good morning good Thursday morning welcome to news piece it's June 27 2000 19 and welcome to news piece and throwback Thursday yeah I'm gonna get some healing from our past it's going to be okay darling it's gonna be okay coffee in hand Jesus in heart it's going to be okay good morning good morning it's gonna be okay good morning good morning darling it's gonna be okay Oh feeling a little goofy this morning hello Barry dime thank you for popping in quickly have a good day at work sometimes but here looks pretty on point sometimes it's just crazy and all over the place all right we have several with us this morning so happy all right well yeah let's just pray father I thank you that it's going to be okay thank you that you wrap us up into your loving arms you in part peace enjoy and deep deep rest and we know that whatever circumstance and situation that we feel like we'll never get worked out we know hon and nothing is too hard for you and that it's all gonna be okay thank you for the frequency of heaven on that word today and we tell ourselves it's all gonna be okay we tell our bodies we tell our minds we tell our souls it's all going to be okay and father I just ask that you would pour your spirit out today on all my friends I just asked for the Holy Spirit to be released upon you tangible peace tangible joy just to be released released released upon you in Jesus name you know again then everyday I just want to rebuke a spirit of fear that tries to hold down every root demonic root no more fear to loose you right now and let you go and I rebuke pain and suffering and may the deep rest of Jesus Christ it is finished and may the deep rest of it's going to be okay darlin rest upon you now in Jesus name thank you Father speak to our hearts I pray I pray you would change our lives with your word we love you in Jesus name Amen we ask as we stand in the presence of Almighty God and y'all just keep on keeping on sitting in your prayer requests and in what is God speaking to you about I have my dragonfly earrings on today let's see who's with us today good morning good morning Kelly good morning and leave that good morning diamond and Carl good morning and very dime sonic grace gyptian good morning Diane good morning I'm going too fast um Kelly good morning J good morning Travis good morning ah yes me too Diane I love dragonflies they're so pretty there aren't very many here this year last year they were everywhere dragonflies here dragonflies there and so sometimes we just get a little rest from flying in any given direction at any given time like a dragonfly mm-hmm so good morning Kimber Kimba I almost said Kimber Kimber good morning to you Kimber timber strongholds falling down timber well today for news piece I thought we would just sit and drink coffee and stare at each other and tell each other it's gonna be okay love sunshine and happiness good morning me too Debbie say good morning so what do you all think about that Jimmy just do that today huh I'm just kidding I actually do have things to say believe it or not I have something to talk about huh I sure AM a talker that's for sure I had quite a bit of coffee left and um it's yummy it's yummy today all right let's get in to some news piece I've got news piece I've got throwback Thursday I've got some nature prophesize oh my gosh that's something super cool happen yesterday so haha Diane your guitar yard so sweet I've never had anybody want me to play or sing like y'all not really so anyways that's so cool I get a little confident confidence booster when I come on here and I might I might pick it up I just don't know if it's in tune I usually have my husband tune it up for Friday's on Thursday nights but let's just look here and what is God saying in the news and Howard and how are things being taken care of but boy I tell you what poor giggle man they have been through the mud as they have led people to the mud even Google Maps is acting up as the shortcut on Google Maps in Colorado has turned into muddy messes like over a hundred cars got stuck as the GPS fell let me just read a little bit here a shortcut to the Denver International Airport turned into a muddy mess this last Sunday for dozens of drivers I said a hundred I thought I read somewhere there was a hundred cars maybe maybe I read that wrong who were following directions from Google Maps me and I'll tell you what there really aren't any shortcuts there's just not we do not want to end up on a muddy messy Highway but Connie Monde sees of Highlands Ranch Colorado was on her way to pick up her husband when she hit a traffic jam on pinna Boulevard so she pulled out her phone oh it says pinna but if you put a tilde over the end that's Pena or Pina kind of the same little lot of words in Spanish in Pina means pineapple so friend no matter where we are God's trying to transform himself in us so we will be sweet inside like a pineapple stand tall and be crowned like a pineapple Pina Boulevard but she decided and Minnis get pinna Boulevard she pulled out her phone used the app to find an alternative route to get her to the airport there half the time but didn't realize how off road she was it eventually took me to a road that became dirt haha start here podcast that's what she said on start here pilot start here podcast very interesting hey harmony gary sonic grace hello I thought I saw harmony come on maybe I was wrong oh okay well Gary hello I'm so glad to see you and Sonic grace thank you for being with us today um oh yeah here it is I was not the only one there are probably 100 cars out there so crazy the route was a muddy mess of a field she says because it had been raining all weekend and cars were getting stuck in ditches slick from Colorado's clay soil as Mon C's passed by bypassed some of the really slippery spots with her all-wheel drive other people started asking her for a lift here's a picture nevertheless they did give one writer a lift and everybody made it to the airport just in time what a muddy mess what a sticky mess and this will be our virtual shield news piece story because if a Dadar hacker or data stealer somebody who's trying to spy on you tries to get into your smart device roof or your computer