Internet EXPLODES Over Trump Censorship Order

So yesterday I did a story about the impending
crisis that has Donald Trump’s internet, right Mr Ship, executive order draft. Some of the details, uh, have leaked and we’re
learning more and more about the horrors of that executive order. And fortunately, and I’m actually glad to
see this, this story is getting more and more attention. A lot of people reacting to my clip more than
110,000 views in the first 12 hours. I got dozens of emails, more than 2000 comments
on that video. And even beyond that, I, I’m thrilled to see
that this story is getting pickup because it’s not like the sexiest, most salacious
story. It’s not necessarily the story that would
get the most attention, but it is an authoritarian nightmare. And people are noticing and put simply, this
is how the authoritarian start to use the law to control speech and to enforce speech. And you might remember, I was actually thinking
this morning as I was reading about the reaction to this executive order proposal, Canadian
intellectual Jordan Peterson rose to prominence for what he claimed was his protest of possible
compelled speech. By the Canadian government. He should be right here protesting what Donald
Trump is doing. Because Donald Trump’s drafted executive order
would compel social media networks to half to allow speech that the Trump administration
determines his so-called political speech and specifically conservative political speech
to fight back against what they claim is some kind of extreme liberal bias in social networks
and on platforms. Uh, Donald Trump believes that social media
platforms are in a biased way suppressing and blocking conservative speech. The basis for this is a fantasy, but it doesn’t
change that this is extremely dangerous. It is overwhelmingly authoritarian. The White House shouldn’t have the power to
select and choose what content has to be allowed on social media platforms. It is stunning that people like me, social
left Libertarians end up defending the rights of corporations against the oppressive authoritarian
takeover of speech that Donald Trump wants to do. So let me do my impression now of a center,
right? Libertarian social networks are private companies. They have to follow non-discrimination law. Twitter can’t say no whites allowed on our
platform. Youtube can’t say no Jews allowed to upload
videos or whatever. There is already established law that prevents
that Twitter can say, we don’t allow the n word. We don’t allow bullying trans people by deliberately
mis-gendering them over and over and over again or whatever. This is all legal content, strictly speaking,
which a private corporation can choose to allow or not to allow based on their business
priorities, their social priorities or for whatever reason they want. As long as it does not violate existing anti-discrimination
laws. This doesn’t mean I like it. It just doesn’t mean they always make the
decisions I would make. This doesn’t mean that it couldn’t conceivably
cause me problems, the likes of which we’ve been having on youtube, but we can’t be hypocrites. What Trump wants to do is to give the FTC
the federal trade commission power to go after platforms that the White House believes are
suppressing content on the basis of political orientation on their platforms, and the scariest
part is that it’s believed that there will be penalties for this against the platforms. What those penalties will be. We don’t yet know how far does this go. Do Youtube channels with a million subscribers
become subject to similar restrictions in a year. When the David Pakman show youtube channel
hits a million subscribers, if things continue the way they’re going, can the government
say this channel is suppressing certain political opinions of the right? Can we be find, can you suffer penalties and
I avoid slippery slope arguments in most cases because they don’t make sense. This is one of those cases where we really
need to think of the slippery slope who counts as a possible regulatee of this executive
order? When do we go from regulating platforms to
regulating individual shows? This is the biggest attack on a free press
since sort of all the other attacks we’ve seen under Donald Trump, but this is a really
big one. If you care about a free press, I don’t care
if you’re left or right, you must oppose this. This is the exact type of heavy handed media
regulation that we see under real bonafide authoritarians in dictatorships in on a spectrum,
right? Going from a actual dictatorships to just
countries with leaders that are authoritarian to the extreme. China, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia, whichever
version or flavor of authoritarianism you want to pick out, it’s actually difficult
to put into words how dangerous this is. If this happens, we become a country where
the government can do mass censorship on the basis of political orientation or of whatever
it wants. It lets the party in power decide which speech
is allowed on the Internet, which speech must be allowed on the Internet, on specific platforms. And this is extraordinarily dangerous. Now, I’m going to keep talking about this
because it has to be stopped. And ultimately it may be a court that decides
whether the eventual version of the executive order that is signed by Trump is legal. But that means that we have to change who’s
choosing the judges. It’s Donald Trump right now. Increasingly, this is a justice system, a
judiciary controlled by Donald Trump. More and more to supreme court justices. 25% of appellate and Superior Court, uh, judges. This is not about whether you like or dislike
Trump. We know how Trump will use this, but Trump
will be gone in two or six years. Do Republicans want a future Democratic president
telling the FTC what speeches allowed on the Internet? This is straight out of the authoritarian
dictator’s playbook. It has to be stopped. I’m glad it’s getting attention and we’re
going to continue talking about it.

