Investigating Trinity Tower radio signal Fallout 4 – Let’s play Fallout 4 PC live stream

you [Music] you hello testing one two three there we go can I change it back to this now they’re high sheesh hmm I don’t know why it was muted for some reason it wasn’t capturing my come on darn it for some reason it wasn’t it wasn’t connected or something I don’t know what to say um one sec okay so now let’s switch over to the game got it confirmed the game should be captured right now there we go got it okay so let me say me blabbing before was not even hurt by anyone yay okay so I’ve now changed my microphone set up my microphone is over here instead of over here and some other stuff I I now have a monitor art for my monitor so I can do things like this now I can just move my monitor around and I was originally going to use this so that I could be standing today to livestream but the angle of the camera is not quite right and it ends up but wait one sec the angle of the camera is not quite right and it ends up showing a lot of the ceiling and stuff and it’s really annoying so I have to figure that out I have to fix and I’m the the angle of the camera enough it’s 96 degrees here okay well as long as that is not 96 degrees Celsius you should be good all right now before we get into doing anything in here I need to go back to Diamond City because if anyone remembers from last week there was that guy Moe Cronin I think his name is we have to we have ooh we had to go find a signed baseball card baseball glove and baseball and all that and I know I already did this but I ended up talking with a guy again shush I talked to the guy again and he gave me the same quest a second time they find any of those baseball items I mentioned so I just kind of wanted to make sure that he that turning it in a second time doesn’t um it doesn’t break it a neat discovery of floating Nate wait what oh I’m not I’m not quite floating yeah or do you mean something else securities are smashed and activated warning hack detected yes you’re striking out shush 42 degrees Celsius over here nice for us here I don’t even know it’s a little bit cool look at that card sure okay well it didn’t break it but there we go we did that now oh I also I I have a very cool shotgun that I got to show you guys so that’s quick safe here before I do anything this is a very very cool shotgun it goes boom I have an exploding shotgun now I actually got a chance to play this officially oh yeah that is good I don’t I can’t really clap as easily now because this is now like right in my face here so I’ll clap in front like that that is good and yeah we had snowflakes falling last night but hey there’s I don’t see any actual snow outside so I think we’re fine all right so Trinity tower um right here investigate radio broadcast so we have to go to am I already discovered these two areas here so I’ll go to one of those and hopefully there aren’t any random people flying around floating around so I’m going to do that first sneak I made an unarmed grump whoo I named grump you really like the unarmed kind of stuff don’t you one problem I have with the microphone being here is it’s not as easy to drink anything see if I can change something a little bit like that angle this upwards shove this back high right there do it with force all right that that feels a little bit better to me maybe I don’t know how much better it really is cool all right it causes a lot of civil unrest that’s a neat shocking ability it is isn’t it I ended up finding a legendary well a bunch of legendary enemies while playing on my own I found a bunch of a legendary enemies while playing on my own and I I got this shotgun is one of them it’s a combat shotgun torso and everyone here is pissed at us I don’t know why Oh dogmeat oh okay did I break something darn it fine I guess I’ll go fast travel somewhere else you should deactivate some quests these many workers no I will activate all of the quest markers just like in Skyrim I mainly like explosives so under bills in this game I actually fall outside my element oh okay really I was just curious and it seemed like you liked a lot of the the the unarmed kind of stuff because you on Skyrim you were talked about just beating the what’s his name the ebony warrior without any weapons whatsoever I thought that was pretty cool cuz that’s something I probably could not do and warning enemies detected mmm not anymore because I left I’ll go back there a different way mmm-hmm a flower rain someone is talking about the flower rain how long you gonna take to load this game hey uh sorry okay hey funny fluffy and hello Rafael how are you guys doing welcome to the stream hope you guys are doing well we’re just sitting here for 15 minutes while this game decides to load its garbage oh oh stop it are you serious you literally just told me that this place was cleared now there’s enemies instantly goodbye you do not exist anymore all right so I don’t know exactly how to get over there but why make what was that doesn’t just cause nuclear explosions stop it oh my god what are you guys doing why am I getting a live notification Nate playing Mass Effect when I’m watching him I don’t know because YouTube is a but sometimes I think about notifications Skyrim a follow to totally different situation Nate that is true but they can be very very similar and in a lot of ways oops there we go go back to that okay okay there’s no mines lying around here there’s a new update creation of Club of course oh yeah that reminds me the the horse power armor stuff I have that quest there to to get the horse power armor because it was free I didn’t buy it also Morgan’s suit is free so I got that too sitting in there yeah I think there was nuclear explosion you can tell by the the bits of the super mutant over there and oh shoot darn it love them okay now I got him how could I have missed that shot that sucks oh and hello Bobby how are you doing welcome to the stream I missed you joining sorry about that [Music] will you what will you say when you find me hmm cuz you’re gonna get a nasty surprise suprise or even ice boom Oh boom and a boom tisk tisk tisk I don’t want to die okay stop throwing random stupid things at me like that Raiders detected yes I hate the Raiders these guys are the worst in some ways and Skyrim I usually oh hello plum hit him geez I got shotgun at close range and I can’t hit him sorry one sec let’s do that alright there’s a guy up above I don’t care that’s grammar I usually invested in a mage function followed I go unarmed or explosives mainly explosives Dragon Age I go rogue or mage mainly in Fable I invest in mage oh I love fable and Dark Souls I go mage I think you get the nice gist yes well you’re a wizard of course so you’re it’s probably pretty obvious that you’re gonna decide to go with me alright is there a guy up here waiting for me just shoot him in the face or can we just jump down there you know I I’m just gonna jump down here I don’t care I don’t care about the Raiders I’ll just leave goodbye what was that there’s a turret yeah whatever I don’t care I’ll come back next time it was that a biometric scanner keep that you’ll need it really for what cuz I’ve gotten many biometric scanners and they haven’t seemed to be that useful I’ll keep it for sure I think I have a ton of them sitting in my um in my inventory at the at the base this is Trinity tower right here oh jeez it was that close it was that ding darn close okay well interesting what did you find dog meat there’s probably gonna be a super mutant over here do you really want to fight a super mutant over here right now oh god they’re like syrup oh I guess are inside sure no you won’t because you’re gonna get boomed goodbye oh come on boom eat some god I love that radioactive gland give me that empty blood sack sir no I don’t think you will actually that’s gonna be quite difficult for you to do well super mutant camp detected well this is not a good thing what’s over here mole rat teeth I don’t care okay well uh hmm I’ll go up a little bit chance of dying 60% nay don’t you worry we shall be Fanny totally fine watch me die ten seconds later okay so quick save last night in left 4 dead 2 I ran into a glitch I somehow shoved coach in a wall interesting poor coach that’s not very nice I don’t know though that’s a really interesting glitch I don’t think I ever had something like that happen but I’ve had other weird glitches happen in in left4dead radscorpion meet well yeah I’ll take the radscorpion meat that’s always good to cook alright so we have an elevator there but there’s also more stairs over this way so I’m just gonna go straight up the stairs first to start with because there might be something up here you never know hey there is something else up there um it’s over here bottle caps yeah I’ll go I meet I’ll take that might as well and they’re in there and okay nope nothing else there darn it well it will take a blowfly gland okay well this is going to be interesting with with a lot of large baby bottle oh yes I need a large baby bottle need a large baby bottle heard the babies for a very large baby ok nothing over there what else we got up here brother just a bunch of junk to be honest yeah we have more gwinnett stout I’m like hoarding all the darn granite stout it’s ridiculous enchanted I’m 58 percent only 58 now what changed oh right why is this here why can I go here that is weird hello ash Kaelyn welcome to the stream thanks for joining how are you doing follow your dreams love from happy carick family okay and also Mohammed Alda Johnny hey sub welcome welcome everyone who’s joining here clash – thank you all for joining I appreciate it how are you all doing today alright let’s get in the elevator okay then they’re perilous and nothing and Andy welcome to the stream huh okay wait okay will you shush please I he beat the zombies because they targeted him since the Boomer vomited on him but he apparently was invincible because I couldn’t hurt him but he could hurt them interesting well I think you gave coach a nice superpower goodbye boom sorry nuevo I’m sorry I don’t know what that means oh hey stop it don’t hurt me like that goodbye oh that’s that’s just gross that’s sitting there right there yeah okay mm-hmm follow dreams of happy cries I don’t know was that a raid it could have been which is kind of interesting because that just never happened to me before so warding super mutants near oh oh hello up there how how’s it going sir boom did you like the taste of my shotgun explosion I hope so I mean you’re not being attacked my man right now what is this game this is um fallout 4 and you guys are from the happy character day we’re helping you to get likes well thank you guys I appreciate it and tell them to tell happy Kerik thank you as well that’s really nice this has never happened to me and I think that’s really cool so I really appreciate that’s real nice follow your dreams do keep with what you’re doing thanks everybody I appreciate it a lot this is awesome so I hope everyone’s having a great day today my day is starting off really great that’s really cool yeah that is kind it’s really cool I I see these things happen often but they never happened to me before you know so that’s really neat alrighty well this place is turning into a huge giant maze oh my goodness dogmeat are you okay up there you’ll bro your content good thanks I appreciate that do we have anything in there no nothing in there the super mutant up here come on let’s go Oh with strong and Rex okay you can put me in a cage all you want Oh doc mate is healed now chance of dying 45% you are really nice dude well thanks umm yes you’re good thanks guys thank you so much follow happy carrot well I’ll definitely be chicken I I don’t know if Habakkuk is a guy or a girl so I’ll say he as in general person but I will check them out afterward oh come on as long as my pin will right there we go sort of it’s not working the best there haha got it mmm it smells every time I smile I want to hug them well we can all give each other virtual hugs that are super mutant like guards ooh there’s a hugging emoji that could sort of work it’s not quite the same but it’s something mole rat meet dirty water okay well there’s nothing really good in here you’re hurting your dog meat dog meat just now okay though don’t worry dog meats fine no one nothing who are you what are you I don’t want I don’t think I’m gonna go I live I don’t think I’m gonna go in there quite yet give me a minute let’s go this way and do that that and that net all righty oh oh we got safe in here too so where are you from I am in Canada Nate will avenge me of course I will yeah because he’s meat man’s esporte ha poor dog I know it’s so rude isn’t it none of them care about the poor doggy here we go a hugging emoji okay yeah it doesn’t feel quite the same what is what there’s nothing here mr. super mutant person goodbye you’re great month thanks guys all right so I’m gonna go back in here there was a desk fan that I missed there was also some stuff down here that I missed where was it oh yes this door this advanced unlocked door and there’s no one here so go go away super mutant oh shoot I broke the bobby pin darn it how far do I have to go for it there we go right there yes all righty oh there’s it what’s that okay that was just a combat rifle dog meat I’m carrying too much I need your help I need you to carry some junk for me super mutant waste cloth a super mutant waist cloth dog meat flies and follow for when I played it really interesting