Israeli Urban Warfare

so we're in a huge Israeli training facility good saline and this facility is basically designed to help people learn how to deal with urban combat based on the schematics of Gaza if you've ever watched a kind of dystopian sci-fi movie you'll know that the future of the planet is basically one enormous sea and that's why open warfare so invoke wars are no longer gonna be held across large plains with the two armies approaching it's gonna be sporadic and it's gonna be in complicated scarier urban situations as warfare moves into urban settings conventional armies have struggled as insurgent forces utilized the density and irregularities of the city as a defensive terrain after all the traditional army can't march through tiny street and as such much of their battlefield power is negated in Israel conflict is an almost everyday occurrence battles of enemies like Hezbollah and Hamas before too long the lines of traditional military combat with heavy casualties on both sides that was until the Second Intifada in 2002 where Israelis fought in Nablus redefining the very battlefield of war by using urban warfare combat techniques to take the city the Israeli military rather than using the streets where troops are vulnerable to guerrilla tactics did something much more surreal and superhuman they began to walk through walls marked by a low number of Israeli casualties this postmodern approach to urban warfare was heralded as a great success and embraced by Israeli military planners the combat resulted in very public civilian casualties and immense collateral damage to train soldiers and the fundamentals of urban warfare Israel broke ground in 2005 on the urban warfare training center and sadly built with labor and significant funding from the US military the 45 million dollar facility is one of the largest and most technologically advanced of its kind in the world this might look like a Arab town but it's not it's built by the Israeli Defense Force in order to make sure that their troops are the best urban fighters in the world modern warfare doesn't take place in open fields like it used to be and we realized that we have to change the scenery that we train in do you have a faint name for this town yeah it's called balladeer balladeer yeah which means like city in Arabic so it's the real city with street lights and everything this is the Moscone balladeer the effect city yeah and unlike a mosque in Gaza I guess we can go in oh yeah sure Wow yeah huge 600 houses 1 square kilometer in size we try to to make the city even feel like the city life and everything you use the mosques to call the place for five times a day for the day that he prays we gotta practice as real as we can get as we will see that in real action balladeer spans nearly 5000 acres with all of the basic structures and amenities of a town with the help of simulation experts the chameleon city mimics locations in Lebanon Gaza the West Bank or Syria depending on the day here the Israeli military practice and hone the latest techniques of urban warfare this is wit with basically standing in the middle of a gunfight yeah pretty much right now they're just facing the first few squats of the enemy try to what are the booby traps do you mean just snipers waiting or bombs or bombs in cars lots of bombs and snipers that sort of thing we didn't find in modern armies so we have to be updated all the time because if we won't do that we won't win the battle training is vital Israel may have gained the upper hand utilizing urban warfare techniques in Nablus in 2002 but it was Hezbollah during the 2006 Lebanon War that proved to be better trained as they seized the advantage of villages and urban areas it's about a half a mile between here in the town they've got to make sure there's absolutely no enemy combatants enroute so slowly but surely they're running forwards clearing the area and then they're gonna end up in the middle of a sea running up and down stairs blowing out walls and generally shaking themselves we say on this is well these guys are going through is effectively the future of warfare less and less are there gonna be regular Wars with two armies facing off against one another instead it's gonna be small squads storming cities facing unseen enemies right let's go okay we were just coming over a sniper sight take your Maj let us that's we have to dive into this trench little short fancy my chances are taking a city after running across they've made it up to the pound borders the next step is getting in without getting shot okay so the most important thing they're doing here is they're avoiding the streets if you were in ghazal the streets we will be trapped that the snipers everywhere we've got to do is basically make tunnels through the buildings got to go through walls over walls got a break into people's living rooms bust their way through their strange is where the private space suddenly becomes public space it becomes the theater of war so they discovered there's a terrace outside so they're securing the building so I've shut all the doors they've got all the windows covered and everyone's freaking out then you have to be really sure because everything is a threat the window is a threat stairs a threat the rooftop is a threat so down there you can see the main road the most dangerous place for these guys because there's no cover were so they're making their way from building to building always avoiding open spaces and that's that's gonna be the reality of the future you've got to avoid the streets otherwise you're gonna be so if you jet said today was to capture this guy back here and the t-shirt and he was playing the baddie so they charged him he started letting off some rounds but they neutralized them urban warfare is actually the basic thing that we trained for these days in the IDF we see that most democratic countries not fight against each other but against terrorists unfortunately we have lots of experience but we would prefer to gain most of our experience in training not in fighting obviously but I think NATO and the US Army gained a lot of experience in the last few years in Afghanistan and Iraq which is pretty similar it's a change that will affect the entire Western world to build more facilities in order to to prepare ourselves for the next floor the challenges are endless I mean the danger is in this 15 years ago ten years ago the urban fighting will be only for special units but now it's come to today today training that's our biggest mission it's it's it's wherever we go with its Lebanon if we go to Gaza if it's to the West Bank wherever we go it's urban fighting I've been here three or four times and every time I hear there's been an army from a different country coming to China we have seen the Marines I've seen the UN train yeah I mean military's from all over the world come in to Train yeah a second you go into urban fighting you just go into war the people above you so you've got people above you people behind you people on the side person can be a meter away from you and you won't know that he exists so the danger and the challenges come from every single degree what would you do if you go into a house and there's a woman there and she says is she's myself and you have to go and you know that there's a bomb do what he did you shoot you not shoot it's something we look to prevent in any case and in every price but the one thing we have is to protect our lives we as soldiers have a mission to protect our country and protect ourselves and to the part of anyone who's willing to come up against us as long as they produce we have to produce and if we purchase be able to produce and I'm 100% sure that all the other armies all the terrorist organizations that we fight the gains are progressing and therefore tactics also changing so the I think that professional lives stop even with a new training facility and greater focus on open combat Israel might not be able to get the drop on his future opponents as Israelis train and sadly Hezbollah continues to fight alongside the government in Syria undoubtably developing and learning new urban warfare tactics how the IDF's training and simulated villages will measure up to Hezbollah's real-world experience is a big question for a certain is a urban warfare will continue to retain and evolve in a response encounter response cycle with no foreseeable end in sight

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