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  • How about a way to record my purchases into different categories? Help me organize my finances Chase. When I buy something maybe the Chase app should prompt me and say something like, "I see you've made a purchase for 49.99 at Sears. What category does this purchase belong to?" Then pop up a list with options like Entertainment, Bills, Food, Child care, etc. Then give me some graphical reporting and show me where I spend my money at the end of the month. Maybe send alerts when I approach my entertainment limit. Maybe a little advice about cash flow. Is this too much to ask? 

    I am a pretty tech savvy Chase customer and I can say that I am completely underwhelmed by what Chase offers in terms of the mobile app, as well as banking through a web browser. Chase does some things well, like being able to accept cash deposits at an ATM, the Chase Quickpay, and being able to deposit a check electronically with my phone. Past that, there isn't much left. Past that, it's just any other bank. Honestly, those three features and the simple fact that there IS a mobile app are the only things that keep me from going to a credit union. 

    Listen Chase, you're my bank. I need help keeping my finances together and let's be honest, you do next to nothing for me. I've scoured the mobile app and the website and the features I'm looking for aren't there. Sure, Chase offers every kind of money transfer imaginable and all the services that you would expect from a bank but what it doesn't offer is tools for the layman. For example, I just wanted a quick and easy way to download my transaction data from the website and put it into a spreadsheet to manually put my transactions into categories. There is an option to do this, but it's buried deep in the website and the data it does give is garbage and almost unusable. Why is this data so difficult to get? They're my transactions, I want them off the website and onto my computer quickly and easily. If you're not going to give me tools to study my finances, at least make it easier to get my data off your website. 

    Your updated app is coming to Android soon. I hope that it's a worthwhile upgrade. The app so far is archaic, looks stupid, and is not very fun to use. I hope the changes you've made are actually good and not just a stupid splash screen picture. No offense to your pictures but that's literally the one thing I care the least about. 

    There is one thing I've wished my entire life that a bank would do. I would like to create "buckets" for things. I want to be able to create buckets where I put my money for specific things like my different bills, debts, entertainment, etc. Basically I want to be able to section off 200 dollars from my general bank account and designate that money for the cable bill or something like that. This balance would not be available to use for any other kinds of purchases and I would like to set that "bucket" to do automatic E-pay when my bill is due. 

    The point of what I'm talking about is that when I get paid, I would like to be able to log in to my bank account on a computer, then designate that x dollars go in the cable bill bucket, y dollars go into the electric bill bucket,  z dollars go into the rent bucket. The remaining balance would be the balance I have to use for debit and other transactions. Then I set up what days my bills are due, and the amounts to pay on them, and all my bills get paid automatically and I don't have the ability to overspend at the bar this weekend. 

    You see Chase, something like this would actually be innovative when it comes to banking. Help me categorize my transaction data. Let me set up some buckets. Call 'em Chase Buckets. Wives across the country would love you as they put their husband's paychecks into different buckets. Unfortunately, I have no faith in Chase. Your updated Android app will be an improvement on the old app but will lack anything truly innovative. I'll remain a Chase customer just sitting here hoping one day my banking experience will actually be awesome. 

  • Posted my review on Google play store. Now I'ma post it here. Cause u need to fix the chase app. It is broken and has been for way to long now. So you log in right. Its ur first EVER and ur excited. Wait. We don't recognize this mobile device. Makes sense. I've never done this before. U put in ur identification code after choosing 3 options on how to get it. Your in. Your sweating and excited at all the different information u can see. U can't handle it. So u log out. Ur at peace for now. Later u realize ur getting hit with a bill. So ur like I wanna check my bank since it's so easy. Wait. It doesn't recognize my device? Huh that's weird. I'll let it slide. Later for whatever reason u decide to check again. That's weird, it doesn't recognize my device still? Okay chase. Okay… 2 months later. Considering getting another bank. One I don't have to jump through hoops to see my bank account. Fix it chase. That's the end of the story.

  • chase sux do youre self a favor and bank with another company. bad mobile apps horrible customer service over the phone and a lot of hidden fees

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