100 thoughts on “Internet EXPLODES Over Trump Censorship Order

  • David, I am in agreement with you 83% of the time. However, I highly recommend you see the episode of joe Rogan's podcast with Tim Pool and Jack Dorsey.


  • There goes our freedom of speech!! The Republicans are the real SOCIALISTS. Remember the Soviet Union. Socialist way of life!!

  • Systematically knocking down the pillars of democracy one step at a time. It's actually impressive how successful the rise of fascism is becoming. Scary and tragic, but impressive. We all grew up thinking this shit was impossible in the US.

  • This is amazing. The draft clearly addresses the problem of the removal of conservative content. It in no way endorses the removal of Leftist content. Yet, you try to characterize it as "censorship," even though it's about allowing people to speak. What a bunch of @#$%'s. That's why I'm #walkaway.

  • I am not opposed to forcing platforms to host everybody, but how Trump does it and why he does it is dogshit.

  • Of course the republican party doesn't want this rule… if a democrat is in office. They can support the rule for now and remove it before a democrat takes over. Just like the supreme court appointments: In an elections year, the president isn't allowed to appoint a Supreme Court justice. That was McConnell saying that. Later, he clearly said Trump can do it if there was another vacancy is the election year.

    Their rules are flexible as Rubberboy. Or it's a republican/Trump "rules never apply to me" scenario.

  • When Trump is not busy embracing white supremacist support, he's busy embracing black supremacist cultist support (both the Far-Right and the Far-Left are rotten):

    Trump embrace the support he gets from a black supremacist radical Judaist death cult called the Yahweh Ben Yahweh who committed horrific crimes and acts of violence against white people

    Trump support extremists, loonies, dictators, terrorists, white supremacists, black supremacists, latino supremacists, etc (Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Saudi royals, the black supremacist radical Judaist Yahweh Ben Yahweh death cult, convicted child molesters and child sex trafickers, etc, only to name a few).



    BOTH The Far-Right and the Far-Left ARE toxic, harmful, destructive and cancer on society. That's why I expose BOTH because BOTH need to be called out on their bullshit, bigotry, insanity, hypocrisy and double standards. I'm Center-Left and Progressive in my values but for the most part I'm NON-PARTISAN OR INDEPENDENT and I'm fed up with the RADICALS/LOONIES on BOTH sides (on the BOTH the Right and the Left).

    Expposing the Far-Right:

    Exposing the Far-Left: (Check out the playlist description and its links first and you'll see how fucking batshit crazy the authoritarian extreme/far-Left is, just as bad as the Far-Right)

    Don't be afraid to speak up and speak the truth, hold the radicals/loonies on BOTH sides accountable and call them out on their bullshit.

    I'm Center-Left, a survivor of Right-Wing FundaMENTAList ideology, a Progressive Christian (I've been a Progressive Christian for over 9 years now), an Egalitarian Anti-Feminist, an advocate for the philosophy of nonviolence and restorative justice (also I find MLK Jr. and Gandhi to be very inspiring), and bisexual, and I don't apologize for any of it, in fact I'm proud of what I am and what I stand for. I'm also the aunt of two young boys age 5 and 3. And I shows like Secular Talk (with Kyle Kilinski), The Right of Fire (with Farron Cousins) and The Humanist Report (avec Mike Figueredo).

