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Hey Dan here and in this video I’m
responding to a comment I read recently which said for ENFPs freedom is
everything correct and my answer may surprise you a little bit naive enhancer
yet I have to really disagree with this freedom is not everything
freedom is a means to an end and to explain why it’s so important to
differentiate this I’m going to start off with motivation when you’re trying
to motivate yourself intrinsically right not at a job not with someone yelling at
you if you don’t do it or giving you a reward or a prize if you do but when
you’re trying to be self-motivated you have two ways you can be motivated
trying to move away from something so you could call this like fear-based
motivation or motivation trying to move away from what you don’t want and
towards motivation moving towards things moving towards what you do want moving
to a more positive life now both types of these motivations are valuable
they’re both tools you can use and if you’re trying to motivate yourself more
I would suggest having a clearer picture of what you don’t want and using that as
fuel and having a clearer picture of what you do want and also using that as
more of a magnetic pull to move you towards what you want but having freedom
as an outcome saying that what I really want in life is freedom and that’s
everything that’s kind of an away motivation like it’s based on something
you don’t want maybe you’ve had a really bad job or a over controlling parent or
spouse or something or you just in a place right now where you don’t have a
lot of money you don’t have a lot of freedom and you’re maybe watching this
from a cubicle thinking all I want is freedom the truth is once you get that
freedom you’re probably going to want to do a lot more now using freedom as an
away motivation as something you want to get like away from your current
situation so you want to move towards freedom and have that fuel definitely do
that because freedom is a good thing it’s wonderful to be able to decide what
you want to do and when you want to do it at least wonderful most of the time
sometimes it leads to its own issues so freedom as a motivation can be really
powerful but it should not be your end goal not only will you not be happy with
just freedom I’ll tell you that you might
suddenly get a bunch of money and be able to quit your job and do whatever
you want and you’ll be happy for like two weeks at most if you are an ENFP
then you are going to get bored and you are going to want a cause and a
challenge and a mission and something do so freedom as a whole is a terrible end
goal but another reason it can be so dangerous is that if your end goal the
way you’re seeing it is freedom it’s not creating a powerful business it’s not
running a marathon it’s not changing a country it’s not doing something bigger
than just being free to do whatever I want if that’s the case you’re probably
gonna go about things in a totally wrong way you’re going to
try to start some weird freedom based business where you’re chasing passive
income and you want to sit on a beach with your laptop and not ever work again
and the odds are that probably isn’t going to work for you whereas if you’re
focused on a bigger goal you know say you really like working with a certain
kind of people and you want to support those people then build a freedom
business around that build a business supporting those people build a business
where you’re gonna be fueled not only by your goal of having more freedom but
also by making an impact by the actual work you’ll be doing as well where
you’re enjoying what you’re doing if you really hate what you’re doing on a day
to day basis it doesn’t matter how powerful your goal is at the end of it
the odds that as an ENFP you’re going to tough it out day in and day out for
years to reach an end goal when the day-to-day work is not enjoyable or
fulfilling for you sorry it’s not really going to happen the idea of freedom
being everything is also dangerous because can sometimes lead to a setting
up our days in a way that doesn’t have any structure so some mean FPS will say
you know I don’t like having plans I don’t like being told what to do I just
like to be free and see how I feel that’s great let me know how that’s
working for you I do like that but one thing I’ve learnt in most if not all
successful ENFP entrepreneurs I’ve spoken to have learned is that we
actually need structure and some discipline and a list of things we need
to do and when we need to do them we have the freedom to create
that list ourselves but ultimately we need to create that list create that
structure to actually move forward and get where we want and along those same
lines most of the great things in life actually requires some kind of sacrifice
of our freedom you want to fall in love with someone you’re probably going to
have to make some freedom sacrifices some compromises right or you might
spend your whole life alone you want to have children you want to start your own
business you want to really do anything significant and meaningful you will end
up sacrificing some freedom what my goal has always been is to create the freedom
to choose what I want to do and to choose the structures that I make to
have the freedom perhaps to visit a family member on the other side of the
world or the freedom to build my business in the way I want to to not
have to sacrifice my values for money or for some corporate decision or something
like that I’d encourage you to think about what you want the freedom for if
you were free to do what you want what would that be and don’t say I just like
to travel forever we’d all love to just travel forever and I kind of do
sometimes and it is wonderful but I bet that there’s probably something a little
more purposeful there so maybe start with this if you did have the freedom to
choose how you spend your time and to do something significant what would you
choose to do start with that and then use that perhaps as the fuel and maybe
even the framework to build a life that has the freedom that you really want now
if you’re new to the channel and this is the first time you’re seeing me my name
is dan this is dreams around the world and my mission here is to help you
become the-best-version-of-yourself all while creating the most awesome life
possible for you and those you love I publish new videos every week so
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mean for you and what is the bigger thing you would like to do if you had
the freedom to pursue it thank you for watching catch in the next video soon you

15 thoughts on “Is FREEDOM everything for ENFPs? – Dreams Around The World

  • Depends in what context without basic freedoms that. God has given us as human beings. . aka with that freedom you can enjoy so much more including a job . nobody wants to be oppressed. Take a look at the world today. . right now is not a good time to about giving up freedoms.

  • hitting all the right triggers there. have freedom now. quit it all. so why aren't I happy? ah…i don't want to travel forever without a goal. does that make me a do-gooder? ack. how can i avoid labelling myself a do-gooder? ie. what my boyfriend would say. someone who just wants to look better than everyone else. what does freedom mean to me? interesting question…thanks

  • 26 year old enfp mom of 2 small kids. Its hard. I dont know what to do with my life . I dont know how to deal with my emotions and i dont feel very happy go lucky anymore or adventurous or even very alive. My kids are amazing dont get me wrong there but the isolation manotony and stress has made me go inside myslef even more thab b4.

  • As always, awesome content, Dan. My goal as well is to create the freedom to do what I want to do….and that background is beautiful! Where in the world is this?

  • Damn! I am sure if someone asked me what freedom was a year back I'd say do what I want to and when I want to, no structure to be a hindrance. Then I found dreams around the world. Kudos to you Dan. You really helped this ENFP grow up. 👏🏻

  • I love structure and routines because it really helps me as an ENFP to keep on track but I do leave space for spontaneity and a free day to do whatever I would like or meet someone for coffee or relax. That way I don't get bored with routine but I have a routine as a foundation. Sometimes my day won't go as planned but I know the next day the routine is still there and I can stay flexible within my routine.

  • My job is a little quirky so this is going to sound weird. But, i'm a psychic medium, if I had the freedom to do what I wanted, I would want to be able to spend more time really delving into the root issues of some of my seekers. Be able to fly to their areas if I could. I love what I do and I wouldn't trade it for the world but delving into the business aspect of it has definitely been a challenge.

  • Hey dan! I have a question which keeps leading to me worrying about my success and happiness in the future, and that's how can I remain excited by something that stays the same – for example a job or relationship or hobbies etc. I know as an ENFP I like to change direction a lot but I also feel as though consistency is so important in achieving something significant. Sorry about the length of this! ❤️

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