Jake Paul – It’s everyday bro But it’s Google Translated!

Faggit Na fAM You all don’t know what’s about to happen baby. Los Angeles Kelly Boyd, but I’m from Ohio though white boy it’s everyday bro with the Disney channel flow 5 mil on YouTube and [six-month] never done before we pass all the competition man Pewdiepie is next man I’m poppin all [these] [acts] got a brand new Rolex And I met a lone [bo2] and I’m coming with the crew. This is team 10 Bitch who the hell are [flippin] you and you know I [kick] them out if they ain’t with the crew Yeah, I’m talking about you you bacon for attention Talkin shit on Twitter, too But you still hit my phone last night it was [452] and I got the text to prove and all the recordings to don’t make me tell them the truth And I just dropped some new merch, and it’s selling like [a] God church Ohio is where I’m from we chew em like it’s gum we shooting with a gun the tattoo just for fun Are you saying bolt and run catch me a game one I cannot be outdone. Jake Pollard’s number one. It’s every day, bro It’s every day, bro It’s every day bro. I said it is every day bro. You know it’s nick crompton, and my [collars] stay poppin yet I can rap and [know] I am not from Compton England is my city and if it weren’t for [team] [ten] then the us would be shitty I’ll pass it to chance cause you know he stay living Two months ago, you didn’t know my name and now you want my fame bitch. I’m blowin up. I’m only going up now I’m going off. I’m never falling off like Mac. Who DG. Who who are you all these beefs? I just ran through in a million a month Where were you hatin on me back in West fake think you need to get your shit [straight] Jackie brought me to the top now. We’re really poppin on number one and number four. That’s why these fans all out the door It’s lonely at the top so we all going we left, Ohio now the trio is all [Rowlett] it’s team [ten] bitch We back again always first never last we the future. We’ll see you in the past it’s [everyday], bro It’s everyday, bro. It’s everyday, bro. [I] said it is everyday bro. Hold on hold on hold on can we switch the language We bout to hit it at Lo úNico que quiero es dinero [Trebizond] oh and YouTube todo, El Dia and Errol Viviendo and Usa, El Sueño De [cool] Kira and Viendo Dualism a familia and Terra Tenemos Una persona poor and Sema sema Donald trump y está en La Cima Des the a Qui te can’t amos can I get my visa? Martinez twins represent and [oh] Espana desde La [Habra], [Halawa], it’s everyday, bro. It’s everyday, bro It’s everyday, bro. I said it is everyday, bro Yo, it’s tessa brooks the competition shook these guys up on me [I] got em with the hook let me educate you and I ain’t talking book Venera is your home, so stop calling my phone. I’m fly like a drone. They buying like a loan yet I smell good is that your boys cologne Is that your boys cologne started balling quickenloans now? I’m in my [flippin] Zone Yes, the all copy me, but that some shitty clones They in all designer clothes and they asked me what [I’m] [a] I said is ten with six zeros always plug merge link in Bio And I will see you tomorrow cause it’s every day, bro peace

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