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well military hardware is on the up and dialogue between Washington and Tehran is in short supply no surprise but there's also been a flurry of statements coming out of Iran the country's ambassador to the UN justifying the downing of that drone yesterday saying that Iran won't negotiate while a knife is being held to its throat he said that any reasonable person can't negotiate with somebody who's threatening you also he accused the American leaders of unleashing economic warfare against Iran in an attempt to isolate the country and force it back to the negotiating table also today Ron's Revolutionary Guard displayed bits of what they say is the US drone they shot down saying that they recovered the debris from Iranian territorial waters they've also been saying that they warned the drones controlling system multiple times that it was in Iranian airspace but the warnings were ignored and that they shot the drone down at 4:05 in the morning local time they're even saying that they could have shot down a US military aircraft carrying 20 or 30 people that was in Iranian airspace at the same time but they decided not to similar to what President Trump has been saying about pulling off the attack on Iran because he didn't want to put civilian lives at risk now if all this wasn't enough today at Friday prayer which is traditionally an American bashing session clerics have been taunting President Trump saying that he didn't have the guts or the power to retaliate after his drones were down now the scene is not being set for an all-out war but it's a very combustible environment that we're in right now and instead of stepping back from the brink we seem to be edging closer to it hey NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

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  • The US has been sizing Iran up for regime change for a number of years. Fabricating this oil tanker attack and now the drone downing is setting the foundations for a 'shock and awe' style attack on the Iranian regimes infrastructure.

  • It's coming. The oil barons, warmongers and the military industrial complex seem to want it. They will use every excuse for it. They will sell it to the American people. Then the sons and daughters of average people with fight it and the average Joe taxpayer will pay for it. We must resist this stupidity.

  • Before you make assuptions like you all are remember that It is not just iran that uses the persian gulf for traffic. Many other gulf countries that are friendly to the US who have gotten their ships bombed. Much of europes and aisas oil comes from there. Primarily from the kuait, UAB, saudis, and oman. The Suez Canal the 2nd most important shipping lane in the world is under threat if Iran proceeds to close the persian gulf for shipping. Causing ships to take the perilous journy around the cape of good hope at the bottom of africa to make ships reach from europe to asia. Significantly stagnating the economies of the world as trade is heavily hindered for more than 100 countries. Oil prices will jack up and reserves will drop as the oil takes longer to transit or more likely will never leave at all as they will be blocked. Major countries like japan and china will be in a economic crisis as 90% of chinas and 100% of japans oil comes from this area. Japans numbers might have changed slightly as they may be buying oil from the US like europe is trying to do to get economic independence from the highly eratic persian gulf. This will cause chinas production and japans electronic industry to stagnate as they wont have fuel to power the highly energy consuming machines of the factories. While we will be fine as companies can return to the booming US economy and rebuild their factories(its not that hard as rhe buidings are still here. Just got to get the machines) here other countries wont be so lucky. The persian gulf is not just Irans. It is valuable and whole world uses it. And like I said, due to our new energy independence and being a ecomic powerhouse that can recover easily places like china, japan, koreas, panaisa, many euorpean countries, and even russia can be ecomicaly affected and china and japan can even be at risk for economic collapse if they dont get oil. Perisan gilf must stay open.

  • Iran Russia China France Germany and Britain Good.. America is very bad and trump is very stupid and very very crazy

  • Somehow anyhow USA wants a #war with Iran for me it's more like
    a personal envy of trump for Iran he just wants to knock out them but USA all attack will backfire to them

  • Listen folk, the media is NOT our friend. EVERY news channel makes their money selling advertising. Reporting is something they have to do to get viewers. No law says they have to be accurate in reporting! Nothing sells better than war. Just ask the meteorologists how often you have to be right,
    ; but you still watch or listen to them.

  • Starving Iran is not America's problem. Big Boys don't cry. Iran is an angry depraved nation. But keep biting heels and get stomped out. Islam started the war of this century!!!!!

  • There ain't going to be no war between the u.s. and Iran but there will be a war between Israel and I ran and Saudi and Iran and Trump's going to sell both countries a shitload of weapons if you can't see that I'm sorry but that's what's going on

  • 🤣😂🤣.. Umm, there is not going to be a Military conflict between the U.S and Iran.., both countries leaders are just bluffing

  • Of course people will negotiate when they have a knife on their throat. What are you talking about ? Would you want to negotiate after you are dead or while you are still alive ?

  • America should stop attacking countries outside its borders for oil wars. Most importantly, America should get rid of Israel's guidance.

  • Iran will get evaporated within the two day's of war.. Stupid Iranians 🇺🇸 is superpower.. U r nothing soon u will get war..

  • If the Iran situation escalates, which appears likely, trump is on his own. He has no allies and Iran is no slouch. Russia and China will maneuver to suit their own interests, not the US. trump is recklessly risking the one “plus” he keeps spouting about … the US economy (albeit with deficits going through the roof) on a costly adventure he can hardly afford. It’s a fool’s errand he’s on, incredibly “loose and stupid” (his words).

  • President Barack Obama had the foresight to neutralize the Iran threat for the duration of Trump's tenure. But, trump simply cannot leave well enough alone, he thrives in chaos and turmoil.

  • It's not a war. It's the USA picking on Iran because they know they're going to be the dominant country. They won't escalate something like this with N. Korea because they know the ramifications of a war with that country or China or Russia. They're all talk. The USA having a problem with a middle east country is made for TV with few casualties. Those other 3 countries? American lives will be lost in the thousands on day one, and I mean civilians because their missiles will reach 🇺🇸. This is more about distracting people easily diverted from complex reasoning than anything else.

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    Do you have cable TV? Do you hear what their President says at every speach? Iran says it over n over Death to US and Death to Israel

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