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today we're going to talk about makeup woman's most powerful weapon apart from complaining a good lawyer and of course yo goop kick in the balls but more specifically today we're going to talk about lipsticks chuckling here's lipstick Jacqueline Hill is a massive beauty guru with over famine and subscribers she's best known for her makeup tutorial videos and for collaborations with the beauty brands like Beckham or free cosmetics and as well most recently with the streptococcus and lactobacillus cosmetics on May 30 she launched her makeup brand a Jacqueline Hill cosmetics the first and only brand to sell sparkling lipsticks and that would have been a revolutionary if it wasn't for all the other things they added because by June the first people started complaining the lipsticks from her new makeup line arrived full of black holes were bumpy and virtually all of them were covered in what looked like but things escalated sharply when on June 8th with the help of a simple magnifier youtuber Robbie to Christie reported well found small beads and hair incident on her lipstick sir and that's a terrible situation for me guru and whoever thought this year have finally been able to enjoy a smooth summer so what is wrong with Jackie Neil and a brand the short answer is everything and Jacqueline is not handling the problem I wear the first thing I want to address before anything else is the accusations and my lipsticks are expired moldy or hazardous in any way shape or form but let me just say this it is not harmful for you this is not in any way harmful it's just little white cotton fuzzies that come from a very sterile environment still not okay wait wait wait no good was thought business owner has ever said everything is safe don't worry after the customer found for an object insider products went in Australia milk formula was discovered in China I don't remember even saying hey give a Jenner what doesn't kill you will make you stranger he didn't even have time to say that because his product was recalled right away and the Chinese government I'm not kidding here even sent free and expected warships to Australia including an amphibious assault vessel to collect a baby formula because this is the kind of response you expect from people when it comes to safety so back to the lipsticks Ruby T Christie hasn't been the only one to find stuff in statistics tens of other channels began small ones when they give in to their lipsticks to see if the rumors were actually true so after a few days people were just buying Jacqueline's lipsticks for content or pure curiosity and it turned out that all the rumors were actually real YouTube channel pretty positive please order a set of 20 lipsticks spend hours examining all that one fussy she's trying to have it tested by an independent lab in all of the 19 she opened were basically covered with hair and bubbles hasil had scratches and bubbles on top and lipstick tube was a comic dented inside Sofia she found a piece of metal perfectionist and as the shitty thing that it is was covered in white hair and bubbles hot sorry had white hair was full of bubbles it smelled bad and the outside was covering stuff ambitious in decay nude AF based on the quality I guess that stands for anal fissure I don't know I'm just an immigrant was full of hair and bubbles as if which is why many people Twitter about was full of white hair I assume this time that stands for as seen in for Texas tipsy incidentally people's feeling after trying lipsticks had something under the surface and was covered in bubble independent had a huge white hair all over gossip had the serious bubble problems mama also the person's shoulder Japanese the probably right now had a shadow on chopper that could easily be mold or bacteria growing culture freak the opposite of jacking had a mark on the side and a bigger piece of fiber on the tuber and so on all these things are not expected to be found inside lipsticks together with all the other things that are impossible to find in and outside lipsticks like Nemo Waldo or clitoris all things with lips but not related to lipsticks just like hair pieces of metal or plastic but once a pretty pastor please started watching the lips on white papers she found solid beats black anything find material whiten black hair and pieces of metal she tested on a magnet now based on the visual clues we got from the video the magnets kick usually have when a metal is attracted to a magnet wasn't really there but somehow the little bit stuck when the magnet was pleased placed upside down knowing that most common metals with strong magnet properties are iron and nickel we can assume that that piece of metal found inside lipstick had weak magnetic properties so it could be a linear white brass copper or LED hues of our fingers looking pieces of plastic and reported very strong flowers man this is a reaction when she found that piece of matter inside her lipstick have a look the lipstick literally smells expired okay so that one's just got the bubbles so that could be a good contender for just like squatching on something maybe on my skin maybe Sofia I don't want to say anything bad about this one because it kind of sounds like Sofia and I love Sofia my god so you know what don't want to say anything bad about this shape no no no no what is that that is doctor do you see that what is that that is not that's not a hair that's not like a fiber what is that that I swear to god that is a piece of metal I swear to God like that's it's it's reflective oh oh my lord Oh what my no no no I love how she stops in shock and just experiences the passage of time another thing pretty positive please showed in a video was that no matter what the shit was all that all the lipsticks had the same batch code GC o58 and the most concerning thing is that she isn't the only one reporting this problem other people online published the pictures showing the replacements with the same exact batch code of the lips they returned and the new lipstick to guess what are contaminated with hair and stuff inside how is this fucking possible I'll tell you how everyone keeps calling this a lab and people are amazed these workers don't worry are not wearing gloves but that's the last thing we've actually noticed when we watch the video jacking person on a website because that's literally not allowable that's a warehouse look at this cat foils water scaffolds doing in a lab or any other place where makeup is actually made and this is not even the only question we had watching the