  • I'm not a Republican but have liberal and conservative beliefs. Pakman is wrong here. How can anyone agree with what he says after watching the video here? Seriously;

  • I'm not a Republican but have liberal and conservative beliefs. Pakman is wrong here. How can anyone agree with what he says after watching the video here? Seriously;

  • Your commentary is egregious and your bias is overwhelming David Pakman. No doubt a lot of people will accept your tripe as truth. The executive order does not restrict free speech, it would do exactly the opposite. The stated plan (copied below) is to hold the social media giants accountable to fair standards / practices, so that all opinions can be heard……basically by better enforcing laws that are already on the books. It is in response to a strong liberal bias in the news media that is obvious to any conservative.

    Quote from Reuters verbatum….google any part of the text to verify:
    At the heart of the issue is Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. In short, this law means tech companies can't be blamed for content users post on their platforms. According to CNN, the White House is planning to narrow the immunity tech companies get "if they remove or suppress content without notifying the user who posted the material, or if the decision is proven to be evidence of anticompetitive, unfair or deceptive practices."

    Meanwhile, if the executive order ultimately goes ahead, the Federal Trade Commission will be tasked with opening a "public complaint docket" to receive allegations of anti-conservative bias from the public, and will "work with the FCC to develop a report investigating how tech companies curate their platforms and whether they do so in neutral ways," CNN reported.

    End quote.

    Before you go off on a leftist tirade, you should know that historically I have (lifelong) voted heavily democratic….and I'm not a Trump loyalist….I didn't vote for him and would not vote for him in our next election. There are many problems with bullying, elitism, etc, but those are personality issues and are separate from policy decisions. Most of the policy changes have been to my liking, with the exception of the EPA / clean water changes.

    Also, I still have many family ties to Canada where 3 of my 4 grandparents were born and raised as well as my mother who was a Canadian citizen and all of her brothers, two that still live in Canada and raised their families there. Despite those ties, I would not dabble in Canadian policies …….and I would suggest that you should stay out of American politics, particularly if you cannot report TRUTHFULLY and without bias. This is the entire problem with the media….people like you trying to spin everything to fit your world view. KNOCK IT OFF. Americans have to live under these laws while you sit on the sidelines watching our lives play out like a TV sitcom……you're a no good lying pot stirrer.

  • Conservative logic: No regulations! Don’t tread on me!

    Also Conservative logic: Lets put regulations on the First Amendment and tell people and corporations what they can and cannot say.

    Conservative logic: Don’t regulate my 2nd Amendment! But let me regulate your 1st Amendment!

  • Does this give them the power to censor anything? As far as I can tell, it applies the legal restrictions of a publisher to a social media platform if they start deleting user content and doesn't give anyone the legal power to censor anyone/thing.

  • Trump likes Dick-tatorships because he likes Putin's dick up his ass! He can't be without it! He loves it so much!

  • He cannot take away, revoke, alter, or suspend our natural God given inalienable human rights! Among these are the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Governments were created to defend them! These rights belong to all mankind not just Americans! Censorship only infringes upon those rights! For an authoritarian he hasn't got the authority to do so… Anti-American tyranny!

  • Trump is worried that platforms like Facebook are biased against conservatives. Facebook board member Peter Thiel is one of Trump's top ten donors. I wonder if he is for the executive order?

  • David, how I have the power to stop this stuff? I write to my senators and congress. I can carry a sign. I can participate in protests. I can participate in civil disobedience. I can and will do all of that, but please tell me what works. I beginning to understand that the idea of speaking up in Nazi Germany was so much harder than we've been led to believe. Our checks and balances have failed because no Republicans stood-up to Moscow Mitch. During the 1st 2 years of Trump's presidency, the Washington Republicans were too busy trying to stick-it to the Democrats. They forgot the Whitehouse is 10 steps away from turning the Presidency into a dictatorship. Tell me, David, how do I put an end to the American concentration camps? How do we stand-up to Trump when he spews out obvious lies to the press and when called on it, tells the reporter that they're a 'very rude person.' Never mind the fact that no one is ruder than Trump. This is more out of control than you could ever believe. What can we do to speak-up?

