Irish War of Independence in 12 Minutes

Ireland had had a long and tumultuous history with England it suffered centuries of invasions Wars colonization and even English politics spelling into Ireland on several occasions during the 19th century Ireland was ruled directly from London as part of the United Kingdom in action and neglect from the British government during the potato famine in Ireland led to millions of Irish people dying of starvation and disease while millions more emigrated ultimately having the islands population by the 1890s the Irish Republican Brotherhood emerged during the 19th century and they wanted an Irish Republic they mixed well with the Gaelic revival a re-emergence of Old Gaelic culture and language in Ireland the Irish Home Rule movement gained traction in the British Parliament wanting a parliament in Dublin once again in Ireland Arthur Griffith set up the party shin Finn in 1905 which meant we ourselves believing that Irish members of parliament should not go to London and instead establish an Irish parliament in Dublin comparing it to the two Parliament's of Vienna and Budapest of the austro-hungarian Empire Home Rule gained loads of support during the 1910s but not an Ulster which was predominantly Protestant and unionists loyal to Britain most of Ireland's industry was centred in Ulster at that time and they didn't want a parliament in Dublin believing it would be run by the Catholic Church they threatened war forming the Ulster Volunteers in response the Irish Volunteers formed and Ireland was on the brink of Civil War the Home Rule bill was passed in the British Parliament but the First World War broke out across Europe and Home Rule was put on hold most Irish Volunteers signed up but some stayed behind and secretly planned the Easter Rising the leaders signed the proclamation of independence and captured Dublin the British response was to shell the city and many civilians were killed the rebels surrendered after six days of fighting they were promptly court-martialed and executed some military leaders such as Eamon de Valera avoided execution thousands of people were arrested many not having anything to do with the racing scene the harsh response by the British and the relentless executions of the leaders many Irish people began to believe these men died for something an Irish Republic many of the rebels who fought in the rising were sent to Franco internment camp in Wales on such rebel who had fought in the GPO was the young Cork man Michael Collins while imprisoned Collins rose to lead the rebels and training deciding that guerrilla our fare such as ambushes raids and hit-and-run tactics would be much more effective than fighting the might of the British Army head-on by December 1916 the British and from Gough were released and returned home to stir up support for the cause in 1917 British Prime Minister David Lloyd George announced an amnesty for political prisoners such as Eamon de Valera so they were released to many of the public believes that Shin fain was behind the Easter Rising not the volunteers so to match the public image many volunteers joined chin Fein and reorganized it to match the Republican agenda with de Valera as president during 1917 rebel leader Thomas Ashe was rear a stirred and him and many others went on hunger strike he died and more people rallied to the cause the first world war was still raging in Europe and the threat of conscription of Irish people led to even more anti-british sentiment in May 1918 British authorities arrested dozens of leading members of Shin Fein in one night the leaders had been tipped off dev chose to be arrested and stir up more public outcry Collins chose to avoid being captured so he could continue the fight on the ground as the 1918 general elections approached the Irish Labour Party chose not to run so as to not split the Irish vote a United answer was needed regarding Irish independence and thus shin Fein won a landslide victory Constance Markovic would be the first woman ever elected to the British Parliament however she and the rest of Shin fain chose not to take their seats in Westminster and instead on January 21st 1919 they held the first doll Aaron the first Parliament of Ireland in the mansion house in Dublin they declared independence with Cowell Brewer as a temporary president while dev was still in jail on the same day and Saleh had bagged contemporary Irish Volunteers ambushed Ric policemen killing – and stealing a consignment of JAL ignite the first shots of the Irish War of Independence had been fired volunteers across the country were told to treat British forces as an invading army and they raided Ric baricza's stealing better weapons as they went the war had begun in February Michael Collins and Harry Boland broke dev out of Lincoln prison in England intelligence was key in this for the Dublin Metropolitan Police had a plainclothes division known as G men who would follow Shin feign members and keep track of their movements and activities Ned broy worked as a double agent in the for the volunteers copying files explaining the whole police system and indeed sneaking Michael Collins himself into the detective headquarters in Dublin so Collins could spend the night going through the files and Limerick amidst the chaos of the war the people declared the Limerick Soviet a socialist city named after the Soviets which had taken control of Russia only two years before the people printed their own money controlled food prices and printed their own newspapers it lasted only two weeks before Republicans and the Catholic Church turned against it this was a common thread through at the war as socialist uprisings were suppressed by Irish nationalists or indeed the British the last thing they needed was socialist ideas spreading to English cities and crumbling the empire from within Dublin TD Shawn tu Kelly was in Paris trying to get some time with the US President Woodrow Wilson when the world leaders drafted the Treaty of Versailles after World War one he didn't get too far de Valera himself travelled to the United States to muster support and money for the Irish Republic talking to many Irish American groups and raising five and a half million dollars he stayed in the States for 18 months leaving effective command of the war to Collins Welsh in vain and the doll opted for a nonviolent approach towards the Dublin police through mild intimidation persuasion and boycotting Collins believed that this wasn't enough he had a group assembled who had become the squad who would target and assassinate g-men making it more and more undesirable to work for the crown the dowel became worried that the Irish Volunteers were working too independently and so they were reorganized into the Irish Republican Army with Richard Mulcahy as their chief of staff and for Moy County Cork after IRA volunteers attacked British troops killing one 200 British troops looted and burnt the tone meanwhile Lloyd George had outlawed Dahl errand but the British government was still exploring the possibility of Home Rule with two Parliament's one in Dublin and one in Belfast Sir John French the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland believed this could work the IRA tried to assassinate him in Phoenix Park in Dublin towards the end of 1919 in 1920 the British Secretary of State for war Winston Churchill put together a heavy duty team of law enforcers many veterans of the Great War due to the colours of their uniforms