video wire boxes spread all over the floor why is she wearing makeup why has she gotta borrow was in a place where food and fake eyelashes are not allowed why is she wearing fake eyelashes why does earrings oh why the bracelets why the necklaces why is she touching their face as if that's exactly what you were expected from someone in a lab and who allowed all that and why was all that not a sign of a problem wait I'm not done yet why is everything so fucking messy why is this guy not wearing gloves and why is this person are wearing bullets why is the rubbish bin next to what it looks like boxes of makeup ingredients like I don't know well in this case white hair perhaps who thought hey let's put the bin here this Ray looks like a great place for the production of stuff people put on their faces I'll tell you whose fault it is jacqueline for two reason one she's the owner therefore she is obviously responsible and second because of this what are you doing what are you laughing about the whole thing is a mess and if she really thought that was worth showing please reconsider buying anything this woman is gonna offer you in the future now in a video Jacqueline tried to address the claims her products where hazardous moldy and expired and yeah before we analyze what Jacqueline said I'd like to put our theory out there because we believe it really has the potential to explain everything so we believe those lipsticks are dead and what beautiful container she's been bragging about is actually a coffin which would explain the mold the air growing on top the stuff coming out of those lipsticks and bubbles yes then lipsticks fat to science bro now according to Jacqueline and she's been working on the formula of these lipsticks for over five years and let's be frank that's bullshit but she also explained her lipsticks did not go on mass production until the same month she launched her brand which of course that could very likely be the case but then she said my lipsticks are not mouldy they are not hazardous they are not contaminated they're not unsafe for you in any way shape or form every single ingredient in my lipstick is new and it is FDA approved and again I will give you proof right here if you guys want to look over these documents in depth and tear them apart you go right ahead and see the they are not contaminated every single ingredient is FDA approved and they are not expired I want to ease your minds with that before even getting into all the nitty-gritty stuff of this video so that you're not sitting here thinking like oh my gosh is it true that if I use this lipstick then it's gonna it's gonna hurt me in some way no that is not the case and now you guys have seen that so let's move forward wait wait a moment yeah let's break this down first of all let's accept the papers Shia Shan and that's all their ingredients are fda-approved and now be very careful here because FDA approved the means that the agency has determined that the benefit of the product outweigh the no risks for the intended you but then doesn't mean that the final product is not contaminated because that's not what the documents say in fact the contamination can happen after all ingredients have been mixed and while they are being shipped and on this regard the FDA is actually very clear here because they explain that contamination can occur because of poor manufacturing conditions Packaging problems and even poor shipping and storage condition and the word contamination itself means the action or state of making something impure by polluting or poisoning so if the lipsticks have hair that's the exact meaning of contamination just like when a penis touches a vagina death circle let's consider contamination by the church and that some babies are born and blindness develops unless of course you are surely Potter who was declared legally blind that is now in danger of losing a vision completely after using a 20 year old on makeup but that's not the point here the point is that if an object falls into a mixture des type 1 contamination and then you'll have type 2 contamination and macro bacterial contamination caused by the object that has fallen into the mixture and even if nothing falls in it the bacteria can still grow and that's why lipsticks like all the other things we produce have an expiring date and they stop freaking tonation which happens without any object being present inside to begin with so claiming that these lipsticks are not moldy without any tests are conducted on them that they are not hazardous then they are not contaminated and they are not unsafe for the public in any way shape or form it's a very shitty things to say because someone might really get hurt just like a Shelly Potter in the documents jacking profit only show that she is done oh she needed to do to stop production and sell her make her those do not prove that whatever she's selling is 100% safe please do not fall for that take a Gregory stansson he's a former Kellogg's employee and do you wanna know what happened to him he was sent to prison and that's wise now a former Kellogg's employee and you wonder why he's in prison now because The Moron filmed himself unit you know reason Graham conveyor belts but hey Kellogg says all the paper chatting has everything is FDA approved so by her logic you can eat these golden cereals now no condemnation they are 100% safe this is the stupidity of this woman but there is more here because you'll never guess what she hasn't done yet recalling everything Wow okay I've just been told she has reached this video let's watch it together hey guys I don't even know how to start this because it's like first of all me just say this first and foremost I can't believe how attached I am to you guys because just this past week not be on social media has made me realize how much I miss you and love you and not talking to you guys on a daily basis and communication has just been like the craziest thing ever I wanted to get on here and just talk to you guys in a really real way because in my last video that I posted regarding my lipsticks I can't even tell you like how much I video makes me cringe even though it's only a week week and a half old because I just felt so much pressure and like panicked to get a video up and like sit there and be like look I have the facts I swear to God like I have all the balls right here like I just wanted to like defend my brand so bad and I look at that I'm just like oh my gosh I calmed down like I needed to take a step back for a moment and breathe and I did not take that I didn't want to sit on