did I just break that again what what is this game this is called fallout 4 it’s like a nuclear apocalypse kind of kind of deal No okay talk to me I need you to carry some junk for me you’re really sweet man like I can see that you have great character well thanks thanks I um thanks akshay I appreciate that appreciate that a lot that’s definitely what I’m trying to show people you know so I appreciate that all right Norris yes there’s lots of stupid noises here I think I need to increase my my sneaking a bit because the these guys being able to hear me like three floors away when I haven’t even said anything or done anything they shouldn’t be able to do safe control I can engage the lock again there we go might as well do that and then remote door control oh no what door though so that door over there has another door let’s waste their time unlocking this safe again just for the experience points actually I don’t want to be rude what are you guys doing is now a little creepy no I don’t think so I think they’re just being nice all righty let’s go here what what is this actually is this I can close the elevator but can I use it nothing I don’t think so hmm what’s that well I guess I might as well use it for the remote door control Doug may attack deathclaws like an Apache helicopter he pretty much does wait promote door control I can close it it’s already open hmm we do this all the time just just to see some smiles I think that’s what’s important these oh good no fight today no come on we’re gonna get a fight today it’s just gonna be a snake fight first mm-hmm sounds were dying 51% all right well let’s see if we can lower that chance or at least feed the chance we’ll beat the chance let’s in here buff out cigar box cool let’s do another quick save oh by the way I figured out how to quick save with at the press of a button it’s just f5 yeah that does nothing Stingo sure we’ll grab that shoot ok well this wasn’t very much sneaking ow well that was quick and easy this exploding shotgun i think is very overpowered unfortunately I must say good day need to take my stream or steamroom day oh right you enjoy and I will see you again very soon thanks for joining for a bit hey Bros nice talking to you see ya you are you leaving as well or are you just saying bye to wise wizard sorry sometimes I don’t always new okay so those guys we’ve got their junk I got bit nuts in here yeah see what goes down here ah shoot we’re all the way back down here no thanks see you actually appreciate it thanks guys thank you guys for joining and I’ll see you guys again hopefully soon alright just go up here get a drink and we got to sit in another long elevator like Mass Effect one how long will this elevator take my guess is 20 minutes that’s of course a joke maybe it’s not a joke [Music] hello stymied welcome to the stream haven’t seen in a long time I’m actually leaving it’s been a long day tired and I’ll come back again since I subscribed well I appreciate that I hope I will see you again very soon then so you have a good night get some a good rest and we’ll see you soon for more hello Omar you have to study so enjoy studying do well and I’ll see you soon alright super mutant lake armor I hate the super mutant voices sometimes they just like go on and on and on ha what was that I heard something oh there’s nothing there and they just keep saying more things how do you even see me oh no that was not the way that was supposed to go that was supposed to go up into the window come on Wow there we go I want to that actually hit anyone I’m gonna go into this door or maybe I shouldn’t oh hey geez that scared me where does that guy even come from Emma am i carrying too much veal to run I am darn it okay let’s get something out of here first um hello how are you I’m doing pretty well I hope you’re doing well as well Sumeet alright oops press it on the wrong thing let’s go back to the junk let’s get rid of excuse me a couple of coffee cups we don’t need those so much the FEV virus has to be killed kill them first where where is that no I don’t want to stand still you scare me I believe instead I’m scared all right what do we got in here nothing in here all right what about over here a dead computer a destroyed computer we got another door it’s a one we can unlock also very good well that’s good all right that’s all you’re going to break in the bobby pins con let’s not do that let’s go over there perfect sweet I don’t think you’re gonna be able to sir all right let’s do a quick save here I was gonna do something else now I completely forgot I have no clue what it was I was gonna do well let’s just go find these guys and destroy them and blow them up give me those yes you are aren’t you Oh goodbye well that was quick and easy I like how they’re telling me I’ll never leave here alive when it’s then who’ll never leave here alive hello I kind of gosh how are you doing all right I’m just gonna continue sneaking around literally everywhere what hey hey don’t you’ll come near me there we go oh there’s more guys up over this direction so let’s go up here and get rid of these guys dogmeat found something yes okay cool you found something good job well that was easy gee I really liked this shotgun but it feels very super overpowered like that was a one-shot thing to a super mutant brute that was that was amazing actually one shot all right let’s grab a couple of things dog meat dark meat I need you where are you there you are dog meat give me your stuff how are you I’m good oh sorry okay I I’m miss reading some of the conversation there well I am also doing well so and I’m glad you were doing well let’s put that in there and that I’ll put everything in here that I don’t need she’ll throw that in there and that did Dan goodbye excuse me hmm I was give dogmeat everything so now now I have all this super mutant stuff here am I able to like wear that oops shoot can I take back my sentinels resin synth right leg yeah that’s another thing I forgot to mention I actually have synth armor stuff just really interesting why did I kill them they were humans but they have destroyed the NA BT a battle robot MK 11 oh how dare they destroy it is it I beg to differ oh hello its fist oh god okay well I’m just gonna hide away for a little bit while I search the rest of the star but out maybe not oh God okay one second here I have something to help with this I’m mr. Jagan after two months long ahead gone well where have you been and hello Beastmaster welcome to the stream now your friend actually said you have good content so hi how are you well thanks that thank your friend for that and I am doing well how are you doing and I appreciate that you like my hair this is very very long hair oh and I forgot all right let’s go into here let’s grab some of my um I believe what is it I should have some kind of death claw thing in here or oh no it’s a gal gray yellow gly okay so yog why ribs this gives damage resistance so let’s do that oh no oh God always fight because goodbye fist you do not exist anymore give me that minigun that does mine now that’s why I like it well thanks I there no more enemies okay good warning critical damage detected don’t worry I have healed myself of the critical damage we are safe now I think anyway I’m gone for pilgrimage okay well that’s kind of cool I hope you had a good time with that then super me and heavy armor oh my chinny a tower silkie well look at this I got lots of interesting stuff in here maybe not really that great but yeah it’s awesome alrighty what’s over here oh oh okay well is there any is there anything around the side I wonder there’s probably nothing around the side hey there’s this though this is probably how will how we’ll be getting down out of here alright well let’s go inside now what is this absolutely nothing I haven’t even done anything calm down okay let’s whoops what am i doing first thing the wrong buttons that’s what I’m doing okay let’s save let’s go to here pick a random thing there wasn’t this game on Android I don’t think so because this is fallout 4 as far as I know it’s not on wait I shouldn’t have done that as far as I know this hasn’t been released on Android so I’m not sure okay challenge you may not die in this stream not one time oh really okay well I shall attempt to do this challenge brothers will be here soon they know a human is attacking the tower okay um both of you this is super mutant – yes him – oh he’s harmless well actually he’s far from harmless but he won’t hurt us trust me strong will not hurt human if human rescue strong and Rex see um why is he cage is the super mutant caged he defied his leader by standing up for me oh really I’ve given him a new purpose in life I came here to teach these poor ignorant creatures culture I started with Macbeth I guess they found it funny all of them except strong here strong learned secret of human power from Mac Beth milk of human kindness strong will find milk strong will drink milk strong will have secret power of humans yes yes of course I grew tired of taunting me they threw me in this cage little did they know there was a radio in here okay you big to catch more humans what why didn’t you tell me strong thought you know how organizations are strong to help him find the milk of human kindness if we get out of here okay and um that’s just so quick safe right there and what are the super mutants gonna do with strong throw him off the building they’re taking bets on how many times he’ll balance okay yeah I’ll trade you guys the melee bobblehead yay permanently game plus 25% critical damage with melee weapons hooray what’s this Macbeth script oh gee how long is this one gonna be oh geez okay mm-hmm hello you here lo you here she comes these is her very guys and my life fast asleep observe her stand close wait is it she does now I’m sorry what does it she does now look how she rubs her hands it isn’t accustomed action with her to seem thus washing her hands you see her eyes are open aye but their senses shut yet here’s a spot out damned spot out I say who would have thought the old man to have so much blood in him did you mark that the Thane of Fife had a wife where is she now what will these hands never be clean she has spoke what she should not are not very good at reading this kind of thing but I’m sure of that to bed to bed there’s a knocking at the gate what’s done cannot be undone I shall give her a draught to soothe her dreams next okay I’m just worried about killing strong right now scholar eye socket that’s gross hey was that strong saying that was too easy where did stone go but please tell me I didn’t accidentally kill strong or something somehow oh he’s over here oh hello strong and Rex hey strong don’t be rude come on okay fine let’s press a button let’s get out of here milk of human kindness thing that’s I thought I could civilize these savages by teaching too strong here believes it is a secret to human power so he wants us to help him find it stupid north and I left us voting from the BART good night good night parting is such sweet sorrow [Music] okay four wise men say it is the wisest course these guys are talking about real interesting things there goodbye all right well let’s go grab the garbage that these guys have on them and where are we going now Oh over here okay cool hey there’s another one of these things I didn’t know that is this an area I haven’t been to before Oh super moons in tower near your location alrighty I think we got them down though where did the other guys go hello hey strong are they not gonna follow me down here Rex can I talk to Rex Rex no apparently not okay is this gonna take us back up yeah that’s gonna take us back up okay wait we don’t want that here we go you guys need to come this way oh I’ve leveled up yes that’s right I forgot I leveled up all right well uh we can see what it is I can take I can get gun not rank three that’s the thing I could do which might be a good idea um [Music] arcade or science just science rank two I don’t know I don’t know what to do I think I’m gonna get gun nut right now yeah okay got that this time maybe I’ll get science next time all right well oh they teleport on to here with me cool well that’s good Oh dog meat dog me just not here though hey hey like how that actually destroys that good luck good luck with that sir I hit like a radroach come on geez that guy’s hard to beat this is taking up all of my shotgun ammo like actually all of my ammo holy crap Rex Rex doesn’t want to talk to me yeah oh god you’re hearing stuff one second here alright put all those back up there we go what’s what there’s nothing there is nothing here sir right foot bones I don’t need those apologies well get back to safety now where is strong many thanks for that timely rescue are you American umm so pay me why were you there you doing up there I was attempting to teach those super mutants human culture trying to civilize them I thought and maybe just experience the majesty of Shakespeare it would change them forever and who better to open their eyes to the wonders of the bar than Rex Goodman the foremost actor in the world today years welcome in any event I’m quite grateful I’d like you to have this now if you’ll excuse me I think it’s time I left this awful place I’m returning to wrvr and resuming my career in radio cool what what did he just give me he gave me something garnished with straw um what yeah he gave me something but I don’t know what it was why fine I don’t want to find this milk of human kindness milk is secret to humans Mac Beth