Interview with a Social Worker – child protection conference

it's about assessing risk of harm current harm and future possible harm to that child it's about pooling information together from professionals and the family and obviously if the child is of an age then you pull information from the child as well all investigations are not always heading towards for example a conference so it may be that you have assessed the risk of harm to that child and with obviously your manager come to a decision that putting in support would be enough for that child and their family once the referral is received its allocated to to a social worker and at that point in time you are going out to assess the harm that there may or may not have been to that child because sometimes we get information then it's you know it's malicious you know but we have to go out to assess we would want to meet with the family and the child we do things like for example we would speak to the parents and ask if we can see the child on their own and we would want to see the child in an environment where they feel comfortable where they're maybe not going to be impacted on by a parent appearance presence so we do arts parents at times to see the child in the bedroom or it could be that we would see them at school so that we can get the opinion of that child and their version of what's going on we speak to parents of course and get the information from them from their point of view we also speak to other professionals who are involved and if required we will use an interpreter it's all about really looking at the welfare of that child are their needs being met what can we do as an organization to assist the parents to bring up the level if if it's necessary because sometimes you go in and do assessments and things are generally alright but it may be that obviously parents require some assistance some people are isolated they don't have the family support around and it may be that we can put in you know put in assistance for them in some in some way apart from my manager of course the parents see the report I would meet with them discuss the reports go through it with them obviously there's going to be things in it that they will not agree about we'll discuss that and they will I may have not included something which they want included so we will discuss that also and I would take their points and ensure that I would raise them at the conference if you give it enough time there are things that you can change but there are things that you're obviously not going to because that's perhaps how you see it and the parents see it perhaps differently we would want to ensure that the parents know from the onset what our concerns are we'd be very clear that parents are not going to a conference on without knowing the reasons for or concerns that information would also come from other professionals as well so I would be providing the parents with the concerns that other professionals may may have we would want to ensure that parents are able to be at the conference so it may be that there's some childcare arrangements that need to be made we would assist them with that we would discuss with them about who they may want to be at the conference to offer them support so it may be that there's a family member that or a friend that they would find supportive or it could be an organization and advocacy organization the parents would be made aware of who would be present at the conference the conference would have to be Koretz so there's a number of professionals who would it's standard for them to be there so such as the police health education and obviously social services and additional professionals would also be invited which I would make the parents aware of so it may be that they have you know somebody from a nursery or someone from let's think it could be a drug and alcohol advisor someone like that sometimes the child is not made subject to a protection plan if it is there's a plan put together to support the child to assist in bringing up the level of care it that plan would also incorporate the parent it may be that the parent needs to attend somewhere as part of the plan and after the conference there is obviously the core group meetings some organizations or some departments will have their core group meeting on the same day however others have it within ten days working days it's a much smaller group you would not have all those individual professionals who were at the conference meeting it would be key individuals such as health education and the social worker who would chair the meeting and you would also have the parents there the parents are important parts of that meeting

8 thoughts on “Interview with a Social Worker – child protection conference

  • Nice overview of what the CPS social worker would do on a daily basis. She covers how she interacts with the child and the parent from the initial investigation until the conference.

  • Thank you for this very informative and down to earth interview. The reason this video has a fair amount of dislike is that some people who have had negative experiences with social workers are voicing their opinion by going through internet videos and disliking videos such as this. There is nothing wrong with this interview.

  • I personally do not agree with the amount of dislikes this video has received. I thought this was a very informative and insightful video on social work. Thanks for uploading!

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