Iran and US do not want war

the rhetoric is raging troops being deployed messaging mixed but America's chief diplomat insists they're on the defensive with Iran we have been engaged in many messages even this this moment right here communicating to Iran that we are there to deter aggression President Trump does not want war and we will continue to communicate that message while doing the things that are necessary to protect American interests in the region as he sets off for a rally President Trump talk tough but avoided specifics looking at Iran we have a lot of things going with Iran we have we're very prepared for a rod we'll see what happens but let me just say this we are very prepared regardless of what goes we are very very repair prepared if you look at what's taking place if you look at what they've done if you look at and I'm not just talking about over the last week I'm talking about over a long period of years they've been a nation of terror now we'll see what happens Iran's leader sees an inexperienced opponent but not the prospect of conflict ma ba he CH Malati nemi jangan we do not wage war with any nation our opponents are a bunch of inexperienced politicians but on our side it is not just the country's officials but the whole Iranian nation that is unanimously present in this battle the Trump administration though maintains these images prove Tehran was behind the explosions on two oil tankers Iran is trying its own maximum pressure campaign keeping nuclear Watchers on alert Iran now says that it's going to exceed the limits of enriched uranium how worried should we be well we should be worried that the nuclear deal has begun to unravel Iran is likely to continue to take steps which will allow it to exceed the agreement while still staying within the general framework of the deal itself it's very unlikely Iran will undertake steps to build a nuclear weapon but it's very likely that Iran will attempt to exceed these parameters so that it can bring pressure upon other countries to compel the United States to cease its sanctions activities America is left asking in adversary' to abide by a deal it abandoned Tehran wants economic relief from crippling US sanctions it is a standoff with scope for dangerous missteps cordelia Lynch sky knees Washington

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  • I'm pretty sure Iran never shot down any drones or bombed any 'empty' tankers. There are far too US many military bases all along the Gulf for this type of thing to happen.

  • أنت يا ترامب تريد الشر بسياستك هاته ولا تريد الخير. اللعنة عليك

  • UK will be with USA when going to war trump 2020 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Mike Pompeo has a rogue's appearance. Americans must replace him with a man having soft image/appearance.

  • There is/was no breach of treaty on the part of Iran. The persons responsible for the breach of treaty are Trump, john Bolton and Americans as whole. Germany, Britain and France matters nowhere. The Americans toppled and removed the first democratically elected Egyptian President from his office because he was considered a threat for Israel. The American RACIST President Trump, at present is the chief supporter of Israel (due to his son in law Kushner or perhaps may be for other reasons) so that's why Trump violated the Treaty with Iran which was signed by Obama after 8 long years negotiations. What the bloody American forces are doing in the Persian Gulf? They have absolutely no role in the Persian Gulf. America is far and away from Persian Gulf. In spite of their hi-tech based naval forces they hit an Iranian airliner in 1988 and killed hundreds of people (American naval forces were stationed in Persian Gulf in those days due Iran-Iraq war). Remember Americans dropped two atom bombs on innocent Japanese civilians during WWII. They are inhumane from the core of their heart.

  • Excuse me but the nation of Terror is the USA biggest terrorist of all time economically and militarily nothing but parasites

  • Stop lying; TRUMP is craving for war.

    The problem:
    USA can't win that war.

    The solution:
    Find a weaker opponent like Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan etc.

    The world is changing,

  • It looks like iran is ready for war for long time and so there we are . Iran Russia china are working together. God bless us all. 🙏

  • It doesn't matter what the US presdeitn want war or not, it's the Rothschild and Israel who wants war and uses Trump as a cover up puppet

  • USA is a liar and everyone knows they and their murderous friends (Saudi, Israel)are the ones doing this attack on the tankers in the Persian gulf!!!

  • proof Muslim are not peaceful ppl i never trust any Muslim they are bull shitters liers 2 face instigator and they wanna feel they are important like if they are god and i always hear them say stupid americans they only stand for their own kind they don't care about anyone else they are like organized gangs and they share each other info this is going on in nyc everywhere

  • Muslim world cannot attract enough foreign direct investments to build factories and produce consumer products. I had seen thousands of different branded products in the USA being produced in the USA and being marketed and sales in the USA. Muslim world is extremely laggard, not generating enough cash, enough net incomes and only trying to reach by producing lethal weapons, lethal biologically weapons with low life quality.

  • Us does not want a war, but Mike Pompeo and John Bolton are super horney for a war with Iran, which will leads into many casualties on both sides.

  • That whole deal was a joke anyway, paying the terrorist country in billions just so they are not using their nukes… Only a brain-dead liberal could come up with that.

  • I'm pretty sure the us and Iran won't start a war, but the USA is optimist about oppositions inside Iran. The US government has bet on the wrong horse.

  • fake news, say no to war. iran has stopped trading in us dollars and now trades in euro. seem to of left that out sky.


  • Iran has been a nation of terror? Hahaha Trump's orange tanning lotion and hair spray has been a terror.

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