Is Travel Really That Great? Live Q&A from Kuala Lumpur at Night!

What is going on YouTube. I am live from
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia right now. jJust going to wait for some people to join.
but the topic of this livestream is going to be am I happy traveling full
time? so that’s what I’m talk about today for those who don’t know I’ll give you a
little background I am I am 44 years old I was raised in st. Louis Missouri at 19
years old I joined the US Navy and that was my first exposure to travel and I
fell in love with it I spent 20 years in the Navy I retired I went to law school
and at a Georgetown in Washington DC what’s going on who is I retired or I’m
sorry that I went to work as a corporate lawyer in New York City I did that for a
little bit and I got tired of the nine-to-five I had a couple different
things happen in my life I got skin cancer on my forehead luckily
for me it was nothing serious so that wasn’t a big deal but it was kind of a
wake-up call for me that you only live once I also had a friend who retired
from the military in their late 30s like me got a terminal disease and passed
away and that kind of made me kind of reevaluate the way I was living in my
life and I was trying to figure out what would make me happy and I kept coming
back to the same thing which was travel so that’s why I embarked on this journey
with a company called remote year so for those that don’t know remote year is a
company that takes a group of people that can work remotely some have
traditional remote jobs some convince their employers to do their job remotely
and I chose it because I knew I wanted to start travel blog
and blogging but I hadn’t traveled on my own very much and so I figured this is a
good way to ease into full time travel so that’s why I did that if you just
join the chat I would appreciate if you get that thumbs up that helps more
people find the chat I know this is a early time to be doing this stateside
but I was hoping to have this beautiful background here I’m actually sitting on
the balcony of my remote your apartment here I don’t know what this thing is
called I can’t remember it’s newer but behind me is the Petronas Towers you
can’t really see both of them you can just see one of them but we have an
amazing view from this apartment um I couldn’t be happier with my
accommodations and if you have any questions please type them in the chat
box there and I’ll be sure to answer them but I’m sure I’ll talk about this
more as more people into the chat room but I’m definitely happy I’m actually
people say is full time travel what you expected it’s actually more than I
expected I’m happier than I expected I’m healthier both mentally and physically
and I just every day I wake up I feel just so fortunate to be living this life
and I just love I love my day to day even in DES so one thing about full time
travel is your day to day you still have ho-hum day to day type of stuff right
you have the moments when you’re like visiting this thing right here we’re
visiting the Petronas Towers that are amazing or hiking Machu Picchu or
whatever it is but you still have your like home going through the day type of
of things but it’s just different when you’re doing it every 30 days in a
different country so it makes that whole hum not so ho-hum if that makes sense so
yeah so I am extremely happy and excited alright so I’m gonna jump right into
some questions that I’ve been getting about full time travel some of these
questions are kind of annoying it might annoy some other travelers as well but
I’ll go ahead and answer so the first one is how many countries I’ve been to
I’m gonna be completely honest with you how many countries I’ve been to does not
matter to me really doesn’t I like to travel slow and
deep like experiencing a travel destination beyond this thing and this
thing so and for me that’s mostly about the food and the culture and just
relaxing and enjoying the place in that so I’m not too worried about country
counting to be completely honest with you but that being said I’ve traveled to
36 different countries in my in my life so yeah like I mentioned before I was in
the US Navy for 20 years so a lot of the countries came travel with the Navy I
actually lived in Italy for two years while I was in the Navy as well so I
lived in Iraq for a year too so I have a country that’s pretty hard for most
travelers to get alright if you just joined this live chat I would appreciate
if you hit that thumbs up and if you have any questions type them in the chat
box and I’ll be sure to answer them I’m going through some of the common
questions I’ve been getting in my comment blocks lately but if you have
any other questions please feel free to ask I also discussed whether or not I
was happy traveling full time happy that I quit my job and I’m travelling
full-time and the answer that question is without question yes alright so how
many countries I’ve been to and just answer that let’s talk about so let’s
see when will you settle down that’s that’s actually a funny question I think
I am settled down right now this is my settling down like I kind of look at a
person that is living a normal life and asking them when they’re going to settle
down so for me this is normal life I am settled down traveling is my passion and
traveling full-time and moving to a different location every
month or so is my idea of settling down well I think the reason I lasted so long
in the military was I got to change locations every two to three years and
change jobs so it it didn’t get too boring but I was always ready to go to
be completely honest with you no matter where I was I was always ready to go
after the first year I was ready for another location so the second year was
are always really hard for me to to deal with so yeah so I feel like I am settle
down I’m settled into the life that I wanted and I’m living that life so if
you just joined the chat I appreciate it if you hit that thumbs up also please
ask a question if you have one I’m just answering questions that have been typed
into my comment block and that’s where I’m at right now I’m in beautiful Kuala
Lumpur Malaysia by the way you just joined the chat alright so what has been
my favorite country that’s an impossible question to answer to be completely
honest with you because like I mentioned I travel deep and every country has
something I love about it and maybe something that I don’t like about it so
I couldn’t really pick a favorite country I couldn’t even pick a favorite
geographical area a geographic area right now I’m in Southeast Asia on love
Southeast Asia the food is amazing the culture is amazing the people are
amazing there’s so many amazing things about Southeast Asia I spent four months
in South America and Latin America and that was amazing the food was amazing
the sights were amazing I hiked Machu Picchu I hiked rainbow mountain and I
went to Patagonia so and then I’m getting ready after I’m in two weeks I’m
leaving for Europe so I’ll be in Europe for three months I’m going to be we’re
gonna start in Split Croatia so I’m really excited about that
after Split Croatia were going to Lisbon Portugal and then from Lisbon Portugal
we’re going to Valencia Spain so super excited about
18 Europe up and so back to the question what is my favourite country that’s just
that’s like asking somebody who their favorite kid is even if I tried even if
I force myself to answer that question I’m not really telling you the truth
because like right now I would say maybe meh de Colombia
but do I like Medi Colombia better than annoy Vietnam nope
do I like meh teen Colombia better than Lima Peru nope do I like Medi in
Colombia better than Chiang Mai Thailand absolutely not
so that’s just a really tough question to answer and almost impossible for me
so well Erik just join the chat he’s actually in Vietnam right now with his
sister and their mountain biking throughout northern Vietnam I’m jealous
and he had an amazing shirt on the other day you can see his name there Erik
Rob’s dad you can go look him up on Instagram if you want to see some like
really cool adventure type travel stuff and you just shown the shadow I
appreciate if you hit the thumbs up helps when people find it alright let’s
see let’s see oh I just got an email notification that I’ve gone live that’s
correct I have gone live alright let’s see maybe
that would get some more people in since I just got the notification maybe other
people just got the notification all right so let’s see where will I here’s
another question I I got where will I be in five years
I don’t know maybe sitting right here hopefully where I will be in five years
as we’re on that right now just traveling traveling full time you
never know you never know how your life is gonna change five years ago would
have been 2014 I was in the US military snow if you would have told me that I
was going I was alright I was already accepted in law school I believe at this
time so I knew I was going to law school in DC if you would have told me that I
would go to law school become a lawyer moved in New York become a corporate
lawyer and then within a year be traveling full-time I would have I would
have been like wow so to be honest with you I have no idea when I meet you
five years from now when I’m 49 years old but if I had to place a wager on it
I’m gonna be traveling full-time hopefully inspiring other people to do
the same and just living a this great life going and meeting Eric somewhere in
Latin America or or or Vietnam to go hiking with him or or a mountain biking
although he dust me on a mountain bike so I don’t know if I would do that but
yeah so where will I be in five years no clue but hopefully this hopefully
although you never know all right let’s see what’s next aren’t you going to be too old singing
soon I mean I’m probably too old now I I tell people this all the time I saw I
was in the military for 20 years I was a corporate lawyer and now I’m a full-time
travel blogger and I also teach a little English on the side so I still haven’t
figured out what I want to be when I grow up and to be honest with you I hope
I never do because there’s something great about discovering new things and
living living your life a certain way so I’m really I’m really excited about
aging into traveling to be completely honest with you Anna and hopefully I
serve as like an inspiration to other people i watch a couple youtubers that
are a little bit older and they inspired me to do this and hopefully I can
inspire other people as well to do this if you just join the chat I’d
appreciate if you hit that thumbs up house more people find it and type in a
question if you got one all right let’s see Eric who’s on remote here with me by
the way I’ll talk more about remote here in a little bit he said how do you find
amazing local food options while you’re traveling so the internet the internet
has made this easy but there’s a couple different ways so obviously you can go
on Yelp or or something like that Google I like to go just on Google and search
the restaurant then you’ll see like there’s 430 reviews of this place and
they got a four six you know it’s gonna probably be pretty good
so that’s one way but that’s usually like an expat or Western perception so I
think another good way is to get an air B&B like food tour and usually you’ll be
with some kind of local person and they’ll show you spots that you would
never have found in your own I did two food tours in Vietnam no idea Nam near
where Eric is right now and we went down like these back alleys to find these
restaurants that had the most amazing food we actually went into a restaurant
that in the day they clean out their bedroom and that’s where you say you sit
in their bedroom and then at night I guess I move all the tables and they
sleep but the food was to die for it was so freaking good and amazing so yeah so
that’s another way here’s another interesting way you can get on a dating
app I don’t even know this but dating apps now you can change them from dating
to like friends or you can still use them as a dating app and meet a local
person that way to take you around and find good local cuisine because nobody
knows where the good stuff is better than someone that lives there
if you come visit me and st. Louis well not so much anymore because I’ve them
but they’re in a while but you go visit my brother in st. Louis he’ll know where
to go and eat good food and st. Louis because he’s lived their whole life same
way here you just find someone that has lived there here their whole life that’s
one of the really cool things about remote here is when you’re traveling
with this program you have a local team with you that that can point that kind
of stuff out to you they give you recommendations in Japan we were getting
recommendations all the time and going to places that were recommended by our
local or local team that works with them right here so hopefully that answers
your question Erik what’s going on Darrell thanks for joining
yeah I agree you’ve never too old I know you want to travel but you’re your
wife’s not so are you want to travel full time but you haven’t been able to
convince your wife to do that yet but hopefully you can convince her hopefully
have watched some of my videos and have watched some of the travel
couple videos even if you just do it half the year like whatever like maybe a
way to do it Darrell is to figure out when she doesn’t like to be home like
what time of the year whether it’s like really hot summer a really cold winter
and she just doesn’t like it you know that like maybe you can convince her at
that time to go travel and then at least you get part of the year out of the
country like if it’s like she hates the cold take her over to Southeast Asia for
three months take her to Chiang Mai take her to
Vietnam and yeah maybe she’ll enjoy that or if she hates the summers go to like
Eastern Europe like somewhere like thanks cold Bulgaria which is a ski
resort in the winter but in the summer they’re still high in the mountains so
they’re cool but it’s really cheap to live there and so really cool like expat
community there in the summers hey I see more people join the chat as awesome and
you can hit that like button I really appreciate it helps more people find it
also give any questions please type them in the question block and I’ll be sure
to answer them alright on to the next question that I’ve got what do your
family think they miss you of course they missed me I mean I hope so I hope
they miss me as you can see sometimes I can I’ll talk a lot but hopefully they
missed me I see that beer for breakfast just joined my chat which is like the
most awesome thing ever probably my favorite travel lawyers in the world
they’re amazing if you haven’t watched any of their
videos you should go watch them I will be forever indebted to them for number
one inspire me to travel full time they didn’t I actually have so envious of
them because they did it much younger than I’m doing it but they left their
jobs three years ago now I think it was bought a what bought a one-way ticket to
Singapore and they’ve been traveling ever since which is like freaking
amazing and you should go check out their
channel if you want to be inspired to travel I’m actually in Malaysia one of
their favorite spots and yeah like check out this video I don’t
know hopefully you guys can see this the Petronas Towers are right here I don’t
know what this thing is called I think it’s new I don’t think this was here
last time I was here in Croatia in like 2010 I don’t think this was here or not
Croatia I’m sorry and koala Lumpur Malaysia I don’t think this was here but
maybe it was and I just missed so yeah beer for breakfast are awesome go check
them out I know they have a huge pool Malaysia fan base so maybe they’ll see
this video with me with this Malaysia background and actually in my apartment
and this is my view like how amazing is that how amazing is my life I’m like the
luckiest person on the planet so back to the question does my family miss me
actually I let me read one beer for breakfast row please stay in KL so we
can come meet you soon what’s been your favorite thing about KL by the way nice
of you okay and everyone can see the view I was worried that people couldn’t
see it my favorite thing about KL I visit I’ve actually been to KL a lot in
my life the US Navy stops here a lot and I’ve
always told people because kale is not really a popular travel destination for
u.s. citizens but I’ve always told people that Malaysia has the best food
in the world hands down not even close and I just came from Mexico City I mean
it is off the chain and the reason is because it’s such a melting pot here so
it’s such a fusion of different cultures which impacts the type of food they make
and so you have this mix of Chinese Malay Indian Thai and it’s just all
thrown together into this in the into this pot this melting pot of amazing
flavor so for me Malaysia is all about the food for me also the people are just
amazing too I mean you find I mean that’s the cool thing about Southeast
Asia is like what country has the nicest people I mean it’s that’s almost
impossible to answer because it’s just culturally it’s just such a friendly
of the world but um yeah that’s another thing I love about here the people are
great so hopefully that answers your question for me the best thing about
Malaysia is the food if you just join the chat I would appreciate if you hit
the thumbs up that would be awesome I really appreciate it
and also if you have a question go ahead and type it into the side panel all
right so back to the question I was asked in one of my comments does my
family miss me or what about my family of course I’m sure I hear from em all
the time that’s the great thing about technology you can keep in touch with