the RIC special reserve gained the infamous nickname the Black and Tans they were vicious and brutal often taking reprisals for IRA attacks on civilians Jim Bob Reagan furless and many other times would burn before the end of 1920 the north of Ireland was much more deeply divided as the Ulster Unionists were still very much against Irish nationalists in Derry elections nationalists had taken control of the Londonderry corporation IRA attacks on our icy barracks increased across the province the Ulster Volunteers arose to defend the Protestants of Ulster Catholics in the water side of Derry were driven out and an attack was made on the bog site by the Ulster Volunteers and the British Army in Belfast 7,000 Catholic workers were driven out of their jobs in the shipyards by loyalists there would be no surrender the British war effort was hampered in many ways by Dublin dock workers and Irish rail workers refusing to carry British war materials or troops Collins squads assassination campaign against g-man was leaving the British intelligence networks thin so they brought in their own operatives from England who would later be known as the Cairo gang the dowel courts had been set up to replace the British legal system and Irish people began refusing to take part in British courts bringing the justice system to a standstill many RAC policemen left frustrated with the lack of justice the RIC gained more reinforcements from the auxilary division who had gained a similar reputation to the Black and Tans the British brought an internment without trial throwing many suspected IRA members into jail unjustly in april 1920 many and monk joy prison went on hunger strike demanding political status in august prisoners in Cork went on hunger strike Terence McSweeney Lord Mayor of Cork and elected chin Feiner was imprisoned so he joined the hunger strike three died including McSweeney after months of refusing to eat McSweeney's death and an English jail brought much international attention unwanted by Britain the tit-for-tat attacks and reprisals continued through at 1920 and the 21st of November saw one of the most infamous days in the war having gathered much information on the Cairo gang from his inside man David Nelligan Collins ordered the assassination of various British intelligence agents at 9:00 a.m. 13 British operatives in various positions across Dublin were killed in a coordinated attack two civilians were killed and another was wounded that afternoon the auxiliaries arrived at crook Park to a Gaelic football match and opened fire on the crowd 14 people were killed in the chaos this day would become known as Bloody Sunday martial law spread across the country in December after an IRA attack on auxilary Xin Cork British authorities set fire to Cork city centre fire brigades were delayed by the Black and Tans and civilians were shot at at this time Eamon de Valera returned from America to a country at war meanwhile in Westminster just before Christmas the government of Ireland act 1920 came into law because of the strong unionist presence in the six northeastern counties the Parliament and Belfast would control these counties which would become Northern Ireland the Dublin Parliament would control the other 26 counties becoming Southern Ireland both would remain part of the United Kingdom but Ireland was now divided because the Shin Fein representatives hadn't taken their places in Westminster the act was very out of touch with the developments in Ireland many people in Ireland were beyond the point of no return when it came to being part of the British Empire the IRA travelled in flying columns guerrilla groups ready to attack hiding from authorities and friendly houses or hideouts around the countryside in January 1921 British authorities in drips a County Cork were tipped off about an IRA ambush by a local elderly woman resulting in the deaths of seven IRA men later the IRA kidnapped and executed her and her chauffeur in Dublin the British patrols began bringing IRA prisoners along with them to deter grenade attacks curfews were brought on in Dublin and they began door-to-door searches early 1921 would see the bloodiest of the war de Valera in the doll tried to gain some control back on this chaotic war there had been tensions growing between Michael Collins and Carol brewer over the running of the IRA Brewer was indeed the Minister of Defence but the IRA looked more towards Collins for leadership dev didn't like the hit and run murderous tactics the IRA had been employing so he moved for a more formal military action of capturing the custom-house in Dublin led by Oscar Traynor this was a complete disaster as they were very quickly I'd conned by the British IDI IRA men were captured and supplies for the Republican cause were running dangerously low James Craig became the prime minister of Northern Ireland King George the fifth himself opened the parliament calling for peace on the island in June 1921 the British government decided to call a truce now knowing who coached the IRA was – actually collapsing they were at a stalemate and the fighting had to stop Lloyd George routes to de Valera and they agreed on a truce the day before it was to come into effect the IRA killed two policemen during an Ric raid in Belfast sparking huge sectarian riots and house burnings this would be Belfast's Bloody Sunday the truce came into effect nonetheless on the 11th of July 19-21 and the fighting for the most part stopped Michael Collins Arthur Griffith and others travelled to England to negotiate a treaty a republic or a 32 County United Ireland was never on the cards the negotiations led to the anglo-irish treaty which created the 26 county Irish Free State which would become a Dominion of the British Empire in the same way as Canada or Australia the king would still be head of state and Britain would retain control over three strategic ports within the Free State the treaty allowed Northern Ireland to opt out of the Free State thus cementing partition on the island Collins returned home with the treaty to a divided government some agreed that it was as good as they were going to get Collins believing it would be a stepping-stone to an Irish Republic the freedom to achieve freedom others such as de Valera refused to get behind the treaty this better division in politics would soon lead to the Irish Civil War but that's a story for another time if you want to know more about the Irish War of Independence you can buy my book Manny mandos revolutionary Ireland not only does it cover the war of independence but also the Easter Rising and the Civil War it's available online through the Collins press or in most good Irish book shops it's filled with many more illustrations and even more detail I could never fit into these videos keep an eye out for my theatre tour of Manny man does the history of Ireland on stage in February March of 2019 produced by n green and theatre directed by Rachel Dever and starring me and the hilarious Louise Conan it's a mad fun telling of the history of Ireland with all the tongue-in-cheek humor you've come to expect from Manny man the current dates are here with possibly more dates to come find out more details on John D rowdy calm there's indeed books t-shirts posters and more to be found – on John komm don't forget to subscribe follow me on Instagram Facebook and Twitter help support the making of new videos on patreon thank you very much to make current patrons I'll keep the history coming