they're gonna find themselves also in a sticky situation with virtual shield you're our own Virtual Private Network protecting you your information your voice your picture your your face everything and you can see more information I'm gonna put that in the description box below after this broadcast because I do not have it on this particular smart device I use on Tuesdays and Thursdays so yeah Google needs our prayers and we just were seeing some things come up with Google a friend of mine said they went to I guess they were in the LA area the Silicon Valley area a long time ago and they went to just check out the Google headquarters and she said there were big a big giant statue of binoculars right there on the Google headquarters so literally in your face surveillance sign isn't that crazy so huh and I'm just glad that we our lives are hidden in Christ and our smart devices hidden in virtual shield time for another set here all right let's do a little bit of throwback Thursday and then I want to get into ah some super cool stories oh my gosh so crazy well I thought this was an interesting thing now I did read about this volcano in Russia you know I just I've tossed the idea around and I don't know I'm like I don't know if I should share this a lot but it hasn't erupted since 1924 and it you've wrapped it a few days ago so I thought that was very interesting where am I throwback Thursday here we go uh-huh do you guys have any throwback so you want to share maybe some testimonies something that God did that we can remember and think upon it's so important to remember what the Lord has done in our lives it's such a form of worship just to recount all the ways that he is blessed us and protected us and it is so fitting to remember and so wonderful to remember his goodness and his works this back a little bit oh yeah pretty good right there yeah like that okay I saw this actually a few days ago but I waited till today throwback Thursday Sean Hannity tweeted that this was a break-in report then that the S&P 500 has the biggest June percentage gain since 1955 in the Dow Jones since 1938 so I thought wow I think that's significant which leads us right into our next nature prophesized news piece about a gold a golden asteroid here's that word again y'all check this out thank you to Kimberly for sending this to me so here's just a funny picture this is not really the picture but there's a golden asteroid let me just read a little bit here whether it was the Big Bang know or Mitas know or God himself which I think I know what this could be we don't really need to moth the mystery of the origins of gold when we've already identified an asteroid worth 700 kin Tilian have you ever heard of the word candy lien in precious heavy metals 700 cotillion dollars we did not know there was such a thing if anything launches this metals mining space race it will be the asteroid called psyche 16 taking up residence between Mars and Jupiter which is our planet of the week in carrying around enough heavy metals to net check this out to net every single person in the world close to a trillion dollars what like really the massive quantities of gold iron and nickel contained in this asteroid are mind-blowing the discovery has been made now it's a question of proving it up NASA just plans to do that beginning in 2022 um let's see in I'm gonna skip some of it in the decades to come if you want to be a gold Titan you'll have to get your feet off the ground the real Titans will be far from Earth this is just so interesting to me can you imagine gold mining in space and let's see let's keep going here can we actually extract this space of gold that is the can win Tilian dollar question certainly that's funny I'm gonna skip through some things oh listen to this Mitch hunter Scullion founder of the uk-based asteroid mining company tells the BBC that this is definitely the next industry boom I tell you people have their eye on the sky once you set up an infrastructure then the possibilities are almost infinite yes Jay you were onto something Jay I think you just confirmed what I was thinking see this is why it's good for y'all to comment what the Lord is saying there's an astronomical amount of money to be made by those bold enough to rise up to the challenge of the asteroid rush what are you doing today honey oh I'm just gonna catch the next spaceship to asteroid psyche 16:16 we're gonna try to get a chunk off of it so crazy um let's see let me keep going here here's a an Instagram from real time 700 cotillion and precious heavy metals that asteroid definitely needs some freedom it looks like it has two eyes this may be the holy grail of space exploration for gold but it won't be the first stop on this adventure my brother made the comment yesterday if this was the case and they brought it then there would be so much gold on the earth it wouldn't be that valuable anymore so I was like that's a good thought I've always wanted to do a new show with him even before I started a news piece I thought him and I could do a really cool news show maybe that's something we can put in the works maybe once a month or so just doing some news commentary a review monthly review of news that would that be fun cuz he's hilarious he's such a funny guy hello Bubba I hope you're watching hey he rarely watches but anyways um let me see so there's already a global market for asteroid mining I mean how in the world what how do you asteroids mind mine and allied market research estimates that it will top 3.8 billion by 2025 anyways I guess that's all I'm gonna read China has vowed to dominate the race even Europe where euro son is developing a major gold mine in Romania even tiny Luxembourg has a ten space mining companies registered since 2016 did you know this tokyo-based a space for instance is a private exploration company space exploration company that's cool anyways there we go okay nature profit sign so I didn't really know what to say about this yesterday but this morning I thought what if that like the way we're seeing it in the pictures that I just showed you it just looks different but what if this is the New Jerusalem it's just getting closer closer to Earth Kingdom coming