your family you can video chat with them things like that so I stay in touch with
my family especially my mother yeah it’s been awesome technology is amazing I
also I have Google Phi which just works in every single country in the world if
you’re a US citizen and you want to travel a lot I highly recommend Google
Phi you cannot beat the telephone service I have my same u.s. number no
matter where I travel the second my plane lands I turn on my phone it says
welcome to Kuala Lumpur we’ll have you set up in a moment and my phone just
works it’s the same feed no matter where I’m at cost the exact same it’s amazing
part server so I highly recommend it Darryl K says butter prawns and cereal
prawns at nasi lemak so last nasi lemak is one of my weaknesses that’s why I’m
gaining a little weight here in Malaysia because I can eat my nasi lemak for
breakfast lunch and dinner like I love that dish it’s off the chain alright so
the next question when will you get a real job so it’s kind of funny when you
when you travel full-time or your digital moment people think you don’t
have a real job but you do you have a real job my real job is Travel blogging
and writing blogs I just started writing for the budget-minded traveler which I’m
really excited about it’s one of the most popular travel blogs blogs on the
internet and is it is the most popular travel podcast I believe
used to be called the budget-minded travelers but now it’s called jump with
traveling Jackie and I’m really I’m really blessed to have been brought into
that that channel to to write or that a blog to write for I was an admirer of
theirs they had an advertisement for a blog blogger position and I got it so so
I write for the budget-minded traveler I write for my own blog I am a travel
blogger and I also teach English with VIP kit so those are think the ways I
make money I also AM older obviously I have all this gray so I had a career
before I was in the military I get a pension very fortunate to have that I
also have real estate properties that I rent out so I get some rental income
from that and I have stock investments that pay me dividends every month so I
have I have actually a pretty sizable amount of passive income so I’m really
fortunate and that’s what’s allowed me to do what I do
and live this kind of life I live and pursue my passion projects which are you
know doing this kind of thing as weird as it seems to people so when people say
do I have a real job and if you’ve ever edited a video before adding into videos
takes a lot of time especially I think my videos make about a buck about a buck
apiece so so I spend 10 hours anything and they may come out a buck so I’m
getting about 10 cents an hour so yeah I have a real job that doesn’t pay very
much all right Eric asks have you thought about or has traveling abroad
inspired you to travel at all within the US that’s for Monica
absolutely so when I was researching this full time travel adventure what I
was really gonna do my first thing I was gonna do and I used to have a website
called epic RV I was going to buy a van called a Hummer active which is a van
that you can take off grid it has good solar panels and
good good battery bank in it so you can live off-grid a lot it also has a
cassette toilet so you’re not restricted by the amount of gray water you can hold
it black black tank water you can hold and I was gonna travel the United States
and a ban United States Mexico and Canada and Alaska
so that was my original plan to be completely honest with you and I
stumbled across like beer for breakfast who’s in my live chat like the best
thing ever it’s like that’s like being a fan of
like I don’t know like pulp fiction and Quentin Tarantino jumping into your live
chat that’s what having beer for breakfast of my life chat is like right
now like Quentin Tarantino hopping into my live chat if I was a director that
admired pulp fiction as a movie the lost my train of thought but yeah I
definitely want to do some travel in the US and I might do some after this so 30
no wake up doesn’t mean 30 to wake up in another country they’re gonna wake up
mean certainty to wake up everywhere so I’d like to live there’s a bunch of
places I would like to live Eric I know you are from New Jersey but you consider
yourself and you look like someone from Colorado of no offense I would like to
spend a lot of time in Breckenridge Colorado like a month or two I’d also
like to spend some time in Montana I’d like to spend some time just out west
live any different places oddly enough I’ve always wanted to live in Salt Lake
City so I’d like to live there for a month yeah so I’m definitely gonna
explore the United States because the you know there’s so many things to to
explore in the US I spent a lot of time down in Key West Florida I would like to
go back to the keys and do some exploring and I Hawaii is my first love
and I’m definitely gonna go back to Hawaii sometime next year for sure so
hopefully that answers your question Monica and hopefully hopefully you’re
not beating up Eric too bad and you’ll send them send them back to to us able
to hang out a little bit and you just run this chat appreciate it if you hit
that thumbs up button it helps more people find it I would really appreciate
that also if you have any questions you can write them in the side and there is
we have a couple we have a YouTube celebrity couple in here beer for
breakfast right there in the chat so if you haven’t gone and check it checked
out their channel you should not that they need my help their channel is huge
they’re so popular and they’re coming back to Malaysia soon unfortunate I’m
gonna miss them but I will I will go back I will be back here at some point
remote your ins for me in South Africa Cape Town South Africa in March and then
I’m on my own I’m travelling I’m on my own program and I’m Southeast Asia is
definitely a stop for me and Kuala Lumpur or at least Malaysia
maybe Georgetown not in Penang will definitely be one of the places I spend
some considerable amount of time here cuz Westerners get 90 day a 90 day visa
here which is amazing so I’ll definitely be spending a lot of time here all right
let’s see Darryl says I’m looking for van – since wife doesn’t want to travel
much I can then drive off for a couple weeks at a time that’s an awesome idea
and you never know you might be able to convince her you might you get one of
those tricked-out vans like the heimer active
or that Winnebago has a new one now the rebel or whatever you want to look
tricked out vans and that have all the conveniences of how many you bet your
wife two to go how to go out on the road with you Darryl says he was born in
Kauai that’s awesome I spent almost 10 years in Hawaii on Oahu and it’s like my
second home I kind of grew I kind of became an adult there and I moved there
19 years old didn’t leave until I was 30 I had a two year break in the middle of
that where I lived in Italy but I spent them the major a major part of my
earlier don’t like in Hawaii and I consider it my home away from home so I
consider my home more than I consider st. Louis Missouri which is where I was
born and raised that’s how much I love Hawaii so alright you just trying to
chat you got any questions please type them over here and if also
hit that like button I would really appreciate it all right I think I
answered the question what am I gonna get a real job
never I remember I was in Hawaii speaking of Hawaii I have a funny story
me and my buddy Glenn who’s scuba dives together all the time
we were scuba diving one day and we came out we were sitting on the beach there’s
this this homeless guy on the beach started talking to him and he was just I
was fascinated by his life he just Hawaii is probably not the being
homeless is I don’t want to trivialize being homeless but if you’re gonna be
homeless anywhere in the world Hawaii is a pretty good place because the weather
is nice 90 percent of the time and there are fruits on almost every treaty so if
you’re gonna be homeless somewhere Hawaii is like a good place to be
homeless and I remember my buddy he he loved his life he didn’t want to have a
place he didn’t want to have her responsibilities or bills
my buddy asked him are you like are you like are you what do you do for work are
you ever gonna to go to work and he said work work sucks and I just that always
stuck in my head work sucks so what am I gonna get a real job
I hope I’d never get a real job to be honest with you I’ve had a real jobs
before and work sucks I only wanted new things I’m passionate
about that I’m at a stage in my life where I can do that and I’m just really
fortunate in that respect I know I’m really lucky privileged and all that
stuff for sure and I’m just that’s how I’m gonna live my life I’m fortunate
enough to to have the ability to do that that’s actually really cool Darrell says
he’s thinking about the building his own band that’s actually really cool that’s
that’s awesome actually actually most of the van builds are the best fans because
you can build it you can build it however you want like a lot of the bands
have showers and I don’t think I would want a shower in my van a lot of the
commercial ones you might have showers in them and most people who get bands
don’t use the shower because you just that’s you just use too much fresh water
that way so I would like if I was gonna build one I don’t want about a shower
down so these subs to me on Misha just Tina’s recommendation Misa Justina are
from beer for breakfast two amazing women who have probably the coolest
travel channel around there and I owe half my subscribers to them to them and
story chasing go check out story JC as well alright how do i afford to travel i
mentioned this earlier i have a military pension i have rental income
I have dividend income so I have all those are passive the rental property is
sometimes not completely passive but but passive enough for me to classify as
passive I don’t have to put a lot of work into it so I have those passive
income sources and those those could really support my lifestyle I’m only one
person I don’t party so I don’t have like alcohol is what causes a lot of
travelers to go broke I don’t really drink that much a beer every now and
then but pretty much don’t drink so the only things I spend money on are
accommodations so my passive income can support that especially in the place
like Southeast Asia or Eastern your places like that
and I also do some other things I like to invest so I like to raise my cash
flow so I have more money to invest so I teach English with a company called VIP
kid and I make these videos I just spoke to Texas State University international
business students and they asked me a question that’s actually going to be my
next video my interview with these students or my guests speaking with
these students one of the questions they asked was how do you make money on
YouTube and there’s a couple different ways that you make money on YouTube
number one is when they run an ad youtubers get 70 percent of that number
two is product links so Amazon has an affiliate program that’s how they got so
big because they have a pretty decent affiliate program I have a video called
minimalist traveler and our minimalist how to like minimalist travel update or
something where I talk about me traveling with just a carry-on only
backpack a thirty liter backpack and it’s an osprey backpack I had
link to that Osprey backpack on my youtube channel and believe it or not I
sell a ton of my osprey backpacks so every time somebody buys that backpack I
get 8 bucks or something like that so that’s another way Amazon affiliates the
third way is like some people will have a course like some of the youtubers I
watched like a cup of tea GA and living on one way they have their own course so
they’re you they have great YouTube channels great content but if you want
to learn how to be a travel blogger you can like click on it and like take their
course and so that’s another way to make it like having your own product right
another way that people make money on YouTube is like sponsorships like I
talked about merino wool all the time and my favorite company is unbound
merino recently they came to me and said hey we’d like you to be a brand
ambassador I haven’t decided whether or not I’m gonna do that or not yet but so
there’s brand type of deals that you can do I also travel with remote gear and
anybody who wants to talk to me about remote here send me an email I can at
Kevin at 30 to wake up calm and I’ll talk to you on the phone about it I’ll
tell you what sucks about it and what’s great about it and then if you decide to
join remote year and you use my little link my affiliate link with remote year
they give you 200 off whatever the price is for you and they give me $200 so I
actually make people join remote year without me even knowing ever talking to
them and I wish they wouldn’t do that I wish people would send me an email and I
can talk to them that we can figure out if it’s right for them because I don’t
want to push remote you’re on anybody who the program isn’t right for so I
like to tell people the positives and negatives about this company I don’t
work for them so like I’m not I’m not obligated to them at all whatsoever so I
give people the straight skinny butt if they decide to sign up I get 200 bucks
they get 200 bucks so I love the program so it’s kind of a win-win if you just
joined you hit that like button I’d really appreciate it and if you have a
question type it in over here and I’ll be sure to answer it let’s see
so that was how do i afford to travel that’s how I afford to travel I have
passive income which is a majority of my income and then I have these little side
projects I’m trying to build alright let’s see are you not scared are you
scared to travel so I’ve mentioned this earlier I’m from st. Louis Missouri and
if you google like top 10 most dangerous cities in the world in the world and not
in the United States in the world it’s usually one of them so I don’t know that
would be like asking me art do you feel unsafe going to visit your home city I
actually do I actually do but I know my way around that city so it’s not that
big a deal to be honest with you I feel safer in
most of the places I’ve traveled and I feel in the United in the United States
to be completely absolutely United States just isn’t it the cities have
crime the rural areas have their own issues so yeah I actually feel for the
most part safer overseas I I just came from Japan before coming to kuala lumpur
and japan is like the most like the safest place in the world especially
where I was Kyoto Japan is ridiculously safe you don’t have to worry about
anything like I don’t know what their crime statistics are but it’s got to be
like zero percent on like 90 percent of stuff if you left your phone sitting on
a park bench I’ve said this a million times and came back three weeks later
and will still be there so it’s extremely safe to travel most of
the places I’ve traveled I was in Medi in Colombia which has like this
reputation of like a drug lord hotspot but that’s all like 80s stuff and like
now Netflix shows like narco propaganda many II I felt completely safe in
Medellin I was in a pretty safe neighborhood
called El Poblado El Poblado
so maybe there are other neighborhoods and men that aren’t as safe but I never
felt unsafe at MIDI one second and I walked around at night the only place I
would say that I didn’t feel completely comfortable that I visited was Santiago
Chile and a couple people on my remote year group got their phone snatched got
robbed so but it’s but Chile is a great place I went to Patagonia ters amazing
Surabhi Rob says hello from Penang Malaysia Penang Malaysia is an island
that you can get by bridge or get you by bridge in Malaysia and it’s just really
cool and really awesome and she’s down there enjoying all kinds of food with
three other of our remote your buddies so Sara’s down there with Christina with
other Sara and with Molly so hi – Sara Christina Molly and other
Sara blonde Sara so yeah that’s really cool thanks for joining if you have a
hit the thumbs up button yet hit that thumbs up button help some people find
this chat I was hoping I put out a broadcast to some of my remote your
buddies to see if they would come down and chat but a lot of them have real
jobs so they’re working even though Sunday they’re doing getting some work
done so I haven’t got any and then down here yet and maybe I’ll get them down
here at some other time so but if you have any questions please type them up
in on the side chat I answered a bunch of questions already let’s see I think I
mentioned this before I am currently in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia I’m traveling with
wrote year so far with remote year I’m going to Lima Peru which is an amazing
place that I went to Santiago Chile Chile is gorgeous country then to
Medellin Colombia which is one of my favorite in Mexico City Mexico food is
to die for especially my favorite app Amazo which
most people haven’t even heard of even some people from Mexico so if you get
down to Mexico check out upon Basel it cost about $0.50 us and it’s a
it’s a sandwich about this big go check out my things to eat in Mexico City it’s
like the last thing it’s like this big it’s huge it’s got chili so potatoes
it’s on this button it’s soaked in salsa and like it’s amazing amazing thingy
let’s see Christina just joined thanks for joining Christina hi the whole crew
is in here Tara says good morning from Florida I found out you were live when I
opened YouTube to do yoga that’s awesome I so Sara
Abby Rob who’s on this chat has been trying to convince me to you know again
the other day I want on YouTube and found like beginners yoga I used to do
this thing called plyometrics and one of the things that you do when the
