Jackie Baker-Johnson | BB&T Mortgage

[MUSIC PLAYING] My road, my road– golly day. Actually, it starts
back, way back. And I had a really rough
patch along the way. My daddy always owned his home. I had, in my mind, however,
that one day when I grow up, I’d like to buy a house. And I find myself at this age
in my life, a widowed woman, retired, with five children
and five grandchildren. Can retired people buy homes? And I was told, why, yes. Your money is as good
as everybody else’s. And so, I ventured
to buy a house. Then, my oldest brother died. And the money that I
was saving for my house, I had to take out to
help bury my brother. I pondered, I
seriously pondered what to do, because I felt as though
if I took my house money, that that’s my American
dream gone up in smoke. Because I was doing
this on my own. There was a lot of
anxiety attached to it, because I knew that
it was so important to her. My desire was to immediately
say, it’s not a lost cause. It’s not a lost hope. You’re going to have a house. I believe you’re
going to have a house. Well, I received a
phone call from one of our housing partners. And they felt that I
would be a good fit to work with Ms. Jackie. And I got a call
from a nonprofit that had some windfall money. She was the first person
that came to my mind. I just thought about
what her journey had been and what a blessing
it would be for her to have that additional money. And that meant a lot. For her to be
someone who thought it wasn’t going to happen,
and not only was it happening, but it was happening
and it was going to be less than what
she paid in her rent. I’m just one of many
standing behind me. We’re all out there championing
for that first-time homeowner. They held me up and they
gave me the confidence of knowing that I could
do it, and helped talk me through this, and let me
know that all is not lost. Yes, you had a
ripple, but that’s all it’s going to
be is a ripple. And it was just like, the
sky started opening up. I get the phone call
saying, we found a house. You need to come see it. So I’m driving down the street,
and I’m looking on the right. I’m saying, oh. I’m looking on the
left, I said, oh. And guess what? Ta-da, it’s this house. I was so excited to the point
that I ran up to my husband in the middle of a
church service and said, you’ve got to tell everyone
how amazing this is. It’s a great feeling
to know that you’ve helped someone reach
a goal that they didn’t think they’d get to. I love coming home. I love sitting in the
backyard on the front porch, because I have both
of those amenities. We have all of our
holidays, dinners, just being a family unit. This is where I’m
supposed to be. This is where I
belong, and my family. And so, I love BB&T. I call my first-time
home buyers my babies. All I see is an
opportunity to make dreams a reality for my clients. [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, it’s just so warm
and cozy and fuzzy.

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