say milk makes humans strong stronger than super mutants strong fine milk drink milk make super mutant stronger than human alrighty um we need to swap some gear strong can carry more than puny humans oh that’s a good thing so if I have you on my side you can carry all my junk for me so now is we’re strong gonna be as strong I’m just gonna like sit here and stay here until I decide to come get him as a companion cuz I hope that he doesn’t end up like dying or something oh no not now I just want to make sure I choose for strong location after quest there we go so let’s say here average-looking supermutant blah blah blah can free him on now go away don’t don’t do that go away oh geez he becomes available as a companion eventually as his approval Soul Survivor increases he limitation to respect oh my gosh what in the heck is this I hate this you go to one website to get like 30 ads jeez strong cannot be romance can you actually romance people in this game oh my parent is well where is he after the quest though where does he show up after the quest that’s what I want to know hmm it’s been wandering just out front Trinity tower check the third floor inside the tower okay well as long as he doesn’t end up like disappearing for forever or something I guess that is the important thing so I don’t want him to end up going away alright well we did the Trinity tower quest so yay oh no there’s Raiders over here oh my gosh let’s go over this way okay now we got no enemies right here I don’t think hopefully anyway what’s this right here though oh Trinity Plaza okay hmm so I think some of this area I’ve already seen before slightly it’s a little tiny bit what is that that’s a mongrel get out of here punch it go away go over it stop stop hitting me that doesn’t feel nice I’ll see how you like it where’s the other one there’s one more there hello goodbye all right come on stupid phone I get a text and then can’t do anything with it because the phone doesn’t want to open or something mm-hmm well there’s lots more in this area to explore but I guess is long I guess as long as strong isn’t gonna be missing or something we can always come back and get them another time and I think that’s what’s important war or warning warning message from general Jonas Baker general Jonas Baker is here oh no this is not a good thing what did you have oh we had a missile launcher with them here dog meat dog meat I need you to carry the missile launcher yeah dog meat stay in one flippin spot please doc we can’t carry anymore well shoot find them let’s get rid of something I have in here can probably get rid of that and that I don’t know lightweight polished metal left arm reginald suit oh oh hey that’s better than the red dress I had as a joke for a charisma the only problem with that is it takes it has a weight of three instead of you know much much less let’s go grab a nuka-cola I think I have a nuka-cola in here somewhere no I only have no color quantum well let’s eat something I guess get rid of a bit of weight excuse me and let’s hop on back over to sanctuary and drop off our junk weapons and creatures can deliver four different types of damage yes we know about this okay okay take this off let’s go to my extremely unrealistic sanctuary base that I love so very much dogmeat doc eight get up here head over there hello native decide to go with the BOS you will have a chance to destroy the CRT or before they can make their base at agra tours marina oh I I I’ve actually been to Agra Tours marina I literally just discovered that place yesterday while I was playing a little bit and there was a lady there that I wanted to go I I didn’t do anything with her yet because I wanted to wait until stream to show you guys all of that so give me one minute here let’s drop off our crap and we’ll go over there and talk to the lady and see what she can do and all that because I didn’t do anything with her yet let’s also get some buff jet we could get some psycho jet perfect oh wait there’s healing stuff I can make ah let’s make some healing stuff stim pack stimpacks are very very important there we go mines oh I also found a random syringe rifle to somewhere I forget where I found it but I found a syringe a rifle so now I have that which is interesting alright so let’s go to here we get rid of this thing rid of this rid of that now we have this here okay so I cannot you can’t mod the super mutant armor huh that’s a bit disappointing actually can I wear it though kind of where the super mutant heavy armor leg armor leg guards and waist cloth jeez that’s that’s really really interesting the any BT is a high technology team you want to rebuild the democracy but listen democracy can only live if many people in the world that if many people live in a world that’s rebuilded you should get the dictator of the Commonwealth the dictator the Commonwealth is at Jonas Baker hmm he’s evil though is he not I don’t know if I should thrust it I’m gonna put the heavy are as a supermoon armor in here it’s probably just something I can give to strong more than anything else can wear it myself it’ll be ridiculous there we go let’s put that in there let’s go to here and get rid of the junk in here move that out of the way just in case hey hey hey hey hey get rid of the laser rifle I already have a minigun in there so I don’t think I really need another one we can give it a shredder muzzle which is interesting bit ridiculous I don’t think we need that ok get rid of the minigun oh wait my bad get rid of the minigun there we go and the missile launcher cuz I already have one of those as well so I get rid of everything here because I have all of it myself and now now that I have the gun not ranked 3 I can upgrade some of these things so I can give this a long a long ported and shielded barrel so this gives superior recoil and range which is nice ok so let let’s do that advanced receiver that’s the highest one I want to get marksman stock I believe the recoil compensating is even better so we’ll grab that as well and the medium quick eject quick eject drum make this is exceptional ammo capacity and better reload speed sure let’s do that reflex sight is good I don’t think we need anything else that’s where it goes yes I’m the dictator of the Commonwealth I live in another universe another time but there my own history rights the world you will meet the CRT or but I met them just scary things exceptional recoil this has less range but much better recoil let’s do that I don’t think we have too much adhesive we only have eight adhesive left we have own onion in now we are not doing that keep the Calgary powerful we have the long tour did marksman stock medium quick eject let’s get the large quick eject oh I also get a long recon scope maybe maybe that’s why she got for this I’m gonna get I’m gonna get along we have Scott sorry for spam little background to my mod history no worries alright – there we go now I only have one piece of adhesive left that is so sad adhesive is like the one thing you need the most of in this game let’s go see if my mute fruit has grown it has look at this no if you open up to see gray god you should go grey garden okay well we can go take a look at grey garden for some reason at some point we got more corn over there let’s go make a bunch of adhesive now here the CRT or will never be in your Commonwealth any BT will never be there but you could copy it mmm that is true that is a possibility I don’t know how to do that though death cross stick we’re at scorpion steak ribeye steak oh sure might as well and I’ll get more rat ree-ally ribs because those things are possibly delicious I don’t know and there we go now we have more adhesive so it so we can get more more gun mods and stuff if we wish which I do kind of wish yeah so see what else I can give here might as well get the large quick eject nothing that’s the last thing I can do with that the magnum drag and I don’t think there’s anything else I can do in here there is a recon scope I can get for this but I need gun not rank for for that I don’t know if I really want that for it though snub-nosed ah yes the bull barrel so I have the snub nose we can get the bull barrel and get even longer range wait why do I have the snub nose oh okay well let’s get the bull barrel cuz this will give him proof hipfire accuracy ya know that hey man was bored thought of join you well thanks I appreciate that Beastmaster how are you doing how was your day going so far or night I don’t know what time of day it is for yeah let’s grab the powerful receiver for this and now I have zero adhesive completely zero Jake Illinois was a president of the CRT or he wanted to he wanted a democracy at the first march 22 88 I killed Jake Illinois and destroyed the CRT or that’s that that might be a good thing maybe I don’t know save there grab a quick drink hmm is this game good it is really good I really enjoy the Fallout series a lot of people seem to kind of dislike fallout 4 for some reason um but personally I actually kind of liked it so I don’t know I I would recommend it for sure cuz I really enjoy it alright so its mirelurks there while we wait for this to load I’ll grab a drink of water you’re in Dubai okay so that is quite far from Canada it’s a long day hey me too how’s it goin the cat is not in here with me this time so I can’t pick them up and show you and say here’s the cat yeah but how are you doing I hope you’re doing well dogmeat found something oh oh geez you you wouldn’t I never would have thought it all right let’s go in here first I hear the lady in there so it’s good to know that she hasn’t D spawned or something why is there tripwire thing there and what was it even for antifreeze bottle oh I need that what else is out there there’s lots of stuff in here oh wait there’s nothing in that okay potato crisps yeah how I need it oh it’s a makeshift bomb that’s what that was New Commonwealth Agency as a result of that I have to I have to go reprocessing all right pre-war money will take all of this junk I like I’m just looting this late hey weights on survival guy permanently healed plus 50% from irradiated packaged food and drink really cool well I guess that’s good for us that gives us more health all right that’s all potato crisps I don’t need it mm-hmm there’s some other stuff over there no I was already over there okay what games do I play I play lots of different kinds of games currently on stream I play Mass Effect Fallout 4 and right now portal 2 as well those are the games I’m playing currently on streams I’ve heard Debye is nice it probably is hey there I don’t know but you better clear out before I go haywire Lasky wait wait wait a sec wait a sec I need to put on my my pompadour wig and originals Reginald suit security system reprocessed okay good so I don’t know how to how to properly deal with this lady but what do you mean Cinthia nothing sculpt and if you don’t take off I’m liable to put a hole in your head why are you pointing a gun at me then since what makes you think your ass in blackouts people I’ve hurt that I don’t remember any second now they might send some signal or I’ll see the color orange whatever it is they doing one more dead fool now are you gonna get out of here or wait for them to make me kill you now this is the thing here I don’t know if I choose one of these is it going to not let me choose one of the others or something I don’t know we’re just talking so why don’t you just ease off the trigger there don’t think you’re looking mmm okay what happened more to this what happened to make you think you’re a sense look you’re taking a risk staying here to talk to me but if that’s what it’ll take to get you to leave bye it’s great but difficult to live for nightspots should visit I managed to get us in on a farm I read the rest of massage bones all right I don’t I’m sitting there with a gun across my knees looking out over the hill and and I think I fell asleep it’s just like the next thing I remember it’s the sound of a gunshot shaking me out of it and Samuel is at my feet and there’s blood everywhere device great difficult to live in it’s hot you should visit it’s a great tourist spot I was born in India living in Dubai okay you were born in India living in Dubai okay you already have to leave for a moment their biology calls from your studies hah biology biology was always one of my favorites anyone else there’s there anyone else there could it have been waiters no when they heard the shot everyone came running out but no one saw anyone else but me and Samuel one moment he was there and then the next just gone those little fingers used to hold my hand and it’s all my fault you can’t imagine what that’s like no anything else did you remember anything else from that night no there was no one else it could have it was just me and him well listen at least alright jointless yeah my grandma they must have just given me those memories because who could have done that to their own flesh and blood now you know why I’m here and why you need to leave before they make me kill again I’m a synth and I can’t be trusted hmm I would love to visit maybe one day I’ve heard it’s hot so I don’t know how that would be for me the extreme heat and me don’t mix well I dislike a lot of heat as well can you explain it I already told you I must you’re not a sin even if you’re right what does it matter there’s nothing left for me there’s many many people for the Minutemen you’d still ask for my help I think I may have screwed something up there’s something I read about that