plyometrics program was yoga and I remember before I ever did it I thought
yoga was kind of like let’s do we’re gonna do for me it’s the it it kicked my
butt like it is an intense like trying to hold yourself like in warrior pose
and all that stuff for like 30 seconds or a minute or whatever that stuff is
difficult and hard okay I sweat and I start breathing really hard so yeah and
I have zero flexibility so I need to get into yoga yoga is the way to go when you
get over like like I am like I’m starting to get yoga is the way you stay
young and limber fit so I do need to get into yoga if you just turn the chat I
appreciate it if you hit that thumbs up button that would be awesome helps more
people find it also if you have any questions please type them into the side
and I’ll be sure to answer them let’s see got some more questions here
one of them is how do you deal with jealousy for people who are jealous of
your travel I haven’t really had that that I know of I know that I inspired
two people to take the leap and travel full time I mentioned this I mentioned
this before I was in the military or sorry my nose is 18 I mixed this before
I was in the military for 20 years so a lot of my friends Ross on the military
for a while they retired so they have a military pension so they have a little
bit of flexibility and two of my retired military buddies have started to travel
one she just hiked the El Camino and now she’s in Europe which is amazing she’s
traveling full time and then another one of my friends is getting ready to embark
on his full time travel adventure so it’s been really cool to like like I
mentioned here that beer for breakfast who was in the chat earlier inspired me
or one of the people who inspired me to do this travel a full time I it feels
good to have at least played a little small part and some other people making
this life making this switch to this life Sarah says Kevin I hear you too 100
pushups every morning is that true some people on remote years she’s Sarah’s on
remote year she’s throwing me softball questions I do do 100 pushups every
morning it’s something that they like in the military you have to take a a in the
Navy you have to take a test every six months to measure your physical fitness
and one of the things you have to do is maybe pushing cheat as you can do in two
minutes so I are always had a push up regimen
that I would do and now I just every morning I wake up and I try to do a
hundred push-ups every morning I probably do 100 pushups 90% of the time
I rarely miss a day so that’s one of the that’s one of the things I think
everybody should do one thing every day they do all the time no matter one
whether it’s sit-ups push-ups yoga whatever it is so may have not one thing
they can latch onto so even when I don’t work out I still
got a good like chest workout so yeah and I’m maintaining you know whatever it
is I have to maintain so yeah so yeah I do do 100 pushups thanks for that
softball question all right let’s see some more questions here
one of the most surreal places that I visited so recently I took a side trip
and I went to six other countries outside of remote year and one of the
coolest was WOW and I went to long probing Laos and not a lot longer Bay in
itself is an amazing little place there’s 400,000 people there but it
seems really small town it’s like kind of like a beach town probably would
remind you Darrell a lot of Kauai it’s very Beach feeling even though
there’s not a beach there there’s the Mekong River so I guess you got the
Mekong River beach but it feels like a beat an old-school beach town where you
just walk around insurance and sandals and just love life
there’s no stoplights at all because there’s not a whole lot of traffic other
than motorbikes also the tallest building is four stories and so it’s
very there’s no it’s not commercialized here it kind of reminds me of maybe
what’s Bali was like 40 years ago like pre Eat Pray Love
what do bud was probably like so I really enjoy that place so just in
itself the city is amazing but there’s just waterfall that you can go to and
the what I mean Sarah Arirang Year also went and she’ll be able to tell you it’s
just so pretty if you go to my Instagram you’ll see a bunch of almost all my
recent pictures are from Wow it’s just awesome
and you can go to these waterfalls and there’s nobody there like it’s not like
Bali where you show up in a waterfall there’s 2,000 people doing this I mean I
do this too like an Instagram idiot but but you could just do that by yourself
and then you have it by yourself you just it’s amazing and you just be lost
in the moment in wow it’s just awesome and it’s super super super cheap so for
a bunch of minded travelers it’s a great great place to go see what was that
question again most surreal places so that wasn’t like most recently but on
this trip the most surreal places for me definitely Machu Picchu and definitely
do the hike if you could do it do the Inca Trail hike Molly who’s with
Sarah in Georgetown she did the long hike which is which I want to do it’s
called the Kings trail I believe and it’s I think yeah she did that one and I
did the two day one Sarah was there Christina was there
who’s on this chat Eric was there who’s also on this chat it was it was amazing
so definitely Machu Picchu is one of the most surreal places I visited it’s
amazing to me like like how do you become immortal
like you build something like that like I wonder if the people who every brick I
would look at at much of each other like I wonder if the person who laid that
brick knew that people for thousands of years would be admiring thousands of
years from when he or she did it would be admiring their work it’s kind of like
how they live forever how that person became immortal so that place was really
surreal for me personally rainbow mountain if you go you should hide
rainbow mountain even though it’s kind of a bear it’s kind of it’s a much
shorter hike than Machu Picchu but it’s much more arduous because you’re up at
12,000 feet you’re actually just where ever Space Camp would be you’re
really high up there so I got altitude sickness Sarah who’s blonde Sarah who’s
hanging out with Sarah we both felt like crap afterwards but I wouldn’t trade the
experience for anything down says believe it or not I love big cities I
spent 23 years on a beach diving beach diving fishing I can’t lay out in the
Sun or beach or around a pool if I want a beach I have a spear gunner efficient
boy used to spear fish when I was in Hawaii I miss it actually yeah me and my
buddies also used to go and catch blue lobster I’m sure you know blue lobster
we used to go catch blue lobster and then grill them that was like one of the
most amazing times of my life I I would give anything to go back and relive
those moments with with a group of friends I had back then if you just join
this flag champ you can hit that thumbs up button now we definitely appreciate
it of a greatly appreciate it helps more people find this chat and if
you have any questions type it over here if you’re just joining this live chat or
Jody if you’re watching the replay of this live chat you have any questions
type them down in the question block and I’ll be sure to answer them on the next
live stream or in another video that’s what I’m doing right now I’m going
through old questions so alright do you have to be rich to travel the world no
absolutely not I follow a bunch of youtubers that’s
what got me interested in traveling the world and going beyond the I mentioned
earlier I was going to travel the United States in a van I follow a youtuber now
called Sarah verdict you should go check out his channel it’s a sa ra bu r di C
okay I think she only has like 100 200 subscribers but SH M more her channel is
really raw and she like has documented her travel adventure but she travels on
$500 a month so you can travel on any budget I know
she’s getting ready to expand the amount of money she is to travel but still
she’s been able to do and I’m five hundred dollars a month that she’s
traveling the world she’s in Southeast Asia now that she spent a lot of time
God South America that includes plates
everything $500 a month so anybody can anybody can travel the world on any
budget I actually live much cheaper than I did before I lived in New York City
before I started traveling full-time so I spent way more money than I’ve spent
now before that I lived in Washington DC so I spent more money before that I
lived in Virginia Beach Virginia spent more money there I spend so much less
money and I’m actually probably overpaying for my travel experience
because I’m traveling with a travel company the dam’s level of distance once
I start solo traveling I’m sure I’m going to be able to do it much cheaper
so do you have to be rich to travel nope I would say most people who travel the
world full-time actually aren’t rich most of them are modest means to be
completely absolutely okay so what are some common things that savvy traveler
travelers bring with them I think you should get a universal plug in that’s
number one definitely get a universal plug in and get one of those like snazzy
ones it has USB chargers on the side I think that those things are invaluable
you’ll need them if you’re well if you’re traveling the world you can buy
them in a pretty compact form where they’ll fit just about every country but
a lot of times if you’re traveling you’re getting Airbnb is the person that
rent you the Airbnb or the host tell you’re staying in the hotels almost
always have them but there may be people might have the moves well just ask but
definitely travel with one of those I’m a minimalist traveler so I don’t travel
it a lot I travel with 130 liter backpack and so I’m one thing I think
savvy travelers should have is merino wool shirts because they are easy to
care for and you can have them in any climate they work just as good they work
in cold climate and just as well in warm climate so it’s just a great it’s a
great fabric so I highly recommend merino wool let’s see what else I think
one of those like gaiters is a good thing to have because you can use that
in a lot of different environments as well and you can use it to like cover
your eyes on a plane you can use it to keep your neck warm you can use it to
cover your head like I need it to cover my head things like that
Kimberly bowler says hello from Florida this video documenting impede on your
travel experience or take you out of the moment
does it overtake your life um I think it can
and so I a lot of my friends that I travel with will sometimes mention that
when I am like in my phone too much trying to post an Instagram story right
away and so I’m just waiting till later because I have a tendency to want to
post it right away so yeah I think you can take out a moment you just got to be
very cognizant of it if you’ve been watching my channel you’ll know that you
recently have transitioned to more talking head videos right talk and then
I run b-roll in the background and so so part the reason I did that partly is
because when you’re travel vlogging it takes away a lot from the experience so
I’m trying to not take so much away from the experience so attends your question
it definitely can so I’m very cognizant of it now but another thing I’ll say on
that is I travel I slow travel so I spend 30 days in a place so I can admire
the Petronas Towers here whenever I want so that’s great so if I spend a day
filming them I’m not losing any moments with the padrone Petronas Towers because
I I get them I give them all the time every day and this thing right here is
like right outside my window it’s nice and bright so you have to show your
curtains or it’ll keep you up all night but yeah so I travel slow as well so
that’s another way to like maybe that a travel blogger can be in the
moment and then come back and then film it or film it and then come back to me
at the moment hopefully that answers your question
that makes a really good question by the way thank you for asking that let’s see what are the best places to travel alone
I think any place would be a good place to travel alone a lot of the people I’m
travelling with on reveal Europe taking side trips I don’t know if Lindsay’s on
this cherry now but Lindsay goes on side trips all the time on her phone she is
an expert solo traveler she went to Bali on a road I think you
can go anywhere on your own I think that’s what’s great about the world
today and the connectivity we have is like like you go to a place like Chiang
Mai Thailand there’s a Facebook group called Chiang Mai coffee meetup then you
can go and meet up with a bunch of people like-minded people that travel
full-time and you can find those kind of groups almost anywhere you travel to so
solo travelling you can get as much solo out of it as you want but if you want to
find other travelers you can I am a member of nomads list which is a website
and they also have a slack channel if you don’t know a slack is it’s kind of
like I don’t know that’s some kind of messenger that businesses use it’s like
their way there’s their way of communicating within the business
chatting into the business and I paid 99 bucks for my no man list membership and
I have access slack channel and also a bunch of other travelers like a message
any of them and I can see who’s where I’m at at the time so I can message the
message all the people that are there and ask something what I’m gonna do
something that’s another great thing about traveling with remote year you get
access to everybody who’s ever done remote here in their life
on this flat channel so you are on this slack so you can find them on different
slack channel so let’s for instance let’s say you go to I don’t know
Tanzania and your solo traveling to Tanzania I
can go on the remote your Tanzania board or the remote your general board and say
hey I’m in Tanzania right now anybody in Tanzania want to go grab a beer and I
guarantee you somebody will say I’m in Tanzania or I know somebody in Tanzania
let me hook you up and so I think try think traveling solo is you can do it
anywhere now anywhere nowadays and travel as solo as you want as a solo
traveler or also have as much interaction with people as you want plus
some people like the solo travel so they can get away from Americans expats
Westerners and culturally immersed theirself so there’s actually a YouTube
channel I really like called tourist to Tony and that’s what he does he like
immerses himself in the local culture as a solo traveler what’s the best travel
bags I mean I only travel with one travel bag so I’m gonna say the Osprey
30 litre travel bag Porter that’s what I would say is the best I
love it I absolutely love it it’s it’s durable the zippers are
awesome they have like those like really good strong zippers yeah I really like
that treble bag it’s linked down below if you want to buy it like I mentioned
earlier I get a commission when you buy it so it’s awesome yeah no man this is
amazing – definitely you haven’t if you’re on this channel you haven’t gone
in oh man let’s calm you don’t even have to be a member the resources that are
for free or awesome you just get a little bit more access to the community
when you pay and it’s a $99 lifetime fee so you pay one fee honor bucks that’s it
you’re done you never pay again you have access to it forever it’s been it’s been
around for like 10 years or more it’s like a crowdsourcing thing and it what’s
amazing about it is it gives you ideas of where to go and how much it cost of
it there it’s amazing resource so definitely if you haven’t checked out no
my last sip here I noticed we’re getting more chatter so
if you just join the chat please hit that thumbs up button I would greatly
appreciate it helps more people find this chat that’s that’s
what those thumbs-up do in any video that you watch so if you’re watching any
youtuber should hit that thumbs up button because it helps more people find
their channel so if you like their channel it’s a great way to help them
out alright let’s see so yeah back to that
what’s the best travel bag hop spray importer 30 liter backpack you can use
that as just your carrot or you can use that as a carry-on as well if you have
like a Rolly bag I’ve only been stopped with it once and
that’s because the weight was off and it was my own fault I shouldn’t know that
was my own fault someone asked me is India good travel destination I don’t
know never been can’t answer that question do I pack a suit no I don’t
that was the that’s the great thing about a penal lawyer he went on the word
suit I think I said this the other day and I might be stealing this from chubby
in a way if you’ve never checked out chubby in a ways YouTube channel it’s
pretty cool so go check it out but I was on their podcast which is called the
podcast that was the that was one of the first things I was on I actually I think
that was the first thing I was on yeah I was on the podcast first and then I went
and got interviewed by story chasing it’s another great YouTube channel she
travels in her band around the country so if you’re into band life and band
travel Darryl you should go check out story chasing she’s awesome
her name is Anna mercy and Ruby I also interviewed her on my channel as well so
the other I think I’m stealing this from chubby in a way sorry I get distracted
you know squirrel it’s tracked really easy
I think I’m stealing this line from chubby away but like my goal in life is
to not wear shoes so I’m not wear shoes to cover my feet so if I have to wear
sandals that’s fine like you know $2 7-eleven sandals so I
don’t want to wear a suit I like wearing a suit every now and then but I don’t
wear one every day so I do not travel with the suit I don’t know what I would
do with the suit if I had it in my bag that would be really weird what’s the
best place what’s the best way to sleep on a plane travel business class
