Interview with Martin Brudermueller on the Alliance to end plastic waste

well there's one very clear straightforward target in plastic waste the Alliance which we just have started contributes 1 billion u.s. dollars to achieve this goal and we even have the ambition to bring together 1.5 billion u.s. dollars over the next five years to find solutions I think this is a unique Alliance because for the first time we bring companies along the value chain shoulder-to-shoulder together to take out the same problems and this is great because it right at the start we have already around 30 companies global companies around different regions to come together in this alliance well as a large producer of plastic materials we are convinced how great these materials are they contribute so much value to mankind in terms of convenient safety and health and it would be simply very sad if the material the quality of the material is discredited by not taking care until the end of of the lifetime of the product this is why we want to contribute as a member and the co found in the alliance with our abilities and this innovation to find the right solutions to take care and to tackle the problem of waste and to find usually solutions to dispose and reuse and recycle these materials well the Alliance is is important because I think this is a real unique opportunity to go with your heart and with the minds to this problem of plastic waste I think it's everywhere in the society and there is a you to be honest that we have to do something BSF is a responsible company there's a long tradition in sustainability this is why we want to be part of that unique global initiative well BASF is a global company with lots of innovation and I think we have a lot of opportunity to bring parties together and to really work on new perspectives on how to deal with plastic materials it's very much about innovation we cannot only develop new technologies to take care about the longer lifetime of products but we can also work with our partners to more and more drive innovation in terms of circular economy one one aspect that vsf is following up here is the so-called CEM cycling project this is converting plastic waste by smart methods into new chemicals again and I think this is a unique opportunity where the innovation and the dedication of PSF can bring full value to the initiative

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