Is Freedom Killing your Creativity? || 4 tips to restrict yourself to be more creative

Is freedom killing your creativity? I
don’t know about you but when I find myself with too much freedom I find it
almost impossible to create hi my name is James Ruddle and welcome to my
Channel today I’m going to talk about four ways to become more creative my
first tip to being a better creative is to handcuff yourself to only use one if
that one thing is a principle whether it is a thing like a pen or a paintbrush
then just use one thing and force yourself and restrict everything else to
force you to only use that one thing like line for example in my work I’m
always using the idea of line whether I’m drawing with line or whether I’m
painting with line I find that if I use line as the main focus of my piece it
forces me to be more restrictive in everything else that I do the second
thing is to restrict your principles your principles are things like rhythm
pattern repetition balance unity harmony emphasis and contrast all those things
are great but I find that if I force myself to look at one of those things so
if I’m going out to take a photograph I force myself to just take a photograph
of balance and when I look at balance then it forces me to see the world from
a point of view of just balance or if I’m going out and I’m just looking for a
variety then all I do is I run to the supermarket and I look at all the
variety of different limes and lemons and there’s so many unique qualities
about a lemon or a lime but each one is totally different and so that gives
variety and it helps force me to look at the world from a different perspective
and same with my painting if I’m just looking at contrasts then the whole
piece should be creating emphasis through contrast and so that’s what I
focus on the third thing is to restrict yourself with time so one of the
patterns that I’ve gotten into over the last few years is I force myself to
paint for say an hour a day and that restricts me so that I’m forced to
actually do something and to be creative for an hour a day and whatever it comes
out whatever I come up with whether it’s a photo whether it’s a video whether it
is an actual painting if I force myself to be creative for one hour and whether
it’s to shoot and edit a video it may be garbage at the end but what it’s done is
its forced me to have a due date a deadline and it allows me to be creative
within that restrictive boundaries that I’ve set out for myself the fourth thing
is to restrict yourself through theme so that’s like an idea so in the body of my
work I restrict myself through portraits and portraits are faces of people and
what it’s allowed me to do is it just helps me to focus on that one thing and
through looking at the face as a creative element a creative process as a
creative theme then it forces me to do everything that’s creative within okay
how do I find an interesting source of light on the face how do I make the face
pop how do I use line in the face to create a sense of mood or a sense of who
that person is so restricting myself through theme or
idea has allowed me to be way more creative so I hope those four things
have helped you and will help you in the future as you become more creative
thanks for watching and stay tuned sweet

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