it’s expensive but it’s a amazing way to travel I think the best way to sleep on
a plane is depending on when your flight is to make sure you’re tired when your
flight starts so you can just not off and hopefully pass a bunch of hours
sleeping I think that’s the best way I’m getting ready to go on a marathon flight
in a couple weeks I am flying from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore which isn’t bad it’s
a short flight then I’m flying from Singapore to Munich Germany that’s a
bear it’s like 13 14 hours it’s gonna suck the layover in Munich that I’m
flying down to split croatia i think i’m straight to split maybe I go to Zagreb
first which isn’t too long of a flight but that a flight from Singapore to
Munich is gonna be a doozy what are some of the best travel locations that people
have not heard of that’s awesome Kuala Lumpur Malaysia most people who
aren’t full time travelers aren’t digital nomads don’t really know about
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in general it’s amazing country you should definitely
check it out I cannot recommend Malaysia highly enough the food is amazing it is
cheap like Kuala Lumpur is like Hong Kong and Singapore but at like 1/4 of
the price or even less than that so definitely come to KL I think I did a
video called why Puerto Escondido might be the next digital Nomad hotspot Porto
Escondido Mexico’s amazing I don’t I don’t know if there’s anywhere else in
the world that you can live on a world-class surf beach like there
professional surfers there all the time for $400 a month you can rent an
apartment there a studio right on the beach or within a block of the beach for
4 or $500 a month it’s amazing so port to Escondido is one of those
places I think many in Colombia didn’t people know of it but I don’t think they
realize how great of a destination that is and you should definitely go mini
it’s awesome city awesome city all right what’s the best Airport hacks
what’s the best Airport hacks I think if you’re an American getting global entry
and getting TSA PreCheck those are amazing tax also if you’re if you can
get a travel car that gives you passport lounge access you can access all the
airport lounges that’s an amazing hack to go people give
me crap all the time because I go to the airports early
I actually enjoy being at the airport a lot of people don’t I actually enjoy it
so I like going to the airport lounges so that’s some of my Airport hacks if I
visit a country what’s the one meal I shouldn’t miss um Kuala Lumpur you
should not miss nasi lemak she eat nasi lemak
it’s amazing I don’t even know how to describe it but it’s really good
see what our other campus I talked earlier about Mexico a must eat for me
is a Palazzo also a taco al pastor is a must eat for me in Mexico what else what
else what else what else what other foods are amazing in Hawaii L&L
BBQ i actually in on oahu I like this place called Bob’s boneless no Bob’s BBQ
and I always get the boneless chicken awesome yeah this I don’t even know if
the sauce is on it but it’s really yummy so if you go to Hawaii go to Bob’s
barbecue Tom Kevin sent you they won’t know what that means they would have
known twenty-five years ago because I ate there all the time when I lived in
Hawaii let’s see what else what else I can’t
think of anything else all right let’s see any more questions here how do you
get a flight upgrade so have points is a good way I mentioned
travel credit card I am anti debt anybody who knows me
knows I’m I believe that you shouldn’t have debt in your life but I do believe
you should have a trouble travel card and you should you should get a car that
rewards you with travel points for your normal spending so whatever you spend
money on you should get points for hey your credit card off right away and then
you’re kind of pleased seeing the credit card company so that’s a way to get
upgrades you can have points that’s what you get three upgrades I recently flew
from Malaysia and Malaysia air has a really cool thing they’ll send you an
email and you can upgrade your flight you can you can bid on an upgrade so you
can bid it on a business upgrade so I actually bid the lowest bid and I ended
up getting a business upgrade which was amazing amazing amazing amazing to fly
business class even though there’s only for three hours it was still an awesome
way to spend three hours what’s it like to quit your job grab a backpack and
travel the world it’s the most amazing thing ever it is a fantasy life and I’m
living a fantasy life of course it has its ups and it’s downs like anything
else but it’s been as expected it is I live a very romantic romanticized life
for real sometimes I can’t believe I live this life I am just so so happy and
so grateful that I get to live this life every sometimes I just get teary-eyed
thinking about it like walking down the street looking around I just get
teary-eyed thinking about how freaking lucky I am to get to live this life so
it’s amazing you know the quit your job grab a backpack and travel the world Braham bmd says what improvements from
your personality and behavior you notice since you started traveling
um let’s see well a lot of people tell me I talk with my hands too much so
working on that yeah I don’t know that’s not really the first time I think I
would say so I was I mention just before I was in the military for 20 years I’m
not I I was from Missouri I had only been out of Missouri a couple times I
went down to Florida once and to South Dakota and and Colorado but those were
very brief and so I did have much trial experience I didn’t have much exposure
to other cultures um st. Louis’s is it’s just pretty much two races white black
that’s it and culturally it’s just very Midwestern so I didn’t have a lot of
exposure to different cultures and ethnic backgrounds and things like that
and I was really fortunate the military sent me off Hawaii and even though
Hawaii is part of the United States in the state it’s culturally as different
as can be from Missouri and the rest of the United States it’s kind of got its
own kind of culture I tell people all the time living in Hawaii is like living
in a foreign country with all the conveniences of the United States and
everybody speaks English although they speak pidgin which is which can be
difficult to understand some Hawaiians not all but some people who grew up in
Hawaii speak a little pigeon and it can be difficult to understand but uh but
yeah so I’ve learned to I’ve learned to appreciate other cultures and I’ve
adopted some of the some of the characteristics of cultures that I
admire so I’m really fascinated by Japanese culture and just the the work
ethic and discipline they have and also how safe their country is and how
they’ve been able to maintain that and it’s amazing it’s amazing I’m also so I think let’s see
personality behavior so I’m definitely not stressed out like I was before my
life is pretty stress-free and that’s a great place to be in I think especially
in my I age I’m moving into like the later part of my life I still think 44
is a young yeah I don’t think that’s old any stretch of the means and he shows to
me I don’t even think six years old but I think early going with that I think I
am I’m a lot less stressed out also traveling with a group like I’m
traveling has I’m very much an introvert and I kind of like my alone time but as
part of a remote year we usually live with other people and I was kind of
dreading that to be completely out but I’ve actually learned to love it and
really feel really fortunate to have gotten to experience living with other
people it’s been amazing all different kinds of people the cool thing is we
have this shared experience remote year we also have this shared philosophy of
like being able to travel full-time and having a different life than what’s
what’s considered normal we don’t want most of us don’t want the
brick-and-mortar type of life we want more freedom and the ability to travel
so I know that was like a long answer to a short question that’s it’s such a
complex question I hope I’m improving to be honest with you I hope I’m improving
as a person both personality and like internally so yeah but good question
thank you I have a question that’s New York City or San Francisco that’s a
weird question because I’ve never lived the sentence code so I would have to say
New York City I love New York City I lived in Hell’s Kitchen I would move
back there in a heartbeat amazing place to live
a block from Broadway surrounded by amazing restaurants like what’s not to
love see Darrell says I mean Japan now life leaves her bag and phone on the
table oops these are things and goes in the
bathroom I put it out and she says we’re in Japan that’s true like I mean I
mentioned that before you can like you just don’t have to worry about that kind
of stuff in Japan a we a bunch of my travel mates rented bikes and most of
them did not like the block the bikes up like you just don’t have to worry about
that no one’s gonna especially in Kyoto Japan
where we were like I don’t know what we’re Kira ranks is like safest places
in the world but it’s gotta be if it’s not tell me what place in the world is
safer the Kyoto Japan who’s the most interesting person you met while
traveling wow that’s like that’s a hard question to answer that’s like asking
what your favorite country is I’m so fortunate to be traveling on the sperm
girl remote Here I am surrounded by an amazing group of people every day and
I’m just really fortunate they’re all like we have people from everywhere
Brazil Finland Iowa New York New Orleans wherever you can think of we have
recruiters we have lawyers we have project managers we have Human Resource
leaders we have writers we have real estate investors we have everything you
can think of and I just learned so much from these people and I love them like
they’re my own family and yeah so the most interesting person I’ve met is
everybody I’m traveling with here he’s here so yeah have you just thrown the
chata do you hit that thumbs up I’d really appreciate it if you have any
questions please type it over here I can go for a little bit longer I love
answering these questions let’s see what’s what’s the best city in
the world cancer that question I love New York City I’m going to Budapest when
I when I leaves like Croatia I’m gonna go to Budapest for four days I’m really
excited about Budapest I’ve always wanted to go there only be there for
four days a super exciting time so maybe Budapest is the best country if you’ve
been to Budapest type it in the comments what do you think it’s the best place
what airline is the best I really like that Malaysian Airlines because you can
bid on upgrades I think that’s really cool I fly a lot of budget airlines China air China air way this is awesome
even even sitting coach it’s really awesome so China Airways is one of those
what are the most beautiful places in the world I think I kind of answered
this I really love rainbow mountain I think it’s gorgeous what’s the best app
for travel so there’s a bunch of apps that are really good for travel if
you’re coming to Southeast Asia you should get grabbed uber is not in
most places in Southeast Asia grab it so grabs great for getting food and getting
a ride and it’s also dirt cheap to take a crap in Hanoi in Vietnam they have
grab where you ride on the back of these motorcycle or these these mopeds and
it’s crazy but it’s what you do it and it’s like under $1 to go anywhere
you know hanoi vietnam so definitely grab that stuff awesome map I like
hotels calm I like it because of their rewards program like every 1090 booking
get a night free so basically you’re getting 10% off and I’m a silver
remember now almost a gold number so now I get some discount some perks I just
booked my apartment at Budapest through hotels I come I don’t have any kind of
affiliate program with them I wish I did it but I don’t and I they said I’ll have
a free bottle of wine I don’t really drink wine so I’m going to give it to
some of the people traveling with me but you know cool nonetheless also you get a
discount when you book longer kind of like Airbnb you can’t book over 28 days
which is kind of annoying but you discounted ebook look longer and
yeah so I like that I can filter it by price I can filter by location so I
really like the app also love sky scanner for playing
for finding flights I usually do it on the computer though apps cool that I
usually do it on the computer yeah so those are some of the things
that I really like fill our ass and do I plan on traveling solo absolutely
as soon as remember yours over I’m on my solo travel adventure although I’ll
probably hook up with a bunch of people from remote here and travel with a lot
of my buddies and also travel with people that I’m not traveling with over
here one of the cool things about remote years they have this thing called the
citizenship program citizens program and so you can you can jump on to another
remote your program probably one month pay like a certain fee they have all
kinds of different things you can do they also have remote your houses so
they’ll have a house that’s like a mansion that has like 20 bedrooms in it
like in Costa Rica or Bali or something and I’ll rent out those rooms so you can
go and hang out with a bunch of people who have done remote here before which
is really cool so but I’ll definitely be traveling solo for sure cuz I’m not
gonna be able to convince people to go to some of the places I want to go
probably so I’ll definitely be traveling solo if you just drive a chat I’d
appreciate the thumbs up button helps more people find it and that is an
awesome way to say you’re awesome Kevin so thanks Kimberly says do you ever
think you will revisit your idea of traveling in a manner absolutely I’m
going to travel it event I’m actually looking at vans right now every day so
my favorite van is called the himer active that company actually recently
went out of business and so in the 2019 I’m just watching there the 18th and
19th in scene because they had a 10 year warranty and now that comes out to this
so they’re not gonna be able to that warrant is worthless so I’m trying to
I’m watching the price of those because I really want one of those so I’m
watching the price fluctuations and at some point if I think it’s right I’ll go
ahead and buy one of those time it’s probably parking in my mom’s house
then whatever I’m in the States drive around the states probably during the
summers or maybe during the winters actually in chase 70 in down south or
something I don’t know I’d love to take it down to Key West one of the cool
things about being retired militaries I have access to all the military bases
and recreation centers they have a lot of RV parking places for cheaper than RV
places would normally be so it’s kind of a cool benefit of being a retired
military person so yeah I definitely have an abandoned the idea of traveling
to Nevada actually I’m going to integrate integrate that into my full
time travel life another weird thing I’m thinking about doing and some people are
gonna hate this idea cuz some people hate traveling this way but I think I’m
going to try to travel for like a month straight or two months straight on
cruise ships because I have the flexibility of being able to buy a last
minute cruise ticket and I’ve noticed that they get really cheap like 15 the
20 day cruises get like super cheap like two or three days before the cruise
leaves because they’re just trying to fill the staterooms and so I’m thinking
about like documenting that like seeing how cheap I can travel for for a month
or two on cruise ships I don’t like necessarily travel I don’t
necessarily like visiting places on cruise ships but I like traveling on
ships I was in the Navy for 20 years so it’s kind of in my blood and I love the
relaxation of the sea timeline so I like transitioning from port to port and also
I know when I pull into these places I’m gonna get away from the cruise ship crap
because I really don’t like that stuff it’s really cheesy so I’ll probably book
my own air maybe tours that kind of stuff want to do it but yeah I’m
thinking about doing that I don’t know if it’s some video series that you think
might be interesting to type in the comments I think that might be
interesting or hit the thumbs up button or something like that some way to let
me know that that might be interesting or everything it’s a dumb idea so that’s
a dumb idea nobody cares a lot cruise ship travel
let’s see that guy says if you had to do it again
would you again do remote year or a shorter period of remote year be is good
I if I had to do it again I probably wouldn’t because the the one part of
remote year that remote here doesn’t really advertise that well I think is
the community aspect of it and I have 30-plus life life long travel friends I
have a built in community plus the other people who have done remote here at some
point I’m gonna have access to them which I’m really excited about as well
because when you talk about this full-time travel lifestyle with people
most people they don’t understand I get I get this question all the time from
family and friends when your vacations over what do you do like I’m not on
vacation this is my life but people who do remote here especially the 12-month
version they get it they know they like it’s so refreshing to be surrounded by
people who get what I’m doing and get why I’m doing it and get why I love it
and get why I don’t want to live a traditional lifestyle so Phil says dumb
idea is that Phil is that Phil rupal or are you a different film I’m just
curious if that’s Phil rupal let’s see oh let me completely okay so now I know
why I’m getting the smartass remarks so me and Phil grew up together it’s one of
my best friends if not my best friend of all time probably we grew up in st.
