Is Feminism About Freedom of Choice?

Feminists claim feminism is all about freedom of choice. You hear it all the time from famous celebrities and leaders of the movement. And who isn’t for freedom of choice? Right? And so they argue if you’re not a feminist, you must be a chauvinist. Really? Is feminism just about giving all women the freedom of choice? So why is that feminists promote a certain lifestyle and certain choices, while ridiculing women who make different choices? Why is that feminists promote sexual liberation and promiscuity and mock traditional women who may choose to make better decisions? Why do they champion taxpayer funded abortions? And don’t allow pro-life groups to partner in their women’s march. Why is it that feminists don’t give baby girls in the womb the choice to even be born? Why is it today you are deemed a traitor to the cause if you choose to stay home with your kids rather than pursue a career? Even saying ridiculous things like, “Stay at home moms should be illegal”. And calling women slightly mentally ill for making that horrid decision. Why do they love to praise single motherhood and ridicule full-time mothers and intact families? Why do they champion divorce and women’s liberation while telling faithful wives they’re not fulfilling their potential? Why is it that feminists mock traditional women who value their femininity? And only elevate alpha females who want to be just like men? Why is it that today’s feminism has become synonymous with man hating? They give no voice to women like me who think men are generally pretty great and don’t think their masculinity is the biggest threat to our society. And why is it that their movement’s whole political agenda is a socialist wishlist? Free abortions on demand, free contraceptives, socialized healthcare, daycare and so on. What about providing policies for women who don’t actually want to depend on the government? And why is it that feminists have a vitriolic hatred towards conservative women? They only uphold leftist liberal women like Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Nancy Pelosi. And mock and vilify conservatives who choose a different set of values. You see, you never hear feminists extolling the great accomplishments of, say, Condoleezza Rice, Sarah Palin or Kellyanne Conway. And, apparently, you can’t be a feminist today unless you really hate Donald Trump. Now why is that? I thought feminism was about giving all women a voice and choices. Or is that all just a facade? Now, isn’t it funny that all these feminists are concentrated on the extreme left of the political spectrum? Could it be that they’re not for all women, but really only for their leftist causes? Well, let’s not forget modern feminism began as a revolt against the family, marriage, motherhood and the traditional and biological roles of men and women. Feminism began as a Marxist endeavor, claiming that women had been oppressed by evil men all throughout Western civilization and the only way to overcome this injustice is to overthrow the entire system and institute a new matriarchy with feminists at the top. That’s why feminism is not about giving all women the freedom of choice. That’s all a sham. It’s about giving power to this tiny minority of elitist leftist women who think they have the authority to lecture us about our miserable lives and push their radical socialist agendas on the rest of us under the guise of feminism. Thank you, but I can make my own choices. If feminism were really about giving all women the freedom of choice, then, I choose to reject your leftist, socialist, anti-family, anti-male feminist agenda.

17 thoughts on “Is Feminism About Freedom of Choice?

  • Wow, someone had the time to come and hate on this brave Woman ( in a series of many comments)! If it’s all about choice, LET US CHOOSE! Let us choose our lives and our beliefs! Keep up the work and being a great representative for conservative women!

  • Feminism is freedom to do disgusting things which ultimately leads to end of civilisation.

    Patriarchy made America great once but now because of feminism America is the land of pornography.

    Old age homes and orphanage is also a gift of feminism.

    Feminism can sustain for sometime, after country has obtain wealth and stability by patriarchy. But after sometime because of rapid adultery by feminism , society will collapse. All the slangs like mother fuck , sister fuck are reality in highly feminised society and betrying husband/wife is common in highly feminised society , and that's the end stage of feminine era.

    We are very near to that.

    Later a strong patriarchal culture will overpower that country.

    ( Patriarchy is not about oppressing women but based on gender roles. Infact patriarchy gives more value to women. But feminism objectifies women. If you have doubt then see most of the feminist how they objectified themselves .)

    We need to replace feminism with equalism. That's nothing but patriarchy. Patriarchy is based on gender roles. But feminism initially tries to imitate man then ask for freedom for sexual pornographic culture to gain power , which ultimately destroy nation.

    Yes ..
    Read once again.

  • Hi Lisa, I really apprecciate your videos, and especially the way you talk about delicate topics always in a polite way.
    Greetings from Sicily

  • Ahh thank you so much! This was actually rather good~ Apologies though for the random screecher in the comment section though! You hit the nail on the head.

  • It's likely that feminism was also created by tranny's. Tranny culture is completely destroying men and women around the world. All the women in Holly's Wood who sang songs about being a boy, or being just a girl, girl power are highly likely tranny's. Gwen stefani sang the song Im just a girl and did the music video in the girl's bathroom to push the idea to us that he's a woman, but he's not. His ex cheated on him with a tranny. Beyonce-Boy Once, sang a song called if I were a boy, spice girls promoted girl power…all tranny's. Real housewives, tranny's, kardashians, all brothers working together in their brotherhood to destroy men and women. Trans Formers-more than meets the eyes, megan fox, openly admitted he's a tranny. Jessica Alba admitted he's a man. They're selling us men as women and telling us all this is what beauty is and men are lusting after men in dresses and hating on real women with real hips and real breasts. Sick twisted world.

  • Thank you Lisa, sadly, I think it is likely to be too little too late for many young ladies such as yourself. MGTOW

  • Don’t listen to the haters, we need more strong intelligent women on YouTube like you!!! Keep on making videos and preaching the truth!! Please keeping videos!!!!

  • Some of this isn’t true such as feminists and trump. It’s was just that Hillary was there and well… she could have been the first female president… get for feminists

  • Feminist do not practice equality so their energy comes from Judging others man or woman to meet cult like specific standards. They don’t combat gender, they combat lifestyling.

    I’m surprised you can feel this way about feminism when when you feel the way you do about abortions, for you opinions on abortion are against women having the right to decide choices with their own body and
    Choice of lifestyle.
    In that video, you seem like all
    The other radical feminist that you are complaining about in this video.
    Abortions can prevent women from having to rely on the government.

    I suggest watching YouTube channel: Amazing Atheist, he is one of the most inspiring minds I have found about equal rights and respecting one anothers freedoms.

    Ps pro choice does not mean anti family. There are many reasons abortions could be necessary like
    I mentioned on your video about abortion.

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