International Teaching and Leadership Opportunities for Covenant Graduates

one of the great things about education whether a student is earning an undergraduate degree in education at covenant or a graduate degree is that schools are located literally around the world many of our graduates are teaching in the u.s. in various states but a growing number of our graduates have found really wonderful and fulfilling teaching and leadership positions in schools in Asia in Europe in Africa wherever schools are found they're looking for well-trained and well-prepared educators to fill positions our Master of Arts and teaching program is a fairly new program about eight or nine years old but we already have graduates from that m80 who are now teaching in Japan in Thailand in Indonesia and other countries we also have graduates from our master of education program in leadership and in curriculum who are teaching and leading in schools in in Europe and in Asia as well as Africa our undergraduates who finish their elementary education degree have also found jobs teaching internationally I've had the privilege of traveling to many of these spots of getting to know the administrators and the others in the school settings and they they welcome they're excited when covenant grads come their way because they know from experience they're well prepared they're well trained they're grounded in the biblical framework that characterizes a covenant education and frankly they want more to come in fact if you would ever want to talk to a graduate or a current student I'd be happy to put you in touch with those those people to let them talk directly to you about their experiences in our undergraduate and graduate programs so get in touch with me here at the college and maybe down the road you might head to one of those international school settings to begin your career as an educator

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