I’m supposed to do here someone’s that quits do this don’t think this got your look alright I’m gonna say this until I’m good and ready no stay out of my way oh wait okay no that’s definitely not the one I want to choose um how old am i I just turned 23 had how many days ago three days ago Tuesday I turned 23 on Tuesday don’t think alright there’s got to be more to this my grandson I managed I was on I’m sitting the next and this is really sad though anyone else there no one moment and it’s all talked about Sean now who is Sean now I think I’m supposed to talk while Sean or something like that religious education I saw my wife killed my son taken and was powerless to stop it I understand how you feel I didn’t I hope you find family is the only thing worth a damn in this world but I guess he wasn’t really my grandson now you know you’re not even if you’re right sure we need good people for the Minutemen it won’t change the past but maybe you can help some people you’d still ask for my help knowing what I’ve done no I don’t know let me think about it look uh I’m sorry I drew my weapon on you kid I think you’re right I gotta find a way to make peace with what happened and I can’t keep running from it mm-hmm okay well interesting that’s very Santa I had the exam today Oh how did the exam go that’s right I forgot about that no more no more Islam for you then was that what the exam was on oh wait there’s one sec let’s take all that junk ie whoa don’t teleport hey Phyllis hey is that is that all I can do thanks for taking the time to talk to me good you’re welcome I hope you feel better well that’s really interesting I don’t know I don’t know what to say about any of that I never know what to say about those kinds of things but the examined okay if that’s what you mean I feel like the essay went better than yesterday well that’s always a good thing I have haven’t I alright well I know there’s I’m confused sillas hey okay well I don’t know I think she’s gonna end up getting mad at me if I do anything with her junk up here she has a terminal up here that I can do stuff with I can look through and all that so I don’t know dog meat go away I don’t know if she’s gonna get upset with me or not I have no clue but we’ll find out let’s say your personal logs had to leave left the other three days ago I had to get away it wasn’t safe for them mm-hm don’t want to hurt anyone else the field can’t sleep more nightmares looking over the field night lantern the field must be Raiders in the corn site down the scope see one of those machine men it was him by the wrist dragging him off I take the shots clean the machine falls to the ground running through the field to him I can smell the car in the rain but when I get there it’s him on the ground bleeding in the machine is gone my hand isn’t my own and Samuel hmm hey Mohammad how are you doing welcome to the stream confront fellas well Sam is death no oh shoot was this a bad thing for me to do I don’t want to do that I saw what you wrote fine I guess you might as well my grandson Samuel and I were on our own since my daughter interesting hey Dad gamer how are you doing the examples on Islam Christianity Judaism the different ways of researching religions and lots of other stuff okay alright I don’t I’m sitting there with a gun across my knees looking out over there she killed her grandson yeah it’s really sad though no wait we’ve already seen that encouraged you know this must be hard there’s nothing else to tell one moment he was there and then the next just gone and it’s all my fault I saw me really now you know what I don’t think she’s a synth oh right as far as I know she’s not so many good people I don’t know look I think but we’ve already listened to that Louis hey hopefully that didn’t screw anything up with her it was been other courses over I’m kind of considering to write re though okay well if you do good luck with it and everything now I need to go back onto here because I didn’t use her the ID into the safe control there so it’s disengaged to lock and now she’s just gonna like stand there and she can literally watch this take this junk and she won’t do anything about it okay well hey hey hey hey okay so I guess that’s it for her now so we now have this area unlocked now I don’t know I unlocked as a settlement now I don’t know what else we can do with it but it’s there so that’s a good thing let’s go over this way and discover whatever the heck is over here actually gonna take out my oh jeez look at the Recon scope thingy I like this ooh oh geez the long scope I love how long the scope is just so nice there’s a red stag go over there anything else not just more red stags what’s over there not much over this way it’s just the boat all right well let’s head out to the boats it was over there I heard their daughter’s head was cutting from a Dethklok hmm I don’t know I didn’t see anything about that at least not this time and when I quickly looked her up I understand about that oh my god that’s a mirelurk King Oh God okay well this is not gonna be a good fight huh actually maybe it was totally fine my alert kill claw what is all this stuff oh my god that was terrifying danger there’s still something else out there oh there’s another minor lurking over there uh-huh okay well that hurts let’s just snipe it then right in the face there you go eat some eat some of this and eat some of that oh geez ha might as well take it out from a distance so I don’t have to deal with the darn thing yay me this use everything to my advantage I get out of here buddy one more shot from where did you get this awesome shotgun it was a legendary shotgun I found it on a legendary enemy and that’s what popped out and I’m like what the heck what is this thing and it said that it explodes I’m like holy crap it was amazing oh shoot I just wasted then and darn it let’s do that mmm so yeah I was really surprised to find that interesting shotgun what’s got exploding bullets so I’m really happy about that’s it all right let’s turn this on let’s loot this entire area here what all there’s even in here fusion cell got some junk in there that alright and there not too much in there I don’t know if it was really worth the advance to lock but is it something oh that is a razor claw goodbye radroach meat I don’t want a filthy radroach meat that’s disgusting so anything else inside here though at all anything anywhere in here come on okay let’s get up on top no nothing on top there alright well well but this way there’s a little thing over there so this is this ship oh no tonight okay good I’m safe I didn’t ruin it oh no okay come on come on stop stop it wait maybe it was a good thing I fell in here is there something in here no it doesn’t look like it no there’s nothing here at all okay fine whatever let’s get back up on top please thank you now can I get over to the place without dying this time without falling in the water this time I didn’t die I just fall in the water hey is there anything in here ah there’s a master locked safe oh my goodness gracious I’ll take that I’ll take that I’ll take that and let’s unlock the master locked safe oh that’s a thing we gotta do soon we gotta go to vault 101 or sorry 111 isn’t it is it 101 or 111 I think it’s one of 101 wait we have to go back to our vault and get the cryolator at some point geez there we go fine got it all right there’s an overdue book in here I really have to figure out where we need to take those overdue books cuz I have tons of those now I feel like they’re just wasting stuff wasting space in my inventory see if there’s anything else around here nothing yes there is nevermind there’s not nothing okay the shotgun is really nice but as I was saying earlier I think it’s very oaky it’s so much damage okay get rid of those one thing that’s nice I can shoot all those stupid eggs right there and just not have to deal with it not to deal with a little tiny tiny um mirelurks to come out of it we got that we got that sure I’ll take it dogmeat dug me I need you where are you I need to I need you to carry some stuff for me wait there no I’m on okay doc mate over here stop going away from me thank you now let me trade with you need to give you my junk oh I didn’t get rid of the I didn’t get rid of all the Mons before I left whatever I guess here we go you can go super mutant called strong from helping Rex and Trinity requests I actually just did that I finished that at the very start of the stream so now I can get strong but I didn’t get him yet I I still have dog me with me I really like dogmeat he’s cute okay so now up in the towers are a way to get up into the tower yes there is up over here is how we get up into the tower let’s open this we got some ammos are you serious no oh God huh let me heal so now we got a legendary mirelurk kill cloth incoming let’s see what this gives me hopefully something super amazing we got vats enhanced armor that enhanced combat armor right leg ten percent reduction in action point costs in vats mm-hmm well I guess it’s better than nothing I don’t really care too much for it for the armor stuff there darn it thank you for blowing everything up in here I appreciate it lots not really no I’m upset because if that if that blasted a magazine or something away I’m gonna be very upset because the magazines even be blasted away can they be affected by explosions I hope not I really hope not that would be very very upsetting anything in that trash bin it’s either there’s a trash bin right there will you things stop popping up everywhere I need more shotgun shells because this has now become my go-to weapon for everything ah okay I’ve been here I really did this place wait what well I did loot this place I’m sure I did well there’s still stuff here dog meat out of my way thank you all right what is this yeah I’ve been here I’ve already been to this place I don’t know what is here now interesting huh there’s a radio tower over there we can go to which I kind of like the idea of doing so but maybe not quite yet have to go now it’s getting late and I have to make my bed before I’m too tired All Right see you me – have a good night thanks for joining and we’ll see you again soon bye bye have a good night get lots of rest okay well I think what I want to go do now we have this thing here so we have this Sentinel thing right leg now we have this for right leg darn it I don’t know which one I have now which one to keep which one to use all right what I want to go do though there is this other outpost somewhere what’s this Andrew station okay clear the Raiders from Andrew station okay that’s a question thing I have uh yes sir there’s county crossing so here’s one place I want to go to because we have to we have a mission to clear out some ghouls for County crossing so I guess we might as well go then go and do that custom-made baseball grenade filthy baseball grenade okay yeah so we got to go over to that area right there and clear that plays out now who is all around here because there were people around here last time I was here and I could talk to them I don’t know who is here now it seems like there is nobody here now did everybody die oh no Oh No okay I just I live here huh mute fruit oh my god there’s mute fruits Oh oh this is gonna be my mute fruit farm good I’m glad because I need these thank you thank you very much sir sirs and Madam’s hey yeah hey need to get back to Diamond City one of these days sweet okay good for you um where’s everyone else though where did everybody go I don’t know where everyone everyone went from here but let’s go over here and clear out the ghouls from this place cuz we might as well do that distress signal found follow the radio distress signal oh yeah that’s right oh no where the distress signal is well hmm let’s keep that on well that was fun I love how I can just like blast ghouls now all to heck huh alright I was trying to shoot me through the windows ain’t gonna get me that way alright let’s go up here let’s see what’s in here bobby pin grab that might as well there’s a literally nothing else in there okay cool Jamie just wasted my time doing that um this thing yes please give me that so it’s come up in the top left there with distress signal strength Oh and now the signal has been lost and for some reason there is something coming towards me there’s danger but I don’t see any danger so oh no darn it quit it I hate those all right okay so there’s nothing else in there just continue this way I guess but I want to snap this boom a boom one more boom there we go now a couple of booms over here okay more than a couple it’s gonna take a lot more than a couple if it keeps going like this one more last one there you go thank you get out of here goodbye alright and bring them with my shotgun again I love this darn shotgun there’s a duffel bag right here let’s grab it sure got some random loot in there that’s always lovely but to here what is in this thing oh is that some power armor or something Oh what is that Oh open that door Oh God oh I need to open that door I don’t know how but I need to open it security gate oh my god that’s more power armor why is there so many power armors all over the place oh there we go nice sweet this is t60 although this is 260 pound armor okay I’ll leave that here I’ll come get it in a bit and then I’ll we’ll find out what’s inside that one too I wonder if that’s gonna be a master level thing though if it’s a master level thing I don’t have that yet for the hacking perk but I’ll get the master one soon so I can do that of