  • Here in the UK we have worked to remove or minimise the political influence over appointments to our Supreme Court. Because we have our quaint ways it is technically the Queen who makes the appointment on the advice of the Prime Minister based on recommendations from the Judicial Appointments Commission the majority of whose members are appointed through open competition. It would be a career limiting act for a Prime Minister to overtly reject a proposal from the commission or to submit a proposal that did not come from the commission. Meanwhile (thank you Mr Colbert!) the USA specifically preserves a cut through on the separation of powers allowing any president to manipulate the membership of the US Supreme Court based on political bias. Maybe it's time to rethink that revolution idea that was so popular in the 18th Century 😉

  • David, I am a Democratic Socialist. there is no such thing as a left-wing Libertarian. The term is an oxymoron. As a man of 60, I have to say that your use if political terminology is confusing! Don't care how many political science degrees you have. You are conoting political terminology that is far from their denotations! You are making it very difficult for me to understand what you really mean when using terms incorrectly! you say that you support Bernie Sanders and that great! No true libertarian would do so!

  • 1. Jordan Peterson is Canadian not American. This is our fight

    2. I'm sure that Jordan Peterson hates this proposed executive order if he's even heard about it

  • America. With the corporate owned media and lack of internet neutrality please contact countries outside your borders to be informed of what is happening. Your welcome.

  • That's exactly how dictator putin is running russia! That mofo been president of Russia since the 90s! America is fucking doomed!

  • I for one welcome this idea. The faster we reach the point of absolute lunacy the faster people might actually start rioting.

  • Your argument that private company should be able to do whatever they like does not work. What if your energy provider decided to cut your energy because of whatever, they don’t want to provide electricity to people named David? How about your phone gets disconnected because your surname is Packman? How about… You like this, because their censorship aligns with your idea of punishing bad people, but what if they switch and you became a bad person in their eyes?

  • In the end, Trump is a wannabe and lives in a fantasy which is falling apart. The truth is that he is a repulsive cunt and will never be any different. The sooner he dies from a long painful and fatal heart attack the better.

  • More control by the man who would be king. In no time you will dare not say anything negative about fat ass donnie on TV, on the radio, or on the internet. Suppress the truth and praise the dictator. We will soon be no different than Russia and North Korea. The traitor needs to be executed.

  • For everything Trump does you just have to ask what the reaction of the right wing would have been if Obama had done the same. Nothing Obama did was close to what Trump has done yet they were all scared if Obama's "socialist takeover". No, this is what fascism looks like.

  • The white supremacists, Evangelicals,and cultists have given us the GOP and Trump..we have the ability to impeach…do we have the will?
    Trump and GOP say no

  • the only thing that repugnants advocate tolerance for is their intolerance, there is no such thing as a repugnant "honest-actor", judge them by their actions not their words, repugnants!

  • Conservatives should be just as concerned about this as liberals because when Trump gets his eviction notice in November 2020, he's going to be replaced by a Democrat who would ostensibly have the same authority to distort the First Amendment that Dear Leader is trying to create for himself.

  • There goes freedom of speech …except for Donald dribbling.
    Well you take women rights away from her, slippery slope.
    Then they came for you.

  • “Fight the powers that be!” ❤️🤗🖖
    Kleptocracy (from Greek κλέπτης kléptēs, "thief", κλέπτω kléptō, "I steal", and -κρατία -kratía from κράτος krátos, "power, rule") is a government with corrupt leaders (kleptocrats) that use their power to exploit the people and natural resources of their own territory in order to extend their personal wealth and political powers. Typically, this system involves embezzlement of funds at the expense of the wider population.[1][2]
    Kleptocracy is different from a plutocracy; A kleptocracy is a government ruled by corrupt politicians who use their political power to receive kickbacks, bribes, and special favors at the expense of the populace. Kleptocrats may use political leverage to pass laws that enrich them or their constituents and they usually circumvent the rule of law.

  • Trump is attempting to remove freedom as a right of the American People.

    Trump and Republicans want to shut the American People voice down.

    No more free speech in America. Trump is using the law against the American People.

