Interview with Chad Kroeger of Nickelback by Metal Covenant – Part 1 out of 3

I was saying like what was your number one goal coming up with this record and like you through the whole process the number one goal um just keep making music that's all it's nothing you know the goal isn't any different than it's ever been make music make good music make ourselves happy and hopefully keep some fans happy at the same time so the new record takes off with some heavy riffing and you play acoustically and some points are pretty light so it's this diversity something that you're taking to account when you write the songs or does that just come naturally I think it just kind of comes naturally there's no I mean if we look at the album and it's incredibly lopsided then we try and even it out a little bit this one we definitely wanted a heavier aspect to a little more aggression a little more aggressiveness to it so um but at the end of the day we can kind of do whatever we want to do and it doesn't matter we've got lots of money I don't obviously by now no one can possibly think it's about the money um you know and then you got to go tour it I think the most important thing is not losing money hitting it you know I'm so yeah it's a it's a I was just saying outside to some of the staff members because I was just meeting a couple these young kids and then they are just walking by right there they said I said so you're in accounting and yeah we handle like billing and all that stuff I said ok and I started about my job in their job and they said you want to switch I said no why would I want to switch if I wanted to be an accountant I would have been an accountant um you know I wanted to play music I didn't know I was going to being a band that got to this level and I had no idea that this was going to happen but I'm sure glad I did and I guess that would be another way to answer your question you know to be able to keep doing this as long as we want to do it is the most important thing and we've been saying that for years because the last thing you want to do is quit because no one likes you anymore now here so you guys put together a song how much do you focus on the actual chorus of a song and how much do you focus on the rest of the song oh that's funny because I lie I make fun of us all the time for when I would go and write songs with anyone else I would never go into that writing session without ten song titles a bunch of ideas for choruses it'd never be like hey what do you think about this one day I woke up and you know kind of one of those things that is literally the worst way to write a song like you should never write us on my way however even knowing that Nickelback always writes their songs like that we always start off somewhere we just start the movie we have no idea where that we have no idea where the hell the movie's going it's hilarious cause I would never do that if I went with Road with a country artist if I went pop artist another rock artist whatever it might be I would never start us on the way we started that's a terrible way to song right you should know you would never start a movie as a screenwriter as two guys are walking through the forest you would just never do you have okay what's the what's the movie about what's the movie about you would know you'd know the big climactic moment you'd know the ending and then you literally work backwards professional songwriting is that so as soon as you know your main theme and everything else that's going to go on in your chorus then user versus to describe your courses not us like a bunch of idiots wandering to do yeah and we just these points and I laugh all the time because I'll be sitting like now what but I have no idea where we're supposed to be going this is silly what are we doing obviously it's working yeah well I mean I look back at some of the songs we've written as long as I'm really proud of and I'm like how did we get there I look at photograph and far away and I look at all these songs like how in the hell did we wind up they're after me saying look at this photograph every time I do it makes me laugh how did I get there you know I just want you to keep playing it over and over and over you kind of go oh I'm nostalgic kind of got this or that or whatever and you know and you we just make our way there I don't know how we do it but sometimes I just sit and scratch my head it's mine boiling this was called being an artist I think I know something or really goddamn lucky I'm going to come back to life a little bit later but for now when going into the studio it's sometimes hard to know know that you have to kind of give up to people's expectations about coming out with a couple of hit songs on every album no no it's more us we're the worst like we put myself especially I put all the pressure on myself saying is this as good as everything else we've put out before or is it different enough that I don't care you know is it is it's just something I wanted is this does this feel good at the time the few tisha feels good at the time just do it and we're not you know I don't know I don't think that were ever going to be you know that big radio success band anymore I think now we need places like Spotify because that's the best place to get our music out there and so before when we would think about things I mean we'd always want to write things that meant something to us excuse me that had some sort of you know that one of us always had a connection to and we would write from there and go out and then we'd always be like okay but where is this going to live like if we're going to write this is there a place that this can live that we can get it out to our fans so we realize what is this a rock song as it pops on what is it what is it because whatever it is we should probably make it that and know what the hell you're doing because when you're just sort of lost and off wandering around and you might have a good idea or good melody or something or some good lyrics but when you don't have a direction I think you sometimes you just lose sight of it else it must be cool to have freedom to write all the song you like right but we had that before I mean we could write heavy heavy like like damn near metal and on the other and we could write this very melodic love story you know whatever we wander or something that would make you cry or something that would make you miss your friend that just died or your your mom or your dad or make you think about the choices that you make on a daily basis whether it's if everyone cared or if it was when we stand together or something like that or something just made you feel good and want to go and drink with your buddies like burn it to the ground or something like that like our music is I don't I can't think of another band this is diverse as we are I can't and I don't think that's me talking from pride or ego I mean you're sitting across the table you know what you're talking about can you name me another band that could play I would say Stone Sour right out of them don't sour stone sorry's like it's very diverse – yeah because they're trying to be Nickelback maybe Corey Taylor has said some really nasty things about me before the press he talked about he talks about how easy it is that to write a hit song one will show me show me write one I've yet to hear one you're okay they're not as good as Nickelback they sound like Nickelback light we were cited the same labor they had to put on masks and jump around how good can your music be if you've got a beat each other up on stage throw up in your own masks every night I mean music shouldn't come with a gimmick music should just be music none of my favorite music comes with a gimmick like and he got tired of sitting behind the mask he wanted people to know what he looks like she started Stone Sour Thank You fun so mother record you think think that feeding machine is a record that has like instant hit material or is the record has to like grow a little bit into people's hearts to eventually find its greatness I don't know I um we released a song that I definitely wouldn't use the H word on but the fans loved it and all the fans received it very well and which I love you know that's always great but we just kind of we got to the point where just like we don't care you know it's like now with a special place like Spotify you know any place where you can stream music we don't we don't need radio like we used to need radio now you just put it out there and your fans can enjoy whatever they want to enjoy and it was less about being worried that something while this is a little too long and they're not going to play it on the radio if it's too long so we got to cut out the guitar solo or whatever the hell it is that is annoying as hell you know when you send a song over to Germany or something it's like no capping longer than three-and-a-half minutes or whatever it is so you're just like you're trying to cut out sections of your music so you can get it out there somehow to your fans that sucks yeah you know Queen never would have done that with Bohemian Rhapsody nope absolutely not so so

