Inuit Cree Reconciliation – Documentary

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Mooney of housing in law the manual core and little – Takashi – ma seen a harem watch America cat a maturity a little inner look fetching 1970 – mama that laughter [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] Misha Kotik suta Wamba gusta me could your epic neo natal look to kissable never would see willing attack panel a parameter in with look and then do you see an in your heart you told me wonder how to get Lavanya I'm Ally Pally Aloha doctor like shivering English to kiss you and write something quick do you have your own I don't I mean what's the same thing but I don't gourmet gourmet I hear make a go see hey wasn't it reek like that hey I get divided so they get to ride on the Oscars she's CMOS give I get hung outside she thoughts about what automatons actually the peanuts I was rattled Otto's it's about a eh study three star telemarketer Invalides consultants Netanyahu was this avoids the ad that's when I don't stationary slowin that actual women died sure any boys in are so high classical I know what I've always gone honest about meets often I see Malcolm where to be shots I'm gonna show our three high or dr. Correa Ottoman Samia who did CEO who elements whose Chavannes jokes Edna here you might now to see what I don't say at all I only sessions I thought we I oh dear what a Santa sure that I knew hormone aunty board dear what that's what we were taught the world is Jana so that's your talks Oh he has to be safe Ashima the Earth's entire face non-place them yourself what something recent I know wasted on you neck out the leap shotty he has to be something what nice where they ask away States or Nighthorse Fe oh oh you seem out say uh punish the wall more good what do you know that now if she mean the war more guitar I won hours did you miss Hall cool queen who I want to say so you're not spoken each other see that's what that's a wall McCourt Oh II hope that as we head out through it I'm so high or not smokin I got that no oh I heard though hey what's to be said no once we said that guy okay oh wait wait don't race war okay I had that though he scored two people doubt you know did she's not her face oh wait I'll hit donate a nugget you thank enemy absent ice cause that's it for that game I can't add too much what with the salary so I okay doesn't say a nigga don't win semester second artist fellow artists the walks quites about where your josefstadt oh you that's how are you are there and if the boy was that this yep he told you that I hung up I ain't have to say you it's not say you know but you each I won't think if I said before what is you Monica that's the what a little dog I hate you sesame know I bother seeing people tell you means a substan you know up stayin you don't know you in the school call cycle be asking well yes it's Alex idhaya do you know you're in there now behind a steamer no oh but should I take cool so I'm saying here that sometimes a local Doc's is not a hold about someone Semak divided somewhat semi-ghetto they were high states yet and Thomas had to answer that dachshund agent and to reach out yet the boil stocks in your heyday mag inaudible Nana Peters and see you'll hear in this Shiva stops wanting a pedo today is like a license to go it seems frantic once engine out here yet you'd assume that Elvis you know if I start sin segi well I wish you had Sin City time Agra know it's whole you know fashion oats and he knows nothing that what she did say welcome oh so that's what's that's right yeah yeah yeah well you know II dragon no answers no it's watts and CEO swathi sympathy third sheet though huh now here's a species death okay hey i don't wanna hey children along with along with the would demand that your own banter erupting you tell your kids dog do little bit to me to retire I'm over level gravity good put up to turn over Laverty the panic you know we are to kind of put them in you or not can open up to when you move out then tell her to her would love that you know I thought out about two week and he he came over dignity it should keep a colony along to meet her yeah but now we didn't is no more and now let's do a joke perhaps shouldn't know it's just one provide the Spanish but they oh my god there's no Theo's three days to my own area and now each other there's a great Alaskan yesterday there so about the state surrender station what's happening we had originally July but by now stuck and done after it's done it's and though she structure puts your funding me tender and I station wash hands and now that guy's first yet domestic India and do you see you might not have to have a good night and that that one that I have some that's what that interested but that's not strong voice to matinee that's ugly that's a come one job that was good drop that yeah yeah now it's cooking some feather that's wait my best fights our question says if I lasted about that we're stupid are you is it by stuff that lasts a while students truck yeah wash the car door will never learn Eponine are learning the manual but today but today I'm a lot too beloved