Is Democracy in Jeopardy as Long as Trump in Office?

ambassador William J van and Whoville hope and history is his new book a memoir of tumultuous times investor welcome to the program thank you very much thanks so much for being with us and you have led an extraordinary life from your birth of 1930 up to today I noticed in in you know your first chapter is titled growing up in the age of Roosevelt and you have some just extraordinary stories there but in your seventh chapter you talked also about you know running for Congress in 1960 and Eleanor Roosevelt endorsing you you know you worked with Bobby Kennedy I mean you've you have seen the arc of history in this country in a way that most of us have not and I'm wondering what lessons you learned from the Great Depression from Franklin Roosevelt's work and all the stuff that has intervened to this day about today's politics looking back I grew up in Rochester New York family my mother and father had both emigrated to the United States and we barely spoke English at home well it was a time although the depression was well underway the arrival of President Roosevelt or the White House made the difference they'd have a president and he spoke to the concerns of the people directly who was not afraid and the phrase that we often cite with those out we have nothing to fear but fear itself really had meaning to people who were hurtful for their jobs one of their homes almost everything was challenge because the Depression was so severe but it was the democratic revolution that Roosevelt led that made the difference in America and when we talk about the greatness of America we should measure it really in the last 75 years from the liberal government that he established addressed itself to the needs of the people for the first time really in a very direct way and so in our home as an uncle Holmes and Rochester working-class families Franklin Delano Roosevelt Room heroes yeah and and and Roosevelt established a new direction for the Democratic Party in 1933 and you know although Democrats had been at least opposed to Harding and Coolidge and you know and whatnot you know through through that era and Hoover ultimately but it seems that the Democratic Party has disengaged in many regards from Roosevelt's visions I mean his his suggestion for a second Bill of Rights that would guarantee as a right health care for example in a job and education you know Linda Johnson kind of brought some of that stuff to the fore with the Great Society do you would be go ahead Lyndon Johnson did a great job and continuing the New Deal but the President President Roosevelt in 1944 his last State of the Union address outlined a second Bill of Rights that included health care that included decent home including a decent job so you don't get these things by just pushing it button you get these things by making it the focus of your party and of your own individual leadership and this was the world that result said we had to create to justify the terrible cruelty and losses of the second world war and that's when he enunciated the Four Freedoms as well in January of 1941 before the United States was in the war we still went to the nation and said these are times that probably involve us in this terrible war but the only thing that can justify our losses of our children losses of the treasure of our nation's is they were going to create a different world yeah well he set out to create was a world based on the Four Seasons a little bit with based on cooperation working together with nations and offering freedom and justice to everyone your daughter Katrina vanden Heuvel publishes and published the the Nation magazine and has been a real champion for bressant causes all these years and and I it seems that you know Jimmy Carter was the the the you know the first Democratic president after the after the Great Society and you know was trying to reprise parts of it but ever since then it seems like much of the Democratic Party has kind of lost its way and we've seen this bifurcation that was you know super on display in the 2016 election and the Hillary versus Bernie stuff where do you see the Democratic Party going I mean you've done so many from from Eleanor Roosevelt through Bobby Kennedy you worked with you've known you have been so inside and and so knowing these people where do we go with this I think you have to have a president and/or a presidential candidate before you can truly focus where the party is of what it's saying it makes all the difference in the world and if you if you have a conservative Democrat so you have that going that direction Roosevelt was a great sincere progressive liberal president and this is results herself as a nation's leader but I think that today you're going to find a definition of who we are by who emerges have leaders and the primary elections that are to come so Nancy Pelosi is certainly a liberal leader yeah as I think of a judge for the many she's externally effective leader in the House of Representatives but we're going to have to live through the next year to see the 23 candidates in action and a lots good to happen then we can predict but good and bad sakes you're gonna have so by the time we get to the fight where we have a candidate against Trump we're going to learned a lot we're talking to ambassador William Jay vanden Heuvel his new book hope in history a memoir of tumultuous times which is just an extraordinary look into the into this arc of history of the United States you know you made reference unto Carter's presidency yes and then the decline of progressive government that one of the problems was that Lyndon Johnson left us not only with extraordinary accomplishments of the fields of suddenly human needs but he Memphis with Vietnam yes and Vietnam I think took a great deal of the energy and direction under the Democratic Party to what extent do you think that the assassination of Bobby Kennedy did the same thing I'm terrible you know what America went through in those odd years in the sixties first starting with the assassination of President Kennedy itself one of the most profound traumatic shocks in America had ever experienced and then the murder of Martin Luther King and then the assassination of Robert Kennedy it was and so you wiped out the leadership with a generation of leadership Robert Kennedy would have been a great president he was tough he was smart he was insulated he was compassionate he had a sense of because of the needs of our peoples nation he had a sense of the terrible aspect and racial dimensions of American life and I think he would have done so much in many ways to bring the country together can you find it and the given purpose which ambassador van and have a we we have just a minute until we're gonna hit a hard break here and have to wrap this up I'm wondering what what is the main message that you would like to convey to people with your new book hope in history I think we have to understand we live that totally different age and one of the great enemies of democracy is war we have to stop endless wars in this world where we're involved whether were involved or not and then we have to confront a racial dilemma that's been part of the 300 years of American history of this continent and understand that what we have to do can try to bring true opportunity and decency for the lives of all Americans and I think perhaps more than anything we need to put it in the White House a president who speaks the truth the great enemy of democracy is salsa and unless the President himself is committed to truth then I think the nation's democratic values are in jeopardy