49 thoughts on “Interview with Chad Kroeger of Nickelback by Metal Covenant – Part 1 out of 3

  • So the interviewer laughed because he obviously knows about both bands he knows that Stone Sour formed in 1992 before Slipknot and btw, I think Nickelback is like Oasis Lite or 3 Doors Down Lite. They’re NOT anywhere near Stone Sour, and Corey’s remarks about foot face should send a message to Nickelback.

  • Yeah he's a bit of a prick, wouldn't you be too if your passion and work
    was shit on endlessly just because people don't like it.
    Grow the fuck up people, give the man a break.

  • Avenged Sevenfold is a pretty diverse band… probably more diverse than Nickelback. They have songs like “So Far Away” “MIA” “Sieze the Day” “I won’t see your tonight Pt. 1” and then they have “Bat Country” “Beast and the Harlot” “Scream” “Nightmare” “Afterlife” …then they do progressive metal with “The Stage”… more diverse in my opinion than Nickelback. (This is coming from someone who actually likes Nickelback (yes I know crucify me))

  • Chad is arrogant yes. But to be fair, Corey is too. Love slipknot (and stone sour) and nickelback due to how different they are. This feud is between two lead singers who have big egos. Heres my outlook: without fans, they’re just two bickering idiots. Its all about how you lead and they both have had their downfalls with what they say to a camera. Just be different bands. People like that. It makes going to 2 different shows worth it.

  • I love this man and almost every one of Nickelback's songs but his ego really showed when he claimed Stone Sour "are trying to be Nickelback" and that "they sound like Nickelback lite." Yes, your music is diverse, Chad but come on! This is laughable.

  • Nickelback, is arguably rock. Stone Sour and Slipknot are definitely rock and metal. As you can see, there’s a clear difference between Chad Kroeger and Corey Taylor.

  • Can we send Chad Kroeger, Justin Bieber and Drake to a place where they'll never be heard from again? Wtf happened to Canada where those 3 cunts sell the most albums?

  • I've been a Nickelback Fan when the First Spiderman Movie (2002) came out. But as a long time Fan I'm between surprised and not surprised cause I have Friends that don't like Nickelback

  • This from the guy who wrote "The Next Contestant" One of the dumbest rock songs I've ever heard in my life.

  • Obviously slipknot knows music better then nickleback because almost half of their songs are hits and almost none of nickel back's songs are hits

  • More musically diverse?…hm…alright then clears throat Smashing Pumpkins, Coheed & Cambria, The Cure, Deftones, David Bowie, Opeth, NIN…fuck even Korn proved to be more musically diverse in later years, even if all that material wasn’t too great it’s still better than anything Nickelback has done…even Linkin Park ventured out quite a bit, and besides the last album being a bit meh, A Thousand Suns has aged fantastically in my opinion…point here being this fucking douche is delusional and has no idea what he is talking about! 🙄😂

  • For one, why is anyone or anything with metal in their name interviewing or even caring about what nickleback or Chad Kroger have to say? They’re a joke. And for 2.Chad couldn’t write a song that even comes close to anything Slipknot, stonesour, or Taylor has written. Chads just pissed that nickleback has torecycle riffs and music they’ve already put out!

