IUP Center For Health and Well Being

Achieving and maintaining wellness is an active
process that is crucial to a successful experience in college.
Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Health and Well-Being is available to
all students to facilitate that process by offering students easy access to health-related
services and programs in one convenient location. Think of us as your campus GPS to your physical,
mental, and emotional success! The Center is located at 901 Maple Street,
Indiana, PA 15705, on the ground floor in the Suites on Maple East. You can find us
by entering the building through the corner entrance across from Folger Dining Hall.
In our center, you will discover our eight departments, which include the following:
Health Services, the Counseling Center, the Health AWAREness program, the Haven Project,
Nutrition Connection, Mindfulness Living Learning Community, Recreational Programming, and the
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs program. These individual departments work together
to make the Center for Health and Well-Being a great place for students to seek help, receive
health care, and support their efforts to be well, and achieve an active healthy lifestyle.
Most services provided at the Center for Health and Well-Being are funded by students’ Wellness
Fees. We strive to continuously be available to
students to ensure your success at IUP. Stop in and see us, subscribe to our news feeds,
check out our website, and keep aware of our campus events all year round.
Thanks for watching, and be sure to check out our other department videos!

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