Is Hiring a Property Management Company Right for You?

31 thoughts on “Is Hiring a Property Management Company Right for You?

  • Perfect timing, I’m a newbie and was going to call a out of state property manger about the process tomorrow. It’s good to front load with information so I’m not completely clueless.

  • I always use property management with my properties. For one, they're out of state and my goal has always been PASSIVE income so property management was a no brainer for me.

  • I love the information you guys provide, very useful for us starting on this. Just finished my 3rd apartment here in Mexico and i think after this one i will definitely need a property manager otherwise it will become a job like you mentioned

  • Let's say I pay like 1,000 a year for my property management. Can I deduct all 1,000 to my LLC when I talk with my cpa?

  • It doesn’t really matter about the amount of properties, it really matters about tenants. Basically if you have more than 3 tenants, bite the bullet on a PM. It’s really worth it.

  • I don’t have property management. Not enough properties at this point. Plus I prefer to see and evaluate all potential candidates.

  • I don't want to self manage. But I would like to learn the process so I know wether or not if I have a good property manager.

  • Clayton, could you do a video on what a typical PM monthly statement should include and how to understand it? The statements I get from my PM company are baffling and I would like to know what some of the norms are or what a good PM company does in this regard. I found myself very confused from month to month trying to figure out how they arrived at the amount of money deposited, what they took money out for, etc.

  • The bulk of my portfolio is in Schuylkill County PA. Hard to find a PM here. I have no desire to deal with tenants. WIth the laws here it is too complicated to manage on my own. Doing this all debt free so building my portfolio is taking forever. Getting ready to test the waters with financing a quadplex. FYI I have 6 properties in the US and 2 in the Philippines. Just need about 6 more doors to replace what I need to live on.

  • I feel the best property manager is the one you employ and trained from the ground up. I’ve been a manager in college and have friends who manage. The truth is they DONT treat your money, like theirs. The expenses are naturally higher along with vacancy rates.

  • Had to disagree on this one. But then again I only have 3 properties within a 30 miles radius. Also, extremely lucky, amazing tenants. Only time I'm running back and forth is when it's time for that wonderful certificate of ordinance compliance. Yay!

  • Great video I have a guy who mows the grass removes the snow at my rental my wife doesn't think we should pay for for that so I said ok honey do want to shovel the snow and more the grass she didn't want to that so we pay him

  • natali looks so pretty in this vid 🙌 bella 😍 lol keep up the great vids guys. Just closed on my first duplex with an FHA I plan on working with you guys at some point soon. =]

  • Good vid… I would like to see more edumacation in the way of Questions: To Hire a Property Manager. Because you could hire a bad one or a good one. But if you Vet it out properly, can make a Huge difference.

  • I personally manage my own properties at the moment, as having properties in NJ is expensive enough. I may utilize a property manager in the future when i do own a set amount of properties or have a particular amount of tenants. However, you should expand on this topic in a future video: list a site or organization that can lead you to reputable property managers; list good interview questions to ask a potential property manager; the going rates on repairs and services charged by such managers varying by state; the prevalence that property managers my overcharge or falsify expenses; the guidelines to such charges, as in what is included with their fee and what do they charge in addition to a repair when it is needed?
    Such insight would be extremely beneficial as I know I have been hesitant to use a property manager because of such trust factors.

  • We’ve been doing our own property management, with exception of one that’s too far away. Property managers SUCK. REALLY. I think it might be a solid 100%. If not, then it’s pretty darn close. If you can, you should manage your own property. We’ve had several and they are all different degrees of bad.

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