Jaime Lannister & Bran Stark's New Alliance? – Game of Thrones Season 8 End Game Theories

there she is yes – yes and you made a promise it's return the stark girls to their mother who is now dead to keep them safe well highest stock hasn't been seen since her father was killed but do you think she is my money isn't dead there's a certain safety in depth can you say what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome back for another Game of Thrones Season 8 predictions video today I want to answer some more other questions you left me on my community tab in my last Q&A video I did answer the questions that had the most likes but today I wanted to answer some of the questions that were posted late and didn't get many likes at all that way more people get a chance to participate I might make another one next week so keep your eyes open for that post but let's begin this question is from Chelsea Oliver and I wanted to answer her question first because she said something here that I thought was very interesting I actually hadn't considered this before and I don't recall anyone else ever bringing this up and I just had to say that I love this idea Chelsea's question says do you think that Jaime could rally ed myrin forces in the Riverlands and head to Winterfell with the force of his own and when he gets there could we see him swearing an oath to bran to keep him safe by becoming his shield this is a great question and first I just want to say yes I absolutely think he could get Ed Muir Tolley and tried to rally some troops before he gets to Winterfell that way he arrives with extra reinforcements but I really loved what you said at the end of the question could Jamie swear an oath to brand to keep him safe by becoming his shield I actually never considered this I have always said that I believe Jamie will die by sacrificing himself for one of the Starks or even Brienne but I do think the most poetic way for him to sacrifice himself would be if he did it trying to save bran considering he did attempt to murder him in season one for some reason I have always pictured Jaime dying in the end and then someone would fill out his pages in the white book with all the good deeds that he truly done you might not know this if you haven't read the books but Jaime is constantly thinking about that white book and how his pages are empty I think he fears that he will die before he ever does something honorable and he will only be remembered as the man who killed the king he had sworn to protect mr. Jaime Lannister someone forgot to write down all your great deeds but still time is there for a forty-year-old night with one hand the sack of King's Landing murdered his King Aerys ii pardoned by Robert Baratheon thereafter known as the Kingslayer it's the duty of the Lord Commander to fill those pages there's still room left of mine the reason why I love your idea is because I can absolutely see him doing something like that Jaime had already swore a vow to lady Catelyn that he would make sure her daughters were returned home safely that was one of the reasons why he gave brie and the sword and armor in the first place but in the books he gives her more than that he also gives her a bunch of money so she can eat and have places to sleep and he gives her a signed decree from King Tommen that she can basically use as her shield as she travels across the war-torn country now that you say that about Jaime swearing to protect brand I think we will see something like that he won't just show up and say he will help them fight the dead but I think he could bend his knee just like Brienne did for Psalms up and he will pledge his sword to them when Jaime gave Brienne Oathkeeper he said something along the lines of now you can protect Ned Stark's daughter with Ned Stark's sword when Jaime shows up he will have the second half of Ned Stark's sword because Jaime now has widow's wail he carried that sword on his hip and pretty much every episode in season 7 when Jaime gets to Winterfell he will pledge his sword to house Stark and now the stark children will be protected by all of the Valyrian steel that once made up Ice House Starks ancestral Valyrian steel sword how crazy would it be if Jaime actually became brain Stark's new Hodor and he stayed at his side helping him and protect ding him at all times to make up for what he'd done in season 1 when he pushed him out of the tower window I still think Jamie may die by sacrificing himself but if he lives I absolutely believe he could stay in service to the stark children that's if they will have him and allow him to stay that was a great first question so thank you Chelsea this next one is from Manish and it has to do with Jaime Lannister as well Manish says there is speculation that Jaime will become the 1,000th Lord Commander of the Nights Watch and help restore the wall in the order do you see this happening I have heard this also I believe Tony Teflon said Jaime would join the Nights Watch in the end personally I do not see Jaime becoming the Lord Commander of the Nights Watch in my opinion I don't think they will need a Night's Watch anymore once the Great War is over if the night King and his entire army are defeated the wall will no longer serve its purpose so there would be no need to guard it because there is nothing left north of the wall but let's just say there will be a Night's Watch at the end if for some reason they do restore the wall and keep a guard there I believe Jorah Mormont will become the 1,000th Lord Commander as we all know Jorah Mormont's father was the Lord Commander at Castle black when John and Sam took the black and said their vows the reason why Giora Mormont joined the Nights Watch in the first place was so that Jorah could inherit Bear Island earlier than he should have G or Mormont knew he was already becoming an older man and he pretty much lived his life so he wanted to hand everything over to Jorah he decided to join the Nights Watch so he could still provide some kind of a service but Jorah pretty much spit right in his father's face when he started selling poachers into slavery not only did he embarrass their entire family but Jorah had to go on the run and give up everything his father had given him so now Jorah Mormont was stuck at the wall for the rest of his life in the only reason he joined was so Jorah could take over for him at bear island and now that Jorah had ruined that it completely broke his father's heart even though G or was still serving at the wall I bet he felt like he joined