Is it time for an independent Kurdistan? | IN 60 SECONDS

Is this Kurdistan’s moment? Are they going
to finally achieve independence? You know, if you ask any Kurd that, they’re going to
say that they want independence, but the problem really comes down to the Kurdish leadership.
Masoud Barzani, the leader of Iraqi Kurdistan, who’s now serving the ninth year of his eight-year
presidency, oftentimes tries to rally Kurds around the flag of Kurdish Nationalism, but
when push comes to shove, it seems he wants money more than nationalism. Remember back
in 1996, he invited Saddam Hussein’s forces into the Kurdish capital simply because he
didn’t want another Kurdish rival to take power. Now, when it comes to the PKK, this
group in Turkey that’s waging an insurgency, or this group in Syria which has established
as an autonomous region, they’re no longer officially talking about separatism. They’re
talking about federalism. They’re actually talking about what they call democratic autonomy
or confederalism, where they want a group of Kurdish regions which overlay other countries.
So what’s your opinion of Kurdish independence? Let us know in the comments, and also let
us know what other topics you want us to cover here at AEI in sixty seconds.

85 thoughts on “Is it time for an independent Kurdistan? | IN 60 SECONDS

  • I remember another scholar at aei saying that kurdish independance would be ideal but if they try and push for it they would simply become a vassal state for Turkey.

  • If you ever need a lever against Turkey the threat of supporting Kurdish independence would be one. The same is true for Iran. This, however, poses the problem of forcing Turkey to brake away from the West. I am not sure how Kurdish independence right now serves our interest.

    It could bring more turmoil and instability to the region. It could also be a foundation for a secular muslim society and a real nation-state in the middle East. Honestly trying to work something out might prove to be a stabilizing factor in the long term.

  • This is an important topic, but 60 seconds? Come on. Put something together with a bit more substance.

  • " independent Kurdistan?" under the boots of USA and Israel , you mean. Its so CONVINIENT that Kurdistan will be built right on top of Iraq and Syria oil reserves. Fuck you USA

  • This video didn't really answer the question, what are the pros and cons for federalism vs independence vs status quo?

  • Final Declaration of the Rojava-Northern Syria Democratic Federal System Constituent Assembly

  • In 1996 there was a danger of Iran coming in and dominating Kurdistan, as it does Iraq today. What you call "Kurdish rivalry" was a manoeuvre by now President Barzani to stop Iran. And it was done sucessfully, to which Kurds owe everything they have today in Iraqi Kurdistan. We are now witnessing in Syrian Kurdistan a transition from mambo-jambo to concrete federalism, which will be further strengthened once the excluded and suppressed sections of Syrian Kurdish forces, including a large number of Syrian Kurdish Peshmerga, comes in. So, Michael Rubin, get your facts right if you are going to discuss Kurdish statehood and independence, which obviously is happening and will be happening for all Kurds and entire Kurdistan.

  • These muricans thinks we are stupid. The western powern have drawn this border. They want the middle east bomb everywhere and caos so they can steal the oil cheap and so on. Murica is just shit talkers. Russian is way better they are honest. But muricans are liers and thieves.

  • I think that kurdish people deserve a kurdish State… In my opinion, iraqi Kurdistan and Rojava should find a way to be united in one independent Kurdistan.
    The war against Isis is also due to the fact that the borders were made by the Uk and France, which did not think about all the different cultures and religions that were present in the area.
    So, when the war will be over, the totality of the borders of Iraq and Siria must be changed.
    The first two steps to bring peace in that region are:
    – 1) To create a Kurdish State
    -2) To divide Sunni from Shi'a.

  • Very interesting project, thank you, I'll follow you questioning on the way.

    What do you think?
    Some changes in the Middle East are possible, but limited to more autonomy – internal self-determination. As if to imagine Kurdistan to appear on the map, how many enemies it is going to have then? Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria.. To have connections with the world to trade it will need an access to the seas, it is highly unlikely that Turkey gives up Alexandretta for this purposes. Wouldn't it be better if Kurds seek for more autonomy rather then creation of their own state?