  • This guy is a fuckin doooouche.
    1. Your music is not diverse. You used the example of lyrics, which is not music.
    2. Corey Taylor has written pleeenty of hit songs like Duality, Through Glass, Bother, Before I Forget, and Wait and Bleed.
    3. Corey was in Stone Sour before he joined Slipknot you fucking idiot

  • Nickleback is shit, every song sounds the same, good old poppy faggoty mainstream bullshit, I guess when you're afraid to step out of the 'mainstream comfort zone' and grow some balls, you get crap like this.

  • I don't like chad kroeger or nickelback but he's right about corey Taylor. Taylor is a self righteous virtue signalling douche. Both stone sour and nickelback suck

  • "Yeah cause they're trying to be Nickelback." Lmao yeah whatever you say Mr. Kroeger. Keep drinking you fucking douchebag. Stone Sour will always and I mean ALWAYS be superior over Nickelback.

  • Also… how can he say that he's not speaking from ego yet he says another band is trying to be his band.

    It's things like that, I want to like Nickelback because they do make some cool instrumentals and yet it's when he says things like that that just steer people away.

    Hit songs from Stone Sour, alright….
    "Through Glass", "Song #3", "Absolute Zero"…. how many more am I forgetting?

  • It's kind of funny when he talks about havin good lyrics and having something that doesn't sound like what they did before. Okay then…

    "Midnight Queen", "Animals", "Bottoms Up", "Burn It To The Ground", "Something In Your Mouth", "Next Go Round", "Shakin' Hands", "Next Contestant".

    All from different albums yet they're about the exact same thing..

  • It's so fucking ironic that Mr. Kroeger talks about Stone Sour being "Nickleback light" and that Nickleback is better and Slipknot / Stone Sour / Corey Taylor never had a real hit song. Take a look at their shows, clicks on YouTube, sold records… Corey Taylor and his bands beat Kroeger and his band in every single segment. Nickleback doesn't even come close to Slipknot in popularity and success. Slipknots and Stone Sours music is much more versatile and more interesting as well. It's real Metal as well and not the shitty Pop-Rock like Nickleback is playing. Chad Kroeger is just frustrated, nothing more.

  • 9:23 music shouldn't come with a gimmick, music should just be a music.
    And then there's Rammstein, absolutely original and non-generic (as opposed to Nickelback), playing concerts with a frikkin FLAMETHROWER mounted on their heads

  • Listen you boring little shit writing fucker, both Slipknot and Stone Sour are legendary bands and they produce material which is grammy nominated. Slipknot has even won one. Let me guess if you have ever smelt a grammy award in your life , NOT EVEN ONCE! You wanna hear a good song of corey's? Well I can give you a truckload of tracks that might blow you away! I think you should hear your own songs someday and you will come out with bleeding ears. I once heard "Photograph" and I had to listen to Slipknot all day to get myself in a good mood again. NICKELBACK SUCKS!
    And you what, the moment when you said that Stone Sour is trying to be Nickelback, it was totally justified of that person to laugh at you 'coz I think you very well know how to make dick of yourself in front of millions of people!

  • This is why everyone hates you. Fuckin narcissistic swine. You can't diss a metal god and not have blow back. It's like fuckin with eminem in hip hop. You just don't do it… Dumbass…

  • I’m waiting to hear nickelback write a GOOD song, i mean they’re okay but they’re not as good as slipknot. They’re trying to be slipknot light.

  • Fuck Corey Taylor. CK is a legend. Haters gonna hate. Sure NB has come out with some SHIT songs…but those songs we’re meant for radio. This guy is one of the greatest song writers of modern times and can write a shredding riff. He’s being honest here….that’s all.

  • Stone Sour already existed when Slipknot started. Chad, you don’t even know what you’re talking about😂

  • Victoria Trauner me & u are good fans of Slipknot & Nickelback! They’re both excellent bands & never EVER pay attention to haters! Those 814 dislikers are Bieber & Jonas fans

  • The amount of butthurt and cringe from Slipknot's fanbase almost made me take Chad's side. I kind of slammed both Corey Taylor and Chad in a rant somewhere else.

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