in the marae to overturn everything many measure up torn away the me you know bully a lesson or two to be here so much that follow a look at Murray Avenue you can email your octogenarian I'm looking at CUDA tell me okay of numata their quarrel the manual of it the middle of the day may look familiar to me aunty Dominic Kinnear of the heaviness in your ear Lydon what Albany moose knee Moose Factory they couldn't look adequate of actin a fool of any the minor a minor la la-la land and let her remember miss a mini moon you know NATO gonna go to vignette vignette covering around me who looked up an image company suyodhana Jota could you're helping me partner Simon and I took the power but dr. moon I'm just love somebody would Alex took her to Captain Kidd little bit I see you i Ross me I haven't either no matter town in a new community a part of us really good in selectivity velocity tomorrow to love shooter it or not you've a canoe Nevada City this aquatic German literate ammonia classical defconn do tell me your music how will a naughty tourniquet that if a salami you well now I'm telling me you are no no Jeremiah is a double of sin when you taught it to me to go after output select arrow and devotion to a holy God do I do that myself i'm not a blue the moment turn map casa de la mia acquired new young new potentially able to get you – good emanating to pedasi money over here oh no no a great luck opening there in the chapter to connect among mr. kataoka city you know taxi you are elderly man noona would make could you look after the eternally could you happy Amelia you are finding any Tarsus does of a $10 aye-aye-aye in my FB i– I admire vine in my eye I admire my my welcome where's the river looking for the river dangle Oleg I wanna go we'll do need determining we have to put it tomorrow you know taking that that is your target action we call a tamale to turn on them will do me good litera 7ej honey I'm up good Johnny knew nothing of eternity kappa level Tabua you know in Tang Maxima beyond the coming up in only cutting internet you know how to get elected my new Nanami I'm at hours late Thermopylae about five miles nicotine in late Shri Loomis is a personal meaning a trajectory I'm shivering a tale of questioning and I talked to Chile – my co-director – then could look down at Amanda honey called early tomorrow need to create to her are not fuctioning of jetan ik solo I mean my talent I look to it they're not they've done archaeology here your Toby knows I know they did some a little well years ago before the projects got little campsites No do you think they would have come closer to the river fresh water instead of over yeah yep in the walking distance what is this a quick here oh yeah maybe think maybe that's fresh water can get from there maybe that's why I've given as you critical Seraphim my architect Posada to request we are all similar you mean item across or was it's a monument that we are off the greater part of Google now but to behind averagely wicked cool commentaries are a medium and noble to see that were monetarily gr nose to mouth after now chemical oh goodness one to get her than the food attitude i light up when his career after winning Khadija Kovac attack energy the moment to get to that but to Google water and Jana silver afternoon to beginner would civil lock panel to the table in the after 2t good tomorrow some support but the two who knew igloo I would thought though I say whoa our chief meow her to amongst was a juice tomato spread Jos you know when tomorrow I will she be no stone washing credits I would you go – jokes for yards yeah I hope I won't imagine why hear it them I wish on guys okay scales took that scar looks question where she BR her pop this Nair yeah the guys rather than debate said well from what I mean image which stood near shame I hate the guts I open a little man watch yo your birth canal what do I oka but today it's worth much over in tastic they were now gonna a mystery nest young on the page at them well respectful base i me to me okay question what's a hasty master Damian like the rates guess it's yeah she's like a they're after me yeah what's a moment sandwich Melanie charge II see it H has come over the house didn't get touched up or such mean we have Anita so even what they HT macho woofster mother-son base and each Nancy to see Dutch lobster scare said that Cerreta Chavo sheís or Jen get through what you watch at they ever mistake you nice to meet you ought to play when I was watching the Ravens negate that's rather naughty yet I want your thoughts Coast Express see the attentions break 1 b1 against it amer yoga with food fulfillment you're never never can another and another any enemy could conduct amicable and at 10:11 ago damn I'm a teller of tomorrow that remote over enacted all of us in alleged ornament a little tell me – Sarah you support a woman you know to me I could come read a little in your maloo maloo Pokemon camera camera – look look you talkative missile with a minister they get care did not selling her too low pile cup put a lot that is excited no simmer only learning maximum sitting in your opinion not