Louis together I missed the dude like crazy and I’ll
probably be home in March so we’ll have to go hang out it was like one of my
best friends of all time I love him he like he’s probably the guy he’s probably
the person I credit with with me liking hiking and adventure type stuff because
phil has always been that way he’s always been a mountain biker a
skateboarder go out and hike kind of person and me being one of his good
friends when we were younger he would and I had a car he would grab and he
would drag me to those things so I actually credit him I actually
credit fill the reason why I love doing that stuff going on hikes like all those
hiking videos I have in Chile and Patagonia hiking Machu Picchu all the
like crazy adventure videos I have like I probably would have done that stuff if
I didn’t have filled in my life because I don’t think I was into that kind of
stuff I think he got me into that type of
stuff I’m him and Dave have both all the way I’ve always admired their
adventurous spirit and they they’re the ones that got me into that kind of type
of stuff oh that guy I would do remote year again I would I think I don’t think
remote years for everybody and anybody before they sign up with remote years
should talk to me and like I’ll give them the skinny on it and to decide
whether or not it’s a good thing for them but I think remote year is a great
thing for newbie traveler because so a year I think I’ve said this I’ve said
there actually I know I’ve said this in my videos before I had traveled with the
military but I had never traveled solo and remote year was a good way for me to
not only have someone handle all the logistics so I can focus on building my
youtube channel and travel blogging but also it exposed me to I started going to
places that I wouldn’t normally have went to in the military I went to
Southeast Asia a lot and so I probably would have hopped on a plane to
Southeast Asia and maybe never left I’d never even had in my mind really to go
down to South America I was actually a little intimidated by it not ashamed to
admit that I was a little bit like I would have never went too many in
Colombia outside of the lawyer so and that’s my own character flaw like
everyone most some people might not having that type of issue but that’s
that’s what it that’s I think that’s why I’m remote ears good for newbie
travelers because you have you have a number one you have
a built-in group of friends to travel with which is pretty awesome and number
two you have a company kind of like supporting you and making sure you’re in
safe neighborhoods things like that so so yeah I think it’s good for newbie and
but I but I always tell people like you can definitely do what I’m doing with a
remove your cheaper than remote here you’re paying you’re basically paying
the price of all your combinations and stuff but you’re also paying for people
you’re also paying a little bit above charge because they’re a company they
got to make money for them to handle all the logistics for you but it is kind of
great that if your flight gets canceled but you ain’t gotta worry about it like
remote your handle that crap you just hang out in the airport lounge until
they get you a new flight or book you accommodations they’re on the hook for
that stuff so that’s really nice and again like I said it exposed me to
places that I probably wouldn’t have went to on my own personally so yeah
that’s why I think it’s good for newbie travelers as well I when I started this
I even though I traveled a lot with the military there’s a difference between
what I’m doing now and in the military you would just pull into a port for four
days it’s almost like pulling in with a cruise ship to be honest with you
because the whole town is geared towards that ship pulling in like adjust itself
to especially I was on it I was on a lot of aircraft carriers at the end of my
career especially when those things pulling to a port that’s 5,000 people to
jump on a place so much more than a cruise ship
so yeah ally abroad says sounds kind of expensive but probably worth it for
newbies yeah so remote use around two thousand dollars a month I think it’s a
little bit worn out and when I started I mean my contract I pay two thousand US
dollars a month could definitely travel for cheaper than two thousand a month
but in my life from my perspective it was worth it
the what’s really undervalued in remote here is the network you you are exposed
to and now like my two travelers now you can build
your own network as a traveler you can go into nomad lists for 99 bucks and
start meeting people that travel full time for sure but this is a really quick
and easy way for me to have 30 travel buddies I mean there’s some people have
such good friends within this group then I know after a remote year you’re like
hey I’m booking a house in Costa Rica it’s got three bedrooms who wants to
join me it’s 400 bucks for the market and I’ll be able to say I do and I’ll go
there and hang out with my buddy from a movie year and surfing Costa Rica so
it’s pretty cool yeah so that guy 2,000 a month I was living in New York City
my apartment my tiny little apartment in New York City was $3,500 a month and now
I’m $40 a month look I have like one of the best views in the world let’s see hopefully I don’t drop my computer I
don’t know you can see the pool there but there’s the awesome pool at my place
the condo is like amazing so you know I guess cost is like its relative to each
person I told you that my friend Sara verdict is traveling on $500 and she’s
traveling in an amazing way she lives with hostels and that’s an amazing way
to meet people and at some point I’ll probably do that I do tell people this
though I was in the military for 20 years I was living on ships like living
on a living on a ship is is like living in the hostel but even more so because a
lot of times you’re doing it for six months straight and you’re in a room
with eight other people and they were in the beds are stacked three high so I and
you have courage or you have a shared showers and all that kind of stuff
hot water doesn’t work half the time and so I’ve lived I’ve lived that hast that
hostile life in real life for a long time and so
I’m a little bit more bougie now so but you can still be bougie and traveled a
place like Southeast Asia like you can get a studio in this building I’m in
right now for about $600 for a month so pretty good price and that’s really
expensive for Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to be obviously but you’re in a building
this building has everything has a gym it has a pool it has C gym pool it has
two two restaurants a bakery like everything you wants in this building
that’s kind of cool and it’s also kind of a crutch too as
well so let’s see that says what about motorcycle travel I think you’ll enjoy
it yeah I thought you’re the one who hooked me up with following that guy on
Instagram I love following his stuff as you know I had a really bad motorcycle
wreck in 2003 but I’ve started to ride again on this trip so I just need to get
back on that horse and like figure out now you know all about those adventure
bikes I need to learn about those BMW adventure bikes Lindsay said you’re
still alive yep Lindsay’s traveling with me as well
on remote year she’s got an awesome blog put the link to the blog in the comments
Lindsay so people can access it she’s a much better rider than me so I’ll go
read her blog instead of mine that’s why I do videos because I’m a lawyer that
sucks it ready alright let’s see I’ll be abroad says my first trip I went to
Contiki on a Kentucky tour that was 20 years ago it was great but I been
traveling on my own ever since so I’m well experienced now that’s awesome
I’m actually really looking forward to traveling separate from a real year but
I also love traveling before mo year as well like I have nothing but positive
things to say about it but I won’t tell people negatives that might apply to
them and cost is one of them you can do this for much cheaper I see what hassles work for someone in their
50s or older or they just be weird no I think hostels work I just read a nomadic
matte article and there’s woman that’s 72 years old that staying in hostels she
says how she loves it because she meets other travelers and it’s like keeping
her young and energized you can definitely stay in hostels half my group
when they go to side travel stays in hostels
one of my favorite travel movies of all time you should go check this out on
Amazon just click on my amazon link and then you can order it and I’ll get my 37
cents I’m just kidding you have to click on my Amazon it’s called a a map for
Sunday and this guy traveled for a year the videos from like 2004 and he meets a
70 something year old guy in a hostel and the guy just has an amazing story
he’s been traveling living in hostels he loves that he rather do that than live
in a nursing home so he just keeps traveling I don’t know where that guy is
now that was 15 years ago but I like to think of my mind he’s still doing he’s
still out there doing it in 80s and that’s what I tell people I’m hoping and
you never know what’s gonna happen in your life but I’m hoping to be that 80
year old guy still traveling and my YouTube channels been going on for like
40 years and people are like man I can’t believe
I’m gonna stop putting out YouTube videos about traveling it is 80s so I
hope I hope hopefully I’m blessed with good health and I can continue to travel
until I die on the road and that would be awesome way to go out right like I
don’t know dying like being 90 years old and falling over dead on rainbow
mountain that’d be pretty cool see don’t case this 2,000 month is pricey is that
the remote your cost yeah remote years about 2,000 a month you can definitely
do what we doing remover for less than $2,000 you’re really paying for the
basically having a concierge lytx for you you travel with a program leader who
handles everything for you they’re at your beck and call you also have two
people that are local in every place you go and they handle all the local
logistics including like taking your cool places so you’re kind
of paying for a tour guide and all the logistics associated with travel but you
can definitely do this cheaper you could probably stay in KL and live a pretty
luxurious life for $1,000 so yeah yeah alley it’s called a map for
Sunday like a map like a road map map for Sunday basically that that means
like every day is a Sunday like I never know what day it is
because like every day for me now is really a Saturday to be honest with you
actually might be called a map for Saturday she’sa called a map for Sunday
or map for Saturday but every day is a Saturday for me now like that’s I’m
again I’m not bragging I’m very fortunate to have this life but I rarely
know what it is and I love that yeah I love that
see that guy says I’d love to motorcycle around North Vietnam yeah be amazing one
of my favorite books of all time is Motorcycle Diaries amazing book if you
don’t read it I haven’t watched the movie but the book was amazing Holly
brought says now I’m older I don’t think I could stay in a hostel in my forties
now I’m kind of similar to you like like if I do stay in a hostel so a lot of
hostels now have private rooms so I can do a private room and a hostel and then
you still are exposed to the people in the hostel because just like our mo Yeon
of the great things about being in a hostel is being exposed to exposed to
other travelers and backpackers and that backpacker culture is awesome and so
that’s the one thing you give up when you stay at a movie place like I’m
saying right now is you miss out on that backpacker culture so but you can stay
in hostels and rooms and then still be exposed to that backpacker culture so I
think you can get that in the best of both worlds or maybe you just stay in
hostel one night and then have your bougie hotel the next matter
bujji everybody next night see Lindy says what destinations do you
have your eye on to live after a remote year at those places you want to live
change that you let them really here man that’s just a hard one because every day
I look at the sky scanner I come up with a new place I want to go live it to be
completely honest with you so one plates have my eye on is thanks
go Bulgaria banks Co is a ski resort in the winter in Europe but in the summer
it’s at high altitude so it’s cool but it’s super cheap and you can live in
these pimp ski chalets for like $300 a month so that’s one of the places I’m
interested in I’m also interested to please see Georgia there’s a lot of talk
in the travel world about tably C and so I wanna go see for myself it’s supposed
to be like the new Prague like but cheap although Prague is pretty cheap as well
so those are two places that I want to go check out stay at I want to go back
to port to Escondido I spent like five or six days there I want to go back
there and live there Costa Rica’s on my list
Colombia is how my list Buenos Aires Argentina my good buddy
tano whose true who was traveling on Mirko gear but his left is from
Argentina I definitely want to go to Argentina and hangout Matano I wish he
was on this live chat tano is an amazing guy so to answer your other question has
where I’m I wanted to stay in the solo traveler change yes and that’s why I was
talking about remote here being really good for me because exposed me to South
America which was not really on my radar I’ve been to uh I’d been to Playa del
Carmen and other places in Mexico but in my mind I hadn’t really thought it not
about venturing out into South South America and I’m a little bit embarrassed
to say because I was a little bit intimidated by it I thought go to South
America you get mugged that’s like that’s it but I know it’s far more than
that that was just my own ignorance to be absolutely but
yeah so it has changed if you just join us live chat if you can hit that thumbs
up I would really appreciate it we’re at a minute or we’re at one hour and 40
minutes on this live chat and as long as questions keep coming and people are in
here I love doing this and I think it’s kind of a cool background maybe I’ll do
more night ones and I know people in the United States will start waking up and
maybe they’ll join this led chat let’s see let’s see Lindsey answered your
question and Darrell so some hostels have a mix of private and share of rooms
that’s correct I did a private room once and it was
great yeah I there’s a really cool co-working / living brand called Selena
and have Selena’s all over South America and now they’re starting to get them in
Europe as well well and what a Selena is is it basically caters to any level of
traveler so they’ll have the $7.00 a night hostel rooms but they also have a
bougie $200 night sweet and and I stayed in a Salina when I was in Puerto
Escondido Mexico so if you want to see how amazing the Celina is go check out
my Porco Escondido video it had two pools on two different levels and it was
right on the beach and you can stay in the hostel there for $7.00 a night now
so I had these really cool teepees that you could stay in they were like 30 a
night and just so Selena’s are really cool and they they give you a lot of
different options and you can still have that backpacker culture they also have
co-working spaces in them so if you work and travel like a lot of the people I
travel with you have you’re gonna have great internet so that’s always a
concern for a lot of digital so check out Celina they have a new app app now
I’m not sponsored by Celina I wish I was I love that place I actually put in
actually they had this little contest where they were looking for travel
bloggers to go out like this one month journey and go to all the Salinas and I
didn’t get swiped unfortunately but I still love them regardless and I plan on
stayin and a lot of Salinas when I start traveling
because I really like I like they’re all in one setup and they’re usually in
amazing locations Arai let’s see
Darrell says I have a smartphone so with the quick glance I know my dad yeah I
mean all right let’s see how long are you in KL my friend is a travel blogger
