Internet Freedom Fellows 2012

>>CHAMBERLAIN DONAHOE: Over two billion people are now connected to the internet and in the next 20 years the online community will grow to more than 4 billion.>>MILLI: I have been jailed for using actively internet and writing my thoughts and sharing them on the internet.>>MACKINNON: We cannot guarantee that the internet will evolve in a way that is compatible with human rights.>>OTHMAN: In Syria actually you don’t have this right to get or to send and receive information in a free way.>>MACKINNON: We are here in Geneva really to support the work of some truly amazing people, the Internet Freedom Fellows, who have been taking great risks to work for free expression and human rights on the Internet in their countries and regions.>>MILLI: Internet was always about freedom, about giving opportunity to everyone. The important part of these discussions this is where I want to draw attention of
journalists, and of decision makers is also the classic dimension of you know, human life where words and images and people who use the words and images and stand behind their words are being persecuted by their governments.>>AZPURUA: When we talk about internet freedoms, we forget that the freedoms that we exercise online are the same freedoms that we have in the real world.>>PRAKASH: We must also ensure that the Internet does not become a series, a set of balkanized individual networks.>>OTHMAN: The regime developed the trojans or the malware which when they arrest anyone, they are entering, they are getting the password of the Facebook, email and Skype then they are sending these trojans to the other people on the networks so they can get their information, passwords and email and then get more and more and more people in jail.>>CHAK: Internet has become a platform where the netizens can enjoy the freedom of expression and can contribute to the development of Cambodia as a whole. It can be a vibrant democracy in Cambodia.>>KAMBOU: The Internet represents the hope of a free and prosperous Africa and we’re
working to realize those dreams for present and future
generations.>>CHAMBERLAIN DONAHOE: As we move further
into the digital age, it’s becoming more evident that the battle
to protect human rights will be intricately intertwined with ensuring that the Internet remains free, open, interoperable and secure.

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