course let’s just let everything blow me up constantly okay nothing else out there distress signal found again that is good I guess you’re back we’ll come back hmmm I hear gunshots I don’t where the gunshots are coming from though probably no concern of mine we’ll just continue up this mountain oh did I get stuck are you serious how how can I not are you serious what the heck get me up here what does nothing nothing okay fine signal strength very low apparently let’s go up here see what’s up here there’s just some junk on the roof okay the start signal gets a bit stronger up here oh now I’m carrying too much and can’t run dog meat come carry my junk move here hello I need you to carry some junk for me there we go and some weapons take that take that take that and that and that and pretty much everything else that I have in here take it and that and this and this and that there you go good dog meat good puppy alright so apparently there’s a way to get on top of that thing I have no clue how though maybe the power armor rocket boots or something I don’t know figure that out at some point alright so it doesn’t look like we can actually go inside that no actually we can there’s some way to get inside there I like how I can sit through the bench right there so I could get in there this way um-hmm probably not the best idea though so let’s go over here let’s go inside this place maybe one second okay there’s nothing over that way there’s nothing over any of these waves okay so let’s go here let’s go inside it now I will destroy all the ghouls and stuff inside here all right well that signal strength is getting stronger it’s getting faster goodbye I love this shotgun so much where are ya goodbye alright very quickly back alrighty we have come very quickly back yeah short assault rifle we have an assault rifle I actually already had an assault rifle I forgot about that oh distress signal it’s getting stronger ok let’s get in here gossiping likeness of three owed me oh jeez Systems gonna be a pain in the toukas wow that is not gonna be a situation there’s an eye and that’s it okay sanctuary nope recycle well it could be that you sure okay cool security door control let’s open it open the ding dong dong door warning gules detected yes but do not worry I have got the girls in my trap okay that’s gonna go into the training art so I don’t want to go out there yet yeah give me give me those there you go alright well we’re gonna have to deal with the beeping for a little bit longer because I need to explore this a little bit of an area first here flight helmet no thanks I don’t care about that take those lab bottle yeah sure why not maybe I’ll take the flight helmet just in case there’s a guy sir Sam I can do with it I need to quickly check this area out see if there’s anything important in here at all there’s MedX it’s a couple other things in here hey what’s this no that’s just mac and cheese darn it I thought that was something important like a magazine that it was a magazine it does not that is not fair grab those do all this stuff you have pizza sorry I must have missed you saying you had pizza or you were having pizza I must have missed that before so yes how was your pizza I hope your pizza was good because I live Pizza I want pizza yeah if you could not stop if you could please stop breaking all my bobby pins out of a lovely almost lockpicks this is not Skyrim this is fallout sweet take a look really everything from there well ok go this way what’s over here anything important there’s a silver tablespoon cool tablespoons are for some reason important come on give it alright well I guess the only other place to go is the yard down there in here out here I mean I’m eating now butter from the Italian restaurant ooh delicious already let’s do a quick save there we shall leave go to the training yard and see what goes out here goodbye huh I love this thing I love the shotgun so much this is the best shotgun I ever found okay back inside hear that beeping I can’t figure out where exactly that beeping is coming from and I feel like we’re getting further away from it now I think we’re definitely getting a bit further away from it a chicken mozzarella pizza with tomato sauce and topping made of herbs oh my gosh I was delicious I want it huh get out huh like how it’s coming toward me and I get I blast it I’m carrying too much be able to run darn it hello ouch I’m blowing myself up this isn’t very smart I should not be doing this now dark meat I need you takes him on my junk oh no he can’t carry you why because I got to be careful how much more I carry we seriously can’t break through the glass are you serious what is wrong with you game what’s in here you jet doctor you can probably get him okay let’s grab that what’s in here couple things I probably didn’t need those can you stop it oh no nothing fell no no no okay dog meat I feel like there’s gonna be a legendary in here so I have to be careful for that also that signal strength is getting very very far away oh no I didn’t need the burnt buck get rid of the burnt book get rid of it go away also I have a bunch of junk in my apparel here let’s get rid of the flight things where does that get rid of that there we don’t need that and this yeah tattered rags there we go nothing’s in here yeah burn book come to lip Zig here are many restaurants from Japanese or Greece really hmm don’t think I can yeah we wouldn’t be able to do that very easily we love to we might at some point in our lives who knows huh there’s a plunger take the plunger may as well shoot dog meat get out of the way you’re blocking me and you’re making me fall down they’re not happy with you puppy oh hi that’s where you come from huh oh my god I blasted it okay get rid of this thing come on come on glowing one stop it don’t don’t touch me stop it there you go goodbye boom shotgun shell you give me a single shotgun shell thank you I appreciate it much later so very much what I needed right now okay bro I have to sleep bye bye okay see you Beastmaster thanks for joining again and we’ll see you again very soon anything in that nope there’s nothing in that okay fine then there was many time left from two or three years I’ll visit the US and I one of us at Canada – that would be pretty cool – you’re like a whole permanently more difficult to detect while sneaking uh yes please I need that because everyone can still detect me very very easily when sneaking even though you know I’m a sneaking sneaking doesn’t seem to work too nicely in this game it’s not for me they don’t lick it anything inside any of these new of course there’s nothing inside any of these okay so the signal strength is very very low now mm-hmm roses in here though to find and get so even anything where is that signal coming from though it has to be coming from somewhere military fatigues I don’t want it it goes this way guys we can go out there it’s also a bunch of junk in here ah what’s in this turpentine it might as well take that it’s useful for some reason I guess hmm I am very confused but you should learn German first many Germans thirty-plus can’t speak English because it was not the most important language until the BRD when the ddr reunited one to germany oh okay we’re sorry reunited two one Germany okay um well there’s this now so I can open that door at least since 1904 you have to learn English in school well English does seem to be a pretty pretty you know large language most places in the world now speak it at least a bit oh this is master this is a master lock let’s go inside here let’s break it huh how far away is this okay right about there got it hey hey hey yes that is mine all right and they need to find a stupid distress signal I don’t know where it’s coming from oh my god stay dog mate stop walking rate through the freaking traps I guess I don’t affect him but still like seriously dog is that withered feral ghoul hmm yeah well that guy is extremely messed up just have that thing there oh really go away let’s grab that I’ve got those might as well what else we got in here no I’m caring too much and can’t run yet again cool okay I’m gonna have to drop some other junk I think Toronto and New York of course this is a novice look and I just broke a peanut Haney I’m so sorry about my girlfriend calling she’s so section I have to go I think the hospital so I might miss this episode oh that’s no problem at all I hope she’ll be all right you go do what you need to do all right and I hope she’ll be okay okay let’s trade with dog meat I know we can’t carry any more junk so let’s get rid of this get rid of this and from here we can get rid of maybe this and this all right there we go now let’s give him that that will give him that thing oh you can’t take that really welcome to the shoot doc me you really can’t carry much can you I don’t like this doctor meat needs to up his inventory space somehow let’s get rid of that get rid of that I’m from the weapons there was some stuff on the weapons I need to get rid of let’s go to the short people to action rifle don’t need that or that there’s also flippin walking cane I don’t need none of that either it’s just Garbo all right and in the junk what do we have in the junk I guess we could get rid of some of the junk from the junk area cafeteria trays maybe rid of all of those the cooking pan goodbye cooking I’ll keep that here word that one I hate this because then I have to go through and get rid of all this crap and it just takes so long to do so so much junk all over the place rubber steel I could get rid of the steel I guess keep that get rid of that strong is strong that is true of strong is very strong I should take strong with me for things so he can carry things since dogmeat can’t all right well I feel like that good there’s another power armor thing in there are you serious why is there so much flippin power armor here let’s do that I’ve already found three power armors in this one little area like really security door controllers do that open the door thank you is this guy gonna kill us yes of course he is goodbye give me your duct tape Oh what was that oh just blow up out here oh okay I didn’t even see that see we got darn it there’s so much here distress signal strength is so low now burgundy bottle I wonder if oh cool goody yay I wonder if wearing the power armor will increase my strength at all I think it’s supposed to supposed to increase your carry weight a little bit at least so let’s enter it I guess might as well then I hope to come back with more mmm-hmm now enter it by the way which country do you want to visit which country will you never visit um Australia was the one I’ve always wanted to visit and as for which one I will never visit I don’t really know don’t know what to say about that okay so that’s the power armor storage terminal you’ve leveled up I I leveled up again really well this is quick holy cow I was leveling up super quick in this game right now nice well I could get sneak sneak might be a good idea to get or science I said I was gonna get science didn’t I so let’s let’s go and get to change here we go hahahaha now I can do some more stuff for for sciencing weapons won’t that be nice so does this increase my carry weight no in fact this lowers my carry weight how does it lower my cape really I’m not impressed with this okay let’s grab a bourbon will increase my strength but not by much might as well use it though I guess let’s grab that let’s also grab a something else go in it – ale oh that’s not gonna create any more they don’t stack darn it that’s the problem huh well what else have I got here one of us Australia two and Israel yeah where is something here I I have what is it Rhett Red Stag doh I think something maybe not I don’t know that’s where I had something else here that I could use I could take that I could eat that would increase my strength some more wine that all of this only increases my strength by like one I had something though they increased it by Mahler where’s my buff tats let’s get the buff tats there we go so the buff tats increase might junk a little bit more – ok so nothing in there it’s nothing of that I so there’s nothing else in this area here I guess there’s that guy I don’t know how to open him so maybe I’ll just not worry about that for now let’s leave this area and I’ll have to come back to this place like right away I want to visit the u.s. first and I will visit France this language terrible for me Oh God sentry bot really and where did that stupid creature come from I know it’s not really a creature it’s a thing I don’t know dinner Fork all right well then let’s leave let’s go back to sanctuary holy crap cow that was ridiculous I did not expect to get a century but popping in my face and trying to kill me mm-hmm guess I should have expected it to be honest all right now that is worn off no dog meat where are you dog meat there you are hello I need you over the head over there okay come here trade Paris and baguettes yeah Paris would have lots of baguettes yes okay let’s grab all this junk there we go you probably better unload someone that stops shut up guys why do they keep getting mad at me for it for the stuff that I carry around isn’t it my choice like shish and now I wonder it is t60 power armor better than t45 because that’s all t60 there or is that over there is t45 I feel like t6e might be more advanced in t45 we’ll see though well it’s a typical Canadian good I don’t even know I really do not even know healing let’s make some more stimpacks there we go got it I should