for nothing because everything he had sacrificed for his son was now given up because his son broke the law but there is something Jorah could do that would have pleased his father when G or Mormont was dying he was laying in samwell tarly arms and he told Sam that he had one dying wish he wanted Sam to tell Jorah to take the black it was his wish his dying wish I believe if Jorah Mormont lives until the end he would take the black like his father wanted Lyanna Mormont now has control of Bear Island and she isn't about to just hand that over to Jorah because he's friends with Danny and John so I don't know what else Jorah would do if he did live that long but like I said I don't know if there will even be a Night's Watch anymore because if there is nothing north of the wall then there is no point of having a wall in the first place but that's just my opinion the next question is from Nathan and he says what do you think about the theory that the night king will sacrifice his army of 100,000 in the north and he will fly south to King's Landing in order to recruit 1 million people from the city this was actually in that outline at read last week basically what this means is some people think the night king will send his army to Winterfell while he flies to King's Landing to try and turn the 1 million people there personally I don't think this makes that much sense if the night King flies the King's Landing by himself how does he plan on killing 1 million people when he would only have his dragon with him if the night king used his dragon to kill the 1 million people he would then have no way of turning them into whites because once the dragon fire kills them they're gonna turn to ash the only way this would work is if the blue flame happens to freeze them then he could turn them before they unthought I guess but there is no way to know how that works we saw what the dragon did to the wall so I'm not sure how he could use the dragon to help him turn 1 million people the dragon would do too much damage to their bodies I believe the night King will stay right with his army I think he would be way too vulnerable if he was by himself even on a dragon he needs his army with him that way everyone is distracted by his 100,000 whites while he can be in the air providing aerial support if he went to King's Landing by himself on the dragon he would have to find a way to kill everyone without doing too much damage to the bodies that way he could still turn them into whites but I just don't see that working the next question is from Tina north and it says I know that we are supposed to be getting a bittersweet ending but wouldn't it be nice if John had some happiness and Arya completed her list and bran got his castle I think I talked about this a little bit in a previous video but I don't think the ending is gonna be as bitter as some people think we will definitely lose some main characters sure but haven't we all been expecting that to happen anyway when they say the ending is going to be bittersweet I think it's gonna be more along the lines of some main characters dying and most of Westeros being completely destroyed but there will still be a dream of spring phase there will be some beloved characters left that will restore and rebuild the kingdoms it will leave a very bitter taste in our mouths at the end when we fully grasp how many people died senselessly but in the end all of the evil rulers will be dead the entire realm is going to suffer during that process but I am confident there will be enough good people alive to build Westeros into a more civilized and prosperous place to live than it was before that's kind of how I've always seen it playing out the night king will be defeated Cersei and Euron will be defeated but we will probably lose John or Dany in the process one of them will probably die but I have a good feeling that characters like Tyrion Davos ginjury missandei Brienne and possibly a few others will live and if so those are the perfect characters to leave responsible for instilling new laws in making Westeros a better society to live essentially if you think it will end worse than that please let me know how you foresee the ending of the series the next question is from Matt Murdock and he says is Cersei going to die early next season so the White Walkers are the big bad guys or is she gonna make it out alive in my opinion now what to say no to both of those questions Cersei will not die early but she will die at some point she will not make it out of this alive and if she did I would be kind of surprised I think she's been living on borrowed time for a while now and her Judgment Day is coming very soon but she is very resilient and she has been able to outmaneuver her foes when push comes to shove the only reason why I think Cersei will live until the end of this season is because the night king is already in the north the night king is too dangerous to leave unattested right now especially while John's family is at Winterfell right in the night Kings path Jon and Daenerys are already heading north and they will come face-to-face with the army of the Dead very soon we have already seen tons of evidence that show Winterfell under attack since the night king is close by it's most likely him John and Daenerys are not going to be able to deal with Cersei while the night king is destroying the north and turning even more people into whites they will have to stop him as soon as possible because if his army continues to get any bigger their chances of defeating him decrease significantly while all of this is going on Cersei will remain alive and in power Miguel supports Nick is directing episodes 3 and 5 since he has directed some of the other massive battles he will most likely direct the battles against the night king in the battle against Cersei with keeping that in mind I believe Cersei will die by episode 5 I can't see her living any longer than that because I believe King's Landing will be attacked by episode 5 next season they have no choice because there's only six episodes left this next question is from Christina and she says was lief and her group the last of the children of the forest are they gone and extinct now that they're dead this is a very good question and in terms of the television show I can't give a definitive answer because we haven't seen every location yet all I can really say is they did make it seem like they were the last ones left leaf and her group of children never mentioned or even referenced any others like them so it