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  • Everybody better be ready to make their escape!! I think the events that will lead to Americas social collapse have already happened, we are in the lull before the storm of civil war aso ur politicains lead us into slaughtering our own fellow Americans…the ultra wealthy have already purchased a new home abroad, and they are devouring all the scraps of our economy and our nations reserves as we speak, but when it actually gets confirmed it will be too late to get out, other countries closing the door to american refugees like so many of Americans have enjoyed watching done to foreigners in similar circumstances….When the poop hits the fan there will be no escape, no resources, no medicine, no food….no transportation anywhere…no electricity
    Lets hope I am wrong, but yall better make contingency plans now and leave tomorrow

  • The paradigms framing this nation would have to be drastically modified in order to have democracy.
    And the will of the people is simply not sufficiently present for that to happen.
    All of which is irrelevant to the vague intention of the question.
    Perhaps better phrased under the contexts; "Can the needs of the people be addressed?"
    Trump is not the worst of the psychopaths preventing good from happening.
    Mitch McConnell is probably more of a problem than Trump, who is only there to be blamed for the crimes of the rest of the government.

  • Democracy IS in jeopardy, even if Trump is OUT of power, and here's why: I know a few people who support Trump, and I've seen plenty on the Internet, and here is their stated feeling: "WE" are outnumbered by minorities and liberals now, so "WE" can't win elections any more, so "WE" DON'T WANT DEMOCRACY ANYMORE! "WE" want a dictator who will do the right-wing idiotic things that "WE" want done! Yes, democracy is in DIRE jeopardy when a full 40% of Americans are willing to support a demagogue despot who is destroying every democratic and sane institution in the land. The selfish human ego IS what the Bible calls the devil and satan. We have become a 40% satan-worshipping nation. So, read the Bible's Book of Revelation if you want to know what's coming.

  • What democracy Thom ? The one where every important decision is taken globally by unelected Elites for about the last century. That under threat. Oh no!

  • The main difference between capitalism and socialism is that one is based on man exploiting man and the other is the opposite.

  • Not with"Queen" Pelosi twisting like a pretzel to protect "King" Trump for her corp owners.
    If there are no impeachment hearings I stop voting. Why vote when the "leaders" refuse to follow the law.

  • Trump is leading a nation which can not tolerate enemies who have defeated america in science & technology & also in terms of economic progress. This nation did not tolerate development in Islamic world & attacked many of them foolishly without even knowing that their other enemies have taken control on resource & economics when the stupids were spending trillions in non-development heads. Now they are unable to run away from wars & are bound to waste trillions more for a complete dominance of China & Russia. Small wonder, american economy is irretrievable without breaking american federation. Democracy in america has finished just before 9/11 & they are now waiting for a big economic recession for which Trump is working hard through trade wars. america is now destined to lose every war be it trade war or battlefield ventures, no favorable result is for federal america now as its democracy can not produce any leader which can save union.

  • "And to the REPUBLIC for which it stands." America is not and never has been a democracy. Today, it is an oligarchy.

  • Discover the Cheating Ok Politics as usual. Your happy don't preoccupy that it makes bad to anyone. Go on in your life. Barbarian. What a Barbarian!

  • Mostly we have a plutocracy at the present moment- rule by and for the rich. However, things can always get worse.

  • I am laughing. Pelosi an effective liberal leader? What arc of American history is this guy from now?

  • Democracy has been hijacked by the Common Greedy Rich scheming thieving bastard's An politicians helping the criminals Greedy thieving scheming bastard's by enriching the Greedy Rich bastard's more from scheme's an Fraud an scams an Favor's, introducing Bill's in the Senate to enrich the Greedy Rich bastard's even more, Same old Congress members for 40 year's voting on the same corrupted Bill's for the Greedy Rich, An Crooked senators voting on farm Aid to benefit themselves and making Billionaire's richer on farm Aid handouts, Democracy where the Greedy Rich scheming thieving bastard's are the majority in the Hijacked government half of Congress should be in prison
    multi millionaire's in Congress
    racketfella Republicans in key positions in the Hijacked government, JP Morgan ex fraudsters bankers in the Hijacked government, Goldman's sack's scumbags fraudsters bankers running the federal reserved bank
    ex fraudsters bankers running the Wall Street casino, Hijacked government taken over by Greedy Rich scheming thieving bastard's enriching themselves and their families tree of Crooks. lawlessness an God less heathens hypocrite pricks has taken over the Hijacked government, for power, Wealth, control over the world and people ! Time to start taking out these bastard's like Mexico takes out their corrupted politicians one by one ! Then start on the Greedy Rich scheming thieving bastard's
    chop off the snake head's an the body dies, Time to terminate these criminals !

  • We're going to need a Bernie Sanders of Elizabeth Warren to win the primary in order to get back on the track begun by FDR. Then either of the two succeeded by Tulsi Gabbard in 2028.

  • Trump is in full support of Capitalism. It is the only form of government that allows all citizens to make all the money that they can. There are no rich people in socialist countries. They are all poor. Only government people get any money, in socialism.

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