also have in here a lot more junk for for making vegetable starch as a let’s get rid of that there marksman’s calibrated powerful sniper rifle so we have that now so dragons snipe we have another powerful sniper rifle thing I also have a recon 50 sniper rifle which is really interesting we have a short short assault rifle but I already have an assault rifle so don’t worry I’m not destroying a thing that I don’t already have because let’s get rid of this thing cuz I already have something like that now for this I’m going to get rid of this thing long ported barrel jeez this thing is like fully equipped who pretty much for the most part anyway do that and then of course some muzzle break I know I can make all these things but yeah I don’t care what’s the book contain good food yes native to 4 to 5 worst e51 worse t60 good XO 1 is legendary sweet well I have a t60 then i-i’ll have two tea 60s in a second here give me a second I’ll go get the other tea 60s so I need to go back and do that let’s get rid of those this one I can’t get rid of so that’s fine I’m not gonna use it though mm-hmm put all this junk into their into yeah so what do we got we got this and this put in five of those three of these one of those and that there we go now what do we got in here anything to put away yes this thing that wasteful thing all right now we got more junk of course so it’s stir all the junk one sank because I know I have corn and stuff in here as well so let’s get rid of corn and I think it is I forget what it is now mute fruit get rid of the work it takes a mute figure it out of there and I can’t remember teh toes let’s go find out oh my bad wrong button let’s go – here you – uh yeah it’s teh toes we also need teh toes for this okay so we don’t have a whole heck of a lot of teh toes and difficult durman is well weep worst I have know how to no clue how to pronounce it but Korea worse is the better and spicier version and breads filled with cheese oh I love that I love breads filled with cheese oops go to aid has put all of my corn all of my mute fruit no no no okay is that the Mia fruit yes okay and all of the Tay toes also purified water let’s get rid of those don’t need those my inventory purified water there we go got rid of it okay let’s go back to that darn place where is it now I have no clue National Guard training area person thing there we go love all types of salami and sausages from Germany and cheese’s yes cheese is one of our favorite things but a typical Canadian good hmm I don’t know when it comes to food I really don’t know like how those guys are just running away scared dater babies okay let’s go up here um yeah I can’t think of anything for a typical Canadian good I’m trying to think what is this oh that was the sentry bot I destroyed oh sweet okay so I’m not sure if there’s more in there or not but there was definitely more over here there’s something inside that thing something else inside over here somewhere ah oh this is where the sentry bot came from ah okay cool so see if we come over here we have another t60 power armor Gouda yeah good is delicious there we go so here’s another 260 power armor out-of-the-way puppy poop hmm now that signal though follow the distress signal I don’t know where it is trying to figure out where it is seems like it’s definitely coming from inside right here so it’s one side here and see if I can find it and no way they eat a caramel cheese caramel cheese with that sounds really really delicious actually I want that so see here’s the distress signal and it’s super super strong right here there’s a door with nothing in it which I fold American flag okay there’s something else right here investigate the battle site follow the stress signal now investigate the battle site okay so that’s the number that’s now my new job I guess new thing apparently hey night s Lin vo s combat armor chest piece interesting sorry for taking all your stuff lady feel kind of bad doing that okay there’s a distress poster well there’s the signal that was not that hard to find that should’ve been shouldn’t have had to come back just for that yes its power armor here too so all right so now it’s the battle side I have to go do something with report your success right of course that’s goes to go reflect my success to the people mm-hmm good oh we pronounce it gotta really gotta interesting different pronunciations it’s kind of funny how that works see all right well then I want to go over to where that area is all those satellite dishes there come on get over the car let’s go get my power armor back mighty 60 oh no oh no please tell me I didn’t lose my t 60 B power armor oh no did I lose my T 60 power armor shoot so I went this way with it no it’s right there okay thank God I just put it into the stupidest place I could have ever thought to put it oh my god I thought just like despond or something that would have been terrifying having missed that all right well we got to 260 power armors now and destroy that place we got or include that place and got whatever whatever else from there mm-hmm interesting well I’m happy we have this power on now though I’ve been wasting all my time upgrading the the other power armor that I have there the t45 now I guess I don’t need to took care of those goals that were giving you trouble you did that’s great news yes it is isn’t that Minutemen have our gratitude sweet okay so let me go use the workshop see if you guys got any junk over there I can use for myself I’ll wait wrong button my bad there we go oh yes please you’ve got lots of junk in there I will take all of the everything yep alright now you at least it’s honest work oh my god this is doc Withers spend your caps I’ll make it all better alrighty the owe you is like oh you from house ok hmmm interesting let’s go back I got low cool dudes it’s EP days but none of these guys ever have anything for adhesives which sucks I wanted he Civ stuff alrighty well let’s take this back to sanctuary with us as well might as well we got 17 people in sanctuary now to get him go to people in there ok hmm use chemistry station I know how to use a chemistry station game it’s hard to believe it’s only been 2 hours it feels like it’s already been 3 alright where’s puppy meat puppy goes that way I need you so this one here is missing a couple of pieces up as you can see I don’t think it has a head or some other stuff so pronounce it like pronounce it like oh you from house Goethe okay interesting and he doesn’t have anything on him all right there we go now I’m gonna enter this one and I don’t know that that Paizo nucleic power armor thing that I have there I wonder what model of whatever that is is a t45 or is it a t6 ears or something else because we don’t know I don’t know you might know Artie you probably know that I don’t the Python nucleic stuff is here it doesn’t actually say I think it’s a unique thing on its own let’s go down and see if the mute fruit and corn and stuff has been harvested and talk oh my god it has it is all grown oh good oh goody goody let’s go pick up everything we got here think of all the adhesive we’re gonna be able to make now let’s go grab some tato so so we need more titles who don’t have enough of those tato potato potato potato potato potato potato let’s grab all of the Tytos everywhere shut up mercy I’ve helped you so much already you need to start being nice to me hey how are you doing it might be why gaming I know how to pronounce that maybe maybe gaming yeah how are you doing hope you’re doing well today much better today than other days show me that door oh oh the door the door is that the one that that is kind of going to nowhere here we go okay so right here here is the door to sort of no worry because you just like fall off can’t get back up this is such bad placement for this thing there’s also doghouse there a random doghouse over here for some reason and there’s also other random dog houses right over here as well yay we got dog houses all over the place oh goodness I don’t know why I do this hello in one of them since you’re a spy on me oh of course I’m not hope you ain’t one of them good oh wait till they you know I know yeah I remember yeah how are you doing today oh no follow don’t fall off do not fall off I do not want to fall off so yeah that there is the things for yeah we’ve got six of those things or more nice roasted mirelurk meat oh that’s so gross though I wonder if I’ll be able to get another level up in this episode in this knife stream that’d be nice doggy Hills oh sorry mouse mouse house house very similar oh really haha I’m probably I’m probably butchering the pronunciation there so I apologize random stairs yeah of course always the random stairs you need the random stairs for things all right so we got Brotherhood of Steel stuff here we got this thing which increases adrylek if this gives you one agility in one perception though so I kind of want that but I can make a deep pocketed my Brotherhood of Steel wait what don’t much care for good neighbor that place is nothing but trouble okay so what does this do if you make it Brotherhood of Steel I guess nothing it’s just something interesting okay well let’s stuff it into here I guess I have anything else in your stuff into here from there no but we do have an automatic laser pistol I can get rid of I also have another BOS uniform so let’s get rid of that thing get rid of that thing yeah excuse me more and do that there excuse me sir get ya well get out of my way or there will be trouble all right grant forgot the time it’s 2004 oh no is that that is pretty darn late for you then isn’t it well you best be going to bed than me I don’t know it’s the same pronounciation okay cool got it alright oh wait wait wait wait wait I got I got science I got science level two now now we have a gamma wave emitter so I can give it now boost agam away from it er so gamma wave to boost the gamma way that adds better burning damage to peer mo better range better range ammo capacity superior ammo better range improved damage let’s do that and this thing yeah so let’s give it the boosted do whatever that is there and the sniper barrel I should be able to give it an improved sniper barrel yes full stock will give it the marksman or this gives superior recoil and aim with scopes better wait oh yeah this one is superior but this one’s better so what what is the difference in here so this one’s only better oh okay this one gets better recoil this one gives just a little bit extra okay so this one is definitely better than 2006 now no I go to bed at 22 o’clock but I can’t be on my phone after 20 o’clock oh okay well then probably got to go to bed then soon don’t yeah it’s got the long scope there being focused sir now what else can we do here so we have fine-tuned beam focus er let’s grab that it sounded make it even further range and recoil and stuff sweet sweet sweet sweets I got I got all the best weapons now probably not really alright how’s my inventory though 29 oh dude oh my goodness has so much total junk another there and I’m still carrying so much stuff though I can make more jet fuel and a stim pack sure let’s make a simple got it okay so if you’re leaving then okay so see you see um I’d be by gaming we’ll talk to you soon have a good night hello neighbor yeah just like the game Hendo neighbor already I was carrying a ton of mods of course to give it all loves don’t need all those stupid things wasting space in my inventory here what do we got in the aid though this this is the thing there’s so much stuff that ends up being in my aid area that I have to like get rid of why do I have all these gourds go away gourds do I have melons in here – I’ve melon blossoms but those aren’t that quite the same thing alright hmm let’s get out of there I’m going to put though the newt fruit and corn and stuff and teh toes into here so mute fruit in there and then the teh toes oh no no no no no no cancel that cancer that we do that there we go uh-huh you flipping out because you made a stimpak yes of course flip out because of everything just freak out because of literally everything alright let’s sleep for a little bit and then we can go figure out what else we’re gonna go do in this and I have stream freely it’s a bit as I forget there’s a couple other things I was wanting to do here let’s save oh wait no no no it’s safe way down here yeah it’s over right that one mmm-hmm now just got to figure out what else are is here for me to do what do we have for for here we have Somerville place we could go to that there’s also intimidate Henry cook oh right I have that thing there’s the lost Patrol Oh guess we could listen to that to listen to the battlefield holotype listen tonight a saloons holotape taking independent I don’t want to do that one yet though let’s go down to it’s very dark outside oh well that’s not too good it’s that nice money’s dark coat um-hmm cool problem we’ll come to the crossing oh wait let’s go talk to Preston then not aware Preston is somewhere over here just follow the blip on the compass there you are hello there excuse me do you think we’re ready to retake the castle no to care for cleared out the ghoul glad to hear it general I’ll let you know if I can in the meantime perfect sweets the next 200 no moon no Pez dark here very dark I gotta make it less dark some hell you gotta make it less dark somehow maybe I figured out a way to make it less thick all right so what else have we got in here we have about 81 we could go to let’s not go there quite yet there’s a robotics