‘It was a fantastic hundred by Dimuth’ – Kane Williamson

probably the closer they got to perhaps
chasing it down but certainly having 260 on the board going into the last innings
we we also probably thought that the wicket would deteriorate more than it
did if just perhaps got slower it wasn’t sort of turning a huge amount out of the
rough so it kind of didn’t get perhaps more difficult to bet on but still I
think in a last innings chase a lot of credit goes to the way Sri Lanka
bettered it was a superb effort obviously a fantastic hundred buddy
DeMuth I think there are a lot of good bits but perhaps we weren’t quite good
enough for long enough it were stages whether it was with the bat or with the
ball sitting in the first innings where we were looking to perhaps get a little
bit further ahead of the game I think it was sort of 150 for three at one point
and one stage I can’t remember exactly that there was a large partnership with
Lakmal towards the the end of their endings of Sri Lanka so there were two
parts perhaps that we reflect on and it would have been nice if we were a little
bit more clinical but then at the same time and in these conditions as we know
things can happen quickly and and the Met situation can change as well so for
us it’s it’s not looking too deep but just trying to be that much better and
learn from some of those areas going into our next match eco – diliman card
in let’s look at Android smartphone ago committed common kidney yeah it was one
of those things I thought the bowling was was outstanding yesterday
peps didn’t have a lot go away and maybe the odd chance that sort of we let slip
a little bit or half chance but we knew that on though that sort of surface if
you are able to get a breakthrough then things can happen quickly as we saw a
little bit later on today when the game was perhaps already lost so there was a
little bit of a shame to not get some early breakthroughs but in at the same
time like I say we can just reflect on the kruger that we played and there were
a lot of good bits but we just want to touch on
some of those other parts and try and just play that slightly longer game
obviously been a long time between Red Bull cricket and we do need to make sure
that we do have that mindset to take the game a lot deeper than perhaps we did on
occasions whether that was with bad or bull yeah I mean definitely as as
individuals you always reflect on your parts in the game and how you can try
and make your contribution bigger and I do think the assessment of conditions
was probably one of the most important parts is the expectation was on the
surface and I think we’ve seen and days gone by out here that it does
deteriorate a bit and and betting becomes a lot more difficult and that
wasn’t to be and so it was trying to just stick in for long periods of time
with the bet with the bull but a lot of those lessons are in hindsight right now
as well obviously come second in this match so it is important that we try and
learn from that going to a new venue where guys will need to adapt to the
surface that that we’re dealt with because it’ll be different again yeah
and yeah personally probably looking to be a little bit too positive when when
it wasn’t really required which in hindsight if you go back in time that
wouldn’t have been the option and you know as the wicket was pretty much just
getting slower rather than deteriorating which kind of
made I guess I wouldn’t say betting easier but probably less good deliveries
in terms of bull splitting out of rough make cetera what she kind of perhaps get
used to as as when you play in this part of the world and the last innings but it
wasn’t to be so I mean the guys that were much more patient were certainly a
lot more successful so like I say there’s certainly a lot fear for all of
us to learn from and try and be very much a little bit better in the next
game you always want to go out there and make as big a contribution as you can
and that’ll be the focus forever yeah I think in the first innings that the turn
it was probably a little bit more balanced in the tumors perhaps a little
bit quicker saying that it was a obviously a good betting surface and and
I thought the guys operated patiently for a long period of time but I also
would say we probably probably even bold bidder and the second
innings without maybe the the edge is going to hand or all those sorts of
things which is the the nature of the game that we play so it is important
that over here you do look to try and I guess dot things up if and bowl nice and
straight if you aren’t getting the the purchase off the surface that you expect
and and do play that long game which is Test cricket okay mum Bainer to look
your Android smartphone the Comerica man gonna Luke
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