IRS Gives Small Business Pay Checks.

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all of your accounting, tax and small business questions answered. Now here is your host,
Albert; taxmen, Corey. – Hello everybody. My name is Albert Corey from Corey Associates Tax Advisors. On the topic of today’s Facebook Live is IRS increase my bottom line, let them start giving you a paycheck. As you come on, please
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webinar, on with the show. IRS increase my bottom line by Albert Corey senior tax advisor. IRS secrets revealed, how the IRS will increase
your bottom line. My name is Albert Corey, an IRS registered tax
preparer, aka the tax man. Have you ever wondered by a show of hands, how to pay less to the IRS? By a show of hands, you
want to have less stress and a peace of mind with your account, accounting and tax needs. How many of you would like the IRS to increase your bottom
line, I sure would. You’re about to discover. You can almost use the same
deduction as Donald Trump. You’re about to discover
their are legal deductions that most small business miss. My promise to you is that you’re going to take the first step today and have the IRS
increase your bottom line. Here is your problems, you’ve very little time
to deal with your tax and accounting issues, you have to deal with
your company’s operations, you do not have a tax or
accounting strategy in place. Why must you have a financial strategy? Because it’s the blueprint system in place to put more money in your pocket. The time is now, you need to work harder you need to work smarter and not harder. Need to spend more time
working on your business and not worrying about the IRS. Who am I and why listen to me. I’ve been a tax preparer since 1985, have been E-file provider since 1991, E-filed Over 51,000 returns, prepared over 35,000 business returns. An I’m an IRS registered tax preparer. This is my story. My dad did my tax returns in 1983 and said I owed money to the IRS. I said pops, pops How can this be? I did not work, I was
just coming out of school. Well, I saw an ad in a newspaper for H&R block for tax advisors. So I took their classes and they hired me. In 1984, I bought a PC and started filing tax returns at night. Well in 1984, PC was a big return. My “Ah Ha” moment came
to file tax returns. What is the time and you know, back in 1985 and 84
everything was done by hand, everything was very messy. It took me a lot of time. Back in 1985, when I did
my first returns in 84, it took me around two
hours to do the return. The same return today, I can
do it in about 10 minutes, because when I figured out I can when I started using a computer, I can do it faster, better,
smoother and cleaner. So I start putting ads
in classified newspapers, weekly newspapers working
at night out of my house so I had enough clients open up my office. In 1993, I opened up my office Corey Associates Accounting Services, and my office was on West
68 Street in Hialeah, which is still there. You see I was finding solutions for my tax and accounting clients. Here are your challenges. You spend every minute
of the clicking clock working on your business, you do not think accounting
service will assist you, you’re short sighted
that hiring an accountant will empty your wallet, the IRS increase your bottom line. Would it be okay if I give you a preview? And how many people would like that? You see, this is my bigger reasons. I mean, This US says taxpayers from overpaying their IRS, because you are hard for your money, and why should you give
it back to the government? With just a few small stuff, you can start hearing the money dropping ch-ching ch-ching in your pockets. spending more time being productive in your life and business. What’s the difference about
increase your bottom line? Because we make it easy
with over 35,000 clients that had their accounting
and tax needs solved. We assisted thousands of first companies of their accounting issues. Just like you seeing a picture we’ve done bakers, waitresses, firemen Farmers one of them; why, had
a snake farm, businessmen, lawyers, cooks, construction. You named the business, guys, and I’ve probably had somebody
that I’ve done it for. So you need to get help from the experts. You see because we are the experts in the accounting tax needs. An amazing question and that is, if you had to have heart surgery, are you going to do it yourself? No, you’re going to go
with a heart surgeon. So when it comes to your
accounting and tax needs, why are you doing it yourself or going to a guy who does it on the back, you know on the kitchen
table in his house. You needed to go a tax professional. We are the experts for your
accounting and tax needs. Here the Myths. Okay, You think you can do it alone. You have the perception that no one can relate to your issues. You’re short sighted,
that’ll break Your bank and to get professional assistance. Why do you need accounting services? You do not know how to
read financial statements, you have a hard time creating reports, you’re lost when it comes
to accounting terms. Step number one. Why an income statement? An
income statement summarize how much revenue a company
made during reporting period, and how much it’s spent
to produce that income. But let me put this in ways
that you can understand. I had a customer who came into my office and said Albert, Albert, I said what? I made $1.8 million dollars, I said, Wow. Guess what guys, after we finished doing the income statement, he was in a loss for $10,500 dollars. Then after he came to me,
we went over his expenses. So now he start in that profit again. You’re also very foggy when it comes to accounting tax issues. You don’t know debits and credits when the IRS or Department