  • OMG David, what you mean that there will be NO MORE PROVEN CENSORSHIP
    to give you millions of extra votes AS PROVEN BY DR EPSTEIN IN HIS EXCHANGES

    Twitter can however leave up calls to exterminate all conservatives & calls
    to violence by the Left against ICE though huh David.?
    Reza Aslan called for the "eradication" of the Trump & his supporters scourge.
    Where the Trump called for the eradication of hate based racism, Aslan worded
    his Tweet to Trump & his supporters as the subject for eradication.
    Also Talcum X aka Sean King called for more terrorist attacks on ICE facilities

    So mockery of the Left = A LIFETIME BAN, but a Lefty CALLING FOR TERROR
    well that's just how a private company rolls huh David.?
    [after all the concentration camp rhetoric there have already been 2 attacks on
    ICE, 1 the guy with the Molotov cocktails who King praised & called for more
    of & one from YESTERDAY where multiple shooters peppered an ICE office
    with bullets at 3am] But I guess you want more of that David or else you would
    have covered them huh.?] Oh & the Dayton shooter also DIRECTLY QUOTED AOC
    specifically her "concentration camps" comments & that he "didn't want to wait for
    the socialists to wake up"] paraphrased a bit)
    SO HE WAS A LEFT WING TERRORIST whether you like it & spin it or not.
    Everybody with Google can find the truth of what I say.

    As we with 3 digit IQ's always say of the Left.
    If not for double standards, the Left would have no standards whatsoever.!
    But of course a Left wing terrorist is totally counter to the BS narrative
    of the Left about only the right being violent.

    Project Veritas & multiple whistle blowers have gone public about the ORCHESTRATED BIAS
    from across multiple platforms, as well as hidden recordings of Google execs
    admitting it all. When combined with the Dr Epstein testimony to Cruz there
    MEDIA BUSINESS while 'so called' 'progressive' outlets like Tumblr lose
    1 Billion bucks of their value.

    Liars go out of business & honest brokers expand David.

  • Trump is enamored with National Facism. He has opened Pandora's Box. What's really terrifying is that so many people do not listen to these programs to be informed. There is so much ignorance. Trump is using this ignorance to prop up his candidacy — splitting the country through devisive actions and leaning his "public persona" as a positive path. We must vote him out of office!! All Dems & Progressives must vote party-line! Forget policy for a bit — VOTE for whom ever is chosen as the Dem candidate!! Our policies will be useless if Trump is not replaced!

  • Trump is a big fan of Hitler. The only things he reads are coppies of Hitler's speeches that he keeps in his bedroom. He is obsessed with his idol and following in his footsteps.

  • If you’re going to use Twitter or any other social media platforms you have to play by their rules. It doesn’t matter what your opinions are or what political affiliation you have.

  • Free speech can ONLY be suppressed by the STATE. Conservatives and Trumpanzees don't seem to understand that.

  • When is the FBI or some agency drag the SOB out of the WHITE house and Todd him,in jail for crimes against humanity.

  • Trump is not smart enough for anyone to listen to him. Just because he's tired of people talking about him, lol

  • Is Pakman serious? Fighting censorship is authoritarian? And attacks on the free press? What the fuck are you talking about you lunatic?

  • Communist tend to that, they control what you see and hear on tv or radio. Next thing you know trump going to want to control the music too.

    Its ironic coming from trump. They should censorship him.

  • No doubt the internet has extreme liberal videos/ rhetoric!
    But look at the rise of the alt right Fuck head's.
    I would say there's more liberal content available.
    But the right has been very effective and busy!
    So where's the harm?? Trump just wants more of his talking head's.


    WE THE PEOPLE need to figure out what that LYING ORANGE BIGOT MORONIC TERRORIST SEXIST RACIST CROOKED IDIOT has done to determine, what higher government positions it promised to the AG barr, certain members of its cabinet, mcconnell, graham and other republican senators WHEN IT STARTS ITS NEW REGIME M.M.G.A (make me great again)…BECAUSE THIS FARCE AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION AND WE THE PEOPLE HAS GONE AND IS GOING WAY, WAY, WAY TO FAR…

    PEOPLE WHO STILL THINK THIS IS A WITCH-HUNT (something that LYING ORANGE BIGOT MORONIC SEXIEST TERRORIST RACIST CROOKED IDIOT repeated and repeated and repeated so often, now it is truth (“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, is a law of propaganda often attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels.) and it has worked)…

    You ASSUME you will have a place in that LYING ORANGE BIGOT MORONIC TERRORIST SEXIST RACIST CROOKED IDIOT'S new regime because you put your heart and soul into standing behind everything that LYING ORANGE BIGOT MORONIC TERRORIST SEXIST RACIST CROOKED IDIOT has done and is doing to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE)…Well, good luck with that ASSUMPTION because that way of thinking helped DESTROYED a country and started WWII…



    "First they came …" is a poem written by the German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984). It is about the cowardice of German intellectuals following the Nazis' rise to power and subsequent incremental purging of their chosen targets, group after group.