upon the earth Jesus is prayer being answered on earth as it is in heaven thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven I just was thinking about that what if streets of gold what if this is the New Jerusalem and then the Holy Spirit reminded me remember the story I did about Petrolia California the earthquake because I have a friend who lives in that area and she felt it and she posted it on Facebook but the Lord was like pay attention so I went to I went to the information about the earthquake and it was three point 11 miles south-southwest of petrolia where the first oil was ever found in California well check this out I had forgotten about this and I didn't tell you all this the other day petrolia California used to be called New Jerusalem California and I just read about New Jerusalem I just read about that a few days ago then I read this and think wow this is so crazy now speaking of the kingdom coming and being just inching its way closer and closer every day to in on earth um you're gonna are you ready to get some chills with let's get ready to give some chills this is from breaking 9/11 beliefs he saw Jesus like an actual image in form of Jesus descending from the sky and so the video he posted Inside Edition got ahold of it and did a report this says is that Jesus man post video of strange figure in the sky so here oh go away oh it's no I don't want to do that sorry sometimes I so here's the actual photo or just like a screen grab of it okay but let me read a little we'll play the video a California man believed he saw Jesus Christ in the sky outside of his house caters news agency reported I was outside smoking with a buddy and my wife went something strange is floating in the sky Pablo Morales told carters we were we were and still are shocked because it looks like a man floating it glides through the sky and makes a plunge down to earth like it was landing okay here we go let's watch this when he saw something strange look at that it's walking what are y'all pain tell me what you think Emily watch is the object keeps descending closer and closer to their roof and thinks behind the house Pablo asks the group if they think it is balloons balloons Oh looks like it's coming but when he went to investigate he says there were no balloons he also says that because the family lives near an airport drones aren't allowed do you have chills I have chills and I've been praying a lot that Jesus would reveal himself like he did you know Saul on the road to Damascus lots of people who were having a hard time believing in him if he would reveal himself even like he did – doubting Thomas he's you know look at the scars in my hands and in my feet look at the scar on my side but isn't that just the craziest thing ever oh my goodness man I want I just ask Lord for more of this stuff to happen so very crazy and very awesome and what do you think I'm just wondering what you think okay so there we go you're a little quiet now is everybody stunned he passed out and the Holy Ghost did you get slain in the spirit I know the other part of the video showed that somebody else had they I guess they found some more images of Jesus in the sky when somebody had taken a photo maybe this lasts 20 18 September 11th 2018 whatever the Twin Towers there were blue lights like being shown in this up in the sky to commemorate the Twin Towers and in the picture when this guy took a picture of it right above it looks like a look Jesus like a man in like a white robe all wrapped up that's so cool people get it ready Jesus is coming many many many will scoff in that day and say but it's never rained before it's never rained before like Noah and Noah's day but the rain will start falling drip drip drip and then it will increase grace great look I could write a whole song about that that would be fun that would be so fun I just love I'm always loved the second coming of the Lord okay I need another drink of coffee I'm gonna tell you what happened to me yesterday God really encouraged me and he told me it's gonna be okay darlin that's where you get our title today I just love this mug okay yesterday I was so upset actually I was having a wonderful day just feeling amazing and then all the sudden my car started acting up like it's almost like it wouldn't get out of second gear to get into third gear and I was like oh no in it just I thought well maybe I'm just feeling things cuz I was on a pretty busy street and I was going a little bit slow anyway so well then I get on to my mom Street I was real close to her house and I thought well I'm gonna gun it to see what happens so I did in oh no like when go past 20 30 miles at an hour and I was so upset I was like no no I've only had this car for a year and oh just immediate anger pull into my mom's all that well my sister-in-law comes over and she's like well tell me what happened so I told her and she said are you sure you weren't an overdrive cuz apparently she's done that a few times didn't I know that I've caught myself when I put the gear down if it goes over to the left at all it's overdrive and I was like well I don't think so and so we got the boys settled to play and all that and she said we'll go drive your car again and just see just make sure it's in Drive and not overdrive just drive it and see so the reboot again did it again I jumped into my car and I went kind of around the corner well made sure it was in drive and it was driving okay but went kind of slow but I turned around the corner to this other Street where there's kind of like a little pond area and then I gunned it and it was fine like my car was fine and it's fine like there's nothing wrong with it and I did pray also I was like please God tell me what's wrong I don't want to take it into the shop huh but I've must have been an overdrive which I feel like maybe that's a prophetic thing too but y'all look what I saw I saw when I decided to go down that one Street to gun it and I saw my snowy egret darlin her name is darlin I see her around my parents house a lot it's probably not the same Egret snowy egret but nevertheless when I see her I'll call her darlin so I stopped and took a picture of her and she was walking very gracefully