Is YouTube a Job? Early Retirement Conversations

hastin and it’s amy from go with less. we
are filming our video here at the new LaGuardia Southwest terminal. LaGuardia
Airport in New York used to be the worst airport I’ve ever been in for like my
entire life and it’s fabulous now it’s incredible so this is a completely
different experience in the last time we were here so happy to see the change
yeah we’re here for a dog sit in the East Village of Manhattan
so we’re gonna come to you today about our youtuber vlogger life is YouTube a
job we’re gonna talk about that today we come out with a new video every
Wednesday if you haven’t already subscribed please subscribe below and be
sure and hit the thumbs up and with that let’s get started this week has been in
pain we had our daughter’s graduation from high school she moved out that same
day because she has two jobs two hours away and is off to do those jobs and
she’d been doing that the whole week it wasn’t like she just packed up and moved
out in one day but she’s kind of did we’ve been asking her to do it for about
three weeks so I think she did do most of it yesterday but it was fast and
furious we had a big giant snowstorm on May 21st and we got rid of a lot of our
stuff in our video last week you saw my KitchenAid mixer behind us over the
kitchen table that was sold we sold almost a thousand dollars worth of stuff
and we went crazy so when we had the motivation to get rid of stuff we got
rid of stuff a lot of stuff we had some momentum and so with that momentum we
were very very busy this week doing things other than YouTube so we thought
we’d talk today about is YouTube a job because we have this commitment every
Wednesday we deliver a video so what do you think yeah well I was putting
together our mayor to video and our Paris video and here’s the thing
a travel video is a lot of editing editing is brutal so I have 449 clips or
photos from our Paris trip and to get all those into one cohesive ten-minute
video you can’t even imagine how much work that is unless you’re a travel
vlogger so we didn’t have time to do that I was
in pack at 10:00 p.m. last night for a morning flight today so we’re gonna talk
about this and I’m gonna say I’m gonna kind of say yes it is a job it’s
actually it’s a job it’s like a volunteer job it is because it does not
pay very much money millions of subscribers and that’s not why we’re in
it anyway so we feel like we have a message to share and that’s why we do it
but it does sometimes feel like a job because we have this obligation to put
something out every single week yeah that could be quite a bit so there are
people ask like first of all they say you’re not retired because you’re on
YouTube a1a that is absurd so just to give you some heads up we’ve actually
have made a little bit of money on YouTube just about just here over a
thousand dollars for two people for more than a year of work we have almost all
close to 200 videos and for 500 dollars a person I mean this is like come on
visit we’re not like Rockefellers on this no and we weren’t planning to be no
we do this YouTube thing for a variety of reasons I think part of the reason we
started blogging slash YouTube is that it was to meet other people who are
like-minded so that’s part of the reason we built our channel is to find our
tribe we say this again and again and I think we continue to look for people who
have a similar mindset and this is a way to do that and there’s two reasons why I
do it number one when I am researching a trip I’m putting in so much time
planning fun free or affordable things to do in a location I’m finding the best
food and I figure and I’d love to do that so I really really love to do I
don’t love to edit it but I love to go and do it and live it and I figured that
everybody else doesn’t love to do this and everybody else doesn’t have a
hundred hours to plan a week-long ship but I make that time and so I want to
share that with the world so that everyone doesn’t have to recreate the
wheel the second reason why I do it is because I think it’s kind of our civic
responsibility to teach people that you do not have to be at a cubicle or
working a job that you may not love your entire life there are options and that
is the entire reason so I look at this almost like as a service project and
second of hopefully it and I guess when the comments that we have in general is
that it is helpful that it’s inspiring and they see other people doing it
sometimes we’re the only people that others know doing this and
I’m really happy that we can provide that to some people yep we’re very
excited to share also this week in New York amy has come up with a ton of free
stuff for us to do time a ton and so we’re excited to share all that stuff
with you once we’re done with the week yeah so look for a New York video coming
up our New York video is gonna be about fun free things to do in New York City
because I found so much of good stuff I’m from here so we’re not leaving the
five boroughs we do have a dog that we’re watching so that means we’re not
gonna stray too far from home but there’s a lot to do in the five boroughs
and we’re gonna show that to you at some point so please make sure to give us a
thumbs up subscribe over there in the corner and the comment we’d like today
is what’s your experience of New York City is this a place that you have no
interest in that you love and keep returning to but you want to go and it’s
on your bucket list what does if you want to do here so
please share anything you want to share but certainly share about New York City
because that’s what it’s about for us the next we could have it is thanks so
much for watching we will see you next Wednesday

16 thoughts on “Is YouTube a Job? Early Retirement Conversations

  • Hi guys,
    It's been a great pleasure watching and listening to your content. It's very motivating and inspiring to get to where you are on your life's journey. Keep up the great work and have fun in NYC. Can't wait to learn about your frugal entertainment hacks.

