Is a Master's of Social Work Program for You?

hi you guys welcome back to my channel I'm going to jump right into it because I definitely have a habit of being very long-winded so this video is going to be telling you more about what it's like to apply and be in an MSW or Masters of Social Work program okay so first I just want to talk a little bit about the application process um when you're applying for masters programs a lot of them place a lot of emphasis on the GRE however if you're applying for an MSW program this is not really that important a lot of the programs that I applied for didn't even want me to submit my MSW mean my GRE scores they just didn't care about it or as either they didn't even want me to submit it or they didn't really place high value on the GRE so um I don't think it's very I don't really think it's necessary to place a lot of time and energy on taking the GRE if you think that you want to be in an MSW program or apply for an MSW program however if there's a school that you really want to go to and they want you to submit your GRE scores by all means take the test and study hard but for my experience that really wasn't the case a lot of schools just didn't care okay um another thing that I want to talk about is um the importance of applying to schools that have focus areas on both micro and macro social works so you can get a good side of both different areas when I first applied for my MSW program I thought I wants to do therapy I thought I wanted to you know just do therapy for my whole career in social work however when I was taking my classes and being introduced to different sides of social work and you know meeting the exposure to macro social work I learned that that was something that I was also very interested in so um macro social work is dealing with policies you know dealing with more of the operations and administrative sides of nonprofit organization and social service organizations and micro is more direct practice therapy case management that sort of thing so you really don't want to limit yourself to micro or macro and when you're first going into the field a lot of people don't really know all the opportunities that they have in social work and the fact that they can Dibble and dabble in both macro and micro so it's really great to go to a school that has a focus on both you know direct practice micro and therapy and clinical social work as well as macro social work that focuses on policy administration program development that sort of thing there's even a school I believe Washu that focuses on social work and social entrepreneurship that's really really cool but that would be a part of macro social work so there's not just one job that you can get as a social worker there's an abundance of different type of jobs for different people so make sure to explore your options when you're applying for grad school okay um and also another thing that I think is really important to touch on is the fact that joining an MSW program or applying for an image W program is not the easy way out I got my undergrad degree in psychology and a lot of people wanted to go in and do therapy like myself and they chose to join an MSW program as opposed to applying for you know um a ph.d program in psychology so an MSW program is kind of the easy way out however um I don't really think that people understand how hard it is to be a social worker and you know how much of a how much how much of a toll and how much it can train you mentally and emotionally I'm saying like on your field placements and in your job once you graduate you're going to be working with people who are you know at their lowest point in life and people who have hit rock bottom and people who are going through severe oppressions so it's it's going to take a lot out of you that therefore you should only join an MSW program if you are interested in helping people and if you're interested in social justice and advocating on behalf of those who are treated unfairly and treated unjustly it's not for people who just want to do therapy all day there's um I honestly I encourage you to look at other options if you just want to do therapy or you just want to you know do counseling and open up your own clinic I mean you can go the social work route as well but there's so much more to social work than just that as I mentioned you have to be someone who's passionate about actually changing society in the way it operates so social work is definitely not an easy way out is one of the top of the toughest fields that you can possibly get into and um it's very rewarding but very tough and definitely not an easy alternative another thing that I think is really important to touch on is the fact that it's not really important to apply for prestigious schools or ideally colleges when you're joining an MSW program I think what's more important to employers once you graduate is your internship experiences and you know the class the coursework and that electives that you took and how that all molding you into the person that you are once you start applying that's what's more important as opposed to getting a degree from an Ivy League school maybe if you're going to you know get your MBA like your business degree or your going to law school that's important but not in this field that's not that's not really um emphasized in should work okay so when you are applying for schools I encourage you to apply to schools that are in cities where you'll have a lot of job prospects once you graduate for example I'm currently going to school in Chicago Chicago the market is thriving right now and there's a lot of jobs and a lot of nonprofit agencies that I can apply for once I graduate the reason I say this is because most likely you're going to end up working or it's going to be easier for you to find a job in the city where your college was in because that's the place where you may networks and where you met a lot of professionals so most likely they're going to be the ones to help you get a job in the community or in that City once you graduate it's going to be so much more easier than you getting a degree in one city and then move into another city and try to get a job there your network and your support system is not going to be in your new city so make sure you do your research before you apply and make sure that the city that the school is in is a good City to find a Social Work job and also I just want to mention I'm reading on a paper right now I just want to talk a little bit about the pay in social work a lot of people are saying that oh you know you can't get a lot of money as a social worker you're going to be poor forever even though it is true that you know your first few jobs you may not get a lot of money but there is opportunities in social work to make a good living and to have a good life and um you know you're not bound to being poor if you become a social worker that's that's a big misconception I think people say that because they're thinking about Social Work and a very limited concept they don't understand that there are a lot of different job opportunities for social workers you don't just have to you know get into case management or you know get a job working for or Child Protective Services you know there's other things for you to do for example there are otterman who are social workers you can be you can like be a Dean at a Polish you can be an administrator in a college you can be an executive director of a non-profit you can be the chief of staff you can there there definitely opportunities for you to go above and beyond um you know that the stereotypical Social Work jobs and make a decent living in Social Work um also check out you know social entrepreneurship a lot of social workers are really getting into that it's a newer concept for us and something that we just started to study but I mean you could be a business owner with a Social Work degree so definitely don't limit yourself and definitely think outside of the box when you are considering social work as a career I hope this helped anyone who is thinking about applying the MSW programs and getting it into the Social Work field um if you have any more questions let me know and thanks for watching

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  • Plz reply
    I completedy msw from india. And i would like to do a counselling course specilalized for child and youth. Is it possible there in canada???