she was eating some fish isn't she so pretty huh I just loved her in then tonight or last night when I was taking notes for today's show I just the lord was like I'm snow remember snow new beginnings and I also felt like he said the places where we have been frustrated and it's like we get to the brink of something and then nothing happens you feel like oh I'm gonna get to and then nothing shut down then you get there again nothing shut down and you just keep getting frustrated because I just that frustration rose up in me so quickly in anger because my old car which was you know poor thing was eighteen years old would always break down and I just after a while you get sick of it and sup I know I've only had this car for a year like this can't be happening and so I just felt like the Lord was like there's gonna be new beginnings the snow part new beginnings in those areas that have just continued to frustrate you and then I heard the Holy Spirit say this morning it's going to be okay darlin it's going to be okay so very awesome um yeah I think that's all I want to share today although I will say this something also happened yesterday this has only happened twice yesterday was a second time where it's like a situation in a circumstance that triggers something in me that upsets me in the way that's not my character like that's just not really how I react to stuff maybe back a long time ago I did but there was still something in me triggering me frustrating me making me upset things like that and so this also happened yesterday but I asked the Lord help me to forget about it but this is how this is what I did y'all I didn't just ask him help me to forget about I feel like this is a prayer strategy we all need to learn and do but I said the Lord obviously there's a place on my DNA in my brain something there that's triggering these reactions that are not the fruits of the spirit you know and so I asked Jesus would you come in transfigure yourself into that part of my DNA so that it will be completely done and if find myself in this situation situation or circumstance again it's not it's just gonna be like hmm nothing I'm gonna react like Jesus would so I literally prayed that I asked him to please take care of that ad in a level removing yes Jake washing us is why as the snow removing every spot or wrinkle his kingdom is coming nature's prophesy the birds are saying look it's gonna be okay darlin so anyways yesterday was a really good day there was some rollercoaster moments where I was like and then back up and then and then it was just kind of smooth sailing the rest of the evening so there we go that's all we have today uh you don't want me to get my guitar I can try my fingernails hang on I'll be right back I don't know slamming it around I don't know if it's tuned though always do gee honey death I need to capo some songs people are scoffing let's see what could I what goes with E minor so you any money no that's too bright and then see mmm that's a minor what's a moderate can't rob a minor goes people are scoffing sane it's never rained people are scoffing sane it's never rained but do you hear the sound drip drip drip Shh listen to the sound drip drip this kingdom is coming yes we'll be done his kingdom is coming this will be the this kingdom is coming as it is then we will need the Sun right gonna be bright see watch my new play we won't need any tissue cuz he'll wipe away every tear Aaron just relax and worship and pray and receive from the Holy Spirit cuz we won't need to cry anymore so listen is that hand released the kingdom anyways that's always fun um yeah like these kinds of things you just can't write you just can't do it just receive y'all all of y'all Aaron receive the breath of the Holy Spirit friends receive receive listen I'm being reminded more and more that truly God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him not what he does for us but just the fact and the satisfaction that we're in him and he's in us and that's enough and when you to me the anointing comes from that the frequencies of having come from that rest in our hearts okay so yes thank you all for helping each other you're so awesome we'll do some more tomorrow um yeah I'll just I'll have some more worship tomorrow maybe a short little news piece here and there and just more songs I seem to do better if I don't have the words in the chords in front of me I guess that's become a little bit of a safety net for me but maybe not yes you guys thank y'all for praying love sunshine yes we'll be praying for you for sure hello jazz our lights and Kenneth glad you're with us today yes look at that you guys are awesome thank y'all for sending in your prayer requests all right well I'm gonna go it's gonna be a good day and we've got some things to do around here and some errands to run I'm gonna listen for that drip drip drip I don't even know what that means but it's just coming to me all right you'll have a wonderful day I will see y'all tomorrow for some Friday worship news peace and all that good stuff i'm on twitter ari why in a four-three-two-one you do not have to have a Twitter account to see my tweets by the way so yeah just anything that I feel like the Holy Spirit wants me to put on there I'll be putting on there All Right see y'all in the morning bye y'all

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  • Lord that is hilarious . I did that very thing as soon as we purchased our suv. Backed into the snow and mud and I couldn’t get it to move . Because here I had it in neutral 🤣🤣

    Just yesterday out of the blue he was laughing and making fun about it.

  • I was passenger side in a vehicle that was going into a rollover. I heard a lot of gravel, and there was nothing violent about it, and I was separating from my body. In a split second, I found myself in the throne room. Yahushua was coming off up the throne. I was instantly back in my body and the vehicle was gently turned upright. No one was around, it was nowhere in the middle if Idaho.

  • We love your singing Reyna and playing. You can even just sing acapela if your fingers don’t toughen up for the guitar.

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