  • My family is also from NY (Brooklyn, the Broncs, New Hyde Park and Queens). We go back around Thankgiving yearly. Thanks for the video

  • Wow, I just noticed in the description that you two cut your monthly expenses by $6,500 per MONTH to facilitate retirement. Congratulations! I find this amount very interesting because my yearly cost of living since becoming a full-time digital nomad is only about $6000 per YEAR! So, I could live for 13-years, on the savings you two created in just one year, through your cuts. That's kind of mind blowing, right? Something perhaps even more mind blowing is that I only utilize around $3000 in risk capital, trading futures and options, to generate enough income to more than cover my cost of living by about 3-4 times each month. So, by using less than half of your 1-month savings, repeated over and over, I'm able to generate around $18,000-24,000 per year in income, working about 65 hours per year. It's all about liquidity, leverage and volatility. I generally stop investing before hitting those income levels though. Once I make as much as I can before incurring tax liability, I'm done for the year. Since investment income is not earned or self-employed income, I pay no state or federal income, social security or medicare taxes, as long as I don't make too much. I essentially live below the poverty line (on paper), after taking my standard deductions and exemptions, haha! If I wasn't actually spending all my investment income, the compounding effect would be massive over time. But I have no reason, need or desire to save money. I have no spouse or children that depend on my financial support. I am already retired and have everything I want and need… financial independence, freedom of time, freedom of location, freedom of activity and experience, and the ability to pick and choose my personal and professional relationships. Everything else is just fluff, like where to stay, what to eat, what to wear, how to be entertained, my next destination, etc. A few years ago, I looked into becoming a YT creator as an additional stream of income, because I love to plan, shoot and edit videos. But, I couldn't justify the amount of work required to MAYBE make a livable income. Basically, I decided there is too little control over too many variables to ensure your own success when doing YT, to consider it a viable income stream for a person seeking early retirement. But, early retirement isn't about money, like many people perceive it to be. It's about freedom and quality vs quantity. Money loses its power over you once you've retired. I still have my YT channel and I post videos here and there for myself, my friends and family. But, I have no intention of making it my job. My job is to live a full and interesting life, where I continue to grow, learn and evolve. Money is easy and requires very little attention. Life is challenging and worthy of every ounce of energy. Cheers!

  • We first went to NYC with our two teenage daughters in 2016 and had a lovely time. We were there for our youngest daughter's Birthday which also coincided with Independence Day. Highlights for us were a couple of walking food/history tours we did, the 911 museum, Central Park and the Grand Central Station audio tour. Hope you enjoy your time there and have better luck with the public transport than in Europe 🙂

  • I just got back from taking my grandson to NYC for his high school graduation present. So unlike other times I have been in the city I wanted to show him how to "Go For Less" . 15 years ago I had couchsurfed through Europe after him grandfather had died while we were in our 40's, so I was seeking peace and travel gives that to me. I did not want him to think he has to wait to retire to see other places. Also all public transportation except for a few taxi and Lyft rides from the PATH station to the apartment at the end of the day because my feet were killing me lol. We did good and probably spent a little more on food because of my need for a breakfast to start the day out without glucose drop issues and he makes pizza at a restaurant run by Italians in our hometown so of course we ate pizza everywhere. He said if he was alone he would have ate Hot Dogs on the corners all day because he loved them lol. We got great direct flight tickets for $176 each, and with seeing the Empire State Building, Museum of Natural History, 911 Memorial, spent time in Central Park, and spending time in different areas of the city we stayed under $450. together for the weekend for everything. We also bought the cheesy pictures of us on top of the Empire State Building lol. My husband and I are looking for a housesit in the area and will follow you along for free things to do.

  • Looking forward to your NY video! We’ve never been there but it’s on my bucket list. Have a wonderful time!

  • I love your perspective on making YouTube videos. I really appreciate hearing the motivation of finding like-minded people – that's why I started a channel as well. It means a lot to find other folks who share a perspective that may be sort of unique.

  • I’d call it a hobby with benefits!!! 👏🏻👏🏻🔥🔥🔥 But it’s just a hobby for me right now, lord knows you have to put in a TON of effort to reach monetization!

  • We are going on a trip to Italy in September 2019. We have never traveled out of the USA. Where is a good place to stay in Italy for first time travelers? What are the top three destinations you recommend in Italy? We plan to stay in one location for nine nights, where is the best place to stay? We plan to use public transportation. 😀

  • You are undoubtedly providing a great “service” not only for us like minded travellers but I think also for those arm chair travellers who may not be able to or want to do the “ leg work” .

  • We have the same dilemma as you guys… and I like to think of our "work" as a passion job. And does retirement necessarily mean the end of work? Maybe doing what you love can be part of retirement. It's the escape from all the other stuff that was important for us. You do a great "job", whichever way you look at it 😁 Enjoy NYC!!

  • Sounds like you two had some coming of the minds… Take juggling lessons in Wash Park!

  • I appreciate the fact that you are willing to make these videos. They are inspiring and you are inspiring. I wish I had found videos like yours 20 years ago so I could have gotten serious about early retirement even earlier. I have never been to NYC and would love to go but with someone who is very familiar with the city so I could get the most out of my trip.

  • Enjoying your videos. Us sales types tend to be driven. Did you have a hard time quitting your jobs from an "identity" perspective? Social expectations, finding a sense of purpose, feeling"important"? Another for me is guilt that I might run out of money and my family would be impacted negatively etc even though my WR rate will be at 3.3% + 10% cushion. Probably unfounded but these thoughts go through my head!

    Planning on quiting soon from my sales career as I am FI (frugally) but struggling with this choice even though deep down I know its the right one. Have you done a video on the "psychology of quitting"?

  • Who do you use for medical insurance? I currently pay $1200 a month for my 4 family members (I’m self employed)

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