Is The An On Property Plus Affiliate Program? (Ep220)

Hey guys Ryan here from on
your daily dose of property education and inspiration and today I’m talking about whether
or not we have an onproperty plus affiliate program. So I’ve got an email here from Dida.
I’m answering all of your questions, if you have a question email me [email protected]
or go to I’m answering every single question I get. Got an email
from Didier and they asked, “hi Ryan, do you have an affiliate program related to your
membership please let me know in prosperity, Didier.”
Well I can answer that question really simply and the answer is no. But what I wanted to
do was, expand about why I don’t have an affiliate program, what I’m planning to do and we will
see how it unfolds. So Didier I appreciate you asking me. You’re actually the first person
to ask whether I have an affiliate program and the fact that you would want to market
my site I am so grateful that you believe in me enough that you would actually recommend
me to other people. Now there is obviously financial gain in it for you but that doesn’t
matter, you’re still saying here’s a good product I think you should buy it and are
going to recommend. So massive massive thank you for having so much faith in me and for
supporting me I’m so grateful to my community everyone that watches, listens, reads and
especially my members of onproperty plus, thank you guys.
Now I made a decision not to have an affiliate program for Onproperty plus. This may seem
strange because I know that with an affiliate program I could get way more sales through
the door. I didn’t decide not to have an affiliate program because I didn’t want to give away
a cut of the membership but I’m doing it specifically for a reason. This year for me, 2014, is really
a year for me to build my business and to build my business skills. Now a lot of people
don’t know this but for me is my flagship site but is also one piece
to a larger puzzle. What I plan to do in the future is to create
multiple websites in multiple different niches, teaching people of a variety of different
things. I’ve got a public speaking site, that I’d like to do something on. I’ve got
a site about fatigue, I’ve got a site about energy drinks because I love energy drinks
but I know they’re not good for you so I’ve got a site about why they’re not good for
you yet I still drink them. I’ve got a couple of other things that I want to do, a site
on homeschooling because I’m potentially considering homeschooling, a bunch of different stuff
and then long term into the future I would like to work in third world countries and
help them with an informal type of education that’s not run by the government but that
helps people to live a better life and for me, the thing that I wanted to learn as I
build my business how to successfully create a community around a certain topic, build
that community and then find out what that community wants.
I was recently meeting up with my friend James Brian who is an epic internet marketer and
copywriter and if anyone ever needs any help with their website because I don’t do client
work, I send them over to him. You can check him out at or
But I was speaking with him and he was like dude there are so many people in your industry
who have these email lists of all of their customers; there’s accountants, there’s financial
planners, there’s marketers, there’s other websites, there’s mortgage brokers. You could
go to all these people and offer them an affiliate deal, call it “joint venture” get them to
email out lists to anyone that signs up they make a profit and you could build your membership
site so much faster and I agree with him. I think it’s a great idea but for me I knew
that what I want to learn how to achieve is how to grow a community over and over again.
I don’t want to rely on joint ventures, I don’t want to rely on other people marketing
my product I want to learn how to market it myself. I want to have a tight knit community
that loves the content that I put out, that wants to learn about it and I want them to
drive what the product becomes and I want to find out how to rinse and repeat it.
At the moment it’s me, it’s my laptop, it’s my iPhone filming, my little lapel mic, I’ve
got a larger computer that I use as well but eventually I want to scale out, have multiple
employees; basically take education all over the world and for me affiliates are great
idea but it would take my focus away from what I want to do which is creating more free
content in building more communities and doing it in the way that I want to do. So one of
the things you don’t get to do with having affiliates is you don’t get to control the
message and the way that things are said the way that your product is marketed and so I
think the big thing that I took away from Steve Jobs biography was that he wanted to
take control of the full customer experience. Because of that I have an iPhone but I can’t
show you because it’s actually filming. But I actually tried Android and ended up back
on iPhone despite the fact that I want one of those mammoth screens, I want one of those
really big phones but iPhone is just so much better to use it’s so much less laggy, it
just works you create beautiful products. I think that’s what I want to do with my site
and with onproperty and with everything else that I go into because I want to have that
full control so that I can create amazing products for people and that I don’t have
to chop and change to fit in with other people. So it sounds pretty rude when I say it out
loud like that and I don’t mean to be rude as I said in the beginning, I am super grateful
that you would want to market my product but at this stage and looking like into the future
that’s not something that I plan to do. If things change and I do decide to go back into
the workforce for whatever reason, I would rather on property run on autopilot because
I’ve put so much effort into it now, then affiliates would be something that I explore
in the future. But for now and in the short to medium term, it’s not something that I’m
considering. If you want to try and change my mind certainly email me let me know who
you are what you do and why we’re a perfect fit and maybe I can bend the rules for a couple
of people that I truly believe in. If you have any questions email [email protected]
and if you want to find out about this membership site we are talking about its called onproperty
plus and I show you how to find positive cash flow properties, I’ll list positive cash flow
properties and I have some awesome property tools in there. You can check it out by going
to You can check out the video there find out what it’s about find
out exactly what you get and choose your pricing that best suits you as well. So until tomorrow
remember your that long-term success is only achieved one day at a time.

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