and she’s based in Kail you should tour she’s turning around hey
like semi or severe information if you know somebody in KL some ear information
I would love I love doing collaborations my channel I have 2,134 subscribers and
a lot of them are a lot of those subscribers I have her because I did
collaboration I did a collaboration with story chasing and I got a shout-out from
beer for breakfast which I’ll forever be grateful for because they’re amazing one
of my favorite Travel Channel’s let’s see I’ll be in kale for another two
weeks and then my remote year group heads to Europe for three months we’ll
be in split croatia to start off with and I’m really excited because my place
is a great button beach so I’m super excited even though it’s gonna be mid
60s to 70s I actually love that my my Travel Channel when I was gonna drive
around in a van when I was gonna live in a man was gonna be called chasing 70
because I love 70 degree weather so I’m really excited about 70 degree weather
in split croatia and after split croatia we’re going to lisbon portugal and then
Valencia Spain and then Europe’s over and we head down to our very last
country which is South Africa Cape Town awesome way to end and the final thing
I’m doing is I’m going on a four-day Safari
I think it’s four day for five days apart so I’m super excited about that
Safari and that’s the way we remote euro in for me on a safari in Africa so I
mean I I’m so fortunate and black to have a life of it yeah there’s always
storms here in Kuala Lumpur this time of year it’s actually not bad at all right
now there’s a storm but sometimes it’s like crazy I actually kind of wish there
was a storm going on but a lot of my remote year friends work us hours so
they stay up all night so by the time they get up it’s almost
always rainy since I get up at normal time I should get up at like 6:00 in the
morning I get to enjoy the pool down there because from the morning and so
around three o’clock there’s no rain in Kuala Lumpur just amazing so yeah so I
would kind of wish it was pouring down to kind of be cool for you to see that I
mean crazy lightning here crazy crazy crazy like I said all those places you
mentioned or places I want to go yeah I mean the the world is our oyster and
there’s so many put like you can’t run out of places to go in the world I don’t
think any of us have a life long enough hey if you just joined the ten I’d
really appreciate if you get that thumbs-up we’re back at double digits so
I’m excited about that if you have any questions please type them over there
and I’ll be sure to answer them Phil says check out the book distant Suns a
motorcycle traveler that travels in Africa and South America or South
America yeah send it to me man I would definitely love to check that out I love
reading like I my whole life is basically travel porn if I’m not
watching a documentary on travel or watching a YouTube channel on travel I’m
reading a book on travel when I fly I’m usually listening to a podcast a
travelpod cast like I’m just like travel is my life and I’m I love it that’s what
I you know this is this is what I want to do with my life I’m really fortunate
that I get to do this yeah so if you have any questions you
just draw the chat make sure you type them over there and I will be sure to
answer if you’re not joining the live chat make sure you type questions on
below I’ve answered about 200 questions tonight and most of them were from
questions that I add in my comment blocks on other videos I just made a big
list and I started going through them which I’ll actually go back to those in
a moment have I done a video on what I do for
health insurance on the road I have not I should probably do that
again I’m really fortunate I’m retired military so I I have very low cost
health insurance but I also have travel insurance and the insurance company that
I use for travel insurance I’m there actually reached out to me and what need
to do a deal with them and start pitching they’re pitching their
insurance my only problem with that is I’ve never had the user and so I don’t
know if it’s I don’t know what the quality is gonna be now they have great
reviews and that’s why I chose them but I’m a little bit hesitant on
recommending stuff I haven’t used like I have no problem recommending embalmer II
know I’ve wore this stuff for nine months it’s the best travel shirt you
can buy why I have no problem endorsing on la Morena I have no problem endorsing
the Osprey backpack I use because I just know they work and I know the quality
and I have that travel insurance but I’ve never had to use it and hopefully I
never do so I don’t do I don’t do sponsorship stuff that I don’t that I
don’t use and believe in 100% I mean that like sincerely I would never do
that I would never endorse something that I’m
not behind I don’t care what the money I don’t need I don’t need the money so
anything I recommend where I get a kickback it is because I reckon I travel
with it I don’t I don’t really get any kickback from Lombok Moreno years ago so
they just give me free stuff they don’t have an affiliate program so yeah I’m a very I’m a little bit skeptical
about world nomads it seemed like every travel blogger is on their payroll
that’s who reached out to me so I have them and I researched them before and
they seem to fit my lifestyle and what I needed since if you’re I can’t remember
exactly what it cost but I think it’s if you’re if you’re under if you’re under
40 I want to say it’s $39 a month and you get you have a pretty robust
insurance to get you back home and catastrophe happens so you’re talking
about like $600 a year actually about $500 a year and the big scheme of things
that’s not too expensive of a price to pay for that peace of mind but again I
don’t know anybody who’s ever had to use it other than for like a missing luggage
or something and I’ve never heard any bad things about that so but a lot of
the travel cards like my taste travel card has a pretty robust insurance
program that just comes from having the travel card on it so I don’t even know
if it’s necessarily necessary depending on what other kind of insurance you have
I just have it as kind of a peace of mind and I have to pay a little bit more
because I’m over 40 and I’ve had cancer before so but I like the peace of mind
it gives me but I don’t know I can’t go on their payroll because I just never
had to use it unless like buying people that have used it and like if they give
me the thumbs up like hey I like I was I don’t know snowboarding and I lost my
arm and they medevac me out and they didn’t give me any crap about it because
I know how insurance companies can be like I have the Chase Sapphire Reserve
card and it’s great I rented a car when I was in Missouri and Phil’s gonna laugh
at this because he thinks I’m a terrible driver but I bumped into a pole and it
didn’t $2,000 with the damage to my rental car and I didn’t elect that
rental car insurance and chase painted because I add it’s
automatic coverage rental car insurance coverage full coverage so they paint it
they paid the damage it was like three thousand two thousand three thousand
dollars they paid it and they gave me no hassle or anything like that all right
let’s see the Lindy says she pays twelve hundred year for employer shared
insurance were like coverage my company wasn’t require me to it I wouldn’t do it
and that sucks one of the minute I always say I’m like really fortunate one
of the even though it’s a huge time investment like I invested twenty years
of the military so there’s ways to get what I got without having to invest
twenty years of their life but the pension I get is a made is awesome and
the health insurance I get is awesome so I’m really fortunate in that respect I
have one one major thing that sometimes prevents people from traveling which is
like health insurance I don’t really have an issue with Lindsey says that’s
her cost after half of the company pays half the cost yeah insurance is not sigh
I was in the military twenty years so I never had I always had government
insurance I’m in health insurance so I’ve never had I’m like I’m like I’m
like a resident of Sweden or Finland or something I’ll expand government health
insurance so I never had to live in a world like that fortunately for me another question I got is where should
somebody travel to if they never traveled outside the United States my
answer to that would be somewhere I would say somewhere that’s a little bit
of an easy it depends on there’s two frame of thoughts on this one is go
somewhere that’s gonna be easy for you to get around and speak the language so
somewhere like London or Australia or even here on Malaysia everybody speaks
English Malaysia or you know somewhere like that or go to like do I go to
Middle East go to like Bahrain everybody speaks English and Bahrain
so there are there are so that’s one school at block go somewhere that’s a
little bit more a little easier it’s not gonna be such a culture shock the other
one is like go the exact opposite way go to like people’s culture shock place you
can go and then you can go anywhere if you can you can make it there you can
make anywhere like I’ve never even been in Demon’s go to India like that’s
supposed to be culture shock to them to the max or go to where remote your what
I know a Vietnam that’s culture shock so I think there’s
two schools of thought on it you can go to somewhere that’s ultimate culture
shock or you can go to somewhere that’s a little bit easy that’s gonna be easy
for you but I think both of them would be effective ways to travel our
effective ways to break yourself in the travel because of you if you can survive
Hanoi you can go anywhere in Southeast Asia and be and become no way doesn’t
but also know if it does drive you crazy you can just go over to Chiang Mai
Thailand and be completely relaxed or go over to Japan and like Japan is another
place if you want a little bit of different culture and maybe not so easy
to get around although you could survive with English there but you don’t want
the craziness of Hanoi and you want like max safety I would say Japan’s a good
place to go because the cuisines completely different the culture is
completely different but you’re still going to be able to feel comfortable
there so I think those are good I think those are good places
I think Lima Peru if you if you’re in the US and you want a shorter flight
actually it depends on where you are in the u.s. go down to the Lima Peru stay
in mira flores and it’s a kind of a cool travel expand so go to Cusco Peru and go
hike Machu Picchu very cool cultural experience and yeah so that would be my
recommendation you go you do it I know that’s like kind of a weird answer to
that question yeah that would be my that would be my
answer to that question see her point on my questions again yeah
a question list Oh Lindsay says a chaise Inc business preferred as a great self
cellphone insurance – she just got her $600 check after a phone died which is
awesome and coverage is free and you pay your cell bill with that card that’s
awesome that’s awesome to know like not to pay on like Apple care or something
if you get an iPhone if you have that insurance that’s pretty cool
I was gonna say something about that Oh Lindsay is kind of an expert and it’s
something I want to get into next year this is another thing I’m gonna do next
year I’m gonna go to a lot of conferences I’m definitely going to go
to the new man summit which happens in Chiangmai
and usually one other place during the year it’s always in Chiangmai in January
and that’s where a bunch of nomads get together in Chiang Mai and they have a
conference and they talk about they talk about different things associated with
doing what I’m doing which is traveling full time and it’s just a great
community building event and I’m just excited to go and attend it I’m not
gonna get to attend at this January but I’m gonna try to make it to the mid-year
one next year and also Chiang Mai the following year and I might you know it I
might hop on a plane you just do it this year but that’s a better of a flight
from Europe to Chiang Mai there on the flight so I don’t know if I want to do
that round-trip also Lindsay goes to a lot of these like travel hockey
conferences where you learn how to like maximize travel points and things like
that so I would definitely like to go to a couple of those go to some of those
and just really get immersed in this travel community culture going to the
travel hacking stuff yeah just get like I think that’s going to be like a real
cool thing to do just to add to my travel lifestyle it’s gonna be really
cool that’s one of the things when talk about like the limitation or things
that I don’t necessarily enjoy about remote year one is the like kind of
rigid schedule now you can go and travel off on your own but that’s an extra cost
to you so the schedule is very rigid with a remote year you’re going to go to
these twelve countries and that’s what your price includes and you go somewhere
else like sorry you can’t up out of a month but you still have to pay half the
fee and then go pay wherever you’re going to stay like a lot of our remote
year people did not want to come to Kuala Lumpur even though I tell them
they need to come across something for the biggest koala Lumpur hike man
Malaysia and out there they but they it was our last month in Southeast Asia and
they want to spend some time in Bali so that’s what they did they went to Bali
and Singapore and other places so you can opt out but you still have to pay a
fee but that’s one of the things I’m looking forward to light after remote
ears having more control over my schedule I’m really I never have
anything in the frigerator I like to fly by the seat of my pants and I always say
this I don’t know what I’m gonna want to eat tomorrow so why would I go out and
buy a bunch of groceries I don’t know where I’m gonna want to be in two weeks
so I’ll be kind of flying by the seat of my pants when I’m a solo travel on solo
travel around pretty sure I probably will stay a month in a location unless I
get done I really don’t like it but yeah so that’s part of it that’s something
I’m really looking forward to after remote years over is having more control
over my own schedule Lindsay says go to Chicago go to Chicago seminars it’s
every October big points and miles conference with info you’ll need to find
publicly Lindsay’s also on a remote here with me and Lindsay that’s next October
let’s do it let’s go to Chicago that’s good in the treble points calm I’ll be
there Lauri I’m signed up let’s do it if you
have a link to their website or whatever send it to me Lindsay I would really
appreciate that bill says is there any place you are
hesitant to travel and you are pretty much or you pretty much open anything
so I was in the military for 20 years and so there’s always this little thing
in the back of my head that’s like could I be a target somewhere at some point so
that’s always in the back of my head there are a lot of places in the Middle
East I would love to visit I lived on the Syrian border when I lived in Iraq
and I would love to go visit Aleppo I would love to go to Damascus so I would
love to go to Syria but like when I go to Syria right now as an American when I
go there damascus prami man that’s a huge risk and I don’t even know I mean
I’m sure I could still go I would have to probably State Department like I
might get harassed or I’ll make you question when I come back and mean that
Syd series a place I want to visit but I don’t know if I would so yeah yeah Syria
might not be I actually have a subscriber from Syria and he’s always
inviting me to Damascus really great guy but yeah I serious a place I would like
to go I’d love to go to Damascus I think Argentina are not Argentina
Venezuela it’s a place I would like to go but I’m not sure that would be the
smartest place for considering our current their current the current
situation is going on there and their their relationship with United States
I’m not short but we smart for you assistance to go there but there are a