of Revenue sends you letters, you’re not going to know how to fix them. That’s my job because we’ve
been doing it since 1984. You don’t know anything about taxes, you’re not staying up
to date with tax laws. You don’t know how to
reduce your tax bill, and we will make sure that
all the tax forms are filed. Guys, late penalties are killing you late. If you have a corporation in Florida. They’re due on April 30. By April, up from January 1 to April 30th. Tallahassee Division of Corporations only going to charge you
$150 for a corporation. And for an LLC it’s 230. After on May 1, they’re
going to charge you $400. Guys, you can put in gals, you can put that extra
$350, $250 in your pocket. Why do you want to give it
to the state of Florida? Another thing when you
file your tax returns late, corporations are due in the
state of Florida on March 15, guess what? You file it and march 16th, they’re going to smack you
$200 a month, per shareholder. Why do you want to pay that file on time? Or come to our office
and get an extension, so the government doesn’t take more money. Step number three, bookkeeping takes away from
your most important task. Why do you have a bookkeeper? Okay, it’ll keep your focus
on your core business, meaning that if you’re a
baker, you need to be in back. You need to be in the back making cakes, not in the office, printing and little ledger
books or QuickBooks. You know how much you spent on Comcast, how much you spend on supplies, hire somebody to take care of that. Second of all, it’s going
to give you time extra time to go hang out with your
family do other things or work on your business. See bookkeepers will save you time and money will give
you the freedom to work on your livelihood. Step number four business operations, okay, the bookkeeper will make sure who gets a W-2 form. Accountants will make sure that you’re going to know the difference, you don’t get in to trouble from, you know, when you have clients, or you have customers or
people working for you that the difference between W-2 employees and 99 employees, we can tell you what has to be done, we can sit down and figure out how much estimate
payments you should make. And we’ll make sure that
everything is done right, so this will help you prevent getting those audit letters,
which aren’t fun to read. You’ll also avoid pain
of getting those letters. You know what it’s like
when you get those letters, guys, most of my clients
and girls go pretty crazy. Step number five. You know how to keep money in
your pocket your tax savings is same as money in pocket. This will help your bottom line, Yes. The sound of money the bank with the extra savings. How many of us can use that extra money? Will you be my next success story? How many of you want to
be my next success story? Maybe you came because you
don’t know what kind of company to open up, an LLC, sub s company, C Corp. Maybe became you have accounting issues? Would it be okay if I shared a system that saved my clients millions of dollars. The benefits and features, you can stop paying the government, avoid getting penalized
with your tax forms, avoid frustration trying
to get answers out, spending less time and energy, your tax savings the same as
money to your bottom line. Who is this not for? If you enjoy writing checks to
the IRS, guys don’t call me. You don’t need us you’re not open minded in solving your IRS or accounting issues. You’re happy gaining letters from IRS audit letters in the mail. Who is this for? For business owners like you who want to keep money in their pocket, avoid getting penalties that
you you know, unnecessary thing and you like working on your
business, not in your business. Step one, You can you
can stop overpaying IRS. We know all the legal deductions, you know, because there’s
so many deductions that people come into my office and try to use Turbo Tax that are wrong. Okay, that you’re either going to get a penalty or you’re not
getting the right deductions. Second of all, you avoid your
penalties with your tax forms. We know the dates, when their due, how to do the forms, so
don’t get into trouble. Why you need a bookkeeper? They keep you up to date so
you don’t have to be penalized. It’s a person who keep track
of your financial life. They’ll make sure they’ll keep your company’s
financial healthy. Avoid the frustration of
trying to get answers. Let me explain something, you ever tried to call the IRS lately? There’s no way you’re going to be on hold on the phone for hours and hours and hours and nobody’s going to answer you. When you come to an account
when 98% of the time when you come to our office, We’ve already seen those kind of letters so we can solve them. So you have to spend
your days calling the IRS or calling the Florida
Department of Revenue. If all we did was to put
money in your pocket, would it be worth it? If all it did was to save
you time to get the answers for all your accounting questions? Would it be worth it to you? If all it did was give your
perception your business, a better perception and
financial health of your office? Would it be worth it for you? Are you worth the investment? Yes, you are. Some people say that it’s too expensive. But I know that you’re already realize it’s always wise to
invest in your business. You’re going to be amazed at just by how using our system,
you can 10 x your income in just one season. You need to take action now and call us. If you try to call for
the IRS for an answer, it’s almost impossible. However, when you call us, You can call us for our free consultation. Go to our website or you can email me at [email protected] and we will answer you
as soon as possible. – [announcer] Thank you for
listening to the taxman show. If you have any questions, please leave it below or
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