Irish People Try The Death Nut Challenge (13 Million Scoville!)

nice I think we read it I think it's spicy and I really no no no no no it's the freakin nosh we're eating some rotten nosh isn't it that's ominous all right so it's like a fun game no liquids or food allowed on total completion no liquids wait 90 seconds before advancing to the next level I sense post your videos to show the world had tough your taste but we got that covered each eating contest I've not seen this so we did this during the live show and I'm pretty sure I only had level 2 or 3 1 2 3 yeah Davey had level 5 and he had to lie on the floor for half an hour what Garf really drinking pints of water it's 11 1 getting started Carolina Reaper chocolate boot la peppers is it Carolina Reaper like the like the hot pepper anyway yeah so why is that number 1 because there are holes with little chairs so Liam not fuck's sake that's crazy yeah you're initially I was like ok this is a sweet pepper it is sweet hmm and then you got the spice we've seen a sunburst like I'm good it is spicy it is warm but it's a pleasant warmth yeah it's a full aromatic spice that was unusual I wasn't expecting that why is my mouth on fire I'm like if you ever took like a squirt it's Abascal in your mouth just for the craic I mean she looks like mommy's here so I already have any cups not for me being in there is it from the peanut I hope it's not I haven't just need you better to be know who among us hasn't taken a square of Tabasco have you not been aboard teenager and just gone you know hot I'll try Tabasco by itself I know I have friends some of us don't have that luxury mind warming up Carolina Reaper and ghost peppers so I'm getting some ghouls pepper in this one Martin right ghost peppers are also high I should have known why then we do love ice cream in the bin right now yep this is starting out sweet no wasn't so bad that's pretty bottom is still burn enough to the front oh no there you know when you eat Chile's the wrong way around they go down like your windpipe almost I felt the heat on my face there and you breathe it out yeah I feel like a dragon it catches the back of your throat and you get like that burn okay you know I mean is it against the rules to lick the table first penis violent reaction terrible ABS thought I was gonna die I object to you licking the table Barton from the loophole the table looks like milk no it's all good the first one was mild one we just had this mild this one next is medium oh fuck off okay I'm ready for the next one okay well the next one's called it's getting real it's Carolina Reaper 7 pop rainscreen peppers 7 pop brain strain peppers as well who are they wanted that's not a thing though exists I'm barely tasting any nuts here one's gonna find you we can do it I'm here for you it's gonna be fine go for it Oh God look we're here still alive we can handle this we can get truest actually not as bad as that awesome well wasn't no oh holy mother of god oh my god we're eating peanuts this is peanuts peanuts as a phrase you use for something that is simple this is not simple this is really spicy seven pop brain strain that sounds like weed yeah it does Wow here it is huh satanic Hailey's make me like that fine its brand we live will we it doesn't hurt I don't see an end to this this holy woman so the red is on fire but I'm fine do you know what I mean yeah are you okay shit is getting real kara I feel like I put out a candle with my mouth we could French kiss right now I wouldn't feel anything I wouldn't feel anything I mean I could french kiss you at any time what I'm a pro about do you think we have two left's we're gonna be okay number four the pain sets in two times Carolina Reaper seven poss do la Penna first I'm losing the ability to speak they go certain huh got heart palpitations I don't know whether that's from being hungover or nuts it's just pain and you're not you're not in any trouble you know your body's fine you're gonna be okay so as much as it hurts it's gonna go away we're doing it okay haha that was fine come on – fuck no after a second give it a second oh it's warm I know it's gone it's fine it went like buying and then it gone it's like stop buying what do you think yeah I've never been so aware of all these parts of the back of my throat before fucking hell still lingering on different parts yeah it burns they're all in there in your mouth just yeah having a little fight to see who's the spiciest and they're all winning it's just a sensation and it'll common goal as quickly as a conference it really hurt oh are you going ill ago we heard number five gotta get it done we're nearly there level five is heat level are you gonna love this one man stupid house the death knows twice Carolina pepper Moruga scorpion 13 million school little catskin crystals oh my god he didn't know they went up that I i watch hot ones and I thought it only went up to like a couple million don't worry honestly how about gonna be it can't be that much more than what you've already been trying I'm I'm struggling they look dangerous in comparison lasted over hard but they also like look like the peanuts you get in a poop no this looks like what they gave KGB agents in case they were captured by the West just like you and then just fuck it to the back of your throat as quick as you can and then anything else is just temporary like are you okay I'm in a lot of pain but it's fine Cheers Shailaja okay on the count of three one two three wait I would give it no no Jesus is there something wrong with me curfew God for setting up this video-channel ha I think I think God wouldn't have invented peppers like this these peppers are the devil's work if I was to breathe on this fork right now it would melt you're a stronger woman than I am oh fuck shit you know I think if I was to kiss you now it feels so good yeah are my ears steaming like in the cartoon yeah hmm if they breathalyze me right now I would blow up the machine did we enjoy that we survived us we are here I don't say this lightly go fuck yourself Kenny I've had a few death notes in my day it's nothing like that huh after all right never thrown up from like another boy did you throw up yeah I was really silly hey you don't really understand why people would do this for pleasure I guess it's not something that you would do for fun look up or my never going to be the same again that happy-go-lucky face it's been ruined by the Carolina Reaper I've been through a lot today I take it all back I'm sorry Davey oh mighty sorry we said you were a pussy I'm gonna take it all about thing I've learned from this is I've learned I really appreciate just a humble regular peanut the question is can you handle it the answer for me is no Kira well don't I'm praying it's it's just it's a bit unnecessary though isn't it I feel like all of our talks right now our final talks because these are going to kill us why why why it does this need to happen you know can we nice to have a good time make love to within the house make a heart to you just got the test within leg good so if you want to see more of this more this quality content clicked about think about it every Monday Wednesday and Friday