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  • I was born on a Dublin street where the royal drums did beat,
    And those loving English feet they tramped all over us,
    And each and every night when me father came home tight
    He'd invite the neighbors outside with this chorus:
    Come out ye Black and Tans, come out and fight me like a man,
    Show your wife how you won medals down in Flanders,
    Tell them how the IRA made you run like hell away
    From the green and lovely lanes of Killashandra.
    Come tell us how you slew them poor Arabs two by two,
    Like the Zulus they had spears and bows and arrows,
    How you bravely faced each one with your 16-pounder gun,
    And you frightened them poor natives to their marrow.
    Come out ye Black and Tans, come out and fight me like a man,
    Show your wife how you won medals down in Flanders,
    Tell them how the IRA made you run like hell away
    From the green and lovely lanes of Killashandra.
    Come let us hear you tell how you slandered great Parnell,
    When you thought him well and truly persecuted,
    Where are the sneers and jeers that you bravely let us hear
    When our heroes of '16 were executed?
    Come out ye Black and Tans, come out and fight me like a man,
    Show your wife how you won medals down in Flanders,
    Tell them how the IRA made you run like hell away
    From the green and lovely lanes of Killashandra.
    Well the day is coming fast and the time is here at last,
    When each yeoman will be cut aside before us,
    And if there be a need, sure me kids would sing, "Godspeed, "
    With a verse or two of Stephen Behan's chorus:
    Come out ye Black and Tans, come out and fight me like a man,
    Show your wife how you won medals down in Flanders,
    Tell them how the IRA made you run like hell away
    From the green and lovely lanes of Killashandra!

  • "Inaction and neglect during the potato famine"

    Now that's an obnoxious way of saying "confiscating all food and deliberately causing the famine".

  • The ira bombed a lot of people and kids they put bombs outside mcdonalds just because they wanted independence the Irish are just like isis

  • in 1:23 there is a little mistake, because serbia assassinated austrias prince, so serbia was the bloody aggressor




  • Ireland was never occupied. In 1977 you don't get to tell people who've been there since 1077 they're "invaders." If Irish warfighting was half as good as Irish bullshitting you would have won, but hey you made your choice.

  • The Irish don't half have a romanticized view of their own history… Yes the British instigated it but until they can get shut of their own ass backwards belief systems and sectarian nonsense they will be forever fighting a pointless civil war and dividing themselves for no reason. Today the North remains a sectarian hell hole run by a bunch of drug dealing, homicidal paramilitary organisations and Goverend by terrorist sympathizers and religious zealots with a weak and corrupt police force. The Republic is financially unstable, socially backwards, Papist no man's land beholden to EU hand outs due to their piss poor stagnant economy and comparatively high levels of unemployment and social depravity with no real industry and a laughable military. If they were both to unite to succeed as one true republic they need to put any religious and social differences aside and have a socioeconomic revolution similar to that currently happening in emerging countries in Asia and Africa.

  • So now I get it why the song "come out ye black & tans" says " when our leaders of 16 were executed" it's referencing to the 1916 rebels #TheMoreYouKnow

  • Every cunt and their granny invaded Ireland, now it is the Asians and Africans turn under the control of the Gay Indian that controls Ireland.

  • Go home British soldiers go on home
    Have you got no fucking home of your own?

    For 800 we fought you without fear
    And we will do it for 800 more

  • Come out ye black an tans, come out and fight me like a man. Show you're wife how you win medels down in Flanders. Tell her how the IRA made ya run like hell away, from the green and lovely lanes of Killishandra.

  • Excuse me? Neglect lead to the famine?
    They actively took tonnes of grain grown in ireland by the starving irish and brought it to england. It wasnt neglect it was sheer viciousness.

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