James Jordan – Finding Your Place of Contentment DVD (Excerpt 1).wmv

but as I have traveled around the world seen so many different Christians today I've been so exposed to Christianity across the world there's one thing that I find that generally Christians do not have and that is rest in fact there's there's a in some places there's an incredible striving in many people's hearts there's this great dissatisfaction or a sense that there should be more I've got to find something else like I've got to find my gifting and then I'll be okay I've got to find the right church to go to and if I can just find a church where I feel comfortable then I'll be happy if I can find my ministry then I'll be happy if I can get a prophecy where God will tell me what I'm to do and I start doing that then I'll be happy then I'll be content then I'll find this whatever it is something in us it is there's a tremendous restlessness in the church today and many of the conference's that we go to are focused on helping you to find what you're looking for in one way or another they help you to find something else to help you to get this next thing to help you to find someplace in your own heart where you're contented and it seems like more and more that a lot of the focus that we have in Christianity and in the conference's and the things that we go to are focused on we are going to provide you with whatever it is that you need somewhere in this this will be the answer and many of us in our Christian life are looking for the answer but I think the problem is we don't even understand the question we don't know what we're looking for is the pop band once son I'm still looking for what I need and what this rest is kind of been so difficult for us to find and I believe with all my heart that the reason why this is is because in our Christianity we have had an incomplete revelation of who God is we have known that Jesus is Lord and Savior and we've come to experience salvation and we've made him Lord of our life and we've got filled with the Holy Spirit and even become anointed in ministry but even within all the midst of that there's still this restlessness there's a seeking for something that's going to cause me to be to be finally at peace on the inside and content with my Christian life content with my walk with God content with my work content with my family content with everything in my life how do I find that place of contentment I believe that this rest that is promised to us is only available in the love of the Father you

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