50 thoughts on “Irish People Try The Death Nut Challenge (13 Million Scoville!)

  • Liquids or not, this challenge is the SPICIEST video we done yet! So, major props to our lovely Irish people having conquered our biggest spiciest challenge so far. That last Death Nut was no joke! If you don't believe us, try it at your own risk! 😱

  • That girl in the red is full of crap with her "pep talk". She's cheating. She's not chewing, but just swallowing. I'd like to see her reaction when she takes a dump in the morning.

  • Okay, look, this is driving me FUCKING INSANE, but is Seamus also know as PotatoMcWhiskey? His voice sounds so familiar, and I’m like 99% sure they’re the same person? Maybe this is common knowledge that I’ve just missed?

  • 2:08 That was me, except I decided to swig GHOST PEPPER SAUCE. A gallon of milk and yogurt later my mouth and throat only just begin to cool down…

  • Once these ladies recover I have my own death nut challenge for them. Its not hot but its just as intense. 😉

    *edit* on a side note. STAHP drinking water you twats. The water accelerates the chemical reaction through the mucas membranes. The "heat" you feel is the plants defense mechanism which is a chemical reaction that reacts to your skin. It requires moisture to work. The reaction is acidic, so the best way to stop this reaction is to change the acid to a base to neutralize it. You do that by eating raw sugar. Just raw granulated sugar. That's why milk and ice cream kinda work. You are getting some sugar to neutralize the reaction but its not much. Then you drink water and make it worse again smh. I defeated a friend who wanted me to chew a large, whole kungpao pepper. If I survived he paid for lunch. He did not see the several torn packets of sugar I had hidden in my hand. There was some heat but it turned to numbness pretty quick once I downed the sugar. I was like, "eh its not bad, but I prefer jalapenos for their flavor" (he thinks jalapenos are a joke btw) so he was completely stunned how someone with no tolerance could just breeze through the challenge.

  • I seriously had to think about whether I would like or not like this video. I was amazed that all of you agreed to the hell you put yourselves through. This was pushing the limits of Try and came close to over the top. I hope all of you are okay and never do this STUPID challenge again. Peace.

  • I found only one person in the comment section who paid attention to the way Ciara consumed these nuts.

    All of you need to rewatch this video. While most of the cast had the balls to actually eat these nuts, Ciara cheated by placing them in the back of her mouth, pretending to chew, then swallowing the nut.

    Quit giving props to a cheater while the rest of the cast is in pain for completing the challenge properly.

  • official. Ciara is an absolute beast when it comes to all this shit. Straight up Behemoth levels of power. I wouldn't challenge her, food or drink…anything!

  • Irish girls have the best accent
    Think I’m in love with the dark skin girl on the left. Who is she she looks familiar..
    “Dat was fine c’mon tah fuck”

  • So wait, are we all gonna act like Ciara wasn't entirely cheating by putting the nuts on the back of her tongue and immediately swallowing them then acting like shes special for not having any pain?

    The first one got to her because she legit ate it normally and she was practically dying, red eyes, tears, and barely able to speak, but after adjusting to the cheat method for the remaining nuts she of course had little issue.

    Jesus… what a bitch. And Jesus what a bunch of idiots in this comments section that can't even realize someone gaming the system vs someone actually being impressive.


  • Ciara u have some nuts ur so fucking awesome and so dam hot
    The rest of the group are not on your level

  • Water doesn't do anything but make the heat worse. Milk, Butter, & Bread are your best friends in these cases. Lol

  • "They're all in there, in your mouth, having a little fight to see who's the spiciest……and they're all winning".

  • I've done that challenge the 3rd tastes the worst & it is less spicy challenge just pure body torture I was in the military & it reminded me of the gas chamber but worse .

  • Am i the only one thinking the girl in red is stupid because she doesnt know why hot peppers exists? Its very fucking simple! it creates entertainment! Entertainments like this that you are fucking on!!

  • Ciara, how many random marriage proposals have you received as a result of the steely resolve you display on this channel?

  • These are beloved in the US. My favorite prank is to throw a few into the honey roasted jar. 🙂 They are expensive though

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