ever having them I wanna you know cameraman in the past we know that there was animosities there was war and conflicts over territory there were issues and misunderstandings but today we want to close that chapter we're all the wrongdoings that our ancestors may have done to the intimate nation we ask for your forgiveness today and today when we finish this ceremony we will recognize the peace I know it's very hard to face the reality that things that happen even when I travel to throughout nunavik I still feel the conflicts and the misunderstandings we have so today we're going to rewrite the chapter that the Cree and the Inuit nation we have existed and we have lived together side by side in peace and we must let go of the wrongdoings we have done together to ourselves and to each other we do this so that our ancestors our families cousins that their souls their spirits will rest and that they will guide us and help us together become stronger and united very important we're already example good example that we could live sake by sake as a nation to nation and work in a team I think you were much for gathering in this place which is first time I've really be on the ground hey thank you Neku make the manage to do it I'm not BMO me too much the manner you pick a level woman you call me woman that she won a 1970 me I'm gonna do you a rock certainly oh yeah miss Perrone Quebec a Kramer take a good near the cup in the shop to do it he cannot to be here so a lot do not tell the children develop to a mellow when they character you monitor them economy I have to eat yourself after you left in a coma call a character a character delete the Telsa just look the mantra mega-cool Nanticoke never have to get yourself in it they make them pee the sololift them I mean don't you oh hello Nana I care that there was nothing lower don't kill me I'll do it they were along unless you were looking again German ah but NATO see my rock Nicola tamakwa hit the road don't want Romania either each other name it it's evil to get like a mother I'm eloping I shall have to be checked out an ultra ultra she wouldn't mind meeting me all not that I'm adamant on opening an email look come on he landing meto happy attorney would be check the hell off to another tomorrow see was enough but me to get another cup she went ahead talk we need to go to the flower route she will live however happen if elected up on dr. cruler the magnet who might Darla pincher claw road man come on to my chicken together moon in actual another second day my man the county chairman of Tanana in Romeo cheetah the patron who never said Michelle did to me [Applause] cheerful capturing it down there we don't women [Applause] [Applause] Cheeta tuna again exhale una gue sudden hola to domani when I light the pipe I connect our spirit to God and this represents the fire that needs to burn so that there's always peace damiana eg generally to us to ship over to Big Agnes to aku una escuela look beautiful logo time a tuna – I didn't image a conductor with the touch moon cooking would occur thanks for the steak especially here is our people outside laughing be happy let the steam be a beginning of great piece of our spirit yours love we always walk in people well yeah imagine a second when I know yeah whoosh gets a mouse inside and I did not touch this you know that's a no-no too mushy cycle turns out guys that's the one I don't hate any Mayo what the transfer is what such a steamer whoa we owe them Australia so much see not according to our source Korea is diversity at that be excited yeah that's acquire be how much happier I am not what see that sense check me out patria yeah yeah down about now it's too much engine not a change in hey Jeremy ever a chance to focus on the artists estimate turns into magical Sonya yes I speak I speak you know it so much in a steamer oh I had to go yeah yeah yeah my message is a steamer is she much yes sir Virginia as well oh no only so much to go to your mail today yes um oh yes yes we are geometry oh yeah issueless which watch each other my imagination well we have mattress Yuma's we actually employ a year okay up with extension see yeah yeah how could we actually I'm close to change see it's actually what I know how could some of those Crisco it's too easy you know well I think I thought Jellicle times a year th you know she's actual one I'll show you in the gate I wish to Malaysian government how about that I'm sorry you're in for them [Laughter] yeah the coming after you in a lane simile you never to eat in denial of truth out of travel opportunity dr. McGee you knock at the gate put civil Musa who did sangman assuming no fatigue is Dominic I'm suin except actually lytic pitama mean Windemere on and I love it Tatsumi Korean demerit in new demands come on my treat Kuya wrapping me I'm a ghost I'm whom I met in of Germany who enemy too much of the Torah what do not Sydney and what is the goes to Mars little before day they Monday see you're no more saya me hearts toka here we much Marty Thor we know we're sag or day here for Jana a gorgeous IV we you

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