Internet Society 20th Anniversary

Hi my name is Vint Cerf I'm the Founding President of the Internet Society which began operation in January of 1992 but we announced the creation of the
Internet Society at an INET Conference in June of
1991 in Copenhagen Denmark the INET Conferences that were begun by
Larry Landweber at the reason for announcing the
creation of the Internet Society was a message that i got from Steve Wolff who at the time was that the uh… CISE
organization c_i_s_e scene of the National Science Foundation they had been sponsoring the secretariat for the
Internet Engineering Task Force which at the time was led by Phil Gross he and I were both employees of the
Corporation For National Research Initiatives an organization founded by Bob Khan uh… it was uh… advised to that the NSF to keep spending
money on the Internet Engineering Task Force because that was research funding and in fact the IETF had become by
this time uh… a much more commercially oriented activity many different vendors
who are part of the uh… Internet community or participating in the creation of an
and uh… evolution of the Internet Protocols so that it immediately occurred to me
that uh… we would need to create an organization that could gather funding uh… from a variety of sources in order
to support the secretariat uh… i met with uh… my then colleagues
these are the Internet Activities Board later to become the Internet
Architecture Board then described uh… this notion of the
an Internet society modeled after professional societies uh… elsewhere uh… and after we got most of the uh…
processes organized I recall that there was a race between
Steve Wilson Jon Postel to see who could break the for seventy dollars
cheque to become the first member of the Internet Society and
Jon Postel won now of course that many years have gone
by, 20 of the in particular, and we're now celebrating here in Geneva the
twentieth anniversary of the Internet Society I want to acknowledge especially the
leadership of Lynn St. Amore who has been the President of the Internet
Society for at least a decade now uh… it was her decision to bid for the dot org top-level domain
operation which produced an enormously improved
the economic picture for the Internet Society has allowed it
to expand dramatically its efforts to promote openness and spread of Internet
all around the world. I look forward to seeing all of you at this point twenty
the anniversary here in Geneva and I hope we'll have an
opportunity to share and reminisce about the past and speculate
about the future. In the meantime, I'll see you on the net The idea for ISOC literally rose com slowly rose in the early nineteen
nineties in connection with the growth of the Internet beyond its initial base of users
in the research and educational communities uh… in particular uh… with the
increased commercial and international participation, Vint Cerf and I felt that most
new users would benefit greatly from a from better understand what the Internet
is how it might involve in the future this informational aspect was one
key reason for starting ISOC another reason was to have an
organization uh… devoted to the preservation of
important historical material uh… relating to the Internet and at that
time the basic work on Internet standards development was being carried
out filed by the IETF with Secretariat at support from CNRI this evolved over time into a role for ISOC in
helping to support the IETF standards process going forward.
Another objective for ISOC that we felt worth uh… pursuing uh… was the creation of a global
community of users that can interact with each other via the Internet itself uh… or via selected uh… conferences
and uh… workshops one early effort along those lines was to bring into ISOC the already
established INET series of uh… conferences. A large number of people and organizations have been involved in the
creation and evolution of ISOC two decades of its existence all of whom I believe deserve our
appreciation for their helpful contributions I would note especially the role that
CNRI played in funding and incubating ISOC during his first
two years and particularly the contributions of Vint Cerf both as a
CNRI employee and as the first President of ISOC during that
period I believe that ISOC will continue
to play an important role in the coming years as the use the Internet grows to
encompass most of the world's population so uh… happy twentieth birthday ISOC hello everyone I am Raul Echeberria I am serving now in the Board of the
Internet Society sine 2008 and I am the Chair of the Internet
Society in 2009 I'm very glad to be part of
these 20th Anniversary celebrations of the Internet Society and I am very proud of course being Chair of the Board during
this special year for the organization The first time that I
participated in an international Internet event was in 1996 in Montreal. I participated as
a student in a workshop organized by the Internet Society it was the way I become
involved in the international community many colleagues from Latin America
took the opportunity of those meetings to meet among us and tried to organized ourselves
in a way that was mission related so it is uhÉincredible for me i look to the past and I see how I started to participate in the international level thanks to the Internet Society and now 15 years later I am the Chair
of The Board of the organization It is amazing when I remember I met
Vint Cerf for the first time in that meeting that he was like a hero for me uh… now I'm seated in the same seat
that he was many years ago and i think that this is a small
anecdote but it shows how the Internet Society has been
very active in involving people from around the world in in the discussion about Internet
public policies but also but also in bringing people into the activities
related to the development of the Internet in different regions uh… through the Internet
we can also participate in the the development of our countries our societies this is what I can remark on from
the Internet Society now it is twenty years later after the foundation
of the organization we have Chapters from many
countries from different regions, , Organization Members, and
thousands of people individual members of the
organization I think that this is incredible for any organization I think the only thing I can
anticipate for the future of the Internet Society
is a big success and continue doing what the Internet
Society has been doing until now bringing people together for the benefit
of all or the society and all the world I'm very proud to be a part of this
organization. Thank you Internet Society for giving me the opportunity to participate
in this organization. Thank you and congratulations for all the work that has been
done in those very young twenty years I'm Lynn St. Amour, President and CEO of the it gives me great pleasure to congratulate the Internet Society's
founders, members, Chapters, Board Members and staff on reaching our 20th anniversary we owe our thanks to many known, and not so well known as the Internet has improved virtually
every aspect of our lives today we hope you'll enjoy our celebrations over the coming year and we invite you
to join us in Geneva next April 22-24th at our global Internet conference Global INET Our hope for the future in that everyone in the world has equal access to a ubiquitous, reliable and open Internet where all countries of the world are on par we look forward to working together to safeguard an open Internet thank you to all and happy 20th anniversary ISOC

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