social media this past week and respond to every soul person on Twitter and defend my brand go back and forth I wanted to allow you guys to get pissed off and have your reaction however you see fit true to you and for me to focus on my brand to not focus on spending it but to focus on fixing it and that's exactly what I've been doing with the past week I have done everything honestly that you can think of I have consulted with so many CEOs the past 10 days figuring out how exactly to fix this make it right and make sure it never happens again you know this is a whole new world for me having my own brand and not having a collaboration and the last thing I want to be known as is the girl who puts out crappy products like it breaks my heart like oh my god we're having to get in that hole at this point I have sent out my lipsticks to five different labs five different places that tests product and vigorously and spent over $100,000 on this process just like it sucks and I'm so disappointed in myself sorry guys I keep trying to record this and I've just been like so emotional it's ridiculous and I honestly and like afraid to get emotional on camera because I just know what people will say and I don't want to seem like I'm the victim whatsoever and I hope you know that's why I'm not crying I don't cry over this because I'm like oh poor me this is up you know it's like I get emotional I'm just so disappointed myself that I could even somehow allow this to happen long story short the lab that I worked with I wouldn't ever be working with again obviously there's the many people fired over this we've got an entire new team we are building now for quality control because obviously that didn't work and I'm gonna push back several launches that I have because it's just not really honing on this and learn from my mistakes and learn some very valuable lessons so that hopefully one day I can prove myself to you guys no matter how long that takes but in the meantime I have decided and made the decision to give every single person who purchased my lipsticks a full refund I think that that's the best thing I can do at this point I know there are a lot of people out there it doesn't look like you're on social media but with all the emails in the back end there's a lot of people out there who love their lip six and that's great I don't care like I don't care if you know one hundred ninety five thousand people love the lipstick if three people are having an issue like that that's what's gonna keep me awake at night so it's really important to me that I make this right so I'm gonna be issuing a full refund putting shipping and tax to every single customer from Jacqueline cosmetics because that's the only thing that I feel like is gonna make this right and I don't care about the loss of this money I could give a date guys like this is just it's you've no idea how embarrassing it is for me but I will do everything in my power to make this right going forward and learn from this lesson that God has given me and you guys don't have to do anything there's no call to action even if you don't watch the story or care or you just out there loving your lipstick you're still gonna receive a full refund you'll receive an email the next 24 hours on you know that it's being processed I'm sorry you guys Instagram cut me off but what I was saying is that you're gonna receive an email the next 24 hours I mean that your refund is being processed and you will have the money back in your bank account within seven business days and that goes for everybody I say that's all I can do at this point is just bite the bullet and refund you guys and just apologize to you and try to make it right you know I just want to get back to doing what I do and doing what makes me happy and doing what I'm good at so I keep touching my hair like I like to like touch my hair obsessively so I put it up I still am like touching my head but yeah I just wanna get back to what I do and do makeup tutorials and do what I love and I'm sorry for anyone who got a lipstick that's not incredible it breaks my heart but the future is bright and there's gonna be really really awesome things down the line I just have to now I mean I thought I did what I had to do I thought I did it all perfectly I didn't cut any corners I cross every T and dotted every I but I was wrong and things still sup through the cracks and I'm sorry but I will make sure that that never ever happens again so that's all I have to say you guys there's a lot of stuff that's really exciting that'll be happening after all this has worked out I love you guys and thank you for supporting me so much I keep touching this I literally have a hair on my chin do you see this on my skin I grew like this black hair and I needed eight anyways yeah I love you guys and thank you for everyone who's been so supportive and to everyone who had a bad lipstick my apologies run so deep you have no idea you have no idea so you'll be receiving your refunds oh my gosh Instagram is cutting me off constantly but you guys got the point you'll be receiving your refunds very soon and that's it I love you guys wait he took a three weeks to send the lipsticks to be examinate it are you kidding me a responsible person would have simply told people to stop using a product from YouTube not Instagram with a proper video and to send it back everything be very careful this is not a Rico yet about the many people there have been fired I cannot doubt that since she's not Chanel oh that you're aware they literally make their own cosmetics she just called a couple of labs and producers with which she has nothing to do with and pay them to make something she liked and at this point whoever you want to believe you probably feel like this exactly I don't know if there's a better reaction of this entire mass than just staring at the infinite weenie for a mosquito to fly into your mouth after someone told you that we don't have the five senses we've got twenty-one and if you still believe to all these lies you're clearly failing at using a dozen of those even George's agua or whatever you pronounce see the sixteen okay there with the voice of a six-year-old man they smoked for at least seventy years straight and now suffering from vocal cord paralysis made a better video than jacking this video is actually about something a little bit more serious I recently has been brought up to my attention that there has been a problem with one of my products in clear store so it's one of the Joe Joe makeup products and I don't wanna let everyone know that no matter what