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you we don't know who's actually calling the shop people who have put years and decades into the game for not even approach and this moves just you know to me it's unbelievable to me like I've never heard of something like this an advantage lot of confusion in the community for kind of like unclear as to exactly who is behind it and how it even came about I don't know what committee what organization reached out to be was it regrows I only look into this further just because pretty serious issue dumping a lot of people really understand the scenario way they presented us to the Olympics God is accepted and now they're calling it a dance they're changing the name of your art form and when I reached out certain people and obviously pioneers within the community and they had no knowledge of like the world dance sport Federation for example being involved in pitching in I don't know who knows that how to actually handle the business of the preservation of the fact that it's cultural it's art you know before it's a sport truly not picking a side I'm concerned because I don't have enough information we didn't even really know like what was going on and we just announced and I was in the beginning of December but now month later a little bit a little bit different there's certain things that are coming up and that's why we're doing this to shed light on factual things that are happening in this there's certain things that have not been disclosed and there's a reason why I hadn't

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  • Sport : an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

    Breakdance have all the element to be considered a sport physical ability,competitiveness and entertainment

  • A bunch of old white europeans judging and scoring an art form that they cant do and was popularized by blacks in america, you cant write this shit

    What's next, olympic sumo wrestling with all american judges?

  • I feel as if breaking is watered down to a sport. Think about all the competitions and judges who are deciding who gets to advance forward or not. Every bboy event has a tournament style and the one with the most skill and effort gets to win. This dance could be both but nowadays I would say it is a sport. You got all these people only wooing powermoves and everybody is a biter and if your original and getting no woo's, that's art. TO be a sport there are standards and nowadays these standards are powermoves based. Great! What we see in Olympics and TV is breakdance and sport. Deep down bboying is being original and understand culture. PeAcE!

  • How can people from ballroom dancing claim something that is hip hop and has nothing to do with what they're doing??? Bboying can be a discipline when it's not even part of their so called "dance sport".

  • If breaking was in the olympics, I would actually watch it. I don't understand the whole fuss about how bboying is an art and all this shit. Gymnastics is also an art, hence the name Artistic Gymnastics. If gymnastics is in the Olympics, I don't see why bboying/bgirling can't be in either. Anyway, this is just my take on it. Send me ur thoughts.

  • I love breakdancing whether it is or not a sport…and I don't giv a f*** what the OG and anyone think…

  • I don't get why people ask this question anyway. Dancing isn't a sport! It's a way of expressing yourself, it's an art.

  • I don't like it. Mainstream is shit for the sheep, and the games might do something bad to judge. Judging was a huge issue within. Here, what..who spins the most times, or holds the freezes longest gets evaluated? What about musicality? No battle format I take, but some routines instead? What kind of moves can they do? Will everyone start biting and kill originality, or will it be just the generic powermove and footwork drills?

    Just like Hip POP. Not the same.

  • Good news the judges are going to be some fairly legit bboys and bgirls so for that matter it seems alright. Still stay warry though

  • This is bull shit judged by some gay ass ball room dancers !? I been in this game for almost 12 years breaking has been judged by boys nd done by boys nd what is athletic of ball room dancing I dnt knock it I won't mind trying it but its such a bore to watch .I dnt see any of them stretching killing there self's taking months to learn a move all on there own evolving there self's mind body and in day out or literally shocking crowds world wide them ballroom shoes be dead weight a bunch of pretty boy Floyd's what would they know about something probably half of th never seen honestly I think they are butchering the shit. Because we black Americans at first start it it then it was our brothers and sisters the PR heads jumped in it cz we shared that comin goal of oppression for years black Americans that have created things in there name have been stolen and butchered now since they see probably it got some to do with black American history they wanna take it nd misguide people all over again nd take the credit for there damn self's I consider breaking to be a sport might as well be as much as we battle and train nd push our mental train of thought to new heights these goodie two shoes dancers won't never see bboying is a art form it should stay how it always has been judged by bboys bboys batttling break DJs accurate bboy history love peace and equality !

  • who cares, what others call it. Everybody has his own personal picture of bboying, which he will represent through his actions. If someone want to dance only in cyphers and jams, he will never be touched by the olympic breaking, even if it should become big.