    FIRST THEY CAME (updated version) 2019

    First, they came for the IMMIGRANTS, and I did not speak out-

    Because I was not an IMMIGRANT.

    Then they came for the LBGTQ COMMUNITY, and I did not speak out-

    Because I am not LBGTQ.

    Then they came for your HEALTH CARE (ACA), and I did not speak out-

    And a lot of people DIED.

    Then they came for THE MIDDLE CLASS, and I did not speak out-

    Because I was not in THE MIDDLE CLASS.

    Then they came for the DEMOCRATS, and I did not speak out-

    Because I was not a DEMOCRAT.

    Then they came for the CONSTITUTION, and I did not speak out-

    And the RULE of LAW was ABOLISHED.

    Then they came for MAGA, and I did not speak out-

    Because there was NO AMERICAN (🇷🇺) LEFT TO SPEAK.



  • But he wants to let other corporations discriminate against anyone they want as long as they put it under religious reasons. What a moronic POS

  • Establishing Control of the Press
    When Adolf Hitler took power in 1933, the Nazis controlled less than three percent of Germany’s 4,700 papers.

    The elimination of the German multi-party political system brought about the demise of hundreds of newspapers produced by outlawed political parties. It also allowed the state to seize the printing plants and equipment of the Communist and Social Democratic Parties, which were often turned over directly to the Nazi Party. In the following months, the Nazis established control or exerted influence over independent press organs.

    During the first weeks of 1933, the Nazi regime deployed the radio, press, and newsreels to stoke fears of a pending “Communist uprising,” then channeled popular anxieties into political measures that eradicated civil liberties and democracy. SA (Storm Troopers) and members of the Nazi elite paramilitary formation, the SS, took to the streets to brutalize or arrest political opponents and incarcerate them in hastily established detention centers and concentration camps. Nazi thugs broke into opposing political party offices, destroying printing presses and newspapers.

    -One of Trump's ex-wives said he had a book of Hitler's speeches, "My New Order", in his bedroom. Trump said his friend Marty Davis from Paramount gave Trump a copy of Mein Kampf, and said Davis is a Jew. Davis was not a Jew and the book was not Mein Kampf.

    Donald Trump 'kept book of Adolf Hitler's speeches in his bedside cabinet' [TheIndependent]

    Donald J. Trump’s YouTube Play List (Awaken, White Man) (Hitler- Man of Steel)[YouTube just removed these two videos for being hate videos]

  • Let us review David. Look at the free ride RELIGION has gotten in American Society. It is tax free superstition. Not only is this discriminatory against tax payers it is blatantly wrong in a free society. Tax free and or tax exempt organizations should have no say what so ever in American Politics. That includes the NRA, NFL, corporations and foreign countries

  • The Constitution mandated three co-equal branches of government: judicial, legislative and executive. Co-equal. And this first went off the rails when the Gulf of Tonkin resolution in the mid 60's gave the president the right to engage in war (just don't call it a war) without congressional approval first. That was the watershed moment. And we have been paying for it ever since. This current group of incompetents and criminals occupying the WH have zero interest in anyone's freedom or liberty except their own in trying to form a hybrid quasi religious authoritarian state. This is nothing less than a war to the death between freedom and enslavement and we no longer have any ability to chose either which or how much. Unfortunately, it will be one or the other and for those who stand for the end of freedom you are my sworn enemy. Just like free speech freedom is never free. And this time it is really going to cost.

  • Greetings from Europa.
    Just wanna say to all Americans, don't make the same mistake that we did with "article 13".
    Make this story real big so that everyone gonna know what it means and use any sane means necessary to stop it.