safety is myself and Nickelodeon's number one priority in everything in every Joe Joe product and in everything out there this product is something that with a lot of things that I put my trust into other people's hands we are working really really really hard to make sure that this product is recalled and off all shelves and also that anyone who has this product you can get a refund at no matter what it is if it's used if it's unused you can get a full refund but I just want to let you guys know the situation and I hope you understand and I thank you for understanding because it is serious to me and it means a lot to me because it is my name and it is my brand and it is my face quite literally but I love you guys and thank you for watching and I will see you guys soon I hope you have a good day alright she basically did that right left all around this code is come to the ground boogie boogie freestyle Jacqueline in short I wholly lips are expired move I Gary maybe she's right maybe the lipsticks are not expired but here's an advice for Jacqueline steam when we found people December 31st the 1960 night is not really helping your case I hope there's someone there just making fun of relaxer for talking about expired make up at least in all this mechanic pooling someone is having fun but this isn't all because your sir took the mouse the white stuff shed but after thorough investigation we know what the actual issue is and I know a lot of you guys have a hard time believing this because I did as well this is the truth because my lipstick component is a silver shiny almost metal like material my lab instead of using a standard glove that they would use in the lab they decided to use white cotton gloves they're like fluffy white gloves because they didn't want the standard gloves to put any smears on this component to in any way have any sort of prints on it so they want to do a white fluffy glove it's a lot of brand-new freshly white gloves coming in to that region that is spreading lint all over the product not acceptable at all and the second we saw this we changed to different gloves that will not be giving this issue whatsoever on top of that they were cleaning my vats which is the big humongous bucket that has my batches inside of it they were cleaning those and vats with like this white fiber almost towel going through it and that's been happening about once a day they said two sometimes twice a day depending how quickly we're moving through batches so those two things combined that is what you were experiencing our little white cotton fibers coming off of their gloves and it is so beyond unacceptable and I'm so sorry this happened to you guys and for obvious reasons we will no longer be making any more products with this lab because that's just not what you guys deserve so again contact me and my team we will get you a full refund and a new perfect bullet that does not look like that but let me just say this it is not harmful for you this is not in any way harmful it's just little white cotton fuzzies that come from a very sterile environment still not okay okay but if they are not going to make anyone sick then why take the risk of having them at all why not recording everything there's a ton of things that are visually not helpful like I don't know toothpaste the crayons and condoms they're not dangerous and sometimes you even have them inside your mouth just like whites or black hair banding on your partner's age but you don't want them when you leave so when you go to meet your boyfriend's family or go to charity saying that this the problem might be technically true but is saying that that's okay you won't get sick really the best options you can come out with okay here I'm not sure how many young fans are following Jacqueline Hill and how many of those are now maybe confused we could take the childish approach and call Jackie Ming's and make fun of her we could I mean we did one could do worse but let's let's rise above it and let's try to do something that might send us to court but at the same time help those that still don't know what contamination is because they trust this woman and let's make sure they understand that Jacqueline's products right now are not safe now Jacqueline will probably get mad at this at this point but I'm just trying to help you maybe not helping Jacqueline but definitely helping someone so if you go through this website which we now own after long domain betting process you'll be able to read the right definition of contamination alongside all the beats people found in such a clean heals Cosmetics and this website we remain on for a while so don't worry at least you now have one common place to get all the updates about this brand and can finally learn what contamination really fucking means

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  • How did I miss this video being posted…. grrrr a day late, it wasn’t even on my home screen.
    As always funny as hell and informative.. although I never felt the need to give her 18 dollars plus 20 dollars p&p for one crappy lipstick, even if it has extra texture as a perk πŸ˜‰

  • I think that the video of the second video she put up would have been fine except for the fact that she's still glazing over the issues it's not like three people just dislike the shade Jaclyn there was freaking metal metal with cutting people's lips with plastic pieces of who knows what and she's kind of breathing it over with a refund I mean I guess she's saying she's put it she put them to a lab or whatever but I still think we're kind of playing the sympathy card the victim card I don't know it's just doesn't sit well with me I think if she had sat down with this video first and then fix the mistakes from this video and went on to say look guys I know I'm actually breathing over what actually is happening like I mean yeah there was metal found it yeah there was hairs there was this there was this you know like this Labs terrible and obviously my quality control didn't work and she did say that and that's why I think this video is better than the first one but this still needs help it still needs help it's so much more than people not liking the color like really Jacqueline in the back end everybody loves it but three people are hurt by it or don't like it I don't like the color is more than that. Great video by the way

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    Also did you see the snapchat of her literally finding a hair in her own lipstick while swatching them? πŸ˜‚

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