  • Three problems:
    1. Since when was Bboying a part or form of ballroom dancing? Whoever decided this should get their heads out of their asses and recognize that Bboying is so much more than dancing. It's a lifestyle and an art form.

    2. While it is a good thing that BBoying is getting more exposure, how in the hell will the bboys be judged? Other than the OUR system there's no universal framework or basis on which bboys are judged and even then the OUR system has its flaws.

    3. Seems like the decision was made without consulting the top brass of the bboy world. If they really wanted bboying in the Olympics so much couldn't they have at least shown the courtesy of talking to us about it before moving onto the decision. Hell from what the video shows not even someone like Crazy Legs was notified of this, and that is just downright disrespectful.

  • It is an art , but the form of battling is called a sport. but the concept of breaking is an art. It will help breakers be able to dance for a living which is good. culture will be strong as ever. olympics once every few years

  • If ice skating, synchronized swimming and even Horse Dressage have a spot in the Olympics, then why not Bboying ? The main issue isn't whether bboying is a sport or an art, or if it can be judged appropriately (there has been a lot efforts in recent years like OUR system). The issue is that it seems nobody in the community is involved in this.

  • Bboying or should I say break dancing in the olympics respect that B-Boying made history which opens more doors for the future. However there always the pro and cons. I just hope that it doesn't turn into a colored people thing because they need to know who created the dance this which where the brothers and sisters and the Puerto Rican's.

    Marcus Nunez

  • dont worry guys they cant ignore our community it's too big. it's either we get involved or it will never last

  • In the olympics, gymnasts are only judged on execution. Breakdancing has so much more factors and therefore I don't think it fits into the olympics, it also isn't a sport. This is how I feel.

  • If it does go through, I'm already getting ready to lose my cool if they have commentators who don't stfu lols….

  • I totally disagree guys. Fuck this shit. Olympic has never been right and HipHop itsef is an art not sport. Above all I have seen many unfair results through Olympics which was totally being controlled by fucking retarded politicians who wants to earn their benefits and Olympic, which meant to be created as a friendship and culture sharing, now turned out as a part of political usage. I say again. Bboy is not a place for Olympic. It's gangster shit not politics. It is good to be exposured in world wide but never in this way.

  • The positive of worldwide recognition isn't new, that's a part of the culture at this point. But come on… Not involving anyone from the breaking scene is not an amazing gift, is probably what the WDSF thinks it is giving. "We put in our time to get some due in the Olympics, now we'll do these guys a favor!" There's an arrogance in that mindset that is mind-boggling.

    Also, I'm completely talking out of my ass since I haven't researched this at all…

  • I am all for dance being in the Olympics. Curling, ribbon whatever, and speed walking are in the Olympics. Why not dance? Breakers put just as much work into what they do as any Olympian and are as athletic as anyone else.

  • First off, sport vs. art is a silly thing if viewed as a competition between the two: neither is superior. That said, sport has an objective goal. Cross the finish line fastest, score the most points, etc. That's why even esports, race car driving, and golf are totally sports, no matter what you think about their athleticism.
    Since there will always be reasonable debate about how to evaluate bboying, and nobody has the final say, it's art. This is a pretty simple distinction. Even gymnastics has a very formal codified system for move values and judging criteria. OUR System may be a hybrid scoring system (and I don't think it's without flaws), but at its heart, dance is art.

  • To Some Its ThankFully an Honor to Be Accepted to The Youth Olympics but HOW BreakDancing wz Used in PLURAL FORM for BallRoom!Honestly They SCOUTED StreetDancerz from all Over On TheTv Show So You Think You can Dance!And It wz Leading to an ACTUAL BALLROOM Contest!….Also to Point Out tht It might Turn Out Like the Politicz of How Graffitii Art Became Gallery or Street nd WorlWide Political!!…..

  • Judging a dance does not take away from the artistry of the dance, nor does it diminish the culture. Salsa, swing, and many other forms of dance have competitions but also keep the traditions of the dance and its impact to culture intact. Like many of the pioneers said, there is not enough information to make a judgement call; however, those who truly care about preserving bboying should teach workshops, throw jams, and create documentation that properly preserves the culture as it is intended. I would support this movement and see what happens.

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