Intro to my channel under The Night View of NYC تقديم لقناتي تحت منظر ليلي جميل لمدينة نيويورك

Salam to everybody and welcome brothers and sister every where welcome all to Get An Idea Channel welcome all from anywhere in the world and all friends and families I hope you will support me with subscribe like and share please! and comment to tell me what you want to see I am here for you I am here for you so I can show the beauty of New York and share with my diaries diaries of Moroccan in America in the city of New York especially there are a lot of places you can discover it it doesn’t have to be touristic but beautiful I will give it some informations extra so I search for it and share it with you just tell me which place would like to see and i will show it to you with my experience as a Taxi Driver is a big experience I can show you some beautiful and exciting place which maybe never visited by tourist for example this place as you see filming it at night has some special look beautiful view facing Manhattan as you see over there is Queensborough Bridge as the administration of blomberg called Ed Koch connect you from Manhattan to Queens this place we are in is Queens is called Long Island City there is a big difference between Long Island and Long Island City Long Island City part of Queens near Astoria Queens this place as i told you they say this person sold what he owned in Manhattan and came here to buy this land and turned to this beautiful project over there is pepsi cola sign well known you can see it from the other side of Manhattan very old and historic this place was no man’s land until this person came and turned to this beautiful project these apartments at least $5k cheap apartment to buy was about $1M this project very successful most of people they rent here or buy is to face this beautiful view as that building over there looks like Empire State Building it called Chrysler Building very old it was one of the tallest Building back then built of bricks other one over there the Empire State Building has those colors red and blue I will go there and show you more inside is was built within a year the old generation worked very hard the new generation Built the Freedom Tower it took to long Freedom Tower which was built to replace the Twin Towers over there that Bridge is called Williamsburg Bridge south of that is Manhattan Bridge and south of that is Brooklyn Bridge I will show it to all the highway you see over there is called FDR when you drive down there you will see beautiful place beautiful facing this side this view you see here we are facing the Midtown Manhattan there is Midtown East and Midtown West Midtown West is from the other side the side of New Jersey I will show you Manhattan there will be different beauty the beauty of NYC you can also see from there like Downtown, Chelsea area Upper West Side this is the East River other side is the West River both of them connect to the ocean Manhattan is an Island this is all here in Queens over there is an air Tram on top of the East River it take you to an Island it called Roosevelt Island I will show it to as well it is in the Middle between Queens near Queens with small Bridge and Manhattan north of it there is other Island Randall Island they practice there a lot of sports south of Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge there is a beautiful view facing Manhattan that erea named dumbo which is under the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge there a lot of people shooting wedding picture and here as you see there is a ferry station ship that takes from here to Manhattan you pay about $2.75 from here to that side and other one over there it takes you Downtown some take to New Jersey and Staten Island if we go more south after Brooklyn Bridge there is Battery Tunnel and there is Battery City which is next to The Freedom Tower and behind that river there is Staten Island there are a lot of things maybe I didn’t talk about it it will be present in my videos just Subscribe and ring the bell so you can receive new exciting videos when I see more viewers and subscribers my videos tell me that I have an viewers this is all for you guys because I love to show this to friends and family and all the people all ever the world me too when i wasn’t here we wanted to see like these views I want to deliver this so everybody can see especially with these social media every thing gets closer but each one of us tell it in his own way but I Want use my experience use my experience as a Taxi driver I was and I still in this beautiful city taxi driver I know a lot of places which probably a lot of people didn’t discover it yet and when I see any beautiful exciting places I may not pass by it again I will take a video of it so you can it I hope you will like my Channel and what I do for you guys Thank you very much! forgive me if i took too long Thank you very much! without you these videos won’t exist but I here because of you and my Love to you All please! please! don’t forget to Support me so I can move forward so I can give more then my energy this is all..there are a lot of places but like the Bronx Yankee Stadium and the Bronx Zoo there are a lot the entrance of JFK airport like Time Square where everybody go please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE Thank you very much!

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