lot of places that I would go that maybe other people would go I’d love to go to
North Korea I would love to get on one of those tours North Korea I would love
to go to Iran so those are places I might go in the future that may be scare
me a little bit but I would still go so to answer your question Phil and I think
there are places I need to go because there’s probably too much of a risk
I don’t mind taking a little risk I consider myself kind of a kind of
I have a really good situational awareness so I think I would be okay but
some places might just be a little bit too risky I don’t I don’t I’m not a part
of your I don’t stay out at night and a lot of bad things happen at night and
most in places that people consider dangerous but they’re fine during the
day so like a lot of places that people might not go right now like Beunos are
is like some people won’t go there right now because they think it’s like too
dangerous or like Rio de Janeiro or something I would go because I know I’m
not going to be out at 2 o’clock in the morning so I’m not gonna get mugged to
fuck my ally abroad says Armenia Georgia yeah I would go to Georgia in a
heartbeat um I’m gonna go to Tbilisi after look here the police he’s like a
spot I really want to go to a lot of digital nomads are hitting it up so
definitely some where I want to go yes do I fall I love bald and bankrupt no
for those that don’t know I was on a really popular shave your head channel
called bald cap a shout-out to bog cafe go check out his channel you can
actually watch me on there I think that video I was like 6 2000 years now more
than probably all my videos combined have I’ll go I’m not getting any of that
hanging of that traffic but yeah so I haven’t fallen bald in pink but I’ll go
check them out now that you mention them Sadie’s in Bolivia that’s cool
I think we had I think we had some people from remote year travel to the I
think the salt flats are in Bolivia I believe if they’re not correct me if
I’m wrong but I think we have some people from remote your travel to the
salt flats I hey if you’re just joining the chat that you did that thumbs up
button I’d really appreciate it helps more people find it anytime you go watch
a YouTube video should always hit thumbs up if you like the Creator because that
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ultimate goal of a youtuber is to have bigger audience to share their
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comment block over here it’s currently 10 o’clock at night here in
here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and this beautiful background it’s real I assure
you I’m going to check my message real quick to see if any of my remote year
friends have texted me because I was trying to get some of them down here but
I know some of them are working nope but if any of my remote your
friends are watching and you want to join this live chat I have an extra
chair here you can come down to my apartment the door is unlocked and you
can join me on my balcony answer some questions I’m sure people would love to
get another perspective or travel in general let me text another youtuber
Abby fouled to go check out her channel I’m gonna text her right now and see if
she is available I don’t know if she’s home yet I know she was out so she might
not be home yet but yeah so you have any questions please type them over to the
right and I will be sure to answer them we’ve answered a lot of questions
tonight but I don’t mind answering more questions let’s see let’s check out some
of these questions here that I have by having huge lists of questions one of the questions is I don’t want to
travel because I’m about to spend cold nights in airports I don’t want to spend
cold nights and airports bus stations and transfers it’s like I don’t know
what to tell you just bring warm clothes then you won’t be cold and like I that
should not be what’s preventing you from traveling if you want to travel you can
slow travel you can take short flights travel domestically
and then you don’t have to worry about them all right let’s see am i coined to starve actually any
better than you’ve eaten in your life I’ve actually gained weight on a remote
year shame to admit and you eat much cheaper I mean I can go right now over
to food Street here in Malaysia and I can get a awesome meal for two or three
dollars which I might do after this by the way so and in Latin America you can
eat I mean that pom Mazo which is if you watch my things to eat Mexico video that
pom Pazos is this big I mean it’s huge it’s let it’s less than 50 cents
American it’s less than two quarters American it’s like ridiculous how cheap
the food is so you will not starve now if you mean will I start because I don’t
want to try anything I don’t want to eat anything other than American food you
might start but you can find you know what in every country you can find
McDonald’s and a Burger King and KFC you can also find a 7-eleven in just about
every country so you can find you can find food that’ll meet whatever your
standard is in most countries that’s a weird question how do I do I get sad when I leave
places out there yeah I do every remote uryu state 30 days in a place when you
move to the next place every place I’ve been I don’t think I’ve been ready to
leave yet and I did I did this exercise the other night I tried to imagine in my
mind every apartment I lived in and it made me so maybe smile a lot but also
make me sad because I’ve missed those places and then when you think about the
apartment thing you think about the restaurants near there that you can QA
think about the things you did there with your friends and so yeah that’s
just about every place like that and but the cool thing is is because I know I do
this full-time now travelismylife out most of them that I really enjoyed I’ll
return to so I have something to look forward to I said this earlier Hawaii is
like my home away from home I spent so many years there I spent most of my
young adult life there almost all of my 20s in that place like home and I like
think about it all the time and it’s starting to get the same starting to get
the same feeling about a lot of these places that I visited on remote year
like I think about Medellin and Lima Peru and knowing Vietnam Chiang Mai like
I can’t wait to go back to Chiang Mai all the time so the answer to that
question is yeah I find myself missing the places like that I love this one of
my favorite quotes though and this quote rings really true it is I’m in love with
people I’ve never met in places I’ve never been like I’m always I love the
idea of the next place and so even though I miss places I’m also I also AM
in love with the places I haven’t been yet so
yeah so hopefully that makes you know something that answers that question obvi says I that he got is time ISA this
week that’s awesome chiang mai is amazing go try khao SOI
house oi is like i could eat the cows oi every freakin day there’s also this I
don’t know where you’re staying in Chang where you gonna staging my estate in
Niemann new Bond there’s this like outdoor restaurant on this on the
outskirts Street of naman where it starts to go towards Old Town and you
can eat there for like a dollar fifty but they have the best pineapple rice
there it’s awesome I loved it but I would put this fish sauce stuff on it
now I’m even like fish sauce but it was so good the Yak house like hit up the
cows wave sucking down you know eat as much cow so as you can I’m so jealous
maybe I’ll run into you there at some point if you’re there in January go to
the Nomad summit also go on Facebook and get into the Facebook group called
Chiang Mai coffee Chiang Mai Coffee Club and they have weekly meetings now every
every weekly meeting I’ll have some kind of like educational thing whether it’s
like I don’t know a bunch of different things that that appeal to full time
travelers so go check that out hey if if you just joined this live chat
if you can please hit that thumbs up I never really appreciate how some people
find it thank you let’s see Phil sauce famine rice famine
rice is like a staple in Hawaii I love spam and rice Hawaii maybe love
spam Hawaiians love spam people who live in a while of spam you can get spam and
rice and McDonald’s and and in Hawaii believe it or not you can get spam and
rice at every you get the spam and rice with seaweed wrapped around it in every
7-eleven so let’s see that guy you should not be
scared to go to Medi met een is very safe Wii Remote your those stated blotto
neighborhood so I just recommend staying in that neighborhood I don’t know what
the other neighborhoods in anything you’re like maybe they’re not a safe we
took a tour of like the neighbor that used to be the most dangerous
neighborhood community and I don’t know if I’m a living community but it was
awesome I have a video called communi their team I think where I like film
there I don’t know if I would live in community but if you live in El Poblado
but you’re helping blotto was almost as safe as I felt almost as safe there’s
like don’t in Japan I walked around at night there all the time so I have no
qualms recommending El Poblado neighborhood of MIDI eat I can’t speak
for other cities in Colombia though because I just haven’t let’s see when he
says nope you shouldn’t be scared of anything in the alley says Khao SOI is
it is favorite which is awesome because council is the yeah
if you’ve never had pal SOI it’s a northern Thai dish you can’t actually
you can’t really find it in Bangkok and what the bank I couldn’t find it it’s a
northern Thai dish so you have to go to a place like Chiang Mai but if you go if
you if you’re in the u.s. like trying to find a restaurant that has northern Thai
food I guarantee you can find Cal SOI and it might not be something that you
would read on the menu and get but you should it’s awesome I am NOT like a
soupy type of person it’s like a noodle soup something but I would eat that
every day all day for the rest of my life
it’s a made it’s amazing how SOI is awesome I’m actually my mouth is
watering right now thinking about it and if if Chiang Mai sucked I would still go
back to Chiang Mai to get California that’s how much I like how slow it’s so
good you have any questions you just join
this live chat please type them over here thanks to this tall building here
not next to the Petronas Towers we’ll have your questions there we’re at two
hours of 13 minutes on the live chat it’s pretty exciting let me check my
messages here real quick no new messages so all right let’s see this another
question I got is do I feel like I’m running away from responsibilities I
didn’t know what that means I think I’m actually I’m actually being more
responsible by traveling full-time because when I was when I was working my
nine-to-five my health was suffering both mentally
and physically and it wasn’t happy so I think I’m
actually running towards my life responsibilities towards myself by
traveling full-time I don’t feel like I’m running away from anything other
than the other than the rat race and that I’m very proud to be running away
from so no I don’t feel like I’m running away from heat let’s see let me turn my
actually have my some music playing in the background and YouTube will hit me
up for that so I want to definitely turn that off here look look there we go yeah so let’s see how he says by Canada
right now I was so afraid when I found out that none of the Thai restaurants
have counselor that would suck like why would did not have Cal soy but I get it
like people probably wouldn’t order counselor if they’d never had it I
wouldn’t know I’m sure I lived in Hell’s Kitchen in New York I’m sure the type
some of the type places had counselor in the menu and I always ordered a pie a
salad and bad guy so I mean like I understand why they might not have
counselor in the menu because people might not necessarily order khao SOI but
once you’ve had cows away you’ll never go back you will not order
a pad thai if cows away son the minute you will order counseling still were the
papaya salad don’t get me wrong they’ll still order the papaya salad but you
probably won’t order the Pad Thai of cows toys on the menu
I’ll see you where are we at here check out these are like the question of that
we’re really sure key you just joined the live chat I appreciate if you hit
that thumbs up button and you have any questions type them over here at our
we’re been 2 hours and 15 minutes for this live chat and I’m having a great
time so I’m gonna stay on I usually go to bed at 10:00 it’s 10:15 p.m. here and
Malaysia so I live in a crazy life right now oh this is a good question do I feel
like I’m just following somebody else’s goosebumps or my own goosebumps I think
what they mean by that I might just then I just start traveling because someone
else I was looking to do someone else by carelessly and maybe it’s not the same
for me as maybe when I was watching it maybe the reality is not as good as the
fantasy and beer for breakfast was on here earlier and not one channel that I
was into watching all the time because and remote Darren as well those ladies
they quit their job in England Justina’s from Lithuania but uh yeah Lithuania but
she was in she was living in England her Justyna or her and Misha are a couple
and they decided to quit their job and go travel full-time and figure it out
figure out how to make money on the road so they can continue the full travel
Justina teaches English and Misha works for a company in Canada plus she does
video editing and they have a YouTube channel that has 60 or 70 thousand
subscribers so they’re probably generating some income that way as well
and their their YouTube channel started day one of their travel adventure so
they’ve been doing it for at least three years now and so I was living
vicariously through them and remote Darren and some other people that are
watching one way so other people who are travelling full-time vagabond Buddha
people like that and to be honest with you the reality it has been different
than the fantasy but better I love the I love the full time travel life
I know Lindsay like list so Lindsay works a regular nine-to-five job she
convinced her employer to be able to do this and I guarantee you Lindsay wants
to continue to do this full-time I guarantee it
she’s trying to figure out a way to do it because she’s not so sure her
employer will be on board but there’s just there’s something about this
lifestyle that’s just amazing and it’s it’s a it’s it’s a combination of a
bunch of different things number one getting to visit all these like awesome
places experience the food the culture also meaning other travelers living a
different life than like what maybe you’re taught that you have to live not
that living the the life that when people consider normal is a bad thing
because I don’t think it is I think it’s that’s what you love like do it
you do you but I think living this alternative lifestyle is like amazing
and so I think I’m glad that I found those channels and was able to live
vicariously through them because they’re they’re what made me come to the
realization that this is the life I wanted to live I didn’t know I went to
law school in 2015 I started law school 2015 I retired from the military at 39
and I went to law school and I thought it was gonna be a lawyer for 20 years
and then I I realized after I got out of the military and that travel was what
made me happy in the military and so yeah so I so I travel so so I was
looking bike aresty through them and that helped me discover that this was my
passion and then doing it did not disappoint and I still have the
handcuffs of remote here on me like I know it’s gonna be even better when I
have like complete control of my schedule I might be a little bit
lonelier so we’ll see how I deal with the lonely this side of remote your
travel because with remote here I’m traveling with 30 people even though I’m
an introvert I still like to interact with people I just recharge on my own
but yeah so to answer that question I don’t think I’m living somebody else’s
dream I think somebody else’s dream inspired me to go live my dream which