  • It would be great if Kudistan could actually become a thing, it would most certainly allow for a more stable situation in Turkey (although i personally think that part of Turkey should actually become part of Kurdistan), as well as in Irak and Syria. With a Kurdistan in place, claims of territory in these fore-mentioned states could subside, people actually wanting to live in a Kurdistan could move… Yes, this would mean that Turkey, Irak and Syria should be willing to part from pieces of "their" nation, but most of these regions are already mostly (if not exclusively) inhabited by Kurds. So it wouldn't actually be giving up a piece of their country, it would be more akin to giving up the rule over a piece of land that isn't really ethnically part of said country anyways … … But that is the biggest problem i guess, just look at the leadership in Turkey and in Syria (in 2016), from a western p.o.v. these are basically Dictators not willing to give up their fortunate positions (in Turkey Erdohan is basically performing a cleansing of the political en governmental systems, getting rid of any opposing forces (like he did earlier in 2015 after loosing the majority in parlement for the AKP due to the Kurdish party making a threshold, he basically started a new war on the Kurds, and deemed the political party alligned with these 'so called' terrorist, and he was back to being the 'cough democratic cough' leader of Turkey again … and look at Syria, Assad only controls a small region in the south/west of Syria, but he still speaks about Syria as if he rules it all … … So yeah, i am hoping that from the current war against ISIS will arise a Kurdistan, as it might well help a lot to bring more stability in the region. At the same time, with the kinds of rulers in that part of the world (and the people in some cases choosing them), well, it's unlikely it will actually hold … f/e I see Turkey declaring war upon Kurdistan as soon as it is formed, just because … … still though, in my opinion it is way over due…

  • I would allow the internet to implement communication that is more direct than the government via mass surveys given in public places such as hospitals, grocery store lines and gas stations. The people can make something happen in a day that governments needs to take years to figure out.

  • well, if barzani family continues to rule, they might have an independent, or semi-independent sunni kurdish state and get support of the arabs and turks.
    but pkk and pyd? well, you know, no one fucks with the turks too long before getting fucked really hard. if i wanted a fucked up independent state, i would exactly do what they are doing right now

  • What about land feudalism in the "Kurdish" territory in Turkey, Iraq and Syria? Don't you think we should talk about it before "independence" in the year 2016? Because, you know, they should be REALLY free if they want to be independence, not only as a law but also as mind. And I haven't witness any demand for independence from the Kurdish people in Turkey. They all left their lands because of the "Freedom Fighters" PKK attacks and they now live in the western parts of the country.
    In short, let's talk about human rights and and independent minds there before independence by law. Because nothing will ever change after independence if you don't argue the feudal order which gives away the lives of people.

  • Last time Kurdistan was independant, it was in 15th century as Aq Qoyunlu.
    Hopefully, it will remain to be the last time they had a nation. Their independance would only cause more turmoil in the regions, and more tension in the world…

  • I agree with a Kurdistan Federation, they deserve their independence after so many betrayals… I also suppor the Nationalism of Palestine…

  • And after the building of Kurdistan you will split them into a muslim and a yezidi kurdistan. Just for independence. And the muslim part you will split into a sunni and a shia state. Same for the yezidi part, right? Just in the name of "freedom", right? The US politics have become so obvious, man.

  • Establishing country is so easy for them especially for the outdated president Masoud Barzani because he uses this card to draw a poor people's attention to his side and showing that he is so in favor to declare a Kurdish Country which is far from reality.