  • So is this just a rumor or has somebody published a copy of the draft? cause I haven't found it anywhere. lol ppls in the comment criticizing Trump over an early draft that may not even exist.

  • republican's theory that the Left is being censored is vastly a delusion. However, I disagree with you about saying social media platforms don't have to obey constitutional laws and insure freedom of speech.

    Look, a private company cannot take your constitutional rights away. They cant deny you your rights to free speech on a social media platform. Think of it like a strip mall forcibly removing you from their property because they don't like your freedom of speech, or a church forcibly removing you because you don't believe 100% of what they do. That is what they are talking about setting protections against. Authoritarians want to take rights away, not protect them, just like Facebook would be if they actually did what the repubs say they do. This isn't dangerous, it is protecting constitutional rights against illegal censorship of free speech. He isn't talking about limiting speech and censoring people, he is talking about protecting against censorship.

    This video shows a great lack of understanding. Free speech is what he is talking about, but you have spun it around to mean he is taking someone's rights away, instead of protecting rights. You have twisted his protecting of free speech to say he is wanting to censorship.

    Look, I am a democrat and Libertarian, and I hate trump and all he stands for. But lying about him just delegitimizes our position and makes us look bad. I assume you do this with some degree of intention, but you also seem deluded about what authoritarianism is and ignorant of rights of companies. There is no right for a company to take others' rights away.

    I am all for protecting freedom of speech. Your use of YT to make and post this video is your right to free speech on a social media platform. Under the system you describe Trump is fighting for, your rights to post this video without it being censored by the website you post it on is secured. Otherwise, if YT decided to be Right-leaning and censor your videos, your rights would be violated.

    You seem to think a company's rights are the issue here and that Trump is violating these rights. But as I said before, a company, whether public or private, has no right to violate your rights to free speech. If they don't like what you post, then they should stop being in the social media business and go start a news outlet or a learning website, or some other website that isn't a public forum for speech. Social Media must be protected as a venue to say what you want. If we allow YT or Facebook to deny people their rights to free speech, then any other company in the USA could just as legitimately take away any and all rights to anyone who steps foot on their property. Facebook and YT owns their platforms, but they do not own those who use them. If they don't like people freely saying things on their platforms, then they can shut them down or transform them into something other than social media.

    As it stands, these companies have obtained special government permissions and protections for being social media. If they don't want to be social media, then they need to return such protections and permissions and go do something else.

    Please educate yourself on rights, laws, and protections of the same. Please do not delegitimize our struggle against authoritarians like Trump by making false claims, and spinning the truth into untruth. Maybe you left some things out and failed to inform us of what has you thinking the way you do, but of the info you provide, it makes no sense that you have labeled protections against censorship as censorship itself.

  • You would think that, with the internet and social media, that politicians would behave themselves. The traps they set (privacy invasion tactics & such) are being used against them at every step of the way. They may become even more sneaky.


  • Jordan Peterson an intellectual? More like a hack. He only protests against limitations of speech when it hurts "Conservative" causes. Jordan Peterson would be happy to see the planet burn as long as liberals don't get their way.

  • Wait wait wait. How is this horrible, but the democrats pushing for laws with the Orwellian name "the Fairness doctrine" for years is NOT horrible? For those who don't know, democrats have tried for decades to legally REQUIRE radio stations to include at least 50% liberal content. ONLY radio mind you, the one place in media where liberals/left have been the underdogs. They specifically did NOT push for the fairness doctrine in TV, where imposing a 50/50 rule would require almost all TV stations to dramatically increase RIGHT-of center voices. Don't take my word for it, here is PAKMAN himself saying he may be in favor of legally requiring some new form of the fairness doctrine:

  • Repeal all of Trump's executive orders , apointees , policies ,signed laws ,tax cuts…erase him , jail him …then forget him. !

  • Ugh, how does this affect us non-Americans? We probably are going to need to follow these ridiculous rules because these social networks will change how they moderate content… :/ fuck off

  • Jordan Peterson is a covert narcissist, David. Putin did the silencing of the critics. Textbook.
    Do a reaction video on the situation in Honduras – The Narco State. It's on Democracy Now!

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