Pioneer Park I don’t think I did anything here oh wait there was one of the things the Boston police rationing site I think this is what it was I think this is I wanted to go here on stream because it seemed much it seemed like there’s a lot of interesting stuff here and I wanted to do it with you guys so you guys could also see it and to be a part of it because that would be much better than me just doing that on my own I like doing the the cool stuff on my own you know every issue guns and bullets you collect and so rank in the maximun Park all right yes this place all right here’s for this little place here Oh doc we found something what did you find dark mate do you meet Oh No what’s over there you stupid glowing rad stag who is that that’s a Raider oh hi oh send them flying you should retake the cows alone sometimes the bugs and you can’t open the workshop but you need it for the quest okay that that’s for the taking independence quest as I what is the coolest thing Nate ever made being Nate yeah well thank you I appreciate that alrighty so let’s go into oh wait let’s let’s loot the trash bin first hey there’s actually some good stuff in the trash bin it’s not something I expected to be saying now let’s go into here and we’ll go look at this place here we’ve got some junk inside there throw that around out there excuse me get out of my way I don’t want you there what’s in here oh my gosh oh there more in there no there’s only the few well darn okay now let’s look at the police terminal wait I think I may have already looked at this short short shortages and stuff yeah there’s just some interesting stuff in there about there being shortages and junk and then have to go check the thing and check up on someone here so to get inside this place here you have to some parkouring and jump all over the place you literally have to go everywhere around this darn building oh are you serious because that door is barred how did I fall from that huh there we go over there oh they’re here up there over here ha ha and see no we are inside so I left this place untouched because I just thought it was kind of interesting to be able to do that to get inside here ouch ha got it got it oh hey he said the exact same thing I did my character seems to be exactly a lot like me alright what the heck well I was terrifying ah now we can get out easily okay oh there was a glowing thing in here to thermal the famous witch what history did you learn in school Canadian we learned about the French Revolution some stuff in other countries as well like I don’t remember a whole a whole lot of everything that we learned but that there was some some other stuff other than just Canadian history so yeah a bit there’s also this thing here oh please snooping police snooping I see here officers from buzzer please do not have clearance to enter the Depot warehouse and are not permitted to be snoop around under any circumstances don’t care they brought you dinner and joke around with you I’ve been informed that there’s current investigation into a rations sorted is in the unit I’m not gonna help them with their men getting pinned on us if we see the tip a bit McDonald near the warehouse again you are to place him under military arrest and bring him to me really current receiving manifest food medals lives alcohol tobacco textiles and coolant cool stuff protectron control activate the unit cool oops my bad goodbye protectron on duty don’t need you see what I mean with the shock oh my god I only have 44 more shells left I gotta be careful with this shotgun I’m losing all of my ammo with it oh no that is not a good thing short show t-shirt t-shirt well let’s go find out what’s inside here oh hello radroach another radroach stuck in the flippin sailing are you serious how do you like them apples oh there you are hello nice of you to join me by falling down like a butt alright what’s this nothing hmm but there is it what this doesn’t have anything are you serious this has nothing in there we did Egypt Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire French Revolution something about the USA and now only German history even Nazi stuff yeah we learned about some of those things as well some of those and bits I don’t think we ever learned about Egypt or the Roman Empire but the French Revolution yeah some USA stuff and some about Germany you know world war one world war two and all that and how it all came to be in junk there’s a piece of hair and in my faith and I don’t like it alright let’s go down here see what else is done oh no better be careful about shooting down here what the there’s a power armor thing here hey fragmentation grenades if I hadn’t hit that thing I wouldn’t know that was there hooray hooray for hitting skeletons with my sword apparently all right wait what I’ve been here I’ve already been here really this isn’t the Mass Pike towel or something or the subway I forget now forget know where this is but I’ve already been in here hmm that’s why that’s missing cuz I’ve already taken it and that was the radroach that before was already stuck in the ceiling that is very strange so if I’m gonna come out here last time I would have been inside this place very cool how everything connects like that very very cool all right well let’s go see there’s another Hospital thing over here I don’t know if we should just explore or if there’s something else specific we should actually go and do right now they don’t know I kind of like the idea of exploring but that isn’t always the most interesting thing ah is this a puppy poo or can I can keep this puppy pool Oh how are you not a moat I’m not the door right there why is just poor puppy stuck in here Oh yes hey where are you we’re even were you before where’s the other guy now where’s the other dog go no papi Oh Oh loose that puppy’s not hostile to me okay well that’s good I guess okay well I don’t know if that was a very good thing for me to do or not but I think we freed the dog I don’t know why that dog was just sitting in a in a cage in the middle of nowhere stunted yaoguai whoa that’s snipe yeah oh shoot dog meat dog me you should not go chasing after the mutator bear that is not a smart idea Oh No okay well there’s two of them now goodbye really oh my gosh I want to chase after the stupid thing whereas sorry dog mate sorry dog mate let me stimpak you there we go follow him I think it’s a secret oh really the dog following the dog is the secret are you serious or you reload where did I read last reload it was right here okay so the hunter is this is a hunt the the hunters aren’t even here are they though no it’s just ah it’s teddy his name is Teddy no teddy all right well let’s save again oh go back and do this go back and do this again well better that this way are you serious stupid lock that’s it yes that’s it nope okay so where is this puppy gonna go yeah puppy okay you lead me somewhere I will follow the puppy poo hopefully the puppy poo leads me somewhere useful I guess dog with name 80% chance of secret really okay well where the heck is this dog going it’s gonna go straight into the ally that’s over there oh no assume of the yaoguai is actually still over there fairly inhale estates of course super yog why sorry wise not but it should be well that was not supposed to happen end up blasting the dog’s head right off that’s horrid all right let’s follow the dog again this time and let’s not get the stupid Yahoo I’m mad at me well I’m Hill estates alright i buy and sell just put up everything you got and let’s see if we can make a deal huh I’ve got a few minutes to browse interesting okay well let’s see here let’s see what she’s got she’s got some junk stuff I don’t think I need any of that let’s see in here you got a terribie I’ll take that she got some weapons Oh some interesting weapons in here too and not too much else do you have any shotgun shells yes you do that’ll take 515 caps I will take all of it thank you a fairy and much yes please all right puppy is this where the puppies just gonna sit now well I mean he took me to this to this lady so it wasn’t a complete waste of time I guess so now I have this lady over here and this um this place I wonder I wonder if that was her let’s trade I wonder if this is actually her dog and that’s why the puppy poo brought me here traitor puppy poo was caged I’m just not gonna hangman’s alley is under attack so of course I gotta go help hangman’s alley where’s hangman’s alley hangman’s alley is somewhere in this area right here okay sure let’s go to hangman’s alley then sipping on a rented her own bed will give you will rested bonus a booster earned xp for a limited time cool well that wasn’t very nice of those hunter so to take someone else’s puppy and cage him up like that not happy with them I’m glad I’d beated their butts alright let’s grab my soon as just loads I’m gonna grab my pistol Oh God gunmen private legendary gunner okay nope I am using this is that it is that all no that was not all of them Cavaliers left arm leather left arm reduces damage while blocking your sprinting okay I’ll come back and get those again yeah that’s right no one panic because we’re all totally safe over here hey that’s the settler there hey you buddy buddy boo you’re not very nice get out you know what get punched don’t be sorry I’m just happy you guys are safe okay we don’t lose anyone you’re welcome um wait what did they want oh wait whoa what do they want they want damn ganas they just raid us with fancier weapons they’ll attack anyone they think is too weak to defend themselves probably anyway we appreciate the help you’re welcome I’m glad to have helped you lady all righty let’s go over here and grab these guys stuffs hello I just wanted to introduce myself oh hi I’m looking for some place to make a new life it’s not exactly so is there anything um nope no right now right now Thanks okay there you go enjoy yourself unroasted tin can cool okay what else have we got over here this and this and this and this and this this guy was full up of combat armor nice all right now let’s leave and go back to where I actually wanted to have been going to where was that even fair line Hill estates there we are mm-hmm this is where I was this is where I want to go back to I don’t know what else is around here but we’ll find something so getting a little bit warm in here that isn’t being too cold I guess all right yo quiet goodbye oh no oh god oh god okay get out of here I need to reload boom what is this this is a glowing one yeah I’m dying there we go stupid creatures hate those things nice are easier to to destroy to kill alright now what did we got over here other side’s chained up really that size chained up hmm well let’s go in here and find out why it’s chained up and oh my goodness gracious seriously find out why it’s chained up and who is in here hello seriously yes I could have disarmed that I don’t know doc me found something of course he found something but where where did he find it and what is it I don’t know I’m just gonna go up here because this is where I want to go go in here there you go grab the things that are in here for whatever reason they’re in here for oh wait a sequined dress I don’t need a sequined dress let’s go drop that good way all right oh okay cool there were some feral ghouls in here dee-lightful just grab these let’s grab those there’s nothing else inside that so that is fine then so this place must have been barricaded up because there were creatures here tension trigger well got that thing got that thing so many traps in here cool this is gonna help me get my my next level up in the in this livestream so yay I always like getting level ups all right what’s over here my heart your heart from what what happened come on get up over top there we go over here so anything else over here at all nah doesn’t look like it all right cool let’s go over here let’s do that and we are now outside now dock mate I need you please please come here don’t give me eggs over here over here come here thank you okay I need to trace them stuff with you you need to carry some junk for me all right let’s see here there you go oh no no no cancel that there we go go to weapons we’ll put all these in there that and that and that and that the ghouls hey rocky how’s it going though the ghouls the ghouls scared yeah oh no that’s not good how dare those girls scary I’m glad I destroyed them alrighty perfect lots of junk from there so this looks like it’s just some place to kind of randomly explore there’s a power armor thing in here that we can get to oh hey there’s a thing up there cool got that open the door let’s go upstairs what’s upstairs anything we got all of those I’ll shoot I took the postman hat I don’t need the postman hat get rid of it go away there we go goodbye how Nietzsche perfect mm-hmm bitchy arms is that a crow oops my bad yeah that’s crows there’s a piece of the glowing one way over here what happened to that thing nothing got destroyed and bits of it went flying all over that are in placeholder crap another silk bean yeah I just scared have nothing with my heart okay good as long as it’s just something that scared ya and nothing serious no serious intro hey a safe why is there a safe that’s not even locked right there thing a little bit sick today no yes so hopefully you can feel better later mom take the bobby pin what else we got nothing else in here so let’s go explore the rest of the houses in this place I guess and then oh we can go straight over to that area all right ow my wrist is