  • TÜRKİYE'DEKİ KÜRT KARDEŞLERİME SESLENİYORUM. Biz yıllarca aynı topraklarda aynı bayrak altında aynı devletin mesupları olarak yaşadık. Çanakkale Savaşında ruhları şad mekanları cennet olsun yüzlerce kürt türk boşnak laz…. şehit verdik. Yabancı güçler içimize girip bizi ayırmak için ellerinden gelen her şeyi yaptılar, yapmaya da devam ediyolar İZİN VERMEYİN! Ruslar önce ermenileri kışkırttılar ve binlerce mülüman türk ve kürt öldürüldü. İngilizler arapları kışkırttı ve yine kardeş kardeşi öldürdü. Kürt veya Türk farketmez biz bu vatan uğruna ölmeye herzaman hazırdık ve hazırız. VATANINI SEVEN HERKESLE TÜRKÜYLE KÜRDÜYLE BOŞNAĞIYLA ARNAVUTUYLA LAZIYLA ÇERKEZİYLE ERMENİSİYLE BULGARIYLA VE DAHA NİCELERİYLE HUZUR İÇİNDE YAŞAYALIM. BİZİ AYIRMLARINA BÖLMELERİNE İZİN VERMEYİN!!

  • According to Ankara treaty 1926 between Iraq, Turkey and UK
    If there is a change a in the intergrity of Iraqi State's lands
    Turkey has a legal right to annex Kirkuk and Musoul to it's territory
    This treaty is bound by the League of Nations so there can be no rejection from the UN.,%20ANGORA%3B%20TREATY%20BETWEEN%20UK%20&%20IRAQ%20&%20TURKEY%20REGARDING%20SETTLEMENT%20OF%20FRONTIER%20BETWEEN%20TURKEY%20&%20IRAQ.pdf.

  • Can you describe democratic autonomy and confederalism more in depth? What would that look like? How would it work? Thank you

  • I believe in full independence for the Kurdish people. Turkey has committed so many atrocities against the Kurds, that in my eyes they can never be assumed to respect any Kurdish people on their borders.

  • Nope if you ask kurds that they won't another country they will say "no" almost half of the kurds in Turkey loves Turkey. Turkey is thier country

  • there should be a free democratic Kurdistan with the most powerful army in the world but only on YouTube . Isis is almost finished and then wait and see what happens to your dream.

  • Kurdistanians defeated isis almost all by themselves with the US support. They deserve their own land for the work they have done for the world

  • For Everyone Want to Know About Kurdistan History From a Kurd People We have Waiting for this Independent From Nearly 100 Years To 101 Years(Mean 1916 or 1917). For Example Let Say Your Country Has be Taken Because A First World war You Have Forced To Do It. And Your Country Will be A Part For Other Countries and Your Part Will Be Leaded By Dictator And He Will Kill Everyone Who Talk About Your Native Country or Anything About It. And Leading More dictators After The First Dictator and Every Dictator Will Do Like First Dictator. After All This Unfairness A Chance Will Get To Your Part To Rebuild Your Native Country Again. Ask Your Self This Question: Do You Will Miss This Chance?
    (Note:If You Miss This Chance You Cannot Get Other Chance For Nearly 100 Year Or More)

  • im Kurd from north west iraq on turkish and syrian border my self and i dont want only iraqi kurdistan to become to a country first because most of us Kurds live in turkey and syria and not in iraq and second there are many other different ethnic groups living in iraq but they are all iraqi and non of them want their own country like the yezidi assyrian turkumen christian sunni arabs shia arabs and many many others.

  • My dear kurdish friends. Why dont we let separatism aside for a minute and ask us "why do the israeli american jews/christians support us".. they love you so much? No they hate "us" muslims all equally. Once they "help" you they will fuck you up too and laugh about the kurdish naives and about a shattered turkey and iraq in chaos…thats exactly what they want from the middle east: oil, money and chaos. In these difficult times we turks kurds iranian syrians palestinians sunnis shias alawites we need to stay strong together as a unity. For hundreds and thousands years we lived next to one another. Turks love kurds, we have the same culture and mentality and a long history together in ottoman empire. You kurds now have the rights you deserved ( i am very sorry and angry for the hard times you went through), you finally can talk your language and even have kurdish tv programs. We were going a very good future all together as brothers, dont let outter sources destroy the brotherhood and unity ❤ lets go strong turks and kurds in a multicultural muslim peaceful unity in OUR wonderful home turkey. love from a turkish girl

