together sexuality I have the audacity to believe that people's everywhere can have 3 meals a day for their bodies Education and Culture for their minds and dignity equality and freedom for their spirits let's hope for the world peace represents respect happiness and service respect speed up otaku Timon so I wasn't Eric good man it's imagine the Burnap champion too much time on every food are suspicious that may have vehicle bad walk my name is Nadia happy Sarah I'm an associate professor of international development and global studies and the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of our my name is camellia Koosh I'm a student in international development and globalization at the University of Ottawa and I'm in my fifth year piece to me is a feeling that justice will prevail is a feeling that equality is a goal if not already achieved is the feeling that at the very least equality of opportunity is there that people can be different to be free to be different that you can be close to your loved ones you can live together you can dream together you can explore the things you want to do in your lives together you can pursue your health and your happiness and your goals and your contributions beyond yourselves in your family that's that's roughly I would say peace would be so peace to me is associated with a kind of shared sense of humanity but not in the overstated kind of sense of the word I think it definitely means building bridges with different peoples across boundaries and tolerating differences so kind of pluralism in in the current situation if you look at these lots of these refugee diaspora as you find that communities are forced to fracture to fragment to compete with each other to just survive because of the absence of peace so I mean it's not because they have not necessarily because they have bombs falling upon them but they have other circumstances these very very difficult and harsh circumstances that kind of break their natural human ties and so I think that's when you actually have peace it's you know your children ability of your children to have dreams to go to school but also to have these kind of community links to be able to help one and there is a privilege it's a privilege you have there is no glue available to all of you when you have a justice system then make sure that justice prevails and not injustice and inequality justice and you have justice I thank you very close to having peace yeah and you can lead to define life so justice and dignity and humility yeah

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