did appear as if they were the last of a dying breed if there are any more children left they would have to be at the owl of faces which is a sacred island in the middle of a lake known as the gods eye which is in the river lands right next to Harrenhal that's where the famous tournament was held and that's where Aria and Tywin had their scenes together the Isle of faces is one of the few locations in the South that still has weirwood trees because most of them were cut down and burnt in the south but the ala phases is where the children of the forest and the first men agreed to make a pact to end the wars against each other when they did this they carved faces into all the weirwood trees on the island that way they could witness the pact they made together then they formed the order of the green men so they could stay there and watch over the remaining weirwood trees in the south this is a very special and sacred place so if there is any children left they would most likely be here this last question is from Ezra Lannister and it says do you think we will see the army of the warriors of light from a shy in season 8 woken vara play a role I won't guarantee we will see them but I am very close to saying that I am pretty sure everyone is aware of what Melisandre said to Varys in her final scene she said she was going to volantis but she was coming back and there could only be a few reasons why Melisandre is gonna go there in the first place it has to be for some kind of assistance for the Great War or else she would have no reason to go there and then come back it would be a pointless trip unless it is of some kind of importance we were already introduced to confer in season 6 so there is a very good chance we could see her again can Vora did say some very ominous things to Varys when they met and I feel like we should get some closure there I believe we need to find out what Varys heard in the flames it has haunted Varys and shaped him into the man that he is today he has been too important of a character for us not to get that reveal Melisandre in Canberra both may play a role in that also we know this story is about ice and fire there are tons of different examples I can give but I'm sure most of you are aware of enough of them one of the main ones will take place during the Great War we will have the great other in the night king representing ice and we should have real or along with Daenerys representing fire I don't know if Melisandre will go to a shy or not but we do know she said she was going to volantis and that's where the fiery hand is located they are a group of slave soldiers who guard the red tempo of relora in volantis and the fiery hand contains 1000 soldiers now I know that doesn't sound like a lot but we don't know exactly what kind of powers they may possess they are slave soldiers / allure so there is no telling what they might be capable of they also carry Spears and they have points on them in the shape of flames so we could potentially have these fire soldiers going up against the night Kings ice soldiers and that would look pretty damn cool volantis is also known for having some of the best blacksmiths who know how to rework Valyrian steel now I know there is a much Valyrian still left for anyone to reforge but I felt like I should at least mention that I think there are a number of different reasons why Melisandre could have went there but the most logical answer would be to prepare for the war against the night King Melisandre is main purpose was to be ready for this day she has preached about the darkness coming ever since our first scene and there's no way she doesn't play some kind of a big role in all of this she did till Varys her job was done because she brought ice and fire together since she did talk Daenerys into meeting Jon Snow but that's not all she's gonna do I made a video a few months ago where I talked about Melisandre is endgame and what I truly think her purpose is I will actually be updating that video very soon because I found some amazing evidence that supports my theory even more I'm really looking forward to making that video because I believe I did find the answer but we shall see if you have any thoughts or questions of your own about today's video please leave them down in the comment section I would like to hear what you have to say about some of these things I have to thank everyone for taking the time to watch this video especially if you've made it this far I'm always curious to know how many people actually listen all the way through my videos so if you're still here leave a comment down below and let me know where you're from you don't have to be too specific but I'm interested in knowing what cities or countries everyone lives in also before I go I want to thank everyone who supports my channel on patreon and I want to give a special shout out to Doug back who pledged $100 and Dante Williams who pledged $50 I cannot thank you all enough for how generous you have been it means more than you would ever know I hope everyone has a great day I will see you in the next one bye you

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  • Listened to the end. Brenda from New Carlisle, Indiana. Really like your vids. listen all the time since i happened across you about 4 wks ago.

  • The white walkers are the army of the dead, the red woman claims she is an advocate of the bringer of light. The bringer of light is Lucifer – also death!!!!!! The clue that it's evil, and NOT good, is the smoke demon she 'gave birth' to. Either way, the result is death! If the night king flies down and turns the 1 million Kings Landing residents, they'll have the rest of the world in the middle. They can just march towards each other and crush the living, like they did with the black hunting party when the went on the other side of the wall. The idiots on the iron islands think they're safe because the army of the dead can't swim but if they've got a dragon, they can just fly across the water!!!! A dozen or so dead on the back of a dragon will soon finish them off BUT what I cant get my head around is what are they going to do once everyone is dead? What will be their point once everyone has ice blue eyes? I can't work out why the dead NEED to eat but they will have no food source left? Is it alljust a metaphore for what we are doing to our own planet?

  • It literally just occured to me just now the sword Ice are
    Oathkeeper= ned stark
    Widows Wail = catelyn stark

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