  • This video was super helpful. I'm considering going for a MSW but I'm starting to realize I may be more interested in the macro side than micro. Do you know if it's possible to get into healthcare administration/policy-making with a MSW or what kind of internship experience would allow me to do that (if there are any offered for this degree)?

  • Do you suggest taking a year off after your BSW before going into your MSW? Or is it more practical to go straight into it?

  • Thank you for this video! I'm v tired of people from psychology backgrounds suggesting that social work is somehow lesser, when I'm purposely choosing the MSW route because of the social justice emphasis, and the fact that social work focuses on the environmental and systemic factors affecting people

  • I have a question, if you graduate from MSW program in a different state. For instance say, Ohio State and you move back to your home state or another state- can you sit for the license the website is confusing….

  • You have no idea how positive this video is. Thank You so much. I will soon be applying for the MSW program soon as Macro.

  • How do you get social work experience during undergrad? I'm a psych major and thinking about going into an MSW program to become a LSCW. I mainly have research experience and not much of anything related to human/social services. I do have experience working with kids since that's the population I want to work with in the future.
    Also, can you make a video in the future about why you chose to went into social work instead of the psychology field? Love this video

  • What do you think about enrolling in a 100% online MSW program? I'm an older adult who wants to reenter the work and earn an advance degree.

  • Yeah, you can definitely make a great living as a social worker. I've met and know a few millionaire LCSWs who are living proof to me and one who has currently taken me under her wing of guidance as I pursue my MSW. It always annoys me how people assume you can't or don't make any money in the field of social services.

  • Great information! I am so hype about going back to college and finishing my bachelor's and then going on to my masters in social work.

  • Hi I’m currently studying Bachelors in Management Studies is it possible for me to pursue MSW as my major?

  • this helped alot! I know right now i do see getting an MSW is definitely quicker than getting a pHD in psychology. But there is alot more to it than i may read about. I'm starting applications for MSW program after my B.S in psych!

  • I just got my msw and passed the licensing, but I wish I hadn’t gone down this road. Income sucks, pretty sure I’m going to go back to school in the next couple of years and do something in the medical field..honestly wouldn’t recommend unless you actually want to do this line of work.

  • SUPER helpful! I'm applying for MSW programs next year but I'm doing my visits in a couple of weeks! Thank you so much for the insight and the advice!!!

  • Hello, I am a political science major and I'm thinking of double majoring in psychology. For grad school I think I have finally decided that I want to do social work and possibly become a clinical social worker. Do you think this would be a good fit for me given my interest in politics and helping people directly? I don't see myself in a government job and would rather help people directly.

  • Hey girl. Thank you for such as awesome video, sharing your social work knowledge to us future social workers. Keep it up boo!

    Here's the real though. I've graduated last year with my BA: Social Science (Psychology–lite lol), and was lucky enough to do an criminal justice internship for two full years by the time I graduated. But I graduated barely with a 2.85 GPA, which wasn't enough to get me into a MS Education Counseling program (it was the only master's program I applied to as a risky chance to get away from my boxed-in apartment and finally being independent. It's been hard AF emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I know I slacked off in UG, but I also know that a MSW is really what I want to pursue. I became homeless in my final year and didn't ask for help from family or friends because they wouldn't help me track down the man who tried to drugged me and raped me inside my own apartment (long story girl, and I still don't know how I got away even after downing the substance-laced shot). Because I experienced this, I became so paranoid that I moved back in with my parents and still haven't found any paid jobs involving social justice that are hiring. Because of this, I though I was a failure in my life choices and became depressed and suicidal. The past two weeks have been a blessing to me and my mental health. I spoke with a really good therapist who helped me with my trauma and been on these antidepressant meds. I know now that I want to get my MSW to become a social worker for children, youth, and families. I want to be able to help a lot of my fellow Latino, Black, Asian, and White people who are dealing with mental health issues and need to find nearby resources. I want to get my license in California and New York ('m from NY, but moved to CA for UG) and become a license clinical social worker and help my clients with their healthcare needs and help doctors to understand that everybody doesn't need to be on addicting meds; that people just need a hug and somebody to listen to their life stories and help a brotha/ sista out of their situations.

    Are there MSW that would accept people like me with a bad 2.85 GPA and no GRE and barely 2 LoR? If there are universities that accepts people like in my positions, please share with me those colleges. Thank you @TheGiftofGab! Mucho gracias bonita!

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