  • Over 100 years have passed and Kurds still do not have a homeland of their own. The referendum was a national right, and what happened to Human Right's principles of Democracy and Freedom that they talk about day and night? It was ruined by people who were against and not supportive of this process of democracy. The KRG agreed that the referendum wasn't the right time, but the United State of America said that KRG should postpone it for 2-3 years and then if you do that the U.S would respect the result of the referendum. The KRG said instead of saying "respect" the KRG requested the U.S the right "support" for the result and we will postpone it. The U.S didn't say "support" and they didn't promise the KRG support, and for this reason, the KRG had the absolute reason and right for not being convinced and to postpone it with no promising support from the U.S would do more harm.

    In fact, many western countries ignored this peaceful process and should be ashamed. With support from western countries, we could create an independent Kurdistan of democracy and stability and it would be a gift to the world to show that Kurds are pro-democratic pro-western, but unfortunately, it seemed difficult for you and you made a mistake for not supporting this new uprising state. The Kurds have nothing to apologize for but to be warmly thanked by the whole world for the role of fighting ISIS, and if it wasn't for the Kurds for helping Iraq liberate Mosul they would have been much more bloodshed. The referendum has and will always be an excuse for Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria for not letting Kurds achieve their dream of Freedom.

    This is a nation who has fought against terrorist and spilled their own blood for independent KURDISTAN, Iraq treats Kurds bad and cut the "bread" food source for Kurds, that means that Iraq is the biggest enemy to humanity! Kurds are neither Arabs, Turks nor Persians, THEY ARE KURDS!!!!!!! INDEPENDENT KURDISTAN NOW AND FOREVER!!!!!

  • This from USA Govt. Of course they do not care about Kurds — they have stabbed the Kurds in the back in the past. Propaganda!! Leave it to CNN — they do it better!!

  • I need my people to finally be free. I need somewhere to take my children in the future and say “this is where your roots lie, this is where we are from, this is our home.” But I’m afraid I may not be able to see that dream of mine in my lifetime.

  • I Present You My Website from the Bottom of My Heart in Five Language to all the Norwegian, Kurdistanian,Iranian and to all the People of the World…
    Twenty four Seven…
    You can access my website 24/7 …

  • Kurdistan Independence is imminent however our leadership has grave flaws which didn't enable us to achieve independence. Either way, independence can only be achieved with consent of one of the 2 major powers, namely Iran and/or Turkey. The KRG leadership (Especially with Nechirvan Barzani) has to build strong foundational ties with both states in order to achieve independence. Baghdad however is the hardest nut to crack as no state wants to be braked up. I therefore see some sort of compromise in the future regarding the legal status of the Disputed territories and specifically Kirkuk. Main reason for Iraq to hold Kirkuk is the oil itself. My advice would be that in a hypothetical scenario, Kurdistan would achieve Independence, including the Disputed areas so long Iraq can have atleast 50% share of the huge oilfields in Kirkuk.

  • On my opnion we don’t have a good electricity and when we want a job even if they are Kurds it doesn’t matter they want a arab guy and that is why Kurds can’t get a job and I don’t like PKK and the president it’s the most stupid president in the world so I don’t think we are ready but we still wanted so I don’t know I really wanna independent Kurdistan but at the same time there is many things going on which many people don’t know

  • Independence for Kurdistan!
    These are an uniquely important set of humans. They have been bullied by the Turks,Persians and Arabs of their lands.
    I would love to see that Kurdistan flag flying majestically all over Kurdistan- like how before the old atlases would show Kurdistan.
    I wish to help in any possible ways that I can.
    Long live the Kurds.

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