getting sore oh I didn’t mean to take the blowfly meet my bad don’t need that there’s always purified water in those things guess it’s good for some things right over here looks like there’s one more house only so easy one take too much longer is this another settlement place though vault-tec lab coat mm-hmm I don’t think I need it let’s see we got done here oh we got a locked thing has unlocked the locked thing or not really are you serious what the heck thank you I never have this much trouble with locked with novice locks that is ridiculous whiskey I don’t need it let’s find out what’s up here we got a bunch of wooden blocks a toy car and a baby rattle those are always good to have I guess bobby pin shadeless table lamp there we go down here out here and over to the last house in this place nothin is nopony’s I don’t know what that means I don’t know what it is hey anything here at all its impact blood pack got it excuse me oops I mean Nate okay hey cigarette box anything I’m here new alright but that’s this whole area done and looted okay cool mailbox nothing there oh this actually has the physics to fall down when you step on it oh that’s so cool I guess it’s just cool that it has the physics like that even this sort of does sort of although it seems to go like right through me oh maybe not well yeah it kind of goes like right through you that’s silly okay well let’s go find out what the what this thing over here is on the compass and then there’s one more thing over to the right over there there’s also that area there too there’s so many areas right over here darn it well fine let’s go this way for a what is this this is getting into a whole new area that I don’t know is safe to go to mmm it doesn’t look like it’s safe to go – oh no oh God okay well dog meat you should have gone towards him that was not very smart of you Oh God legendary super mutant enforcer thing okay shoot Oh No Oh God okay dodge the rocket now that I’m here though I have to do this I have to kill this guy because he’s a legendary I need his whatever he’s got probably missile launcher I assume ya nocturnal missile launcher I don’t know a nocturnal missile launcher means does increasing amounts of damage as night grows longer and less damaged during the day sweet that might be better one than the one I have in there which is something to do with more damage against animals pretty sure if you’re if you’ve got a rocket launcher you’re gonna do a you’re gonna destroy any animal you you shoot it at wait there’s another thing over there there’s another thing over there another legendary over there you’re serious okay one sec then I am now caring too much to be able to run shoot hey I need give some junk to dogmeat dogmeat don’t walk away thank you back is really hearing today Mama’s in a lot of pain as well we had to go shopping last night late to get everything we needed so now she needs a day to relax and recover hope you feel better soon well I hope you guys feel better soon too cuz that’s not a good thing at all I hate the whole shoot dog me can’t carry any more darkness so I guess I’ll be quiet I’m gonna go destroy this guy over here take his legendary or whatever it is hello Oh No well let’s see here I have that missile launcher now let’s do some missile launcher might not be that great to use it right now but because because it’s a it’s a nocturnal missile launcher but hey really that didn’t do that much damage though nah I have 58 missiles here to direct hit shoot this weapon is so slow though yeah but I’ve got really good aim with it I guess oh no I’m gonna die very very easily though yeah got him now he’s mutated of course now we have to wait for that um one second here let me go into my aid because I got some junk up in here that might be better to use than just wasting all my stimpaks let’s eat that this linker is my max HP buy a little bit there let’s grab I don’t even know what to grab anymore hmm crispy squirrel bits I could do that I guess that’s a deathclaw steak I don’t think that’ll be worth it very for both of you yes always what we got in here it’s the only thing in here really is the yaoguai stuff so use that the yaoguai ribs that’ll heal us at least and give us some damage resistance huh there you go shoot reload it there you go oh my god good I’m glad your head hurts it should hurt especially after I’m done with you like I’m using a pistol on this guy so long as I get those headshots I guess I’m good come on a couple more there you go good bye super rooms are tough really tough geez chameleon synth right arm anyways have a heart of time detecting you while you’re sneaking and not moving nice thank you I want that I want that greatly that’ll be really nice rat steak meat I’ll take that too what does this guy got yell guai meat sure I’ll take it then I gotta make a trip out of here so I can go drop off all my junk cuz I’ve got so much junk on me now yeah alright let’s take that and oh come on where is it that there we go all right more more places to look at sheesh there we go purified water empty milk bottle Oh am i caring too much to be able to run now I’m caring too much to be able to run ok let’s go grab our waste some purified water and potato crisps I don’t need that you’re rid of that get rid of some purified water too there we go now I should at least be able to move alright let’s head back to sanctuary now there we go jeez hmm well I like this missile launcher better than the other one I had like I said it only does extra damage on animals or something like that something not really too important tired of the same old look reconstructive surgeon hope so too when I get sick lately sometimes that’s a long time and knocks me out so speak I usually push myself and this time this time I’m not to took a sick day from work today yes and you should now over there go over there dogmeat hello Akshay Lin welcome back I thought you were sleeping move here where are you dog meat head over there here go there what are you doing dog hey there what the heck get away from my dog get back to Diamond City one of these days yeah well you need to stop walking my dog from where he’s going no I’m good thank you though if you need anything let me know I’ll try to help of course any time there we go hey doc me no don’t make up 45 stimpacks for some reason how where did he get 45 stimpacks from oh my gosh I’m set with stimpacks for life hope it helps hit being sick me too it’s not fun being sick at all no matter what it’s hobble my butt up here over to the darn thing so I can get rid of all the junk come on there we go okay tea put all that crap in there alrighty okay so what have I got in here so I have this Cavaliers left arm which reduces damage while blocking or sprinting so what I have currently for a left arm this one is plus one strength and endurance and this one just gives enemies a harder time detecting you while you’re sneaking not moving darn it what I have currently I think I think I’ll use the Cavaliers left arm that might actually be better another day in the common will I don’t know I don’t know what to say about these things anymore I never do and I’m gonna keep all of these of course spec that resin material with this or the good old Boston always RDC biggest time I ever saw rivet City is bigger or the good old busting of course alright oh there we go with that junk I guess at least just put this crap into here now so this one for the left arm I think is actually better to be honest so I’ll put this one in there oh sure I think you’re rid of the other junk diet and then this one would be good the chameleon arm but I have this thing that increases my strength and endurance which i think is more valuable because of that so I’ll keep the strength and endurance one okay that’s it got that now let’s put the other on where is that guys right there you got it alrighty now let’s get rid of some of the weapons we have did I just hear a cat yes I did hello cat how is the cat I can’t pick you up today because I got my keyboard on my day there we go get rid of all of these wasteful things cause we don’t need any of them they’re nocturnal missile launcher I like that thing that’s really cool recoil compensator overcharge blehh blehh blehh I don’t need it there we go enter sir all our junk in here again got it now let’s put the well all the mines and things that we don’t need of course put that in there pulse pulse wine and pulse grenade there now we don’t have a whole lot of crap in our inventory which is good Barry Mentats grape Mentats I’m going to make great Mentats then probably Barry there we go that’s what the tar berry is far I forgot about that okay oh wait did I having a healing stuff I can make more stimpacks I can make more stimpaks oh I can make other things I’ll make stimpacks there we go got it and Joey bear named Joey Bear poo mum says hi to you Joey mums also in the other room there Joey crazy kitty oops okay well that just died which seems to be growing well yes it is growing quite well isn’t it okay let’s take all of the junk and then we can go make some more more adhesives what is this mute fruit yes more muted not much yes it is something there you go that’s all that matters give me more Tytos complaining when there’s nothing left to complain about well what is there to complain about what are you complaining about now huh lady don’t tell me that my tummy would hear what you’re complaining about now hmm coz they’re complaining about literally everything yes you do I forgot to take things one day at a time why is it so foggy and gross I don’t like this look at that you can’t you can’t you can’t see anywhere holy all right whatever let’s make a bunch more vegetable starch actually I can only make two well that’s not good that’s not nice okay let’s drop some more junk in here what is it well of course the junk actual actual junk then over here we got a cord we got some more mute fruit I’m pretty sure yep lots of meat fruit there and probably some more teh toes we got tons of Tytos holy crap there’s probably other things I could make – I forgot about that alright let’s go to the roast roast some things grilled red stag Oh what I need more carrots oh shoot you know my ribs why did I make the alkali roast that’s not what I wanted whatever I guess too late now there we go it’s coming up very close on three hours here so gotta figure out what else we’re gonna do in this live stream if anything I have more junk no I do not do I have mods no I do not good okay so let’s save let’s make a good full proper save here there we go now where should I go for the rest of this I don’t even know there’s not too much else for us to do right now I don’t think there’s Fallon’s department store which we could go to I think next week what we’ll go and we’ll do the M what what is this come on oh my gosh what is this yes okay what is it kill the raise in High Park okay oh yeah I think next week we’ll we’ll do the Jamaican plane stuff there we’ll go explore is that you’re making plain cuz that sounds like a good time we will master fusion containment shed hmm we can always go talk to Jack cow boat or go quickly somewhere else what is this thing Somerville place kill the reason hyper okay you have that one diamond city blues I don’t know I guess we could just listen to the holotapes that let’s listen to some holotapes so we need to listen to battlefield holotape and Knight Ashland’s holotape okay where is that that should be in the miscellaneous tonight Astin’s and battlefield where’s a battlefield paratis knows listen to these [Applause] [Applause] well I guess that’s it for that one oh come on so we listen to the battlefield let’s listen tonight Aston [Applause] asked Linda that’s it so now we have to go and investigate some some other place over here what is it I have to do investigate the satellite array well we can but we’ll go do that another time because I won’t have time here so I think I’ll just end it now because I feel like I’m just gonna be like trying to figure out something to do for the next like eight minutes here so I’ll just end it so thank you everyone so much watching I appreciate it that was really cool um earlier today with all you guys who joined from who was it again happy Carrick that was really cool that was really really awesome that was the first time that’s ever happened me so that was a really cool and experience but for now this is where I’m gonna end it and on oops my bed and on Monday I will actually be playing Fallout 4 again because I’m gonna change up the order in which I do things Oh Joey left now yeah I’m gonna change up the order in which I do the live streams so I’ll start doing Mass Effect on Friday because that was requested it seems like it’ll be better for some people that way so a Mass Effect on Friday why is Oh No are you guys getting buffering you were probably getting buffering there for a second mmm-hmm so yeah I’ll do mass effect on Friday now fall out on Monday and portal 2 on Wednesday so thank you everyone so much for watching I appreciate it and I will see you all again very soon let me just bring up the chat here so you all have a wonderful rest of your day or night whatever enjoy the stream thanks a lot thank you funny fluffy I appreciate it thanks for being here and yeah that’s it so see you all have a wonderful time and I’ll see you again soon god bless bye bye bye bye ok it’s been gifted chant here so I can at least say bye in here alright see you all gonna turn off the chat

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