which was very similar to the life they were that makes sense and Lindsey says
mango sticky rice does another amazing thing you can get all over Thailand you
don’t have to be in Chiang Mai to get cows all you need to be in northern
Thailand most likely to get mango sticky rice Network mango sticky rice is back
for its amazing about it and I could eat that not to stop as well it’s why I’ve
gained a little weight here I’m remote here cuz I need a lot of khao SOI and
although cows always not too bad it’s like i think you’re okay with
council wait and go sticky rice not so much
and a lot of mango sticky rice so and I would I liked my mango sticky rice a
little bit warm and then like some vanilla ice cream on the side and you go
stick your rice bad enough by itself so yeah so yeah so let’s see you just
joined the chat if you hit that thumbs up button I would appreciate it helps
walking to find the live chat we’re on a marathon live chat tonight we’re at 2
hours and 21 minutes and I’ll do this until my computer runs on battery I got
10% left I don’t think I have anywhere I can plug it in out here my balcony here
in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia with his awesome background no that’s not a green
screen that’s real so but yeah I’m enjoying answering questions and I I
have not only the questions from the audience that it has drawn me but also I
wrote down a bunch of questions that I’ve been getting on my channel so let’s see where are we here sorry I
lost my spot this is a very similar question is around the world travel safe
I think I think so yeah I think traveling the world is just safe is like
living in a city in the United States if not safer in some places
Japan is safe more safe than anywhere in the ass I don’t care where you are let’s see you keep track of every little
detail I’m traveling around the world nope I don’t I’m a fly by my
seat-of-the-pants traveler I’m lucky right now I’m traveling with a three
year so they handle all the logistics so I don’t sweat anything to be honest with
you I have taken some side trips like a side trip recently where I went to six
different countries over a 21 day period and I’d handle all the logistics before
what’s really easy about life nowadays in this world is you can handle
everything through apps every hotel I look that book through an app either
Airbnb or hotels calm so like that’s super easy flights same thing super easy
I usually use my chase travel system or I use one of the I usually use
Skyscanner or Google flights to find the flight that I’m gonna take and then I’ll
go either to the airline to see if it’s cheaper or I’ll go to chase travel which
because I have a chase travel card so I have a lot of chase points that I if I
buy something travel I get three points with them so yeah see till says South
Grand Avenue is like little China and st. Louis there’s tons of Thai
restaurants Louie a cowboy when you come home yeah yeah let me ask this question
if you’ve ever seen khao SOI on the menu film i I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it
another time in United States because it’s a northern Thai only dish
like if you go to Lao like Lao they have Khao SOI as well it’s different though
seven-minute iCal SOI when I went to Laos
I had Cal soy and it was not same thing I was it’s definitely different it’s not
as good as the tical SOI but it’s a yeah it’s a northern Thai dish so a lot of
tyrus I couldn’t find it in Bangkok whatsoever not at all a lot of Thai
restaurants I’m not necessarily sure would have cassoulet Lindsay says once
you get a taste of freedom you’ll never go back that’s like traveling full time
is like there is a certain like liberating thing about it where you can
just go wherever you want anytime you want and like live wherever you want I
was really excited I went to law school in DC I went to Georgetown and I was
really I’ve always been kind of interested in politics I used to write
for the Huffington Post as a matter of fact and but man
sometimes it consumed my life I’m so glad to be out of the United States I
still kind of follow it and I look at it every now and again but I’m not consumed
by it anymore cuz like I just get to be away from it like I don’t have to worry
about the wackadoodles really so I on both sides of the aisle I don’t
like to talk politics on my channel so I’m not gonna talk I’m not gonna talk
about it but I just say I wrote for the Huffington photo so you probably know
which way I lean but yeah so it’s actually kind of nice to be away from
that and that that’s not really a freedom thing but I never felt so free
in my life than I do traveling full-time are you just
especially like I don’t have any like I still own a rental property owned a
house in Missouri I still have some responsibilities in the United States
and you know it’s no big taxes things like that but I have very few
attachments in the United States like things I have to take care of I mean I’m
saying Danny I love them I love seeing them and
my friends like Phil I love seeing them spending
as well but I very few like financial attachments so I feel really free in
that respect most I can travel the rest of my life on the passive income I have
for the most part I mean I can’t stand like the ritz-carlton or anything but I
can I can travel the world indefinitely on with the passive income I have so I’m
really fortunate in that respect and there’s a certain amount of freedom that
comes with that like it’s just an amazing feeling to just be able to jump
on Skyscanner I took at that six-day trip I was
telling everybody about I I flew from cured Japan to Busan Korea which was
awesome I went from Busan Korea it’s a Taipei Taiwan
I went from Taipei Taiwan to Singapore I went from Singapore to Laos I went from
Laos to Bali I stated Changu Bali for a few days and I stayed a new bug nollie
for a few days and then I flew to Kuala Lumpur and I did all of that on my phone
I booked all of that on my phone I spent way less money traveling those 21 days
and I was spent living in the United States I got to experience a bunch of
different cultures I got to eat a bunch of different food and like especially
when remote years over I’ll be able to live my whole life like I did that trip
I can just go when I want to go and liver and live I just love it I love it
and that and what I want to go back home and like chill I can I’m really
fortunate my mom let me like crash and let her empty bedroom but I also have
that house there so if I ever decide I don’t have a renter in that house
anymore I can use that house as my home base if I want to spend three or four or
five or six months in the United States I can so I do have that I do have that
kind of as a back-up plan I just love having the freedom that I have no I
don’t think I didn’t go back to not to be to having attachments to like having
things that like anchor me to a spot like a job or a mortgage or whatever it
is I don’t think I I don’t think I can never go back to that life so yeah
so that’s kind of where I’m at right now let’s see back questions got 6% left so
I’m definitely going to the I’m definitely going to be wrapping this up
shortly because I’m just gonna be out of computer life better life let’s see but
I’m gonna do a bunch of different things someone asked me how can they afford to
travel so the cool thing is I’m traveling on remote here and we have 30
people and all 30 of them do something different almost boo may have one or two
people to do the same thing but most of them do something completely different
some of them do jobs that are not traditionally remote they just convince
their employer to let them do go over about so so yeah you just have to find a
way everyone has a skill set I actually just put out a video like five steps to
full time travel when I talk about this in there everyone has something they can
do probably that they can turn into a remote income a remote job and but even
if you don’t what’s great about the world today is you can just teach
yourself like I taught myself YouTube I don’t like how to make money on YouTube
how to make money from a driven you how to make money from Amazon links how to
make money from sponsorship how to make money from you know different ways on
these platforms how to how to edit videos you can learn different skills
there’s a whole genre of digital nomads traveling full-time they’ve taught their
self a computer wing which had no computer background taught their self
one of the popular computer language is another computer programmers because you
can always get a job as like as a troubleshooter so there are a bunch of
different things you can be non-conventional we had a woman on
remote here traveling with us they left her mo year without a job and like
figured it out got a job that she pays her as much as she made when she lived
in New York City so she’s living a lot a to freaking loca now so because
traveling like one of the good things about like
being Western and being able to travel is you can travel on Western money US
dollar Canadian dollar British Pound European euro but you can live in a
country that has it as a much your currency has a lot of power a lot of
buying power like the US dollar is ridiculously strong in most countries so
your dollar can buy you much more than a can in other places like I said I like
this apartment that I’m in right now if this apartment was in New York and then
happen to be $15,000 a month minimum minimum this is a two-bedroom apartment
with a doorman a gym a pool it would be 15,000 a month minimum with this view
like 15,000 minimum probably way more than that and you can live in that you
can get this apartment that I’m in right now for for probably less than a
thousand dollars online you can get a studio in here with the same view for
$600 so it’s called location arbitrage you
basically get paid in US Dollars and Western money but you live in a country
that has a much lower cost of living and you can live like a king that way that’s
why people love Chiang Mai Thailand so much because you can live like a king in
Chiang Mai Thailand for $1,000 a month probably 1,500 hours a month to live
like a king but you can live a middle-class lifestyle for $1,000 a
month and you can live a budget lifestyle for $500 a month so you can
rent an apartment in Chiang Mai with AC for $300 a month easy they’re a dime a
dozen you can find them everywhere so yeah so that’s so can you afford or how
can you afford it that’s how you afford it you either save a bunch of money and
then just live like either year like there’s a travel blogger that I love
called Gabrielle travels he’s been blogging for a decade and his blogs are
very simple just him walking around some town but he tells people I mean he’s
been before there was like before there was
internet actually he’s been not ten years he’s been blogging for 10 years
he’s been full-time traveling for over 20 years and the way he did it was he
would go back to the States for 3 months and work at a national park save all his
money and then go back out and travel for nine months
wash and repeat now his YouTube channel was so big that he earns enough money
off that to travel full time but uh yeah he did that for before the internet was
even out he was doing that and so like you can you can make it happen you can
figure out a way to make it happen but you can definitely figure out a remote
job that’s why I started teaching English online not because I needed the
money but to show people that you can get a job you can get a job online and
then teach online just one job you can get online so the internet question is
you can afford to travel you just have to figure you probably have enough junk
that you can sell that you could probably travel for two years on it most
people have enough stuff in their house that they can sell or they can travel
full-time for two years you know if you can if you have $20,000 worth of stuff
in your house you can travel for at least a year pretty bougie $20,000
I mean remote here will cost you twenty four thousand dollars per year and you
just have to pay your food okay let’s see do I need to apply for a visa so it
depends on where you’re from and it depends on where you’re going
in my last video actually not my last video in my video that’s coming out next
Thursday I sat down with a bunch of Texas State University international
business students and we talked about full time travel because a lot of them
are interested in traveling full time and working remotely as business people
so hey good night Darryl thanks for stopping by I really appreciate it
but yeah so we’re Leigh oh yeah one of the things I talked to them about was
how how lucky we are to have such a powerful task board we are Westerners
are insanely lucky US citizens are insanely lucky most places you go you
don’t need you get a visa on arrival you get a
tourist visa like I’m in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia I can stay here 90 days without
any visa just whatever they stamp my passport with what I walk through it’s
like a tourist visa and I think I can extend it to but you can go to to
Thailand and get 30 days Bali you get 30 days you can extend both Thailand and
Bali to 60 days pretty easily and then you only have to leave the country for
one day and you can come back in you don’t need it so it’s like super easy
for a westerner to travel you can stay in Europe for ninety two six months the
change in which is like a bunch of European countries that you can enter
and stay a certain amount of time and then you can leave the Schengen and go
in other European countries like Croatia and you get another I need 180 days
Mexico you can say 180 days Colombia I think is on or need is Peru is something
like that was placed in South America give us this at least 90 days probably
six months so we’re really fortunate the only place I needed to be supposed to be
about and it was it was super easy to get they said we needed a visa for Laos
but when you walk in you pay them 20 bucks so let’s see visa I got three
percent so I’m gonna make this my last question do I need any shots shots or
vaccinations so I went to this place called like travel clinic or something
like that it’s like they have a man it’s like a national chain you go there you
know recommend based on where you’re going what shots to get and you can
decide whether or not you want to get them insurance companies are probably
gonna cover some of them and some of them they’re not going to so you just
have to make a decision if you’re gonna get it I would get the common ones
obviously you don’t want to go like somewhere not vaccinated so I definitely
it the common one the common ones yeah so that’s an answer to that question all
right so I’ve got 2% left on my on my computer I’m gonna call it a
night that was a marathon session I was gonna
try to make the three hours but my computer design got the juice my MacBook
Pro just take out the juice so yeah I was awesome thank you for sticking
around if you stuck around thanks to my remote your compadres a
join thanks to my buddy Phil thanks Daryl for showing up that guy I’ll be
everyone who showed up I really appreciate it and I’m probably gonna do
one or two of these a week now I just enjoy doing them and see you see I wanna
see it the next one and hopefully more people are join as the as time goes on
okay have a good night

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  • It is fun to watched & listened live, answering "hilarious question😁😄" BUT you know it's GREAT when people ask like that (when you are going to settle…. or when you'll find regular job…)Keep going Kevin & Enjoy life👍👌👣🌍

  • On your live feed last night. You responded to my comment about my wife not wanting to full-time travel. She was in the hotel room 🤣. She's not changing her mind 😂😫. But we do travel a lot, we just keep it under 3 weeks at a time.

  • Make sure you do a @documentingkuala tour and ask follow up questions to get a much bigger deep dive into the socio-economic issues of the city and geopolitics of the wider region than the usual tourist/dn has.

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